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Monday, April 6, 2015

Magnus Robot Fighter Key Issues Part 3

This is Part 3 and the last part to this Magnus Robot Fighter key issues series. When it comes to the Acclaim, Dark Horse, and newest Dynamite comic series, I'm not going to get too in-depth with those. Much of the supporting characters from the Gold Key and Valiant series are reused, and since most of those series didn't last very long, the new additions are exceptionally minor.

If you missed Part 2, just click the link to go back. If you're good to go, let's get this one over with.

1st appearance of Damon Angel
1st appearance of Ian and Zara
1st appearance of Good Sheppard
Okay, I have no idea why everyone lists this series as volume 2, and it makes no sense to me. The Valiant series was suppose to pick up where the original Gold Key series left off, so how is the Valiant series considered volume one?

Just one of the many mysteries of the back issues industry, but I'm gonna list the Acclaim series as volume 3 just to clarify.

Alright, speaking of this Acclaim series, they did add a few new characters to this particular Magnus comic series that weren't in the previous volumes before it. Not many, so I won't be featuring too many issues to this series at all.

Apparently the character of Good Sheppard is Acclaim's version of A-1. In this revamp, Good Sheppard is the one who raised Magnus and Magnus calls him father, so he's a pretty major supporting character.

Ian and Zara are friends of Magnus and they are in quite a few issues of this revamped series as well. Damon Angel is a villain and owns the Angel Computer Company. I don't think he is a major villain in this series.

There is a variant cover to #1, and it has a lower print run than the regular cover. The regular cover has an estimated print run of only 11,000 copies, and the variant has an estimated print run of only 8,500.

There is a Retailer Review copy for issue #1 as well, and it has an estimated print run of only 5,000. Magnus Robot Fighter #1 was published May, 1997.

1st appearance of Dr. Janice Whitcraft

Not too sure but I think Dr. Janice Whitcraft is a character that was only from the Acclaim Comics series. Although this series only ran for 18 issues, she does appear in quite a bit of them.

I'm not sure if she carries over into the new Dynamite series or what. Aside from being a key issue for Magnus Robot Fighter's series handled by Acclaim, this issue also has a pretty low estimated print run of 16,000. Magnus Robot Fighter #2 from the Acclaim series was published June, 1997.

Final issue

Final issue to this Acclaim series. Leeja Clane does have a re-intro around issue #13. Not entirely sure how accurate that is. The print run for this last issue is very low and estimated around 5,500 copies.

Actually the entire Acclaim Magnus Robot Fighter series has pretty low print runs. So, if you're into that, you may be able to snag these still cheap if you can find them.

Magnus Robot Fighter #18 was published October, 1998.

1st issue to Dark Horse series

Dark Horse did have a series before this one but they are reprints of the classic Gold Key stories involving Magnus Robot Fighter. This series is a rebirth of the character and is more true to the original Gold Key and Valiant series.

It's also written by Jim Shooter, but it is a re-imagining also for modern readers. This series brings in mob or mafia elements for the character. Leeja Clane is carried over into this series and she is a bit revamped also. 

However, this series only lasted 4 issues before it was cancelled. Not entirely sure, but this series probably has a pretty low print run since it didn't last very long. August, 2010 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st issue to Dynamite comic series
Magnus Robot Fighter is revived by Dynamite. Actually I should say revamped. Although Dynamite uses many of the same Gold Key supporting characters, Magnus Robot Fighter is different from the Gold Key and Valiant versions.

For instance, Leeja Clane is a human hunter set to kill Magnus. Magnus is married to a Moira Magnus, a mechanic who works on robots. Magnus Robot Fighter #1 from the Dynamite series was published March, 2014.

That concludes this Magnus Robot Fighter key issues series. The later Dark Horse and Dynamite comic series pretty much use the same supporting characters from the Gold Key series. They're just revamped to be different. 

There are some new characters in the Dark Horse series, but that didn't very long and none of the new characters are all that important.

If you missed the PREVIOUS PART to this Magnus Robot Fighter key issues, just click the link below to read it. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt or for selling.


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