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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Doom Patrol Key Comics Part 2

Still in the Silver Age, we've got more Doom Patrol key comics to go through in Part 2 of this series. Definitely some important key issues concerning the Doom Patrol mythos and even one major key issue over-all in the DC Comics Universe.

As Ace said in a comment in Part 1 of this series, quite a few of these keys are pretty hard to find in high grades. CGC Census has low total submissions for most of these early Doom Patrol key issues, and that even includes the major ones.

You'll see another major key issue in this part. Alright, if you missed Part 1, just click the link to check that out. If you're ready to go, let's carry on with more Doom Patrol key issue goodness.

1st appearance of Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

Okay, a pretty minor character indeed, but this one was just too good to pass up. I don't mean good as in awesome either.

So Doom Patrol #89 has the first appearance of Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. Say what?

Sven Larson is also another brilliant scientist who became a victim of one of his experiments gone wrong. The aftermath? Well, he became a being that could take the form of any animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Yeah, no kidding. Believe it or not, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is a recurring villain for the Doom Patrol. He has even gone up against the new version or 2nd iteration of the Doom Patrol.

Sven Larson believes that Niles Caulder had stolen one of his early inventions, so he seeks revenge on Caulder and anyone who stands in his way.

August, 1964 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #89.

1st appearance of Mento
1st appearance of Garguax

Steve Dayton is one of the richest men in the world according the DC Comics Universe, and he invents a special helmet to enhance his mental abilities. This was all done to impress Elasti-Girl.

The things done in the name of love. Calling himself Mento, the character would eventually become a member of the Doom Patrol. Actually, the dude would eventually marry Elasti-Girl.

Steve Dayton, however, does end up in various titles. He later becomes Hybrid, a villain for the New Teen Titans with sole purposes of killing Beast Boy as he blames him for the death of his wife Elasti-Girl.

After a strange and failed criminal career, Steve Dayton would return to the Doom Patrol and take the lead away from Niles Caulder, whom would be revealed as a not so good guy.

Garguax is an alien conqueror whom would end up joining the Brotherhood of Evil. Pretty minor character though, but he is important in the fate of one character from the 2nd roster of the team. We shall get that pretty soon.

Definitely no light weight key issue here in the world of DC Comics though. The first appearance of Mento and Garguax in Doom Patrol #91 was published November, 1964.

1st appearance of Beast Boy
1st appearance of Jillian Jackson
This one is a biggie here and a major key issue. Doom Patrol #99 has the first appearance of Beast Boy or Garfield Logan, and this character has become a well-noted member of the Teen Titans. Cleverly titled The Beast Boy, this story sees the first meeting between the animal shape-shifter and Doom Patrol.

Wanting to join, the others are hesitant in allowing Garfield to do so. It is actually Robotman who gives Garfield the name of Beast Boy, but it was done in a more insulting way.

Jillian Jackson makes her first appearance also and she would be a supporting character for Beast Boy. She would end up being a former girlfriend but would always remain Garfield Logan's friend.

So, first meeting between Beast Boy and Doom Patrol, first appearance of Beast Boy, and first appearance of Jillian Jackson? Pretty much a winner here and this one is definitely one of the more sought out and major Doom Patrol key comics.

Beast Boy has been a fan-favorite Teen Titan for quite some time and this key issue has an extremely low CGC Census for some odd reason. Doom Patrol #99 was published November, 1965.

Origin of Beast Boy
2nd appearance of Beast Boy
1st appearance of Nicholas Galtry
Another big key issue concerning the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy. Not only is this the 2nd appearance of Beast Boy, it's also his first origin story.

In this issue, we once again see Beast Boy try to join the Doom Patrol but the team refuses. He pleads with them that his guardian, Nicholas Galtry, mistreats him. Without proof, the members of the Doom Patrol still refuse.

Any who, in this issue, Beast Boy would later tell the members of the Doom Patrol that he is the son of a genius biologist who had developed and mastered a serum that would allow him to reverse the evolutionary process. When Garfield Logan fell ill with a disease known as Sakutia, his father hoped that reversing their boys evolutionary process to that stage would potentially cure him of the virus.

