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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Batgirl Key Comics Part 2

Swinging our way into Part 2 to this Batgirl key comics series, we getting into some Copper Age and Modern Age key issues in this one.

As I mentioned before, this will be short and sweet key issue comics series, but there are some good sleepers that are pretty important to the character or characters that have taken up the mantle of Batgirl.

I definitely have yet to discuss quite a few of these. If you missed Part 1, just click that link and it'll bring you back. Otherwise, here's more Batgirl key issues or related ones. 

Revamped origin of Batgirl

This is an important issue regarding Barbara Gordon. Of course, after the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, Barbara Gordon's origin gets revamped.

The origin story is considered official mainstream. That means it's the basis of the character that is part of canon.

For example, as I stated earlier, the Earth One Barbara Gordon started off as James Gordon's daughter. In this revamp, she is James Gordon's niece, which we all know her as.

So, pretty important Batgirl issue concerning Barbara Gordon, and it was published November, 1987.

eBay - Pretty limited amount of copies concerning this issue. Wouldn't say this issue is scarce, just not well-known or deemed as an important key in the current market. Only a few raw copies on the mighty eBay and no CGC.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies in actual stock at the moment. They are a VF and two FNs.

NewKadia - Three copies here and all are in the VF range. They are a VF+, VF, and VF minus.


Surprise, another influential story written by Alan Moore in the world of comics. Batman The Killing Joke has been a fan-favorite story for quite some time. 

I remember this one-shot story back in the day and even owned a copy as a kid. In it, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) is shot and paralyzed. Brian Bolland does the amazing art for this graphic novel.

This comic has been valued moderately in the past, but has recently become quite pricey in CGC 9.8s. It's a Copper Age comic and should be snagged at 9.8, the lowest a 9.6 if you want it just to have it.

eBay - Quite a few options for CGC 9.8s. One is up for auction and ends real soon. May be the best option to get this Batman key issue for less than a hundred. Also, one whopping CGC 9.9 at a pretty decent price. Damn, if only I had more money in my budget, I would snag that 9.9 in a heart beat!

mycomicshop - Four CGC 9.8s here and one of them is a Signature Series signed by Brian Bolland. A few raw copies in stock here as well and the highest one is a NM. Other options also available.

ComicLink - One available for sale here. Asking quite a bit for it though. I think the seller needs to drop the price.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.8s located. If there are no auctions on eBay for The Killing Joke, you may want to consider these two options.

1st appearance Barbara Gordon as Oracle

Quite an important key issue as Oracle has become a pretty popular character in comics and other media as well. As we all know, Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and paralyzed by the Joker. Since then she has become Oracle and Suicide Squad #23 has the first appearance of Barbara Gordon as Oracle.

For a while, Oracle was an important supporting character of the Suicide Squad. It's in this comic series where her character is first seen and used as an information broker. Her talents would later be used for other superheroes, especially Batman. Out of all the keys in the first Suicide Squad series, this one is probably one of the best comic to invest in besides issue #1.

I think it would be awesome if Barbara Gordon showed up in the Suicide Squad movie as Oracle, and with the black ops missions involving the team, it would be a good fit for her character in this kind of comic movie. January, 1989 was when this comic was published.

eBay - A few copies and it appears that this comic has already seen the price increase. No longer a sleeper anymore. There are two CGC copies for now. One is a CGC 9.8 and the other a 9.4 NM.

mycomicshop - CGG 9.8 copy here, but only CGC slab for this issue here at the moment. Two raw copies and one is a VF+ and the other a low VF.

ComicConnect - Another CGC 9.8 copy here, but it goes up for auction 11/11/2014. Only copy here so far.

Official Titans West origin/history
1st appearance of Flamebird

Pre-Crisis or Post-Crisis equals a pretty big confusing mess. So after the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited comic series, which wiped out the concepts of Earth One and Earth Two, there were some gaps and inconsistencies in DC Comics mainstream continuity.

That's natural and I won't get into too much detail about it since I've talked about this subject quite often in all the other DC Comics key issues lists already. However, this Secret Origins Annual #3 from the 2nd series meant to establish the official Post-Crisis history or origin of the Titans West.

Since it does that, the character of Betty Kane as Bat-Girl was affected. This is where we are introduced to Mary Elizabeth Kane, also known as Bette Kane.

Apparently she was never Bat-Girl, but joined the team as a character called Flamebird. Therefore, this is the first appearance of Flamebird and the revamped Bette Kane.

Like I said, one big mess, but an interesting mess nonetheless. Secret Origins Annual #3 was published in 1989.

eBay - Limited selection for this one at eBay. Only raw copies spotted so far. Extremely cheap and over-looked comic currently.

mycomicshop - VF and two FNs are the top grades here. Last two options are both VGs. All are in actual stock and not on consignment.

NewKadia - Three copies here and they are a VF+, a VF, and a FN.

1st appearance of Cassandra Cain
1st appearance David Cain

Part of the No Man's Land story arc, Batman #567 sees the first appearance of Cassandra Cain. As most know, she will be the 4rth character to take up the mantle of Batgirl.

She doesn't do so in this issue, however. We are just introduced to her character. Also, this issue has the first appearance of David Cain, whom is her father and one of the world's best assassins in the DC Universe. 

