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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sub-Mariner Key Comics Part 8

Since I'm really not feeling good, I'm gonna keep this intro very short. You're reading Sub-Mariner key comics list Part 8, and if you missed Part 7, you can click that link to go back. Other than that, hope you enjoy these Bronze Age key issues concerning Namor the Sub-Mariner.

1st appearance of Llyra
Origin of Llyra

Sub-Mariner #32 sees the first appearance of Llyra and she is a notable villain for Namor. Another Lemurian here, but she is also a hybrid as well and could change her skin tone back and forth from Lumerian and human.

This does make her a mutant, and she could control marine animals. In this issue, she would come to Lemuria and usurped the throne from Karthon, who had killed Naga when the former ruler showed Karthon how mad he was by slaying his Questers and sister also.

Sub-Mariner #32 also tells the origin of Llyra. This comic was published December, 1970.

eBay - Should be no problem finding a raw copy here if you prefer unslabbers. As for CGC, there is only one 9.6 NM+ copy at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only three copies in actual stock here and they are all raw. They are a VG+, VG, and GD+.

NewKadia - Quite a few raw copies here. Highest two are a VF and VF minus. The last three options are in the FN range.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.6 NM+, a raw FN/VF, and a VG+ have been located here at the time of this writing.

1st modern appearance of Namora

From the Golden Age, Namora makes her first appearance into the new Marvel Age with this issue right here, but it is only in flashback. Namora does not fully appear, meaning physically in a story and part of the main story, until Agents of Atlas #3 published December, 2006.

Pretty hard to believe but true. During Subby's career in comics during the Bronze and Copper Ages, Namora was seen only in flashbacks or reprinted stories from the Golden Age.

So, not exactly a huge key issue, but it doesn't hurt to know about this one. In this issue, Namor is being accused as a traitor once again. This time Byrrah, now Lord Byrrah, is behind the evil plan to discredit Namor and rip the throne away from him.

Namor is given 24 hours to prove his innocence and does so. Later Namor asks Dorma to marry him and she  accepts happily.

This is an over-looked key issue and still cheap even at 9.6 NM+ CGC grades. Sub-Mariner #33 was published January, 1971.

eBay - Not that much of a selection for this one on eBay. Only spotted a few raw copies and even less slabbed copies. CGC copies are a 9.6 NM+ and two 9.4 NMs.

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ComicConnect - CGC 9.4 NM and three other raw copies are here at the moment. Highest raw copy is a NM minus, and it's followed by a VF+.

1st appearance of Titans Three
Prelude to Defenders

I remember talking about this one, but for the life of me can't remember where. Maybe it's in the Silver Surfer key issues list.

Anyways, before there were the Defenders, there was the Titans Three. This group consisted of the Hulk, the cosmic Silver Surfer, and King of Atlantis Namor the Sub-Mariner.

This issue marks the precursor to the Defenders and continues in Sub-Mariner #35 as well. Both issues are the more valuable Sub-Mariner key issues during the Bronze Age. Well, concerning his titled series that is.

The market deems this one as important, and it's pretty sought after. Sub-Mariner #34 was published February, 1971. 

eBay - Raw copies located on eBay, but the selection does seem a bit limited. There are also slabbed copies as well. Located a PGX 9.4 NM and that's the highest slabbed copy at the moment. Highest CGC is a 9.0 VF/NM.

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Namor, Hulk, Silver Surfer battle Avengers
Hints at teaming up again

In terms of Bronze Age valuable comics from the Sub-Mariner comic series, this is another goodie for sure. This the 2nd and last appearance of the Titans Three before they become the Defenders.

Of course, due to a mix up, the Avengers are called in to battle the Titans Three. Who doesn't love to see Silver Surfer, Namor and the Hulk go at it with the Avengers?

Well, in this issue they do! A future possible team up is hinted at in this issue as well. March, 1971 was when this comic was published.

eBay - A few options for this one but pretty limited as well. Raw and slabbed copies available. Highest is a 9.4 NM Qualified label, but the highest Universal is a 9.0 VF/NM that's up for bidding auction at the time of this writing. There's also an 8.5 VF+ Signature Series  signed by Stan Lee and a regular Universal copy of the same grade.

