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Monday, April 20, 2015

Aquaman #18 CGC 8.5 VF+

As promised, here is another comic con snag, and purely one I just stumbled onto. I snagged this Silver Age Aquaman #18 CGC 8.5 VF+ at the East Bay Comic Con earlier this year.

East Bay Comic Con was great the first year I went to it, but this time, they were really lacking on comic vendors. Most of the booths were for t-shirts, action figures or whatever.

The comic vendors that were there? Holy moly, I seriously should've just stayed home and shopped on eBay. Over-bloated prices galore and way, way above guide. 

However, there was the comic vendor that Gerry got his first appearance of Deathlok from there. We hit up his booth, and he was the only dealer that had somewhat decent prices.

I spotted a box that had a few slabbed comics in them. I almost didn't even look because I thought they'd be Modern Age CGCs.

I was wrong...obviously. I pulled this one out and almost shat my pants. It was a high grade CGC 8.5 VF+, near the bottom rung of what's deemed high grade, and already slabbed. The asking price was also $100 bucks.

I took out my handy Overstreet Guide to compare prices, and it seemed decently priced. Guide has a VF at $69 bucks for a raw copy. This issue was not on my printed out want list. Always a good idea to bring the Overstreet Guide when you're on the hunt at comic cons.

I showed Gerry the comic and he asked if I was going to get it. I asked him if he could look up what it was going for on eBay and he did. One was being sold on there for $80 bucks but it wasn't CGC'd anymore. Yeah, the copy being sold on eBay was taken out of the slab.

So there was my price, but I lingered a bit to let my thought process work. Aquaman #18 is the issue where Aquaman and Mera marry. Not really that big a deal in terms of a key issue. However, it's also the issue where Aquaman is crowned king of Atlantis.

Pretty much a double whammy of semi-important key issue goodness. Nick Cardy does the cover, pencils and inks in this issue, and it is an over-looked Silver Age key issue at the moment. It was published December, 1964.

Around $70 to $80 bucks is the raw value of this issue. The kicker is it's already slabbed, so I'd be saving on the cost of sending it into CGC if the dealer would actually take it for $80.

While I pondered briefly, Gerry asked me if I was gonna make my offer to the guy or not, because if I didn't do it, he'd snag it. That snapped me out of my thought process.

I told Gerry I was and then asked the vendor if he'd do $80 bucks. He said he'd do it pretty quickly, immediately prompting me to think that I could've possibly haggled it down maybe five bucks lower.

Oh, well. I forked over the cash and thought it was still a good deal. I got 20% off the asking price, and a CGC slabbed copy for it's Overstreet guide value. Not bad, not great, but still...not bad.

In terms of a short-term or long term comic investment? I have no idea. 

For some strange reason, these Silver Age Aquaman issues have a pretty low total CGC Census. Can't really get a bead on whether those who have raw copies of these books just don't find them worth CGCing or if there is really not that many copies of early Silver Age Aquaman comics floating around out there from the 1st series.

With the announcement of the movies, I figured more would be submitted to CGC for these comics. There's only 381 total submissions for Aquaman #1 and 79 total submissions for Aquaman #2 from the first series.

Aquaman #29, first appearance of Orm or Ocean Master, only has 75 total submitted copies  so far. That's a pretty big issue that saw a big boost in demand recently too. 

Who knows? Maybe people with these comics in their vaults are waiting for more casting or movie news before they deem their comics worthy of sending into CGC? Maybe there are some who are hoarding a shit load of copies and don't care about CGCing them?

Like I said, can't really get a bead on the rarity of this comic. We shall see though.

Speaking of movies, we are still pretty far off from an Aquaman or Justice League movie.

Well, not that far off. Only three more years. I do wonder if Aquaman will already be married to Mera and king of Atlantis in the films. I'm pretty sure they will be. Saves less time writing and explaining if they decide to have Mera in the movies at all.

They should as she is a major supporting character, and if they do have Mera in the movies, I think they'll tweak it so she is a fellow Atlantean instead of the comic book version where she is from an extra-dimensional kingdom of Xebel.

Xebel just may be another undersea kingdom rival or ally of Atlantis in the films. Who knows? It's all speculation for now.

So, there's another comic con adventure and another snag added to the ole Vault for the meantime. If you missed the Aquaman key issues, you can click that link below to give it a looksie. 

Thanks for reading and good luck in your own hunt.


  1. Nice snag! I'm a huge fan of this issue!

    An interesting bit of history on it is that it is the first major superhero comic book wedding, so I keep several copies on hand to give as wedding gifts. Always goes over really well!

    1. Awesome! I did not know that about Aquaman #18! Thanks for dropping the 411 on that issue. So you're the one who has the boat load of copies for this issue! Haha, kidding...sorta.

      I like your blog, man! You got some cool articles there for sure!

  2. Hey I'm wondering where you suggest sending unslabbed comics? CBCS vs CGC?
    And are there any other fees? Can't find this info on there site I mean is $15 really the only thing you pay? (Besides shipping it to them) & do they charge to ship it back? thx & i hope you can answer my questions :)

  3. Hey I'm wondering where you suggest sending unslabbed comics? CBCS vs CGC?
    And are there any other fees? Can't find this info on there site I mean is $15 really the only thing you pay? (Besides shipping it to them) & do they charge to ship it back? thx & i hope you can answer my questions :)

    1. You pay to have it shipped back to you also. It's on their forms on their sites.

  4. Can I request a detective comic key issues list? If there isn't already one because I just found someone who has almost every single one of them.

    I found some info but there's more that I know it didn't cover