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Friday, April 17, 2015

Psylocke Cast for X-Men Apocalypse Plus More!

More recent news from the X-Men Apoclypse movie camp. Bryan Singer recently tweeted that Psylocke has been cast and will be joining the X-Men in the next movie installment.

It seems that Psylocke, Betsy Braddock, will be the more popular version of the character that came out during the Jim Lee run of the X-Men comics that comic fans have been hoping for. Yes, it's the Japanese ninja version, the version that got a lot male teen comic geeks back in the day all hot and bothered.

I'm sure this character still has the same effect on male comic fans today. Actually, I'm damn sure of that since this version is one of more over-cosplayed characters out there at comic cons. 

And who's complaining about that? I'm surely not.

So who is the lucky lady to have snagged the role of this fan-favorite and iconic X-Men femme fatale?

That's none other than geek model and actress Olivia Munn! Yep, that's right! She's the girl that geeks drooled over as the co-host of Attack of the Show from the G4 Network, which was devoted to the world of video games.

Although many questioned her geekcred in the past, saying it was just all an act so she could get noticed for an acting career, I could really care less about that to be honest. Olivia Munn is a frequent cosplayer and does attend quite a few cons.

As you can tell from the picture, she's been X-23, Wonder Woman, Chun-Li from Streetfighter, and plenty of others. She also looks quite good doing it as well.

More so, she actually looks the part of Jim Lee's Psylocke to me. All she needs to do is bring on the acting chops. 

However, like most male fans out there, the question of whether she will actually get into the iconic Psylocke get up or will the franchise put her in the generic X-Men uniform outfits? As a fan, I would love to see the iconic Jim Lee costume. I'm sure a lot of other fans would agree on that call.

This version of Psylocke or Lady Mandarin first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #256. Her first appearance ever as Betsy Braddock is in Captain Britain volume #1 issue number 8 from the UK imprint. Her first appearance in American comics is New Mutants Annual #2.

But that's not all Bryan Singer had to sling on Twitter of late. There were also the concept art designs for what appears to actually be none other than Archangel!

I don't know about you, but that looks pretty damn awesome to me! We fans have been waiting for that one for quite a while now! Also Bryan Singer did confirm that Ben Hardy will be playing Angel.

First full appearance of Archangel is in X-Factor #24. The character does have a cameo appearance in X-Factor #23 as well.

So, to me, more awesome comic movie news all around on the mutant front! What do you ladies an gents think?


  1. That girl is nice! She could play Mother Theresa or George Washington, I don' t care. As long as she keeps her wardrobe simple...


    1. I agree...I'm hoping for the look I grew up with concerning Psylocke. I have no problem with Olivia Munn playing the part and I'm rooting for her!

  2. those characters should be cool. just snagged a x factor 23 24 and 16 copies of xmen annual 14for a hundo. JW

    1. Wow, nice JW...impressive and glad to hear from ya! Was wondering where you went off to.

    2. been on vacation in key west great weather there beats all the rain we have had here, going get three of x-men 14 signed then trying to sell the rest on the biggest comic book store ebay. trying to start a online store with brother in law so we will see how it goes. was reading all the info while out of town drinking a beer on the beach. never miss a new key issues part you put out there. JW

    3. Key West? Sounds like you had a pretty nice vacation. Hey send us some of that rain. We could surely use it out west.

      Oh, nice, you and your bro in law gonna start your own actual online store from scratch? Definitely let me know how that goes and drop me a link when it's all finished up.

      Speaking of vacations, Gerry and I are planning to head out your way next year for Heroes Con.

    4. yeah I hear you on the rain is cali a dustbowl yet. glad to hear you going make it out to heros con next year you wont regret that I promise. trying to start out on ebay for now to see how it goes. we put a few comics on there along with my nephew. he has a girl friend now and didn't realize they cost money. put a few key comics on there to test the waters so until we build up feedback and build a rep it prop be slow going, also the time it takes to put comics on line. how I respect your job soooo much more now. anyway its under id herosandhomeruns. homeruns because bother in law has a lot of baseball cards he may want to sell also, but for now its all about the comics. check it out mayhem and let me know what you think and what can be improved. new at this so any feedback good or bad will be appreciated. thanks JW

    5. put a bunch of graded ones on today so they might not show up yet JW

    6. Hi JW, looks good so far. Not technically a store, but more like a seller/buyer account for now. You can always upgrade later on eBay when things start moving more for you guys, so good choice in starting out that way.

      I only have one suggestion for your listings, mainly the title of them. If you can and if it's applicable, put the 1st appearance notation in the title Tales of Suspense #39 CGC 6.0 FN 1st appearance of Iron Man. More key words the better...sometimes even I just type...2nd appearance of blah blah to see if it comes up in eBay's search if I don't know what the issue is.

      Also, google may pick it up as well on their search engine, so definitely doesn't hurt. Looks good, man!

      As for the crack about girlfriend's costing money, hahaha! Absolutely dead on! Best wishes and luck to you guys!

    7. thanks for the advice went ahead and did what you suggested. thanks for the help already made some sales JW

    8. Absolutely no problem JW. Just a minor suggestion and hopefully it helps to get you more exposure on eBay search engine, and thus, more bids. Great and awesome, hope the sales keep coming and you're making a nice return.

  3. Thinking about that X-Factor 23... Can anyone tell me on how many pages/ panels Archangel appears here? Not sure I will buy it if its just one panel/ one page.


    1. Archangel shows up in 6 panels over all in X-Factor #23 and on two total pages of the comic. The first 3 panels on the 1st page he shows up he is clearly visable. The other three panels on the 2nd page that features him he is more blurred as he is flying around testing his new abilities.