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Friday, April 10, 2015

Daredevil Key Issues Part 6

Kicking into Part 6 of the Daredevil key issues list, we are getting into some very important key comics with this one for sure. The late Bronze Age would see a writer and artist that would reshape the Daredevil series and make it popular.

I'm sure you can guess who that writer and artist was that revived the Daredevil series and created and introduced a fan-favorite Marvel character during his run. He would also make the series more dark and gritty.

Click this link if you missed Part 5 of this key issues series. If not, let's swing into more of these Daredevil key comics.

Frank Miller art begins on Daredevil
Death of Death-Stalker

If there is one of the most important comic artists to helps shape the Daredevil character into the hero we most notably remember him for, it's Frank Miller. This issue is where his art begins for the title, but he will soon script the title as well. Many fans of Daredevil love Miller's work on the Daredevil series, so this probably won't be a cheap comic investment in the least.

This issue also has the death of Death-Stalker.

mycomicshop - More loads of high grade copies. One 9.8 CGC copy that's a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. Pretty expensive even for this issue. Two CGC 9.6s, with one a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee.

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First appearance of Elektra
Origin of Elektra
Frank Miller begins to script

Prior to Frank Miller taking over scripting duties for the Daredevil comic, sales of the title were in a huge slump. They were so bad that Marvel was planning to discontinue the title. Hard to imagine.

Once Frank Miller began scripting the character, renewed interest rose for the character. This had a lot to do with Miller bringing the character back to his street roots, while doing what Miller does best - writing dark and gritty stories. Under Miller's pen, Daredevil became more of an anti-hero, and many elements were changed for the character under his pen.

Created by Miller, the first appearance of Elektra in this issue is another reason why this late bronze age key issue is such a popular comic to invest in. Elektra has become a fan-favorite Marvel character. After all, she is one the most over-cosplayed characters at comic cons.

So there's three reasons this issue is a good bet for an investment comic: Frank Miller scripts, first Elektra, origin of Elektra! 

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2nd appearance of Elektra

The first appearance of Elektra in Daredevil #168 isn't that expensive of a buy in CGC 9.4 NMs, so raw copies of that issue are probably even more affordable. With that being said, chances are the 2nd appearance of Elektra in Daredevil #169 just may still be a really cheap buy.

Most likely over-looked since her 1st appearance hasn't sky rocketed into crazy land just yet. If you're a fan like I am, this one may be a good one to get in high grades while they're still cheap.

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First Kingpin in Daredevil comics

An important villain in Spider-Man comics, Frank Miller makes use of the Kingpin of Crime and has him as the main nemesis for Daredevil. It's surprising that this didn't happen sooner and Kingpin didn't make mayhem for Daredevil prior to May, 1981.

The rest in history, and Kingpin and Daredevil would continue to have their well-loved battles against each other for decades to come because of whom? That's right...Frank Miller!

This key issue is not that well-known, and pretty much a sleeper. High grades, even CGC copies, should be pretty affordable.

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1st appearance of The Hand
1st appearance of Kirigi

Important and over-looked key issue right here. As Wolverine and X-Men fans know, The Hand has been connected quite a bit to those characters and the X-Men world.

However, The Hand originally started out as villains for Daredevil and was created by none other than legendary writer and comic artist, Frank Miller. Kirigi is a relatively minor member of The Hand and does not last long as a Daredevil or Elektra foe.

The ninja assassin clan known as The Hand, however, has been notable foes for quite a few Marvel superheroes. It would be a shame for the Daredevil or Netflix/Marvel television series to disregard The Hand since it would be quite easy to write this organization in the plot with Iron Fist slated to connect with Daredevil.

Although The Hand was never really a foe of Iron Fist or Luke Cage, it would be quite easy to have this ninja clan cause some trouble for Iron Fist when his television series comes around. Just my humble opinion, but I have no idea who owns the rights to The Hand anyways.  

Highly over-looked comic, Daredevil #174 was published September, 1981.

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1st appearance of Stick
Death of Kirigi

Stick is an old teacher of Daredevil and Elektra. Yep, he is the sensei who trained Matt Murdock to kick some serious ass.

Stick is the leader of the Chaste, the main adversaries of The Hand. As I mentioned before, Kirigi doesn't last very long as a villain and dies in this issue at the hands of Elektra. Kirigi was to be Elektra's main nemesis or started out that way.

