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Friday, April 17, 2015

Batgirl Key Comic Issues Part 3

Here we are with Part 3 and the final part to this Batgirl key issues series. These will all be Modern key comic issues, but there's still some interesting things to know about these issues.

Let's finish this up, so if you missed Part 2, just click that blue link to swing on back. If you're ready, let's dive into action and wrap up these last few Batgirl key comics here!

1st appearance of Stephanie Brown

When Chuck Dixon reinvented a villain called the Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown was written into the three part story arc in Detective Comics as merely a plot device. Well, so Chuck Dixon thought anyways.

The fans liked the character, and her first appearance as the Spoiler is in Detective Comics #648, the following issue. This issue number 647 is the first appearance of Stephanie Brown and she would later take up the mantle of Batgirl.

As Spoiler, however, she was used as a foil and love interest for Tim Drake. She is also the Cluemaster's daughter. Detective Comics #647 was published August, 1992.

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1st issue to 1st self-titled series

Surprising that it would take this long for a popular Batman supporting character to finally get her own self-titled comic series, but it is what it is. In April, 2000, Batgirl finally gets to headline her own comic, but it is Cassandra Cain who gets the honors not Barbara Gordon.

So for Batgirl fans, this may be one to think about snagging out of pure fandom.

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1st appearance Charlotte Gauge as Batgirl?
1st appearance Charlotte Gauge Radcliffe

Charlotte Gauge Radcliffe is the fifth character to appear as the iconic Batgirl. She may do so in the Birds of Prey #96 issue. She is known as the wanna-be Batgirl, but Oracle does utilize Charlotte Gauge as the super heroine.

After revealing the autopsy photos of Stephanie Brown, in which she supposedly was tortured to death by Black Mask but ended up surviving and returning as Spoiler in later continuity, Oracle persuades Gauge to retire her identity as Batgirl. Charlotte Gauge becomes Misfit instead.

Overstreet notes Birds of Prey#99 as the new Batgirl appearance. Not entirely sure why, but I could be wrong so that's why I noted it with a question mark. However, this issue does have the first appearance of Charlotte Gauge and she does not hold the Batgirl title for very long before becoming Misfit. 

The character does show up briefly in the New 52, so she is still part of canon. Misfit was created by none other than fan-favorite Gail Simone, and this comic was published September, 2006.

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1st appearance Stephanie Brown as Batgirl

Stephanie Brown had a pretty long career as Spoiler, but as mentioned before, the character does take up the mantle of Batgirl. Brown even served as Robin for a while prior.

However, in this third Batgirl series, Stephanie Brown is the titular character of Batgirl, but it only lasted 24 issues. Still, a key issue concerning Batgirl keys, and Batgirl #1 from the 3rd series has the 1st appearance of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.

Definitely a Modern Age comic and it was published August, 2009.

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1st issue to comic series
Barbara Gordon as Batgirl again
Yes, this is the New 52 and a recent Modern Age comic. Usually, I don't even bother with these, but I decided to put this one in here because this self-titled series does star Barbara Gordon in the titular role of Batgirl, as should be.

Still feel it's strange that Barbara Gordon, the real Batgirl according to Julius Schwartz, got her own titled comic series as the popular female super heroine in a 4rth volume. Cassandra Cain starred in two Batgirl volumes and was the first as the character to get the honors.

Anywho, it seems that Barbara Gordon does recover from her paralysis in three years time in the New 52 continuity and she is fresh out of college, earning a degree in forensic psychology. As a result of the events during the Killing Joke storyline, Barbara Gordon does suffer from post traumatic stress and hesitates when dealing with gunfire in battle.

Gail Simone, an extremely popular comic writer, kicks off this most recent series, and Adam Hughes does the cover art. Batgirl #1 volume 4 was published November, 2011.

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Plenty of interesting things in this series and plenty of first appearances. Quite a few things I learned myself that I didn't know about also.

Well, I hope you enjoyed and another key issues request knocked down from the ever growing list. As usual, you can click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 2 of this Batgirl key comic issues series. 

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt. 

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