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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Daredevil Key Comics Part 3

I got a request some time ago to expand on the Daredevil key issues list that I did before. Instead of doing it over like I had done in the past with some other key issues like Fantastic Four, I'm just going to rework this original one.

So I stopped with Part 2, and I will have to move things around. The key issues in Part 2 will be different, and those that were featured before will be pushed into a later part to this series. You will be seeing some of the same key issues, but there will ones added as well of course.

So if you missed Part 2, which is different now, you can click the link to see what's been added. Other than that, here is Part 3 to this Daredevil key comics series.

2nd appearance of Gladiator

Here we have the 2nd appearance of the Gladiator in Daredevil #19. Although the Gladiator is a pretty minor villain, he has been linked to the Masked Marauder and Electro's Emissaries of Evil. 

He also aided Madame Masque in a raid against Stark Industries and went up against Iron Man. Daredevil #19 was published July, 1966.

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1st Gene Colan artwork on Daredevil

Hugely important key issue for fans of Daredevil and Gene Colan. Daredevil #20 marks the first artwork done by Gene Colan on the series, and Gene Colan became the very first signature artist for the Daredevil volume one comic series.

Colan had an amazingly long run on the series starting with this issue to issue #100. It also gained him recognition from comic fans as well, since many of his earlier works were credited under the pseudonym Adam Austin.

Definitely one of the Silver Age comics to invest in concerning early Daredevil and is over-looked, this comic was published September, 1966.

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1st appearance of Exterminator

Philip Wallace Sterling made his first criminal appearances as the Exterminator before becoming Deathstalker. That would happen much later, or at least in the Bronze Age of Daredevil key issues.

Under his original guise as the Exterminator, Sterling was the mastermind behind the Unholy Three, a group of criminals that consisted of Ape-Man, Cat-Man, and Bird-Man. Not exactly Grade-A villains in the Marvel Universe.

The first appearance of the Exterminator in Daredevil #39 was published April, 1968.

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Death of Mike Murdock

The Matt/Mike Murdock plotline in the early Daredevil comics is a strange one. Fans either loved it or didn't much care for it.

Either or, it's still part of the early Daredevil mythos. So apparently the whole twin brother concept was a deception to further try and conceal his true identity as being Daredevil when it was exposed by Spider-Man by accident.

As we all know, there really was no Mike Murdock or twin brother that Matt Murdock had, and the scheme was too confusing to readers so it was dropped. This is the issue where Matt Murdock fakes Mike Murdock's death as Daredevil.

June, 1968 is the publishing date for Daredevil #41.

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1st appearance of the Jester

Yes, this is actually a villain that first appeared in the Daredevil comics, and this jokester actually has some appearances in modern comics as well. So Johnathan Powers was a struggling actor with a huge ego that finally got his big break on Broadway.

Unfortunately, he was panned by critics and could not get any suitable or serious acting jobs afterwards. Donning a harlequin-like disguise and contracting the Tinkerer to make him some gimmick weapons, Johnathan Powers entered the world of crime as the Jester. 

His debut is in Daredevil #42, and this first appearance comic was published July, 1968 during the Silver Age.

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1st appearance of Death's Head

Not to be confused with the robotic bounty hunter in the Marvel Universe that bears the same name. This Death's Head has nothing to do with the UK Transformers imprint and is Paxton Page, a scientist who invents the Cobalt Bomb.

Driven mad by the Cobalt radiation, which he could also control, Paxton Page basically just wanted to drive off unwanted visitors to his estate. And, yes, you guessed right by the last name. He is Karen Page's father.

This is the first appearance of Paxton Page also known as Death's Head, and he does not last very long in the series. Daredevil #56 was published September, 1969.

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2nd appearance Death's Head
Death of Death's Head
Reveals I.D. to Karen Page

Like most villains that originated in the Daredevil series, Death's Head doesn't last very long and becomes a pretty bland character. Yes, this issue sees the death of Death's Head, Karen Page's father, after only one issue since his first appearance.

However, this issue also sees Daredevil reveal that he is Matt Murdock to Karen Page. Needless to say, she doesn't take it very well.

What? I thought the superhero always gets the girl? This issue would set both Matt Murdock and Karen Page on a pretty lengthy and dramatic breakup. Oh, well, there's other fish in the sea.

Will this story play out in the television series? Who knows? October, 1969 is the publishing date for Daredevil #57.

