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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ant-Man Key Comic Issues Part 2

This is Part 2 to this Ant-Man key comic issues list, and like the character's super power, it will be a short one. There are a few moderns in here that are simmering up a bit.

If you missed Part 1, just click the link. Otherwise, let's wrap up these Ant-Man key issues.

Avengers #1 comic cover
1st appearance of the Avengers
Origin of The Avengers
The absolute holy grail of Avengers key issues to own. The Avengers #1 comic is sought out by many, and those that do have this silver age key issue in high CGC grades are sitting on a truly nice investment. 

This issue sees the strange team up of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man (Henry Pym) and his gorgeous other half, the Wasp!

According to the CGC census, there are no 9.8 graded copies and 3 CGC 9.6 NM+s. However, one of the three is a restored copy. With the Avengers movie franchise being extremely successful, this key has become one of the best comics to invest in in the last couple of years. As time continues to pass, this comic will only get more and more valuable.

Got the sand to invest in this comic? If so, here's some places you snag this silver age key comic.

eBay - Quite a few copies here and most are slabbed. Highest so far are two 8.5 VF+ copies and one is a CGC Signature Series. -  An extremely nice CGC 8.5 VF+ is available at mycomicshop. Talk about an awesome comic investment. If you really wanna make an investment, be sure to click the link and snag this one. I doubt it will be available for very long.

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC graded copies here of Avengers #1. Most are in the mid to lower grades, however, but still great investment comics to own.

1st appearance of Scott Lang 

When I first talked about this comic it was not quite that well-known or sought after, but now it is. Yes, I predicted when more people got wind of this comic it will and it has. Scott Lang is a big deal now that it's been confirmed that the Ant-Man movie franchise will center around Scott Lang as Ant-Man
 Avengers #181 has the first appearance of Scott Lang. Just the character and he is not suited up.

Whether this Bronze Age key issue is still on to consider as a comic investment is another story. Avengers #181 was published March, 1979.

eBay - Only one CGC 9.8 on eBay at the time of this writing. It's going for $325, which a recent auction also dropped at the same price. The last copy to drop was at $375. More people are catching on to this key issue. The only option there at the time of this writing ends in 2 days.

mycomicshop - Plenty of copies here and all are on consignment. Highest is a CBCS 9.8 Authentic Signature signed by George Perez.  2nd highest is a CGC 9.6 NM+. Raw copies also available.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 copy and only copy here at the moment.

ComicLink - CGC 9.8, 9.2 NM minus, and an 8.5 VF+ available at the time of this writing.

1st Scott Lang as Ant-Man 
1st appearance of Cassie Lang
1st appearance of Darren Cross
Although the demand for this issue is for the first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man, what I failed to do when talking about this issue is that Marvel Premiere #47 also holds the first appearance of Cassie Lang, Scott's daughter.

Why is this an important key notation? Well, Hope Pym was taken from the MC2 universe, and we all know now that Hope Pym is Hank Pym's daughter and she will be used as a supporting character for the upcoming Ant-Man movie.

What's not that well known is that Cassie Lang is part of the Ant-Man mythos, and she does become the superhero Stature in the Young Avengers. In the MC2 universe, she becomes Stinger in the A-Next team.

Not saying that this character in the cinematic world will ever get her hero on, but it's a possibility since both DC and Marvel and trying to add more female superheroes into their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, instead of cutting and pasting from a previous key issues list, I chose to rewrite a new summary for this listing to point that out. May be something worth knowing as well.

April, 1979 was when this comic was published.

eBay - No problem finding this one here at the moment. Highest are 9.8 CGCs and there's quite a few of them currently. Plenty of raw copies as well.

mycomicshop - Plenty of copies for this one as well at mycomicshop. Highest are four CGC 9.6 NM+s and one is a Signature Series. Highest raw copies are FN/VFs.

ComicConnect - Five copies and all are CGC. Three of them are going up for auction and one is currently running. Highest is a 9.8 here.

ComicLink - Three copies here. One is a 9.8 and the other two are 9.4 NMs.

2nd appearance Scott Lang as Ant-Man
2nd part to origin of Scott Lang Ant-Man
2nd appearance Cassie Lang
If Marvel Premiere #47 and the first appearance of Scott Lang as Antman is way above your budget, you may want to consider his 2nd appearance in Marvel Premiere #48. CGC 9.8s are still below the $200 mark, and this 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Antman has garnered quite a bit of interest lately.

No doubt that Scott Lang will be Ant-Man for Marvel's movie franchise, and this character just may enter the mainstream conscious quite soon. Still not too late to get in on this one, and of course, this issue has the 2nd appearance of Cassie Lang was well.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies for this key issue on the mighty eBay for now. Only five CGC copies though and two are 9.8s.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies but all are unslabbed here at the moment. Highest is a VF+ so far. 2nd highest is a VF.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies with one being a Signature Series. Both are 9.8s but the Universal Label is going up for auction next month in May.

1st cameo appearance of Hope Pym

It seems that I was wrong about Evangeline Lilly playing Janet van Dyne, new reports says she will actually play Hope Pym, the daughter of Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne. Since the news, A-Next #7 has just begun to steam up in the market and this 1999 comic book sees the first appearance of Hope Pym. 

