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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Robotech Key Comic Issues Part 3

This is Part 3 to this Robotech key comic issues list and it's the last part of this series. The comics featured in this list are all adapted from the New Generation Saga story arc concerning the Robotech animated series.

All of these comics are very much bargain bin buys, and I only went this far in this key issues series in case the Sony film franchise does adapt a movie from this third act. Whether any demand for these comics is seen, I do not guarantee whatsoever.

If you missed Part 2, just click this link to go back. If not, let's wrap up this Robotech key issues series.

1st appearance of Scott Bernard
1st appearance of Rand
1st appearance of Marlene Rush
1st appearance of the Invid

In act 3 of the Robotech animation series, Scott Bernard is the main hero of the story. Born in space, Scott Bernard is one of the first children born on the Robotech Expeditionary Force's mission to find The Masters Homeworld that was led by the SDF-3 under Rick and Lisa Hunter's command.

Scott ended up becoming a pilot for the 21st Mars Division, who were trying to reclaim Earth from the Invid by destroying their base Reflex Point.

Marlene Rush was Scott's girlfriend, whom he proposed to before crash landing on Earth. Unfortunately, the Invids attacked the 21st Mars Division shortly after Scott left and wiped out the entire division.

In this comic, Scott meets Rand on Earth. Rand is a survivor who has managed to stay alive and avoid capture and slavery from the Invids. He is a main supporting character in The New Generation Saga.

The Invid are an alien race that invaded Earth shortly after the 2nd Robotech War. With the mighty Army of the Southern Cross left in ruins, this proved to be an easy feat. Their main hive is the Reflex Point on Earth.

With their world devastated and uninhabitable because the Robotech Master's ruthless attempt to monopolize and harvest the Flower of Life that provided an amazing power source, the Invid militarized and destroyed the Robotech Masters' empire. Tracing this Flower of Life to Earth, the Invid invaded and began the 3rd Robotech War.

The New Generation saga starts with episode 61 in the animated series titled The Invid Invasion. This comic is also titled the same, so I'm pretty sure these first appearances for the comics are accurate.

Robotech the New Generation #1 was published July, 1985.

1st appearance of Annie Labelle
1st appearance of Rook Bartley

Annie Labelle is another major supporting character for The New Generation saga. She also joins Scott Bernard's freedom fighters against the Invid.

Upbeat and outgoing, Annie is an orphan and obsessed with finding a boyfriend. Not the most skilled freedom fighter, she is always willing to lend a hand even if she doesn't have the skills to complete the task.

Rand would become Annie Labelle's protector, as he is too an orphan from the Invid invasion.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Rook Bartley. She is half Human and half Zentraedi. Rook and Rand would eventually fall in love and get married, and she is also a major player in the fight against the Invid.

September, 1985 is the publishing date for Robotech The New Generation #2.

1st appearance of Lunk
1st appearance of Lancer

Lance "Lancer" Belmont was a pilot of the first attack wing of the 10th Mars Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) that attempted to liberate the Earth from the Invid. While the rest of his division was destroyed, Lancer crash landed during the attack and was saved by a woman named Carla Morales.

The towns people were supporters of the Invid, so Carla disguised Lancer as a female. Lancer adopted the role of a singer and dancer to escape capture from the Invids.

In this issue, the freedom fighters led by Scott Bernard come across this town and meet Lancer or his false identity. They immediately learn that Lancer, known as the Yellow Dancer, is really a he instead of a she.

More importantly, the freedom fighters discover he is a trained military combatant. He would help the group fight the Invid until the very end of this saga. He would also fall in love with Sera, but we shall get to her later.

As for Lunk, he is a biomaintenance engineer that returned from the expeditionary forces to fight off the Robotech Masters. For being a biomaintenance engineer, Lunk is highly self conscious.

He is greatly ashamed of deserting his best-friend when his unit was in combat prior to 3rd Robotech War, which resulted in his friend's death. Lunk is the one who maintains the group's fighting mecha in optimal combat condition.

Two first appearances of major supporting characters in this comic as well. October, 1985 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of Ariel

First of the Invid to had been transformed into Human form, Ariel is a simulagent sent to spy on Scott Bernard's group of freedom fighters, but she suffered amnesia when she was recovered by Scott's group.