Thus Garfield was injected with the serum. The experiment was a success. As a side effect, Garfield's skin and hair turned green, and he would later learn that he acquired the ability to morph into any animal.

The end of this tale sees Beast Boy and Doom Patrol team up to stop another menace. The Chief informs Beast Boy that he cannot obtain custody of him since he already has a legal guardian.

Beast Boy vows to prove that Nicholas Galtry does not deserve guardianship over him and storms out. 

December, 1965 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #100.

3rd appearance of Beast Boy
2nd appearance of Nicholas Galtry
Doom Patrol #101 has the 3rd appearance of Beast Boy and the 2nd appearance of Garfield Logan's legal guardian Nicholas Galtry. This story will tie into the Challengers of the Unknown, and they make a cameo appearance at the end of this comic.

Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol share yet another adventure, and it appears that Nicholas Galtry, fearing that Garfield will expose him, has hired an assassin to take out Beast Boy. As mentioned before, this issue leads into the Challengers of the Unknown #48 and that issue is actually the Doom Patrol's first cross over comic.

February, 1966 is the publishing date for Doom Patrol #101.

Wedding of Elasti-Girl & Mento

Looks like Mento's advances on Elasti-Girl has finally paid off after being rebuked and slapped a few times, but you can't fight the feeling. This issue sees the wedding of Mento and Elasti-Girl and quite a few non-Doom Patrol members attend.

The Justice League of America are there as well as the Teen Titans. However, before this all happens, the Brotherhood of Evil, especially the shape-shifter Madame Rouge, tries to foil the wedding and frame Mento in attacking the Doom Patrol.

Of course, the Doom Patrol catch onto the ruse and the wedding of Steve Dayton and Rita Farr finally happens. Doom Patrol #104 was published June, 1966.

Rock 'N Roll! Part 2 of this Doom Patrol key comics has been completed, but we are no where near done with this series. Part 3 will be finishing up the key issues within the first series and then diving right in with the rebirth of the 2nd Doom Patrol team.

Two definite solid comic investments are Doom Patrol #99 and #100, first and second Beast Boy with #100 also revealing his origin. Teen Titans TV series is in the works and it would be a shame if they didn't link or connect with Beast Boy and some of the members of the Doom Patrol.

Also the 2nd comic series of the team has a few members that also connect with the Suicide Squad, and we all know a movie franchise is being developed for that team. 

Any how, click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 1. More Doom Patrol key comics and key issues are in Part 3, so just click the link below to continue.

Doom Patrol Key Issues

Another request and another key issues list. This time we're going to delve into some Doom Patrol key issues and this will predominantly be a titled based key issues series.

The key comics featured in this series will extensively cover the first incarnation and 2nd incarnation of the team. There are a total of six roster the team has, and that's including the New 52.

I will detail a few first appearances of members from the later rosters and some of the retcons that took place for some Doom Patrol members as well. Alright, here's Part 1 and hope you enjoy!

1st appearance of Doom Patrol
Origin of Doom Patrol
1st appearance of Dan Salem
1st appearance of General Immortus

When it comes to the holy grail of Doom Patrol key issues, it's pretty obvious that their first appearance in My Greatest Adventure #80 is it. This issue holds the first appearance of Doom Patrol as well as the origin of the team.

This issue doesn't just have the first appearance of the original team, it also has the actual first appearances of the characters Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, the Chief, and Robotman also. In their first story, The Doom Patrol, each character gives a bit of background about themselves after the Chief assembles the group of super powered misfits.

The Chief is an aging, wheel-chair bound, scientist and he would be the leader of the group. Robotman was once Cliff Steele, a sportsman and daredevil who had his body burned to ashes after a tragic race car accident. It was the Chief's mad, super scientific genius that transferred Cliff's mind into a robotic body.

Larry Trainor, once a civilian test pilot, had flown an experimental suborbital aircraft into a stratospheric belt of radiation. The radiation had disfigured his body and now he was a living mummy, covered with special bandages designed to contain that very radiation which can summon a dark energy of sorts. He calls it Negative Man.

Once a Hollywood starlet, Rita Farr was exposed to strange vapors on the set of one her movies. These vapors somehow mutated her and gave her the ability to change her size at will. Thus, she became the heroine Elasti-Girl.