Stick and the Chaste were creations of Frank Miller. Would be a damn shame if the Daredevil television show ignored any of Frank Miller's stories on Daredevil. They are iconic and fan-favorites for a reason. Stick will be in the Netflix series and is portrayed by Scott Glenn.

Daredevil #176 was published November, 1981.

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While the Silver Age definitely created the roots of the Daredevil character, the Bronze Age brought the character to all new lows. I don't mean this in terms of quality at all. What I mean by that is Daredevil's frame of mind and mental state.

Daredevil in the Bronze Age was definitely a more tormented character, withered, tired, and more tortured. While the character personally reached new lows, the arc of the character and stories reached new highs.

As a fan of the Frank Miller run on Daredevil, I may be a bit biased. Perhaps older fans of the character don't agree with me. That's perfectly fine. I still think Daredevil during Miller's run and the precedent he established for the character afterwards tested the hero's metal a lot more.

I still love the Silver Age Daredevil stuff. No doubt about that, but these late Bronze Age issues were the ones that hooked me in rooting for this character. Point blank and literally. Great memories reading these comics as a kid, and there's one in particular that blew me away.

You'll discover that issue in the next part to this series. If you missed Part 5, you can click the PREVIOUS link to go back. Otherwise, click the PART 7 link below to continue with more Daredevil key issues.


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    no doubt about it, great artists have worked on that book. Someone who, in my opinion, also deserves a honorable mention is David Mazzucheli. He followed Miller, who was still writing at that time. I was also fascinated by the pencils of John Romita. So, there definitely was a time after Frank which, I am sure, we will find out in Part 7 (and we haven' t even got to the Bendis/ Maleev run yet...)

    Triple A

    1. To be honest, I debated about even putting any Modern Age comics on this list. I've always disregarded them in most past key issues list and stopped at Copper Age.

  2. Mayhem,

    ring the alarm! I just bought a DD 168 (9,2) for about 127 bucks on ebay. Man, you are making me poor - you remind me of all the books I always wanted to have in my collection. Hope I didn' t pay to much, but like you, I see huge potential in that book - movie or no movie. It will be hard to get people to see a new Daredevil or Elektra movie after they messed up so big. Thats the part were I want to shout out to you and all your followers: stop looking at what book will become the next movie - some books are just comic history in the making - prices will rise, Hollywood or no Hollywood. DD 168 is such a book for me.


    1. Ace, I've been saying that for the last year recently. Some keys are solid investments no doubt. Some are just trend books...dollar bin stuff that only became in demand because of movie or TV hype.

      Quite a few like to speculate and there is no doubt that movies and tv have made quite a bit of money for them concerning key issues. Movies are bringing comics and superheroes to a whole new generation and making fans out of them, so who knows which trend book will sustain or just fall after the hype is done.

      To be honest, and I've mentioned this in other posts, I'm not even paying attention to most of the speculation books anymore. It gets boring. Sure, I'll mention them on this site in case others still like the speculation part of it, but I'm just grabbing key issues that I want for now or solid comic investments.

      Not really my job to tell anyone what to get or not. I can only recommend some.

  3. Hey Ace,

    thats true. I want to blow in the same horn:
    why are we always looking which comic will
    be made into a movie? Even if it becomes a
    blockbuster, that attention lasts 2 month at best, and its on to the next one. I see a bad 90s trend here. For me, comics will always reign supreme over film as a medium.

    Max Rebo

  4. Hey Mayhem,

    more Daredevil goodness. Great! For all Elektra fans, I want to bring the attention
    to a book from the What if series: What if
    Elektra had lived. I think Master Miller him-
    self worked on that book, but not quite sure.
    Will never understand why Miller killed her
    in the first place.

    Speculation Jones

  5. Hi Mayhem,

    Might want to add Spectacular Spiderman 27 and 28 first Miller Daredevil before his Daredevil run. Great website keep it up.


    1. Not sure but I may have put that on the Spectacular Spider-Man key issues list. Thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated.

  6. Great Call!

    These two definitely belong into that list! Price increases have been strong too.

    Speculation Jones

  7. Why, pectacular piderman 27 & 28 of course!

    S. J.