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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Issues Part 5

Cruising right a long and we are finally hitting Sub-Marniner key issues in the good ole Silver Age, which does mark the birth of Marvel Comics and the incredible library of superheroes that came out under the brand during this time. These comics would produce long-lasting fan-favorites.

Although Marvel is not responsible for the superhero revival during the Silver Age, they had a huge hand in further expanding the fanatic interest of the revived superhero genre by revolutionizing the industry with characters that teens and even college students could relate to.

While DC Comics still wanted to capture the kid market, Stan Lee wanted to capture the young adult market. Martin Goodman, editor of Marvel Comics at the time thought he was crazy.

Stan Lee was proven right. By making his superheroes relevant with everyday problems and internal conflicts and struggles of heroism and the penances one had to pay for being a hero, fans then and even today could relate to these heroes on a more personal level.

I could go on and on about this, and have done so in other key issues lists, so I'll spare you this time around. As for Namor, he is the first G.A. Marvel superhero to cross into the Silver Age. Click this Part 4 link if you missed it. Otherwise, let's get more of these Sub-Mariner key comics going.

1st Silver Age appearance of Namor

The first superhero under Timely Comics, predecessor of Marvel Comics, to be revived from the Golden Age and into the Silver Age. As I've recounted the story quite a few times already, superhero comics became extremely unpopular during the late Golden Age. Many of the superhero comics from the late Golden Age ceased to be published and many of the oldest and iconic early Marvel superheroes like Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner were no exceptions.

Okay, the Human Torch is the first, but it is a different version than that of the android Human Torch. So, I'm not really counting him as being revived. Just completely revamped.

Once the superhero genre was revived during the Silver Age, only a few of the Timely superheroes were brought back into the fold, including Namor the Submariner. This is the first appearance of the Silver Age Namor, and it's no surprise he would be brought back to have a major crush on the blonde hottie Sue Storm the Invisible Woman

Looks like his kidnapping habits still hasn't changed after all these years. We are what we are, as they say.

Subby's first Silver Age appearance was published May of 1962.

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2nd appearance of Dr. Doom
2nd appearance of Silver Age Namor
Dr. Doom & Namor team up
1st Marvel villain team up

No surprise that most of the early Fantastic Four comics are highly significant key issue comics. Issue #6 is definitely no exception and has quite a bit of key issue importance.

This is the 2nd appearance of Dr. Doom and the 2nd Silver Age appearance of Namor the Submariner. However, these two do team up against the Fantastic Four, making this issue the very first Marvel Comics villain team up ever. That's right, the first Marvel villain team up was Dr. Doom and Submariner.

September, 1962 was when the 6th issue in the first Fantastic Four comic series was published. It is absolutely still sought out and a definite solid investment comic.

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3rd S.A. appearance of Namor

This one did not show up on the Fantastic Four key issues list, but here it is. Fantastic Four #9 sees the 3rd Silver Age appearance of Namor the Sub-Mariner. Of course, Namor is the villain for the Fantastic Four and even goes toe to toe with the Thing in this issue.

A pretty strange issue as the FF are broke and are convinced to do a Hollywood film in order to get them out of bankruptcy. Of course, this owner of the Hollywood studio is none other than Namor himself.

The others battle different creatures while shooting the film, but the end battle is Namor vs. The Thing. After getting the upperhand, he knocks The Thing out when a freak lightening strike hits and causes The Thing to revert back to human form.

Subby later confirms his plan was to kill the male members of the Fantastic Four so he could have Sue Richards all to himself. Oh, Namor, what to do with you? Once again, Namor in his villainous role, and he would very much play the villain role during the early Silver Age revival of superhero comics.

Fantastic Four #9 was published December, 1962.

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Human Torch vs Sub-Mariner
4th S.A. appearance of Sub-Mariner
1st S.A. Sub-Mariner classic crossover

Rekindling classic battles, this time it's the Silver Age Human Torch Johnny Storm that squares off against Namor the Submariner in the story The Master of Flame Vs. The Monarch of the Sea. For some reason Johnny Storm's adventures became a feature in this title, and the strange thing is that most of them also had the other Fantastic Four members as well.

Strange Tales #107 is not just another Human Torch vs. Submariner battle, but it also happens to be the fourth Silver Age appearance of Submariner and the 1st S.A. Submariner classic crossover. This is, of course, his 1st classic crossover outside of the Fantastic Four title.

April, 1963 is the publishing date for Strange Tales #107.

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1st Fantastic Four annual
  1st appearance of Warlord Krang
  1st Silver Age appearance of Lady Dorma

Lady Dorma first appeared when Marvel was Timely Comics in the Golden Age, and she wass the cousin of Namor the Submariner. However, during the Silver Age, she would be revamped to be Namor's lover and eventual wife before her death. This is her first Silver Age appearance in this issue.

Fantastic Four Annual #1 also sees the first appearance of Warlord Krang, whom is also an Atlantean. He is, though, a high ranking member of the Atlantean military. 

He is a primary foe of Namor, and harbors a hatred for him for stealing away Lady Dorma, who was to be his bride before Namor returned to Atlantis. 

Like Byrrah, Krang also desires to steal the throne from Namor. September, 1963 was when this comic was published.

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1st meeting of Namor & Hulk
1st S.A. Namor team up
1st meeting Avengers & Namor

Namor meet Hulk and then team up. Namor and Hulk meet Avengers and SMASH! It's fitting that the first Silver Age team up that Namor would be with is the Hulk. After all, the Hulk is one of Marvel Comics first anti-heroes during the Silver Age birth of the Marvel Universe.

This is the first meeting between Namor and the Avengers, and of course, Namor plays the villain role again in his quest to rule humanity. When the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner, Namor is left fighting the Avengers alone.

Of course, he cannot handle Earth's Mightiest Heroes all by himself and has to retreat back into the ocean. Another strike out for poor Subby. Not only is this an early Avengers issue, it happens to be an Avengers and Namor key issue.

If you like first meetings between Marvel superheroes, this is one of the greats meeting some other soon-to-be greats!
January, 1964 is the publishing date for Avengers #3, and this is no doubt one of the better Silver Age key issues comics to invest in.

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There we have Part 5 and even more historical and significant comics, not just for the character of Sub-Mariner but for Marvel Comics as well. Many of these early Sub-Mariner key comics are important when it comes to the shared universe or continuity Marvel built during the Silver Age.

No doubt that many of these Silver Age key issues are expensive in high grades. Some are even expensive in mid to low grades, but some may not be also. Just takes a bit of hunting and being at the right place at the right time.

Anyways, the PREVIOUS link below will bring you to Part 4 in case you missed. Click the PART 6 link below to continue with this Sub-Mariner key issues and comics list .


  1. ST 107 is def one of my top 5 covers of all time in silver age. love the look of that book and need to get it. seeing all these cool looking sub mar covers I'm starting to become a fan of his even if these weren't key issues. JW

    1. Man, sorry to get back to these comments so late. Subby had great artwork for some of the earlier stuff for sure. ST is a classic cover for sure...the whole fire vs. water motif. Always like Sub-Mariner cause I couldn't quite place when he'll be a villain or good guy. Kept me on edge so to speak, but I agree that there are times when he's just a jerk.

      Oh, well, who isn't at times? Thanks for commenting JW and you gotta love these covers.

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