Not only are our heroes first introduced in this issue, but one of their deadly foes, General Immortus, also makes his first appearance in the Doom Patrol's debut as well. This comic is no light weight key issue, and it's definitely not over-looked either. It's already quite expensive in even low grade.

June, 1963 was when My Greatest Adventure #80 was published.

2nd appearance of Doom Patrol

This here is the 2nd appearance of the Doom Patrol and all four original members of the team. The Doom Patrol stories would become regular features in this titled comic until the series was actually changed to Doom Patrol.

Dr. Janus is the villain in the this issue, but this issue has his first and last appearance. He only makes a single appearance, so definitely not even a minor character for the Doom Patrol group.

Alex Toth does pencils and inks for this comic. The Doom Patrol were created by writer Arnold Drake, co-writer Bob Haney, artist Bruno Premiani, and editor Murray Boltinoff. However, there is dispute amongst the creators, and Drake insists that Bob Haney had no actual part in the creation of the team.

Gotta love that kind of stuff.  My Greatest Adventure #81 was published August, 1963.

3rd appearance of Doom Patrol

In the early appearances of the Doom Patrol, Elasti-Girl is referred to as Elasti-Woman. This issue sees the first appearance of the Green Headed League, but the group is extremely minor.

I'm not even sure if they ever make another appearance or not. Of course, this is the 3rd appearance of the Doom Patrol, and their 4th appearance is in the next issue of My Greatest Adventure #83.

The 3rd appearance of Doom Patrol in My Greatest Adventure #82 was published December, 1963.

2nd appearance of General Immortus

We have the 2nd appearance of General Immortus here in this issue. Not much is known about General Immortus.

He is centuries old and a certain potion keeps him alive indefinitely. When he lost the formula to this life-extending potion, he hired scientist Niles Caulder (the Chief) to recreate it.

After Caulder learned of the General's identity and evil plans, he sabotaged his research. Immortus has been a foe of Caulder's ever since and his main objective is to recover Caulder's scientific findings.

My Greatest Adventure #84 was published December, 1963.

1st issue to titled series
1st appearance of Brotherhood of Evil
Issue #86 is the issue where My Greatest Adventure officially becomes Doom Patrol vol one. Of course, they continued the numbering.

Aside from being the 1st issue of their headlining comic series, this issue also sees the first appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil brought to you by none other than the Brain. The Brain is the head of the group and is actually just a brain in a metal casing but was once a brilliant scientist.

The Brotherhood of Evil also consisted of Madame Rouge, the only female member of the group, who was once a French stage actress by the name of Laura De Mille. After a car accident, De Mille developed a split personality disorder of a good self and evil self.

Sounds pretty normal to me. Anyways, she was recruited by the Brain and his associate Monsieur Mallah. Mallah is a super intelligent Gorilla and was created by the Brain back when he was a scientist and had a body.

Rog was a robot that was originally designed by the Chief. Mister Morden is the person who controls Rog, though he controls a lot of the Chief's stolen droids. Mister Morden is an original member of the Brotherhood of Evil.

Pretty big issue considering Doom Patrol key issues. March, 1964 is the publishing date for this comic.

Origin of The Chief
3rd General Immortus
Doom Patrol #88 finally tells the 1st ever origin of the Chief or Niles Caulder. In the Incredible Origin of the Chief story, a new criminal named the Baron has arrived on the scene. Although he escapes from the clutches of the Doom Patrol, the Chief believes him to be General Immortus in disguise.

The Chief then tells the members of the Doom Patrol his origin story. I've already spoiled this origin story, but it is the one where the Chief is scientist Niles Caulder and is employed by General Immortus, which was an unnamed benefactor, to find a way to cheat death.

Niles Caulder devised a ray that could bring the dead back to life shortly after death. Upon finding out that his employer is indeed the evil General Immortus, Caulder refuses to relinquish the secrets to his ray.

Immortus implants a bomb inside Caulder's chest that Immortus can detonate anytime he chooses. Afterwards, Caulder would confront Immortus and be shot by him. Caulder would escape to his home and have one of his trusty robots remove the bomb from his chest.

Caulder's heart would have to be stopped in order to remove the bomb, but of course, the robot was instructed to use the ray after all was well and done. Caulder would destroy the ray and all his notes to prevent it from getting into the hands of General Immortus.

