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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Comics Part 9

This is the last part to this Sub-Mariner key issues and comics list. We are in the Bronze Age and will end this series with that era. 

If you missed Part 8, click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's a few more Sub-Mariner key comics.

1st appearance of Namorita

Namorita is Namor's niece and definitely a more recognizable character for later comic fans during the 80s. In the Golden Age, Namora was not related to Namor by blood. However, they retconned her to be later obviously.

Namorita is the daughter of Namora, and Namora was retconned to be a first cousin of Namor. In reality, Namorita isn't really the daughter of Namora. She is a clone of Namora, in which she gave birth to.

Funky, weird and a bit gross. Anyways, Sub-Mariner #50 is the first appearance of Namorita and the character does become a member of the New Warriors. As most of you know, the New Warriors are at the heart of the Civil War storyline.

Sub-Mariner #50 was published June, 1972.

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New costume

Namor gets a new costume in this issue. If the character does ever make it to the big screen, he'll probably be rockin' a costume similar to this look rather than the scaly speedo. You never know how that will play out though.

Not exactly a major key issue since this look isn't as iconic as his scaly speedy, male stripper look. 

November, 1973 was when Sub-Mariner #67 was published.

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Origin of the Invaders

Here it is, and I do believe I've yet to ever discuss this comic on here yet. I'm pretty sure I may have missed it in the Captain America key issues, and if I did feature it there, I surely don't remember. This issue tells the origin of the Invaders and how they all meet and are formed.

If you're a Captain America or Namor fan, this key issue definitely belongs in your vault. Just another Bronze Age key issue to consider. Not sure if this one is under the radar or overlooked but we shall see when we list some places to find this comic.

Giant-Sized Invaders #1 was published June, 1975.

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1st issue to self-titled series

Some sites say that it's a shame that Captain America The First Avenger omitted the existence of the Invaders. After all, this comic details the superhero group that featured the original android Human Torch, Namor and Captain America.

This whole Invaders comic series is one big flashback of World War II stories in which the team fought against the Axis powers. The Invaders was very much the All Winners Squad, and one thing about the All Winners Squad that's historical is that they were the first team of superheroes in which members had tension amongst each other and did not entirely get a long.

Yes, that tension amongst team mates would be carried over later into groups such as the Fantastic Four and even the Invaders. Bit of history right there.

However, the All Winners Squad were formed post World War II, according to retconned continuity, the Captain America in All Winners Squad was William Naslund. As for the Invaders, Captain America Steve Rodgers is a member.

This has to be since William Naslund's first appearance is in Invaders #14 as the Spirit of 76. So during World War II, Naslund was the Spirit of 76 before he replaced Steve Rodgers in 1945.

Technically, in terms of actual publishing during the Golden Age of comics, Captain America Steve Rodgers and Namor never met during World War II. The Invaders retcons that notion and they did meet in Marvel continuity.

August, 1975 was when this comic was published.

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Alright, I'm gonna have to end this here. There aren't that many notable Copper Age Sub-Mariner key issues besides retelling of his origin (Saga of the Sub-Mariner hint). 

I think this is pretty in-depth enough, and if there is enough demand for it, I may expand on it at a later time. Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 8. Hope you enjoyed this Sub-Mariner key issues list.