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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Issue Comics Part 3

Listening to some Zen Kura with X-Men Days of Future Past playing in the back ground while I'm whipping up Part 3 to this Sub-Mariner key issues list. We're still in the Golden Age, and this is where it all began for superhero comics.

I could ramble on and on about how these are solid comic investments and the roots of all comics to come after, but you've heard it already in the last two parts. Make no mistake, this 3rd part definitely has some great golden age key issues. Not just for the character of Namor, but some apply to Timely's Big 3 as well.

Before there was Marvel, there was Timely Comics, and they would start the superhero franchise for the company that we love today. If you missed Part 2, I highly suggest you click the link and go back and read that one. Some great key issue comics in that one for sure.

If you're ready to motorboat on ahead, enjoy Part 3 to this Sub-Mariner key issues list!

2nd Namor and Human Torch team up

Namor and the Human Torch has shared the titles of Marvel Mystery Comics and this one with the majority of their adventures separate, but Human Torch Comics #5 Summer Issue has the 2nd Namor and Human Torch team up in comics.

The Angel, an early Golden Age superhero with no relation to the X-Men character of the same name, actually had no real title of his own and came from Marvel Mystery Comics as well. In this issue, the Angel makes the first classic crossover to join Namor in the story Blitzkrieg of the Living Dead.

June, 1941 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Saw only three copies of the summer issue to this comic. One is a CGC 4.0 VG and the other are raw copies. There are two #5 issues of the Human Torch Comics. This is the summer issue and the other is the fall issue. The fall issue has the 2nd Human Torch vs. Submariner battle.

mycomicshop - PGX 5.0 copy located here at the moment. Only copy for sale.

2nd Human Torch & Sub-Mariner battle

Back by popular demand, Human Torch Comics #5 (fall issue) sees the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch go at it again in another epic Golden Age crossover for the two Timely Comics' heroes.

Purely capitalizing on the success of their first battle and rightly so! Actually, it wouldn't have been too long for Namor to be at odds with the Torch again. No surprise there since Namor is usually at odds with everyone.

Human Torch Comics #5 (Fall issue) was published September, 1941.

eBay - Definitely more copies of this one than the summer issue. At the time of this writing there are about seven. Four are slabbed and the highest is a CGC Universal 7.0 FN/VF. There's Restored PGX 7.0 as well. 2nd highest is a 5.0 VG/FN CGC copy. A few raw copies available as well but not many.

mycomicshop - Two copies here with one of them a raw coverless comic. The other option is a CGC 7.0 FN/VF.

1st appearance of All-Winners Squad
1st time Big 3 in one story

Here's what I was talking about in the previous part about The Big 3 all being in one story. You could say that this is the first time Captain America and Namor actually meet.

You'd literally be correct if so, but to say that this is the first time Steve Rodgers and Namor meet would be incorrect. As I mentioned in the Captain America key issues list, some of the post World War II Captain America stories were retconned in the later Marvel Comics.

This had to done, because Steve Rodgers is frozen in a block of ice. Well, how come Cap and Bucky are running around in these 1946 comics then?

The Captain America in this comic is the William Naslund version of Captain America. So, even though both Namor and Steve Rodgers were fighting Nazis around the same time, they actually never meet during the Golden Age of comics.

It was later retconned that Steve Rodgers and Namor did fight together in the team called the Invaders, but that change in history did not occur until the Silver Age.

Anyways, this is the first time Namor, Human Torch, and Captain America all team up together to form the All Winners Squad. It was Timely's first superhero team, but the team did not last long.

All-Winners Comics #19 was published Fall, 1946.

eBay - Four copies with two CGC and the other two raw copies. CGC copies are a 4.5 VG+ and a 2.0 GD. The VG+ is cheaper than the GD copy and both are Restored.

mycomicshop - Only one slabbed copy here and it's a PGX 8.0 VF. On consignment of course.

ComicConnect - Two CGC comics here, and one is up for auction currently. It's a 1.8 GD minus. Other copy is a CGC FN copy.

ComicLink - One CGC 7.0 FN/VF copy here with the old CGC label.

2nd appearance of All Winners Squad
Classic Bondage cover
Last appearance of All Winners Squad

Appearing in the story, Menace from the Future World, this is the 2nd appearance of the All Winners Squad, Timely Comics first superhero team. The team consisted of Captain America and Bucky, the original Human Torch and his sidekick Toro, our boy Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Whizzer and Miss America.