At the final confrontation of this story, the Baron reveals that he is General Immortus. Thus, marking this issue as the 3rd appearance of the character. So, a double whammy key issue right here.

Over-looked key issue for sure, Doom Patrol #88 was published June, 1964.

It should be noted that there's a large belief among comic fans that the Marvel's X-Men were inspired by the Doom Patrol since there are a few similarities between the two groups. The first appearance of the X-Men in X-Men #1 was published 3 months after the first appearance of the Doom Patrol in My Greatest Adventure #80.

The similarities of the two group's leaders being wheel chair bound and the fact that the two groups are made up of outcast superheroes has also fueled the belief that the X-Men are Doom Patrol rip offs. Also, if you noticed, both group's rivals are quite similar in name - Brotherhood of Evil and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The first appearances of both the Brotherhood and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were published the same month and year however. Also, it is highly likely that the X-Men were in production before the first appearance of Doom Patrol was released.

Mere coincidence? Whether it's true or not that the X-Men characters were indeed influenced by the Doom Patrol, it's still a debate that rages on currently. Either way, I could care less. It's a bit of a fun conversation, and truthfully, whether it's true or not, I'm still an X-Men fan regardless.

Still Doom Patrol definitely deserves to be discussed and they are an interesting rag-tag outfit. So whether you're on the hunt or want to dig through your collection to see if you have any of these keys, it's all good to me.

Click the PART 2 link below to continue this series and for more Doom Patrol key comics!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Solar Key Issues Part 3

The 3rd and last part to this Solar key issues series. We will be finishing up the Valiant comic series for the character. Many of these are still bargain bins or not that valuable currently, and some for pretty obvious reasons I won't get into.

If you missed Part 2, click the link to head on back. Let's finish up this requested key issues series.

1st appearance of Earth

Not that much of a major character, Earth does show up in a few issues of Solar and a few other titles as well. He is a member of the Elements of Evil which include Air, Fire, and Water.

Since Earth is the first to be introduced and Air and Water's first appearances come much later, Solar, Man of the Atom #22 will be featured on this list. Air and Water's first appearances are in issue #42 and Fire's first is in issue #43.

Not entirely important villains in the Solar or Valiant Universe. Estimated print run is 300,000 and this comic was published June, 1993.

1st appearance of Solar, the Destroyer

Solar has another more aggressive side, and this side splits from Seleski to become a separate aspect of himself. This was done to combat or essentially extinguish the Spider-Aliens.

Solar, the Destroyer does have several appearances in the Solar comic title as well as other Valiant titles as well. The comic does have a high print run compared to other Solar issues with an estimated 360,000.

It's perhaps the highest printed issue from the Valiant Solar titled series and was published July, 1993.

1st appearance of Doctor Eclipse

This is the issue where Master Darque turns Fred Bender into Doctor Eclipse, and, thus, marks the first appearance of Fred Bender as the villainous foe for Solar and a few others in the Valiant Universe.

Despite it's key issue goodness, this 1st issue and first appearance has a pretty high estimated print run of 650,000 copies. It's not going for much in the current market, but I'm putting it on here since it is a key issue and not that many are noting it.

Secret Weapons #1 was published September, 1993

1st appearance of Flashpoint team
Solar in black costume
The Flashpoint team makes their first appearance in Solar, Man of the Atom #46. Created by Dan Jurgens, Flashpoint were not that major of characters in the Valiant Universe. 

Their appearances can be counted on two hands. However, there are ten members of the team that make their first appearances in this issue, and they are American Ace, Urban Assault Commando, Grimace, Silver Sky, Sentry, Sin Buster, the Wire, Casket Jack, Luna, and Tele-tech. 

Though not the most impressive of comic characters, the estimated print run is pretty low and at around 38,000 copies if you're into low print runs. July, 1995 is the publishing date for Solar, Man of the Atom #46.

1st appearance of Blackstar

Another extremely minor character and first appearance in this issue, Blackstar makes his debut in Solar, Man of the Atom #55. I couldn't even find any info on the guy so I have no idea if he is a villain or a good guy or whatever.