However, I just recently found out that she is not fully shown and hidden in shadow in this issue, so this just might be the first cameo appearance of Hope Pym instead.

In the comics, she is known as the Red Queen and never took the Wasp moniker, but it seems that Marvel and Disney just may mess things up and introduce her as the Wasp later on, or she may actually be the Red Queen instead. Still no casting news on Janet van Dyne, which is logical to assume that she will be an older version in the Ant-Man films.

This comic is still affordable, and very few CGC available. If you're looking for a cheaper short-term investment, best to get in early on this one! You may have this one so best to check those junk boxes.

eBay - Very limited selection for both unslabbed and CGC copies. Actually, no CGC copies for the 1st printing of this key issue at the time of this writing. may want to keep an eye out for this on eBay or rummage through the back issue bins at your local. They may not have picked up on this one yet.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies of this one and all are consignment. NM minus, and two VF raw copies here.

A-NEXT #12
1st full appearance of Hope Pym as Red Queen
1st appearance of Revengers
1st appearance of Big Man
This issue sees the first full appearance of Hope Pym as the Red Queen from the MC2 Universe. The Revengers is a super villain team that fought against the A-Next team in this alternate Marvel Universe, and they also make their first appearance in this issue.

What's more important about this issue is that it has the first appearance of Big Man in it. Big Man is the twin brother of Hope Pym and the son of Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne. His name is Henry Pym Jr.

I'm putting this one in here, because it seems that reports are saying that Hope Pym in the Ant-Man movie will follow suit from the comics. She will be an adversary and have a hatred of her father.

Her role has been revealed to be in league with Darren Cross and the two are planning to take her father's technology to create Cross Technological Industries.

Will Hope get her act together and become the Wasp, or will Marvel go another route and introduce her as Red Queen first and then have her get her stuff together and become Wasp later down the road. Some stuff to think about concerning her character.

I think she may be a villain for a while until Hank Pym finally reconciles with his daughter and gets her to join the side of good as the Wasp. Since Hope Pym is in the movie, will Henry Pym Jr. also be introduced in a future Ant-Man movie? It's possible.

September, 1999 was when this comic was published, and it's pretty much under the radar.

eBay - Limited selection for this one at the moment. Not that recognized in the market, but there are three slabbed copies. Highest is a PGX 9.6 followed by a CGC 9.4 NM. Only saw two raw copies.

mycomicshop - Only one VF copy, but it is in actual stock.

1st appearance of Eric O'Grady as Ant-Man

After Scott Lang, Eric O'Grady took over the mantle as Ant-Man. A low level S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, Eric O'Grady got hold of the Ant-Man armor and technology purely to benefit himself. His adventures would prove him to be hero with a good heart, however.

Eric O'Grady would die in Secret Avengers #23 that came out in 2012. This comic was published December, 2006, and if Scott Lang ceases to be the Ant-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe, there is a good chance Eric O'Grady may take up the mantle for the movies.

eBay - Pretty scarce on eBay at the moment and mostly because it's over-looked or the market doesn't care about this one on a big scale just yet. All raw copies so far and no CGC or slabbers just yet.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in actual stock.

Alright, that concludes this character key issues list for Ant-Man. As you might have noticed, it's not a detailed list particular to one character like Henry Pym or Scott Lang.

Some of these are solid comic investments and some are most likely pure speculation books. Whether you decide to dump them at peaks is up to you. 

If you missed the PREVIOUS part just click that link below. Hope this helps in your hunt or selling, and see you soon for more key issue comics.


  1. Hi,
    Eric O'Grady's 1st app. as Ant man is Civil war: Choosing Sides # 1,probably close to Irredeemable Ant man # 1....

    1. Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 has an earlier release date than Civil War Choosing Sides one shot. Civil War Choosing Sides has the release date of Oct 25, 2006. Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 Oct 4th, 2006. Both have the same publishing date, so I went with the release date.

    2. I still could be wrong though...We'll have to see how industry notes this one.

  2. Hope Pym is in A-Next #10 as well.

    1. Yes, she know if she is in a cameo or suited up in that issue or how long she is shown in A-Next #10?

  3. I know you wanted a short list but Avengers #59 is probably a pretty important Ant-Man Key with the 1st appearance of Yellow Jacket. Even though the film version will be different it's a big issue for Pym and a version of the villain from the film.

    Knowing you I'm sure you thought of it and cut it since it's not a direct Ant-man issue. I'm just biased because I have a beautiful 9.4 copy of that issue. :)

    Sweet list TCM! I am an Ant-Man Collector and I have a bunch of these!

    1. Heya J Kandefer...yeah, I didn't want to go through all of Pym's different superhero changes like Giant Man, Yellow Jacket and whatnot and just wanted to stick to the titled mantle of Ant-Man. Perfectly fine being biased, mi amigo. Good to hear from ya!

  4. Hello! What about Marvel Feature #4?

    1. Heya Phil...good call, man. That one definitely slipped past my radar.

  5. ALSO Marvel feature #8. Origin of Ant-man and Wasp! 😊