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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Issue Comics Part 6

Part 6 to this Sub-Mariner key issue comics list, and we've got more Silver Age Sub-Mariner key issues in this one. Some are well-known as important for other key statuses, but some aren't so well-known for the key statuses they also hold.

We will be learning about those in this part. We'll also be seeing some first appearances for supporting characters related to Namor and Atlantis.

They may be minor ones, but if a movie is done for the Prince and eventual King of Atlantis, you can bet they'll be in there somewhere. No telling how big of a role they'll have though. I'm pretty sure Lady Dorma will be a major supporting character in a film.

That's if Disney and Marvel decide to do one that is. Anyways, click this Part 5 link if you missed it. If not, enjoy more Sub-Mariner key comics.

First appearance of Attuma

Bringing back Namor into the fold of the Fantastic Four, this time Subby works with the FF against Attuma. Attuma origins is from a barbaric group of Atlanteans who were banished long ago. Leader of his tribe, Attuma swore he would conquer their home Atlantis once more. 

This issue sees Attuma gather his forces and invade Atlantis, only to be stopped by Namor and the Fantastic Four as allies. Not really a recurring foe for the FF, Attuma is a recurring foe for Namor, however. 

He is an important Silver Age villain of Namor, and has had run-ins with the Avengers, Defenders, and many other Marvel superhero characters. 

Fantastic Four #33 has the first appearance of Attuma, and this comic was published December, 1964.

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2nd appearance of Krang (3 panels)?
1st meeting of Namor & Daredevil
Daredevil 1st red costume

If a Sub-Mariner movie is ever made, you can bet that Krang has a very good chance of being in it or at least somewhere in the movie franchise. This is the 2nd appearance of Krang in cameo. I just looked at my copy and saw that he's in only three panels.

So, if Krang, whom is one of Namor's most vicious enemies during the Silver Age gets his big debut on the silver screen, this key issue may just get a nice bump in demand. The key issue goodness doesn't end there though.

This issue also sees the first meeting between Daredevil and Namor as well as the first appearance of Daredevil's iconic red costume. April, 1965 is the publishing date for this Sub-Mariner and Daredevil key issue comic.

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2nd full appearance of Krang?
Sub-Mariner begins in title

Right now Krang is being over-looked by not only the market but industry as well. Overstreet, CGC, and PGX hasn't bothered to note any of Krang's appearances, even his first appearance in Fantastic Four Annual #1.

So, I'm noting this as Krang's 2nd full appearance since Overstreet noted another character's appearance as a cameo despite being in 5 panels of a comic. So, I suppose 5 panels constitutes a cameo and not a full appearance?

I'm labeling this to the nearest thing that industry might later label it if Warlord Krang ever gets on the radar of both collectors and industry. It might not be correct, but it is an early appearance of the dude. At least in the top 3 appearances.

Continuing where Daredevil #7 left off, Krang ends up seizing the throne from Namor while he is battling Daredevil. Namor loses the rule of Atlantis in this issue and this story will set him on the path of finding Neptune's Trident in order to reclaim his kingdom from Krang.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Neptune and Neptune's Trident in flashback. Other than possibly being the 2nd full appearance of Krang, this issue sees Namor star in the Tales to Astonish comic series a long with the Hulk.

Tales to Astonish #70 was published August, 1965.

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1st appearance of Vashti the Elder

Vashti the Elder was a loyal follower to Namor when he lost the throne of Atlantis. Vashti was a peasant but me met Namor when the throne was taken from him. He continued to believe in Namor and gave him the will to reclaim his throne.

When Namor succeeded in regaining his throne, Namor appointed Vashti as Grand Vizier. He is one of the more prominent supporting characters for Sub-Mariner and showed up much throughout the Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and even some Modern Age stories.

Vashti was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. Tales to Astonish #71 was published September, 1965.

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1st appearance of Warlord Seth

Warlord Seth is a minor Sub-Mariner character. Like Krang he commands his own army, and in this story the Atlanteans attack a submarine and commit an act of war on the surface world.

By this time Namor has once again lost his throne and accused of being a traitor. Namor ends up fending off the Atlantean attack in this story, realizing that the Atlanteans are acting in haste with their attack on the surface dwellers.

On board one of the Atlantean vessels, a device called the Hurricane Inducer is ready to be used against the unsuspecting submarine, and Namor breaks into the ship carrying it.

He fights off his former subjects but finds out that the weapon has been activated. Because there is no time to disarm, Namor is smashes the weapon. Thus, the Atlantean weapon short circuits, but threatens to explode.

The Atlanteans abandon ship while Namor pilots the vessel to a place it can explode without harming anyone. Warlord Seth and his soldiers believe Namor sacrificed himself to save them.

After the U.S. sub escapes, they also realize their attack was haste. Namor swims off believing that the only way to prove he is not a traitor is by turning his aggression on the surface world.

This comic marks the first appearance of Warlord Seth. Seth will end up being a loyal follower of Namor later and accompanied his prince to find the herb of healing in order to restore Tiger Shark to his human form.

A pretty minor character, but not many Atlanteans are actually named or reoccur often in the Namor comics. Tales to Astonish #99 was published January, 1968.

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Prelude to S.A. origin story

This issue is important on two fronts and for two characters. It's important for both Iron Man & Sub-Mariner.

First, this issue does not see a team up of the two characters. They are in their own separate features.

The story for Iron Man, The Torrent Without -- the Tumult Within, is a story line that leads into the very first self-titled Iron Man #1. This story in this one-shot is the 1st part to it and is continued in Iron Man #1

It is the same for Namor's story, Call Him Destiny...or Call Him Death! This issue begins the story that would be continued in Sub-Mariner #1, Namor's first headlining Silver Age comic series.

In here he meets Destiny, also known as Paul Destine. Destiny would be the character that would allow Namor to remember his past, but that part of the story would not told until the next issue on this Sub-Mariner key issues list. The Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 one-shot was published April, 1968.

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This outro will be short and sweet. If you missed Part 5, that PREVIOUS link below will bring you to it. Part 7...yes, there is a Part just click the link below to continue.


  1. Isn't Vashti the Elder's first appearance in Tales to Astonish #71, not #97? Or am I missing something? Love the site and "On the Hunt" series!

    1. Thanks for catching that...You are right. ToA #71 is his first appearance...changed that muther.