Ariel is Scott's love interest in this saga. Scott would nickname Ariel "Marlene" after his dead ex fiance, which is nothing short of messed up.

Ariel is a major supporting character in The New Generation saga as well as the Robotech The Shadow Chronicles movie.

This comic was published September, 1986.

1st apearance of Corg
1st appearance of Sera

Like Ariel, Sera and Corg are both Invid Simulagents created in humanoid form by the Invid Regess. Corg and Sera are the Crown Prince and Princess of the Invid Race, and were given legions to command in battle against Scott Bernard and his Invid Resistance.

Corg and Sera are brother and sister to Ariel, and while Ariel and Sera felt love and compassion while in humanoid form, Corg felt rage and hatred instead.

Corg is the main baddie in this saga. Sera, however, like her sister Ariel, falls in love with a human resistance fighter. The lucky guy would be Lancer.

Robotech The New Generation #16 was published June, 1987.

1st appearance of Thade
1st appearance of Regis
1st appearance of Sue Graham

Regis or Regess is the Queen Mother of the Invid Race, so she is the head baddie for The New Generation Saga. She seeks to harvest and cultivate the Flower of Life on Earth much like the Robotech Masters had done to her home world no matter what is destroyed a long the way.

Thade is another simulagent and brother to Ariel, Sera and Corg. He is a very minor character. Sue Graham is another minor character as well and doesn't make a whole lot of appearances in the saga.

She is an officer in the Intelligence Division of Jupiter Squadron and was ordered by Admiral Rick Hunter to document the Invid invasion on Earth. April, 1988 is the publishing date for Robotech The New Generation #23.

1st appearance of Sparks
1st appearance of Gunther Reinhardt

Gunther Reinhardt is the Admiral aboard the SDF-4 and leads the Robotech Expeditionary Force against Reflex Point. He is the acting Supreme Commander while Rick Hunter is absent. Sparks is a bridge officer aboard the SDF-4.

Not sure whether both of these characters show up in any movies post The New Generation saga or not. This comic was published June, 1988.

Though not a huge fan of Robotech or Japanime or even Manga, the world building and complexities involved in the over-all mythos is quite impressive. Since the comic series that adapted the animated series was published by Comico, they most likely had a smaller print run.

Not too sure about though and can't find any info on that, but it's more than likely. If you're a low print run chaser, finding that out may be worth digging into more.

As for the movie franchise in the works by Sony, I think Robotech has a high chance of being a visual monster and has a high chance of being pretty kick ass if scripted and directed just right. May be a really great Science Fiction movie saga, and I can see the possibilities for sure.

Alright, that concludes this Robotech key issues list. Yes, there are more comic series and by different publishers, but for now, I think these are the core roots of the Robotech saga.

Click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back if you missed Part 2. Thanks for reading and hope this helps in your hunt or your selling.



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    1. Will get to that when I can JW. Actually, this will be the last year I'm gonna have the Comic Con section on Total Comic Mayhem. Gonna replace it with something else as not too many actually visit that page.

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    1. Hiya JW...that depends on your goals. If you're aspiring to be a dealer or seller, you need to buy comics in bulk and for cheap. If you're more into investing in comics, you may want to upgrade to higher grades of the ones you sold.

      It all depends on what your goal is. If it's both like LK does, you'll need to do....well both...which definitely requires some cash on hand.

      I usually do not re buy or upgrade comics that I've sold. Once they're gone, I'm onto the next. For instance, I doubt I can get another New Mutants #98 at a 9.4 NM for $40 like I did when I bought it a few years ago. I would have to collection buy (buy in bulk) in order to get a really good deal for a comic like that.

      That would require finding someone who didn't know diddly about the value of his collection or someone who was really hard up and needed the cash. Once I sell that off, I'm searching for the next comic to invest in.

      Then again, I'm not inspiring to be an online comic seller or dealer. You'll need to buy in bulk or snag over-looked comics cheap that have potential to hit a peak in demand to acquire back issues stock.

      Rebuying issues that you like depends on the deals you can get and whether you think they'll go up in value (have room for growth) or will drop soon after it's peaked. This makes it even more difficult if that issue has already hit peaks and sustained it's value after the hype.

      Selling comics whether online or offline all depends on your sources when it comes to success. You need to find sources where you can get back issues and keys on the cheap.

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