Cassandra Cain is the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva. Lady Shiva first appeared in Richard Dragon: Kung Fu Fighter #5. Hiya-saki yo face!

The first appearance of Cassandra Cain in Batman #567 was published July, 1999.

eBay - Two CGC copies located and the highest so far is a 9.6 NM+. The lowest is a 9.4 NM. Quite a few raw copies but it appears that this first appearance of Cassandra Cain is mildly sought out in the current market.

1st appearance Cassandra Cain as Batgirl
Helena Bertenelli revealed as Batgirl

Okay, in the No Man's Lands crossover story arc that ran all through the year 1999, there is a mysterious Batgirl that suddenly pops up. Yes, it is Helena Bertinelli, and she first appears as Batgirl in Shadow of the Bat #83 with a possible first cameo (in shadows) in Batman: No Man's Land #1 in case you were wondering.

However, we aren't suppose to know that until this issue which reveals that Helena did take up the mantle of Batgirl in the crossover series for a time. This issue also sees Batman telling Helena that in order to work with him she has to learn to follow orders.

Helena as the Huntress has had trouble doing so in the past, and she tells him in this issue that she refuses to blindly follow his orders. Control freak Batman then tells her to stay out of his way, and she once again remarks that she probably can't do that either.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #120 sees the first appearance of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. She takes up the mantle, and this is the last issue we see Helena Bertinelli as Batgirl. 

The next issue just may be the first full appearance of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. Not sure just how much she is shown in this issue as Batgirl. This comic was published August, 1999.

eBay - Extremely scarce on eBay at the moment. Not even a handful of raw copies.

mycomicshop - Only one NM copy here for now, but it is in actual stock so no buyer's premium.

A few I've talked about before, and some new ones I've yet to. Most of these are pretty much sleepers or over-looked in the current market. Well, except for The Killing Joke, which has been a fan favorite for quite some time.

So without too much beating around the bush, Part 3 and the last part to this Batgirl key comics series is ready so just click the link below to carry onward. Once again, my friends, if you missed Part 2, just hit that PREVIOUS link below, and it will get you to where you wanna go.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    since you are some kind of graphic designer, would be great to hear your top 5 greatest covers!

    Max Rebo

    1. Rebo that's a loaded request and surely will spur a few comments on why so and so isn't on my top 5 greatest covers list. Way too subjective for me to pursue, and I don't think being trained in graphic design makes a difference or not. We all love different covers and artists for a variety of reasons. I'd definitely have to say Todd McFarlane's work would definitely be on there.

  2. Hi Mayhem,

    could you like, make a contest, were the winner can win a trip to a con with you?

    Trooper da Don

  3. what is the best bronze age investment comic under $120?

    1. For $120 bucks, that kinda leaves out a lot of options. Triple A brought up Daredevil #168 first Elektra, but that comic is hard to find at that price for any grade in the NM range. VF/NMs even command more than $120, and that's for raw copies.

      So for raw copies...I'd have to go with an Incredible Hulk #182, 3rd cameo of Wolverine at 8.5 or 8.0.

      As for a comic that's CGC or slabbed...Avenger Annual #10, first appearance of Rogue. You may still be able to catch a high grade 9.6 NM+ under $120. I'd wait for a bidding auction..

  4. I would recommend the first appearance
    of Rocket Raccoon or Daredevil 168, if you could get that one for 120 bucks. Just my humble opinion. Let' s hear what Mayhem has got to say!

    Triple A

    1. I also suppose it depends on the venue of where one is buying these comics also. On eBay, DD 168 is hard to find below $120 for NM copies. With Elektra being referred to in the tv series, this may entice more speculators in getting that issue and driving up the value.

      One might still be lucky enough to find a high grage raw copy of DD #168 at a comic con for under $120. If I did, I would certainly snag another copy of that one for sure.

    2. Good point - although I found my DD in 9,2 on ebay for 136 bucks. Sure, that was a lucky find. That book doesn' t pop up so often. Don' t know what the first appearance of Iron Fist is going for, but that would be another recommendation. Might be a bit above that 120 limit. Same goes for the first appearance of Luke Cage. Both will pick up steam though, positiv about that.

      Triple A

    3. Triple A If its really worthwhile I can stretch to $130-140

    4. Did some more hunting and I'm going to end up with a Spotlight 6 (2nd ghost rider)
      Found a nice slabbed 8.0 under $100 thx for all you're advice guys I will continue to read this blog every week

    5. Good choice! Spotlight 5 was out of my reach so I also gave Nr. 6 a shot. Now you still have some investment money left. Why not spend it on the 2nd appearance of Elektra? ;-) Mayhem already recommended it here...

      Triple A

    6. Good idea Triple A I'm thinking of putting it towards another big key
      Out of curiosity where do you guys sell you're books? I have a tiny online shop but was ephedrine where the average in bestir sells his

    7. There's a lot of places to sell your books or consign them. Mycomicshop has a consignment option as well as ComicLink and ComicConnect.

  5. The I'm thinking I will go with the hulk 182 & what do you think about a very fine ms marvel 1?

  6. If it has to be Ms Marvel, I would gun for the first appearance of Mystique in that book. Still a sleeper!


  7. Typos* was wondering where you all sold you're investments?

  8. Selling? No option for me right now. My babies are long time investments. They are staying smug and clean in their little shortboxes... at least for the next ten years ;-)

    Triple A

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