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ComicConnect - CGC 9.4 NM Qualified copy is also here. There's also a raw VF minus copy here as well, but that's all folks.

Death of Lady Dorma

In this issue we see the death of Lady Dorma, and it's Llyra who is responsible. This is also another important key issue Sub-Mariner comic from the Bronze Age.

Lady Dorma has been a supporting character for Namor since his first appearance. Once again Attuma battles Namor as well, but when it comes to rescuing his love interest and wife, he is too late to save her at the hands of Llyra.

Sub-Mariner #37 was published May, 1971.

eBay - Spotted quite a few raw copies and only four CGC copies. Highest is a 9.8, but CGC 9.6 NM+s are still below the $300 mark. 9.4 NMs are even cheaper with one below the $100 mark.

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ComicConnect - Five copies and only one of them is a CGC slabbed copy. It is a 9.6 NM+, and all the rest are raw copies starting with a 9.2 NM minus. 2nd highest raw copy is a FN+.

1st appearance of the Defenders
Origin of the Defenders

The first appearance of the Defenders has been featured on here quite a few times already. Of course, this is the first and original team that consisted of Dr. Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk.

Silver Surfer has yet to join in Marvel Feature #1, but he will soon. This comic has been hot ever since Marvel and Netflix announced a Defenders live action series. Although none of the characters in the TV series are actually in this comic, this key issue amazingly garnered the hype.

So 1st appearance of the Defenders and origin in Marvel Feature #1. December, 1971 was when it was published.

eBay - Since this comic is hot in the market, there are quite a bit of raw and slabbed copies available on the mighty eBay. 9.4 NM is the highest CGC copy available so far. There are other options for both slabbed and raw copies also.

mycomicshop - Wow, quite a lot of copies here. Only one CGC and it's an 8.0 VF.  Rest are raw and highest is only a FN+.

ComicConnect - Only two copies here at the moment. There is a CGC 5.0 VG/FN currently up for auction at the time of this writing. There is a raw 4.5 VG+ copy that's available for immediate sale.

The same will be done for the outro as the intro. Click the PART 9 to continue on to the last part to this Sub-Mariner key issues. If you missed Part 7, the PREVIOUS link below will take you there to see the prior Sub-Mariner key comics spotlighted.



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    1. Big fan of Alan Moore....freaking genius...a bit out there though...but still genius.

  5. Hey Mayhem Killer Job Man!! You have outdone yourself with this Series! Sub-Mariner Keys and Back Stories are very Impressive. I had no idea that Marvel Comics 1 was a reprint with added color and pages.....That's Crazy! (That must be the highest price reprint I have ever heard of !!) And I had no idea that the Iron Man/Sub-Mariner #1 was a lead in to Iron Man #1 and Sub-Mariner #1. Well Done Sir! Keep up the good work!
    Sick Remedy: I had the flu once and I just hung out for a day and drank as much water as I could in one day and "acted" as if I was better. (sending messages to my brain that I was better and after a short while I forgot I was sick, and I WAS better. It's weird I know, but it works. You are flushing out your system and giving your mind a different message.) I have also discovered that if you have the hiccups and you focus on the tip of a nail (something very small at least 3 feet away) and control your breathing (slowed) it's cured in 30 seconds. You are forcing your focus outside of yourself, as opposed to when you are hiccuping (I have taught this to tons of people and watch them freak out when it works for them right away. : ) Feel Better, lk

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  6. Well, since we are getting close to some Cool New Movies, I have a Suggestion: KEY ANT MAN Issues!! (FEELING GOOD!) There are a few oddball sleeper Issues that some are speculating were important to Ant Man, including one that came out BEFORE Tales To Astonish 27........Mystic 57 (supposedly it was the prototype for (FEELING BETTER NOW!) TTA 27 with similar story??)
    "This Sounds like a Job For Super........uhhh I mean Mayhem!" (FEELING AWESOME!!)
    NOTE: No Subliminal Messaging of Any kind was used during this Post. : ) lk

    1. I'll put that request in the pipeline. Thanks LK!


  8. I think it really got him. Will we ever see Subbys Key Comics Part 9...???


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