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Most of the Silver Age Daredevil key issues are pretty minor with the exceptions of the first few early issues. Many of these keys are over-looked for a reason. Still, I'll be expanding on this series with more Daredevil key issues.

If you missed Part 2 to this list, you can click the PREVIOUS link to head on back. Click the PART 4 link below to continue with more Daredevil key comics.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    always love me some DD. Shelled out a lot of money to get a hand on the Wally Wood art. Sad story behind that guy, but what magic he did at the drawing table...

    Speculation Jones

    1. DD has some great art, and quite a few legends did artwork on the series. However, I think the early Silver Age stories were really lacking when it came to great villains for the character.

      A lot of them were pretty forgettable or not all that cool. It wasn't until the Bronze Age did Daredevil get some really cool sustainable villains. Frank Miller did an amazing job with the series also, which is why his work on DD are still fan-favorites.

      Wally Wood's artwork is astounding on Daredevil, as well as Gene Colan's. Good to hear from ya Speculation Jones!

    2. I know what you mean. Even Miller couldn' t make the Gladiator cool ;-). And that the X-mens lamest villain debuted in the pages of Daredevil speaks for itself... The turnaround definitely came with the likes of Elektra and Thyphoid Mary... especially have a crush on the later one. Imagine having her as a girlfriend...

      S. J.

    3. Hey Mayhem,

      when it comes to best villains gallery, Spiderman and the X-Men make the top rank in the Marvel-U for me.

      Max Rebo

    4. I'd love to see Typhoid Mary in the Netflix tv series. That character would definitely bring some gritty darkness to the show...well, maybe more so than it already is...but a mentally unstable chick with dissociative identity disorder that can kick major ass? That would be extremely interesting and quite awesome to see live action.

      Who do you think would be a good actress to play Typhoid Mary, Speculation Jones?

      Max Rebo, I have to agree with you 100% on that comment.

    5. Wow, that one is hard to answer, Mayhem. Basicly Typhoid Mary is the female Joker in the Marvel-U. A good actress could make an Oscar out of this! Maybe Charlize Theron could play her. I mean, she already got an Oscar for her play in Monster, I think...

      S. J.

    6. Pretty amazing transformation she did in Monster. That movie impressed me in terms of Charlize Theron.

  2. Hello Mayhem,

    I am in desperate need of your brain-juice again. Sorry, not Daredevil related, but I
    hope you can help.

    1. Just got me an original colored page from
    Powerman & Ironfist 100. Is there any way to find out what this one is worth? Payed about 15 bucks.

    2. Just recieved my Harbinger 4 - with two coupons in it - one intact, one ripped out.
    What should I make of this?

    Would be great to hear from you.


    1. Not sure about the Harbinger #4 that you're talking about Ace. Do you mean you got two copies of Harbinger #4 and one of the coupons isn't there? Or, do you mean that one issue had two coupons with one there and another ripped out?

      If it's just one issue with two coupons, I have no idea. You probably know more about Valiant comics than I do. I'm not sure how many coupons came with Harbinger #4. I always thought it was just one.

      I would check the forum to see if anyone knows what's going on with that. Those cats probably know a lot more about that than I do concerning any Valiant comics.

      As for the original colored page. That's considered a one of kind piece of artwork separate from the Original Comic art with just pencils or inked over (some penciled Original Comic Art doesn't have the black ink over).

      Original Comic Art of that variety is basically valued at whatever someone is willing to pay for since there's only one of it's kind. There are Original Comic Art price guides if you look at I'm sure they have them there in paperback. Not entirely sure if it includes Original Color Art since I've never looked at that price guide.

  3. Hi Mayhem,

    just spotted the first Tank Girl mini series on ebay. Gave me some fond memories of that series which even the movie from the 90s couldn' t destroy. As you might know, the artist was quite hyped for the art he did for a rockband later on (can' t remember the name, I think something like gorillaz) and the price for early Tank Girl comics began to rise. So, why don' t you take a time off from all the DC, Image an Marvel heroes? I would suggest:


    Triple A

    1. Triple A, this was a request for me to expand on the Daredevil key issues that I did a while back and was only two parts. As for DC, Image, and Marvel key issues, most of the ones I'm working on currently are requests made, and I usually go in order.

      Right now, I have a few others that were requested prior. I will put Tank Girl in the pipeline