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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Daredevil Key Issue Comics Part 4

Continuing on this expansion, welcome to Part 4 to this Daredevil key issues list. Since there aren't that many note worthy Silver Age Daredevil key issues, we have quickly come to some key issue comics from the Bronze Age concerning this title.

Not to say that there isn't some amazing artwork done by industry legends in the Daredevil comic series. There are for sure and with no doubt. However, as for characters and substantial villains, the early DD series was pretty lacking on that front.

Many of these in Part 4 are pretty minor ones as well. At least, they are considered such in the current market. Still, they are key issues no matter how minor or semi-important, but there are also some note worthy Bronze Age key issues as well.

If you missed Part 3, just click the link to go back. If not, here's more Daredevil key comics to take a gander at.

Black Widow begins in title

I wouldn't exactly call this a major key issue or anything. It is a pretty cool issue and this is the first issue to have Black Widow in the titled series.

She would become a recurring character in the Daredevil title (her series in Amazing Adventures was cancelled of course) for quite a bit. Black Widow would officially costar in Daredevil with issue #92. Her last costarring issue would be #124 in this comic series.

Daredevil #81 was published November, 1971.

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ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.4 NM copy here at the moment.

Origin of Moondragon

Of all the titles to place Moondragon's origin in, Daredevil, who is a more urban street-level character, gets the quirky honor. However, the origin of Moondragon, a character more of Marvel's cosmic comics, ties directly to Drax the Destroyer and Thanos as well, and in this case, quite important for the characters involved, minus Daredevil.

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1st appearance of Candace Nelson
1st appearance of Black Spectre

It appears that Matt Murdock's best friend and partner Foggy Nelson has a half-sister named Candace. Of course, Foggy Nelson failed to mention this in previous issues.

Whether Candace Nelson shows up on the television show is possible, but who really knows for sure? Candace Nelson did date Matt Murdock for a while.

Black Spectre is an organization led by the Mandrill, who basically used the organization to instill chaos and anarchy in America so he could later rule it afterwards.

Not to be confused with the Moon Knight villain bearing the same name. Daredevil #108 was published March, 1974.

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1st appearance of Silver Samurai

This book has taken quite a leap in demand and value last year due to the Silver Samurai being in The Wolverine movie. It was a terrible translation for the character from page to screen and highly, in my humble opinion, unnecessary to butcher the character like that. 

In later stories for the character, Silver Samurai would be known as a mutant with the power to create a tachyon energy field from within his body and focus the energy to penetrate most anything. He uses this to envelop his sword.

Regardless, despite that his first on-screen debut was last year, NM grades are still being sold for way over guide values in the new year of 2014. That means the book is going strong. 

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1st brief appearance of Deathstalker

As I described earlier about Philip Sterling in an early part to this Daredevil key comics series, Sterling started off as the Exterminator. In issue #41, Daredevil triggered the explosion of the Exterminator's main displacement machine.

Matt Murdock did so intentionally, hoping to end his superhero career by faking his own death with that act. However, the explosion also exposed Philip Sterling as the Exterminator with an extraordinary amount of the radiation and trapped him in an interdimensional realm.

The character would later learn how to manifest himself on the Earth plane and became Deathstalker. This comic holds the first brief appearance of Philip Sterling as Deathstalker. The Gladiator also makes another appearance in this issue as well.

Daredevil #113 was published  September, 1974.

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1st full appearance of Death-Stalker

Daredevil #114 is labeled by Overstreet as the first full appearance of Deathstalker. I'm not sure how much he shows up in issue #113. Man-Thing costars in this issue as well.

There are two versions of Death-Stalker. The newer version is a female and her identity is a mystery. She was hired by Purple Man to help him start his criminal empire, and I do believe that Purple Man will be in the Daredevil Netflix live action show.

The 2nd Death-Stalker's first appearance is in the 2012 comic titled Villains for Hire #1. Yes, Villains for Hire is the bad version of Heroes for Hire. Too funny!

Daredevil #114 was published October, 1974.

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As you may have noticed, some of these were taken from what use to be Part 2 of this Daredevil key issues list. I just shifted those over in order to expand this series. Most of them in this particular part, I've yet to feature or even talk about such as the character of Candace Nelson, Foggy's sister.

Then, of course, there are notable Bronze Age key issues in this titled series like the 1st appearance of Silver Samurai and the origin of Moondragon. There will be quite a few more in the upcoming parts as well.

Anyways, if you missed Part 3 of this series, the PREVIOUS link will bring you to that part. Part 5 is ready, so click the link below for more Daredevil key issue comics. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps you out in your hunt for those that are Daredevil fans.

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