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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Doom Patrol Key Comics Part 2

Still in the Silver Age, we've got more Doom Patrol key comics to go through in Part 2 of this series. Definitely some important key issues concerning the Doom Patrol mythos and even one major key issue over-all in the DC Comics Universe.

As Ace said in a comment in Part 1 of this series, quite a few of these keys are pretty hard to find in high grades. CGC Census has low total submissions for most of these early Doom Patrol key issues, and that even includes the major ones.

You'll see another major key issue in this part. Alright, if you missed Part 1, just click the link to check that out. If you're ready to go, let's carry on with more Doom Patrol key issue goodness.

1st appearance of Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

Okay, a pretty minor character indeed, but this one was just too good to pass up. I don't mean good as in awesome either.

So Doom Patrol #89 has the first appearance of Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. Say what?

Sven Larson is also another brilliant scientist who became a victim of one of his experiments gone wrong. The aftermath? Well, he became a being that could take the form of any animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Yeah, no kidding. Believe it or not, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is a recurring villain for the Doom Patrol. He has even gone up against the new version or 2nd iteration of the Doom Patrol.

Sven Larson believes that Niles Caulder had stolen one of his early inventions, so he seeks revenge on Caulder and anyone who stands in his way.

August, 1964 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #89.

1st appearance of Mento
1st appearance of Garguax

Steve Dayton is one of the richest men in the world according the DC Comics Universe, and he invents a special helmet to enhance his mental abilities. This was all done to impress Elasti-Girl.

The things done in the name of love. Calling himself Mento, the character would eventually become a member of the Doom Patrol. Actually, the dude would eventually marry Elasti-Girl.

Steve Dayton, however, does end up in various titles. He later becomes Hybrid, a villain for the New Teen Titans with sole purposes of killing Beast Boy as he blames him for the death of his wife Elasti-Girl.

After a strange and failed criminal career, Steve Dayton would return to the Doom Patrol and take the lead away from Niles Caulder, whom would be revealed as a not so good guy.

Garguax is an alien conqueror whom would end up joining the Brotherhood of Evil. Pretty minor character though, but he is important in the fate of one character from the 2nd roster of the team. We shall get that pretty soon.

Definitely no light weight key issue here in the world of DC Comics though. The first appearance of Mento and Garguax in Doom Patrol #91 was published November, 1964.

1st appearance of Beast Boy
1st appearance of Jillian Jackson
This one is a biggie here and a major key issue. Doom Patrol #99 has the first appearance of Beast Boy or Garfield Logan, and this character has become a well-noted member of the Teen Titans. Cleverly titled The Beast Boy, this story sees the first meeting between the animal shape-shifter and Doom Patrol.

Wanting to join, the others are hesitant in allowing Garfield to do so. It is actually Robotman who gives Garfield the name of Beast Boy, but it was done in a more insulting way.

Jillian Jackson makes her first appearance also and she would be a supporting character for Beast Boy. She would end up being a former girlfriend but would always remain Garfield Logan's friend.

So, first meeting between Beast Boy and Doom Patrol, first appearance of Beast Boy, and first appearance of Jillian Jackson? Pretty much a winner here and this one is definitely one of the more sought out and major Doom Patrol key comics.

Beast Boy has been a fan-favorite Teen Titan for quite some time and this key issue has an extremely low CGC Census for some odd reason. Doom Patrol #99 was published November, 1965.

Origin of Beast Boy
2nd appearance of Beast Boy
1st appearance of Nicholas Galtry
Another big key issue concerning the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy. Not only is this the 2nd appearance of Beast Boy, it's also his first origin story.

In this issue, we once again see Beast Boy try to join the Doom Patrol but the team refuses. He pleads with them that his guardian, Nicholas Galtry, mistreats him. Without proof, the members of the Doom Patrol still refuse.

Any who, in this issue, Beast Boy would later tell the members of the Doom Patrol that he is the son of a genius biologist who had developed and mastered a serum that would allow him to reverse the evolutionary process. When Garfield Logan fell ill with a disease known as Sakutia, his father hoped that reversing their boys evolutionary process to that stage would potentially cure him of the virus.

Thus Garfield was injected with the serum. The experiment was a success. As a side effect, Garfield's skin and hair turned green, and he would later learn that he acquired the ability to morph into any animal.

The end of this tale sees Beast Boy and Doom Patrol team up to stop another menace. The Chief informs Beast Boy that he cannot obtain custody of him since he already has a legal guardian.

Beast Boy vows to prove that Nicholas Galtry does not deserve guardianship over him and storms out. 

December, 1965 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #100.

3rd appearance of Beast Boy
2nd appearance of Nicholas Galtry
Doom Patrol #101 has the 3rd appearance of Beast Boy and the 2nd appearance of Garfield Logan's legal guardian Nicholas Galtry. This story will tie into the Challengers of the Unknown, and they make a cameo appearance at the end of this comic.

Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol share yet another adventure, and it appears that Nicholas Galtry, fearing that Garfield will expose him, has hired an assassin to take out Beast Boy. As mentioned before, this issue leads into the Challengers of the Unknown #48 and that issue is actually the Doom Patrol's first cross over comic.

February, 1966 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #101.

Wedding of Elasti-Girl & Mento

Looks like Mento's advances on Elasti-Girl has finally paid off after being rebuked and slapped a few times, but you can't fight the feeling. This issue sees the wedding of Mento and Elasti-Girl and quite a few non-Doom Patrol members attend.

The Justice League of America are there as well as the Teen Titans. However, before this all happens, the Brotherhood of Evil, especially the shape-shifter Madame Rouge, tries to foil the wedding and frame Mento in attacking the Doom Patrol.

Of course, the Doom Patrol catch onto the ruse and the wedding of Steve Dayton and Rita Farr finally happens. Doom Patrol #104 was published June, 1966.

Rock 'N Roll! Part 2 of this Doom Patrol key comics has been completed, but we are no where near done with this series. Part 3 will be finishing up the key issues within the first series and then diving right in with the rebirth of the 2nd Doom Patrol team.

Two definite solid comic investments are Doom Patrol #99 and #100, first and second Beast Boy with #100 also revealing his origin. Teen Titans TV series is in the works and it would be a shame if they didn't link or connect with Beast Boy and some of the members of the Doom Patrol.

Also the 2nd comic series of the team has a few members that also connect with the Suicide Squad, and we all know a movie franchise is being developed for that team. 

Any how, click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 1. More Doom Patrol key comics and key issues are in Part 3, so just click the link below to continue.


    Mayhem, that is the great character find of 2015! And here I thought Grant Morrisons interpretation of the heroes was wacko... Serious though, with these powers, A-V-M Man could bag most of the Marvel and DC heroes...

    Triple A

    1. Yeah, that' s right. He' s actually Animal Man, Swamp Thing and the White Queen all rolled into one! Love it.


    2. Still not the greatest of names to slap on a character.

  2. Sorry, not related to this topic, but just read Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 192 - 196. Just gotta say: Seth Fisher was talented as hell. So sad he' s not among us any more. Wait - If I remember right, he even did draw one or two Doom Patrol issues... Just checked: It was in Nr. 13 & 14 from 2002 - probably no investment value here, but something to feast your eyes on...

    Speculation Jones

  3. Hey Mayhem,

    since I also like the art of Seth Fisher, I wanted to ask if you could make an artist special on that dude. He worked on a variety of characters like Green Lantern, Spiderman, Fantastic Four etc.

    Max Rebo