All Winners Comics #21 is also the last Golden Age appearance of this mighty group. As I mentioned in countless other key issues lists on here that dealt with the Golden Age history of comics, post World War II saw the decline in popularity of superhero comics during the late 1940s.

It would give way to other comics genres, especially horror comics. A revival of the Big 3 during the early 1950s would be attempted by Atlas Comics, the successor of Timely Comics before becoming Marvel Comics, but the superhero revival would be an ultimate failure.

All Winners Comics #21 is scarce. Probably scarcer than any of the lame variant covers of today. A pretty tepid bondage cover, but Overstreet notes it as such. All Winners Comics #21 was published Winter, 1946.

1st appearance of Namora

Quite a popular Sub-Mariner supporting character, Namora makes her first appearance in the Golden Age in Marvel Mystery Comics #82. Yep, this is Namor's cousin but not by blood. She was created by Ken Bald and Syd Shores.

Her real name is Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, but is nicknamed Namora in honor of her cousin Namor. Like her cousin, she a hybrid human/Atlantean.

Namor is the daughter of an Atlantean man and a surface woman. Her origin would not be revealed until much, much later. 

First appearance of Namora is a pretty over-looked Golden Age key issue, and she would accompany Namor on quite a few Golden Age adventures. Marvel Mystery Comics #82 was published May, 1947.

eBay - Only one copy on eBay at the moment and it's a high grade 9.0 VF/NM Universal CGC copy. Yes, it is a beauty.

2nd appearance of Namora
1st Namora crossover

Ah, double whammy key issue here for Namora. Sub-Mariner Comics #23 holds the 2nd appearance of Namora and her first crossover. Cool, means I have less to look up concerning that.

Another adventure with her and Namor in it, and I think I should point this out. Overstreet notes that Sub-Mariner #22 is the first Namor and Namora team up as well, so I suppose this would make it their 2nd team up.

I guess not overly important, but it is something to address. Pretty over-looked in the current market for a Golden Age key issue comic. Sub-Mariner Comics #23 was published June, 1947.

eBay - I saw two copies of the Golden Age #23. One is PGX 4.5 VG+ and the other is a Restored CGC 5.5 FN minus. Didn't find any raw copies.

Some of these Golden Age goodies aren't that expensive, and they are historical key issues. Of course, some of them are pretty pricey as well.

Still, if you're looking for solid comic investments and rare comics with substance and historical value, these Golden Age key issues are it. Of course, if you're more on a budget, you may just have to pass these up or get very low grade alternatives.

Either way, fun stuff to talk about for me. If you missed Part 2, the PREVIOUS link will bring you back. Otherwise, PART 4 is ready so just click the link below to continue onward.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    not much of a Sub-Mariner Guy, but once bought Sub-Mariner 32 because of that character LLYRA. Haven' t heard anything of her though. I guess the first appearance of Namorita is more rewarding...

    Triple A

    1. What up Triple A, no worries...some don't care for Namor and that's quite alright. As for #32 and the first Llyra, she will be on this list when we get to the Bronze Age of Subby's comics.

  2. Really love this series!! Something about the classic artwork, I can't get enough…… GREAT WORK!

    1. Wow, heya Wayne...long time, buddy! How you been? I love the old covers too. Just something about them...not too polished or glossed over but still remarkable. Lots of great artists then that influenced many of the artists today.

  3. those golden age books look so cool. I know they are hard to fing in decent grades but would a lower grade golden age book be better investment than a higher grade silver age. JW

    1. I agree...artwork back then is pretty cool. Maybe not as polished as today's artists but they really had a great sense of color and to use bold ones and subtle ones in all the right places to really make the focus of the art or cover stand out more.

      I think covers today are extremely over-polished. They're incredible no doubt. Don't get me wrong, but these older comics definitely had their merits.

      Great question, man, and I think it really depends on the title and key issues for both books. When it comes to Golden Age keys, important ones, I have nothing against a lower grade because many of them are already up there.

      However, if we are talking about early Silver Age Marvel, that's really the era they started building their universe as we know it today and that so many are fans of. So, a high grade Amazing Fantasy #15 would still trump a low grade Sub-Mariner Comics #1.

      But having a few low grade Golden Age keys are definitely solid comic investments and worth considering. Batman Golden Age keys are still being sought after, even lower grade ones.

      Even minor Golden Age keys for popular characters I'd have no problem snagging up for $300 to $500 CGC graded already.