This comic is in the late issues of the Valiant Solar comic series, so the print run is pretty low. Pretty much the only reason why it's featured in this key issues list.

Estimated print run of 25,000 copies and this comic was published January, 1996. 

Final issue of series

Finally, Solar from the Valiant series gets cancelled with issue #60. Solar was one of the longer running Valiant comics series for sure.

This being the last issue, there's not much else as of key issue goodness. 14,000 estimated copies were printed of Solar, Man of the Atom #60 and it was published April, 1996.

1st appearance of Glow
1st appearance of Leviathan
1st appearance of Whitmore Pickerel
In 2010, Dark Horse Comics and Jim Shooter tried to revive Doctor Solar in the comic world and redefine the character to a new generation. This version of the character was definitely based on the original Gold Key character and many of the old Gold Key supporting cast members was used for this very short-lived revival.

However, some 1st appearances were spawned from this series, but they are relatively minor as the series only published 8 issues. So as Doctor Solar is once again involved in an accident that give him amazing powers, it seems that this cataclysm also endows a Science Fiction writer by the name of Whitemore Pickerel with some amazing abilities as well.

Enabled to create life with the power of his imagination, Pickerel creates Leviathan and Glow, both of whom of course start to cause trouble. Gail Sanders, Dr. Clarkson and Tanek Nuro from the Gold Key series are reintroduced in this issue as well.

Doctor Solar Man of the Atom #1 from the Dark Horse series was published July, 2010.

1st appearance of Erica Seleski
1st appearance of Colin Seleski
1st appearance of Dave Roberson
Dynamite Entertainment decided to revive or re-imagine the Valiant version of Solar. Of course, there are new supporting characters introduced in this series as well.

Erica and Colin Seleski are the kids of Phil Seleski, known as Doctor Solar. Dave Roberson is Erica's husband and a pretty minor character in the series.

Erica Seleski is a female Solar of sorts and has a white costume like her dad's. Basically, Erica is the only main supporting character in this new Dynamite series. Boat load of variant covers came with issue #1 and probably every issue to this series so far.

April, 2014 is the publishing date for this comic.

Okay, that's all for the Solar key issues, or, at least, all the ones I'm gonna feature in this series. If you're a fan of the character, this may help you locate some key issues.

If you're not and you happen to have some of the more valuable keys, you may or may not want to dump 'em for something you are a fan of. Either way, more key issues of other characters or titles surely to come as I'm working on down the list of requests.

Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed or are even remotely interested in Part 2 of this series. 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Solar Key Comics Part 2

Part 2 to this Doctor Solar key comics list series. This sequel will detail the Valiant comic series of this character and Jim Shooter decided to create a completely different world and supporting characters for Solar.

One of the more longer running series, there are a few key issues worth noting in this, but I won't be listing extremely minor, minor characters that only have like two appearances. If you missed Part 1 and the Silver Age Gold Key Doctor Solar key issues, you can click the link to go back.

Here's the Valiant version of the character and some of his key issue comics.

1st appearance of Erica Pierce
1st appearance of Gayle Nordheim
1st appearance of Dr. Dobson
1st appearance of Solar as Dr. Phil Seleski

Solar was one of the characters that Valiant licensed from Gold Key and started publishing during the 90s. Solar was the 2nd superhero character in the Valiant line and Magnus Robot Fighter was the first to be published.

Unlike Magnus though, the character was revamped a lot more. Dr. Solar was Phil Seleski instead of Raymond Solar, but Seleski was a fan of the Raymond Solar comic version.

Also, none of the old Gold Key supporting cast was used and a whole new one was created for the Valiant comic series, which makes sense since it is a different character entirely. First supporting character is Gayle Nordheim which is obviously Seleski's love interest and colleague.

Dr. Dobson is another main supporting character for the Valiant Solar comics. This issue also sees the first appearance of Erica Pierce, who becomes Mothergod and the main nemesis for many of the Valiant heroes in the Unity conflict.

So, this comic is no lightweight in terms of key issue goodness for any Valiant fan of the series for sure. An estimated 85,000 copies were printed, and this comic was published September, 1991.

