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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Issues Part 7

Alright, I'm working with the flu here so you guys n gals will have to bear with me. Not an easy task so if my grammar or spelling is off, you know why. We are in the later part of the Silver Age when it comes to Sub-Mariner key issues and comics.

Didn't think there were that many in his 2nd titled series, which is considered volume one, but there happens to be quite a few worth noting. In typical fashion usually done here, there will be some minor keys as well that I will note.

We are winding down to the last few parts left of this Sub-Mariner key comics list, so thanks for your patience. If you missed Part 6, you can click that link to go back. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy Part 7.

2nd self-titled comics series
1st issue to 1st S.A. comic series
1st S.A. Namor origin story

When it comes to Silver Age Sub-Mariner keys, this one is undoubtedly important for several reasons. Let's talk story wise here.

In the first appearance of Sub-Mariner in the Silver Age of comics in Fantastic Four #4, he is found by Johnny Storm as a homeless man with amnesia in New York City. In this issue, he regains his memories.

This issue retells Namor's origin as he regains his memories, and it reveals what happens to him after World War II. This issue explains how he obtained amnesia and it was because of the evil scheme set forth by his cousin Byrrah. Remember him in the Golden Age listings not too long ago?

Sub-Mariner recounts how he came to New York City with amnesia and winds up homeless and on the streets until one Johnny Storm happens upon him.

Important issue? You bet, as it ties up some loose ends and the gap between events left off with Golden Age Sub-Mariner comics and the Silver Age. Sub-Mariner #1 was published May, 1968.

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1st appearance of Doctor Dorcas
1st appearance of Tiger Shark

Doctor Dorcas is a brilliant scientist who made quite a few of Namor's foes during the Silver Age. Of course, one of them includes Tiger Shark.

Doctor Dorcas was often in league with Byrrah, Atumma, and Krang against Namor. He's not an overly important villain, but is notable.

Tiger Shark is Todd Arliss, a self-fish Olympic swimmer who damaged his spinal cord while trying to save someone from drowning.

He, of course, seeks the help of Doctor Dorcas in order to regain his swimming ability. Dorcas test experiment blends his DNA with that of Namor and a Tiger Shark to cure his spinal cord. Thus, Tiger Shark is born.

Arliss naturally became savage and predatory because of the experiment. This character is on the list of most sites out there as one of the possible villains if Namor gets his own movie franchise.

Don't know about that, but less notable villains have debuted in quite a few Marvel movies already. Tiger Sharks 2nd appearance is in issue #6. Sub-Mariner #5 was published September, 1968.

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1st appearance of Naga
1st appearance of Serpent Crown

This story line is pretty interesting. First off, it reveals the first appearance of the Serpent Crown. I'll talk more about that later.

This issue also sees Namor and Seth leave to find the Herb of Healing in order to restore Tiger Shark back into human form. While they do this, a Helmet of Power transforms into it's true form - the Serpent Crown - and takes control of Lady Dorma.

When Namor returns, failing in his quest to help Tiger Shark, he is attacked by his mind-controlled people. He ends up taking the crown from Dorma and putting it on. The Serpent Crown then gives him visions of the early origins of his people.

January, 1969 was when this comic was published.

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Origin of the Serpent Crown
1st appearance of Lemurians
1st appearance of Karthon the Quester

A branch of homo mermanus that later settled in the Pacific Ocean, the Lemurians discovered the Serpent Crown and this relic set them apart from their Atlantean cousins. The Serpent Crown was an artifact that tapped into an ancient power and placed the user in direct contact with Set.

Set is an elder snake-like God and his first appearance is in Conan the Barbarian # 7. Once again, Marvel tying it's universe neatly together.

Anyhow, the Serpent Crown is bestowed upon the rule of the Lemurians, and somehow this magical crown has made the Lemurian appearance slightly different from Atlanteans. Their skin is a bit more greenish and scaly, since Set formed a bond with the reptiles of the world.

Karthon the Quester makes his first appearance in Sub-Mariner #10. This issue also reveals the origin of the Serpent Crown and the mad tyrant Naga.

It seems that the Serpent Crown was lost for a while and Naga had been searching for it for quite some time. One of Naga's subjects, Karthon would ultimately be the one who finds it. Namor is the one who would try to keep Karthon from returning to Lemuria.

This comic was published February, 1969.

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1st appearance of the Invaders

Apparently, a group called the Invaders with members Captain America and his side kick Bucky, the original Human Torch and sidekick Toro, and Namor did fight together during World War II when Steve Rodgers was active.

So although they did not technically meet during the Golden Age, Steve Rodgers and Namor did meet during that period. This was retconned, however, much later obviously.

This issue goes from present to past much like the Godfather II movie, and this comic introduces the first appearance of the Invaders. Their origin would be told in Giant Size Invaders #1.

Pretty important Sub-Mariner and Captain America key issue, and Avengers #71 was published December, 1961.

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1st appearance of Stingray

Okay the character of Walter Newell first appeared in Tales to Astonish #95, but the character's first appearance as Stingray is right here in Sub-Mariner #19. Stingray was in the first Armor Wars storyline for Iron Man.

The Armor Wars storyline is my favorite from the Iron Man series, and still believe they should've used that storyline for Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3. However, rumors have surfaced that RDJ will be returning for Iron Man 4 and the story just may be based off the first Armor Wars story.

Also, since there's a lot of hype about a future Civil War epic in the future of Marvel movies and that Captain America Civil War just might establish the upcoming precedent, Stingray was on the side of the Secret Avengers and opposed the Superhuman Registration Act.

Personally, I would love to see the Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man in Iron Man 4. Finally some villains that could give Iron Man a real challenge. Whether they throw Stingray into the mix has a lesser chance than those two, but you never know. After all, Stingray does fit in the Civil War storyline if Disney Marvel are indeed setting up another epic movie crossover after Infinity Wars.

Probably best to keep your eye on this one at least and watch out for Iron Man 4 movie news in the web-o-sphere. Sub-Mariner #19 and the first appearance of Stingray was published November, 1969.

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The great villains are ones who don't think they're villains. They actually think they are right and justified in their actions.

Namor is a classic case of this and hardly anyone can really blame the guy for wanting to protect his world. Not an easy thing to do to have a character go from villain to hero to villain to hero and give plausible reasons why they do so.

Anyways, just my two cents on the subject. Part 8 is ready so click the PART 8 link below to continue more Sub-Mariner key comics, and if you missed Part 6, the PREVIOUS link will take you back there.

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