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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Magnus Robot Fighter Key Comics Part 2

This is Part 2 to this Magnus Robot Fighter key comics or key issues series, whichever you'd like to call it. Some of these are going to be pretty minor ones, or viewed as minor ones in the current market. Who knows if that will change or not?

A few won't even be key issues at all and just mentioned because they might be error prints or low print runs. If you missed Part 1, that blue underlined link will bring you back. If not, here's some more Valiant key issues pertaining to Magnus Robot Fighter.

Retailer No Card

Alright, I think that there are two versions of this comic. One has a trading card of Magnus by Barry Windsor Smith in it and that edition was the mail away version.

Then there are copies of this comic that were given to retailers that did not include the card. Other than that, they are pretty identical looking.

However, the retailer edition without the card has an estimated print run of about 6,000 copies. The mail away edition with the card that has artwork by Barry Windsor Smith has an estimated print run of 14,000.

So both do have low print runs, but if you have a copy of Magnus Robot Fighter #0, might be a good thing to check to see which edition you have. Don't really think Magnus #0 is a key issue, but just wanted to let you all know in case you got it, or on the hunt for this one.

This comic was published January, 1992.

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1st Turok in Valiant Comics
1st appearance of Willow Talltrees

Double whammy key issue here. Magnus Robot Fighter #12 has the 1st appearance of Turok the Dinosaur Hunter in Valiant Comics. Willow Talltrees also makes her first appearance in this issue, but I think she is minor supporting character in this Valiant comic series.

Of course, Turok was a major character in the Valiant Universe. Estimated print run is 60,000 and this comic was published May, 1992.

1st appearance of Izak
Death of Grand One

First appearance of Izak in this issue. Izak is a friend of Magnus whom he met on Phobos, a moon of Mars. Izak can transform into a huge beast-like creature when he becomes extremely afraid. Izak also appears in the Rai comics for a few issues as well.

This issue also sees Magnus go up against Grand One, the robot that merged Grandmother and A-1 together. A-1 was the robot that raised Magnus.

Magnus Robot Fighter #14 was published July, 1992 and has an estimated print run of 55,000 copies.

Birth of Magnus

Looks like I was wrong in the Rai key issues list. Apparently this has the birth of Magnus, and Overstreet is noting it as such also.

Magnus holds himself as a baby, not knowing that the child is actually him. Pretty weird. 115,000 estimated print run for this one. Magnus Robot Fighter #16 was published September, 1992.

1st appearance of Malevolents
1st appearance of Malev Emperor

Grand One seemingly becomes the Malev Emperor and this comic first introduces the villainous character.  Malev Emperor does become a pretty important villain for both Magnus and Rai in the Valiant Universe.

This issue also sees the first appearance of the Malevolents, which are robots from the planet Malev 6. They are out to conquer Earth and to kill Magnus of course.

This issue is part of the Malev Wars, which is an important story arc for both the character Rai and Magnus. Magnus Robot Fighter #21 also comes with a gold variant cover. The gold variant has an estimated print run of only 5,000 copies, so it's pretty rare. 

It has the logo box in gold as well as the Magnus title. Not hard to spot.

The regular version has an estimated print run of 135,000 copies. Magnus Robot Fighter #21 was published February, 1993.

Death of Willow Talltrees

Some characters just gotta go, and Willow Talltrees is one of them. Well, especially when the Malevs invade North Am.

Not really an impressive key issue although quite a few minor characters die in this issue including Professor Talltrees, Willow's father, and a few others. This comic has an estimated print run of about 145,000 copies and was published March, 1993.

Death of Mekman

Long time Magnus villain Mekman finally bites the dust in this issue. I'm not quite sure if this character carries over into any of the revamps or not.

We may find out as progress further into this key issues series or not. There isn't a whole lot of info about this character out there.

Magnus Robot Fighter #35 has an estimated print run of about 110,000 copies and was published April, 1994.

1st appearance of Torque

Torque is Leeja and Magnus's son, most likely named after Torque, his grandfather. This issue sees his birth, so Torque is just a baby.

This character does become a recurring supporting character in the Magnus mythos at least in the Valiant series. This issue has an estimated print run of about 85,000 copies and was published  July/August, 1994.

Error copies exist

Not exactly a key issue or anything, or if one it's not highly significant or anything. However, there is a print run where the comic's pages were placed or printed out of order. 

A corrected version was later printed. Both versions seem to have the same print run of about 27,500 copies. 

Magnus Robot Figher #57 was published November, 1995.

Death of Tekla

This character first appeared in Magnus Robot Fighter #1 from the Valiant line, and it seems this Freewill robot and Future Force member gets canned in this issue. Though not considered a major key or anything, we are nearing the last few issues of this Valiant series, so the print run is pretty low.

An estimated 23,000 were printed and Magnus Robot Fighter #59 has the publishing date of December, 1995.

Final Issue

Supposedly this issue has the death of Magnus but I'm not quite sure about that. Overstreet notes it with a question mark, so it seems they're not too sure about it either just yet.

This issue has a low print run of about 14,000 copies and the comic was published February, 1996. Magnus would be revamped in the Acclaim series though.

Yes, we will be going onto a Part 3 to this series. I know, I know! The next part will deal with the Acclaim revamp, and I don't think there are that many keys in that revamp. If there are, I haven't found much info on them.

I will try to get what I can. Alright, you can click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 1. Otherwise, Part 3 is ready so just click the link below to continue.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter to you and yours.


  1. Happy Easter Mayhem!

    Actually I wanted to comment on your Magnus list part 2, but can' t get that New Teen Titans theme from my mind. Here' s the deal: I spotted DC Comics Presents 26 for 75 bucks. Now, would you get that book or rather invest in other Teen Titans books, as far as the upcoming movie is concerned?

    Appreciate your help


  2. Hey Mayhem,

    just found out that it' s a 9,0 pence issue.
    That dropped my interest, since I am not into UK issues. Would still be interested
    what you think about a NM US edition.


    1. I would invest in that book...there's a lot of things pushing that book...Teen Titans tv series, Cyborg in Batman v Superman, him in the Justice League films and his own solo movie. I am surprised DC Comics Presents #26 has been slow to rise currently.