1st in Dr. Solar costume
2nd appearance of Gayle Nordheim
2nd  appearance of Dr. Dobson

Like the original Doctor Solar, Phil Seleski doesn't first appear in costume. Unlike the original, it doesn't take him 5 appearances to do so. Solar, Man of the Atom #2 sees Dr. Seleski don the iconic costume and further his adventures as the new Solar.

The 2nd issue also sees the 2nd appearances of main supporting characters Gayle Nordheim and Dr. Dobson. Solar, Man of the Atom #2 was published October, 1991 and has an estimated print run of 70,000.

1st appearance of Toyo Harada
1st appearance of Harbinger Foundation
The Harbinger Foundation and Toyo Harada are main villains in the Valiant Universe. Solar Man of the Atom #3 has the first appearance of Toyo Harada, the most powerful and first known Harbinger.

Harada is an Omega Harbinger and commands the full spectrum of psionic abilities including including telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, as well as others. He can activate the powers of others as well.

Harada created the Harbinger Foundation to actively search for other Harbingers. He is ruthless and believes that humanity will eventually destroy it itself unless he controls the world in order to preserve it. He has tremendous political and financial power and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Pretty important comic not just for Solar or Harbinger, but for most of the Valiant Universe. Solar Man of the Atom #3 was published November, 1991 and has an estimated 65,000 print run.

2nd appearance of Rai
1st Solar cross-over
Here we have the 2nd appearance of Rai and the first Solar crossover. Like Magnus Robot Fighter #5, this comic also contains a coupon for Magnus Robot Fighter #0.

Magnus goes to Japan where he is asked to overthrow Grandmother, a machine that controls the country. Grandmother is the entity that has taken the Blood of Heroes to create the line of Rai as it's sole guardian.

Solar appears to warn Magnus of an impending Spider Alien attack. He also warns him not to carry out his orders in destroying Grandmother. 

This issue has an estimated print run of 75,000 and has the flip book deal. Actually issues #5 through #8 are flipbooks, so I don't have to keep repeating that. 

The 2nd image is not a variant cover. It's the flipbook cover to these issues. This issue was published November, 1991. Be sure to check for the coupon still in tact if you stumble across this one.

1st appearance of Albert Pierce

Albert Pierce is Erica Pierce's son. He is minor character that only has very few appearances in this titled issue as well as some others like Turok, Unity and Shadowman.

However, since Mothergod was a big part of the Unity crossover event for Valiant, I figured I'd put Albert Pierce's first appearance on here. Pretty low print run, though. It has an estimated 50,000 copies that were printed and Solar, Man of the Atom #9 was published May, 1992.

1st appearance of Geoff McHenry
1st appearance of Eternal Warrior
1st appearance of Buck McHenry
I've mentioned the Geomancers quite a few times in the previous Valiant key issues lists prior. Well, here is the first appearance of Geoff McHenry, whom is an important character in the Valiant Universe.

Geoff McHenry does become the new Geomancer and Buck McHenry is his predecessor and also makes his first appearance in the this comic.

Also, the first appearance of Eternal Warrior is in this comic as well, so definitely no light weight of Solar key issues. This comic also has a pretty low print run with an estimated 55,000 copies. There's also a 2nd printing with only a 35,000 estimated print run.

June, 1992 is the publishing date for Solar, Man of the Atom #10.

1st full appearance of Eternal Warrior
1st appearance of Jolt and Quell
1st appearance of Sponge
Despite that the print run significantly goes up here with this issue, this comic holds the first full appearance of Eternal Warrior. That's not the only first appearances though.

Jolt and Quell both make their first appearances in this issue also and they both become part of the Harbinger comic mythos. This comic was published in July, 1992 and it has an estimated print run of 85,000 copies.

  • 1st appearance of Fred Bender

Fred Bender makes his debut as a foe for Solar but not as any super powered being just yet. Pretty important Valiant key issue as Fred Bender does become Doctor Eclipse later and would become an even greater foe and threat of Solar and other Valiant heroes.

Estimated print run is 90,000 copies and the first appearance of Fred Bender in Solar, Man of the Atom #14 was published October, 1992.

There will be a few more key issues from the Valiant Solar series in Part 3. If you missed Part 1 to this series, just click the PREVIOUS link below to transport on back.

Click the other link to the right to continue on to Part 3 and the last part of this Solar key comics list.