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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Daredevil Key Comics Part 7

Welcome to Part 7 to this Daredevil key comics list and series. We are in the very late Bronze Age of Daredevil comics and will probably end it for Bronze Age goodies for this title.

Although there are quite a few sleepers in this one, there is one that's a particularly notable 1st appearance that's pretty over-looked in the current market. We will find out soon what that one is.

Click this Part 6 link if you missed it. If you're good to go, here's more key comic books from the Man Without Fear!

Bullseye vs Elektra
Death of Elektra

This issue sees the awesome battle between Bullseye and Elektra to the death, both fighting for the honor of becoming Kingpin's ultimate assassin. Don't mean to spoil it for ya, but we all know who wins. This comic is sort of a sleeper for a well-known and popular comic amongst fans. It's late bronze age so there should still be some great deals on this one out there if you're on the hunt.

NewKadia - Four high grade copies. One a solid NM and the other a low NM. The two lowest grades are in the VF range. All copies under a hundred bucks.

mycomicshop - Loads of copies here, both CGC graded and unslabbed. Three gorgeous CGC 9.8 copies and one 9.6. A lot of copies in the VF range with the lowest being a low VF.

eBay - This death of Elektra issue isn't a bother to find here. Lot's of copies and a few CGC 9.8 copies for under $150 bucks. Of course, if you want to chance unslabbed copies, there's plenty of those in all kinds of grades as well.

New Black Widow costume
1st cameo appearance of Stone
1st cameo appearance of Shaft
1st cameo appearance of Claw

Black Widow gets a new costume in this issue, and a new haircut. Instead of the long flowing red locks, they gave her a short chic hair cut. The costume is grey instead of black and there are spider logos on the front and back.

This issue also sees the first cameo appearance of Stone, Shaft, and Claw, and yes those names do make me chuckle when put together in sequence. I admit I have a dirty mind.

Stone is Stick's favorite pupil and a member of the Chaste. Shaft and Claw are also members of the Chaste whose primary goal is to battle with The Hand. The first full appearances of Stone, Shaft, and Claw is in the next issue, Daredevil #188.

October, 1982 is the publishing date for Daredevil #187.

eBay - Plenty of raw copies and quite a few of them are in comic lots for pretty cheap. About six CGC copies and three are 9.8s. The other three are 9.6 NM+s.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 and a CGC 9.6 NM+ are the only two copies here at the moment.

NewKadia - Seven copies here and the highest is a NM minus. VF+, VF, and VF minus copies are also available here.

Death of Stick
Death of Shaft
Death of Claw

There's a whole lot of deaths in this issue. The Black Widow actually dies in Daredevil #189 but is resurrected by Stone.

All-out battle with The Hand and Stick, Shaft, and Claw all sacrifice themselves to save Daredevil. In this issue, Stone tells Daredevil that The Hand plans to resurrect Elektra.

Daredevil #189 was published December, 1982 and pencils are by Klaus Janson.

eBay - Not a hard find either. There are surprisingly quite a bit of CGC copies and seven of them are 9.8s. Two are 9.6 NM+s, so all slabs are high grade.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8s and one CGC 9.6 NM+. Rest are raw copies, and they are a VF and two FNs.

NewKadia - Six copies and the highest are a NM and a NM minus. VF+ and a VF minus also available and the lowest copy is a FN.

Return of Elektra

You can't keep a good woman down. As Stone said in the previous issue, Elektra is resurrected, but in a startling move by the Chaste member, Stone actually finishes the job that The Hand started.

Elektra lives again! Not exactly a major key issue, but this does revive a fan-favorite Marvel female character. January, 1983 is the publishing date for Daredevil #190.

eBay - Only one 9.8 this time and the rest are 9.6 CGC NM+s in terms of slabbers. As raw copies, there are plenty of those and some are in comic lots.

mycomicshop - One 9.6 NM+ CGC copy and a FN raw copy. The raw copy is in actual stock.

NewKadia - Six copies here and the highest is a NM minus. Lowest one is a FN copy.

Last Frank Miller Daredevil issue

This story was always a favorite of mine, and it's the issue that blew me away when I first read it. It's the issue where Daredevil visits Bullseye in the hospital and plays Russian Roulette with him.

Daredevil reveals all the screwed up things Bullseye did and the pain that the villain personally caused him. I was literally on pins and needles about whether or not Daredevil completely lost it while reading this issue the first time. 

Definitely one of the more intense Daredevil stories that I read back in the day, and it did leave an impression. The story still does, and yes I still have my copy and do break it out to read from time to time. It's one of the few issues I don't care about when it comes to comic investment value. For me, the entertainment value is priceless.

Daredevil #191 is also the last Frank Miller issue on his famous run as writer. February, 1983 is the publishing date for this comic.

eBay - No problem finding this one on eBay in terms of raw copies. Zero CGC copies at the time of this writing, but that could change really soon.

mycomicshop - Four raw copies and they are a VF, two FNs and a VG.

NewKadia - NM minus is the highest and the lowest is a FN. Six copies all together that are available to be snagged.

1st appearance of Yuriko Oyama

Another fan-favorite X-Men villain makes her first appearance in the Daredevil comic series. This issue has the first appearance of Yuriko Oyama, better known to fans as Lady Deathstrike.

Daredevil #197 is the first appearance of the character Yuriko Oyama. She is not Lady Deathstrike just yet, and she becomes the famous X-Men and particularly Wolverine foe in Alpha Flight #33. 

The character was portrayed by Kelly Hu in X2: X-Men United. Definitely a first appearance to snag for any X-Men or Wolverine fan! Daredevil #197 was published August, 1983.

eBay - Limited selection on eBay for this one currently, but there are two slabbed copies surprisingly. Both are 9.6 NM+s and one is a CGC and the other a CBCS.

mycomicshop - VF and two FNs in actual stock. They're both raw copies.

NewKadia - Only one copy here at the moment, and it is a VF+.

This part ended with an over-looked sleeper that any X-Men or Wolverine fan should consider snagging and adding to their collection. I'm surprised the first appearance of Yuriko Oyama is not more valuable to be honest. Then again, I'm an X-Men fan so I'm biased as hell!

Part 8 is ready so click the PART 8 link below to continue. Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 6. See you soon for more Daredevil key comic books.


  1. Nice job, chimp!

    Just gotta say that the first appearance of Lady D. was no sleeper to me. Bought it about 2 years ago and like you said - nothing happened. Are they using her in the comics right now, or has she been dumped into the unused villain cemetry?

    Sy Snootles

    1. Lady D. is badass, she is getting some new love nowadays in the new comics!

  2. Errr - sorry, bad misspelling here. Meant chump, of course :-|

    Sy Snootles

  3. She was in the Death of Wolverine story and the following Wolverines comic.