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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Special Webcast Event With Josh Nathanson CEO of ComicLink

Heya guys, if you're interested there's this special webcast featuring Josh Nathanson, the CEO of ComicLink. Details about this event are below:


To the Next Meeting of...

The Southeast High Grade Comic Collectors Group, the community of investment-minded collectors (and their books) that get together to learn, share, trade and profit from what they love.

FREE Webcast with Josh Nathanson CEO ComicLink Auction House


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Josh Nathanson, who has gone from “fan to pro” to become CEO of ComicLink auction house, speaks with the High Grade Comic Collectors by webcast on the state of the 2015 comics market. ComicLink was founded at the beginning of the Internet in 1996 and is one of the top comics auction houses. ComicLink often gets record-breaking prices for its buyers and has a rich trove of transaction data on comic sales. Josh will bring these unique perspective to the trends in today’s comics market. Josh is also a long-time comic collector since the age of 7 and had a Wall Street career before founding ComicLink. He will share his story, take questions from the group and provide a personal point of view on monetizing comic collections in 2015 and beyond.

In addition, this meeting will feature a discussion of the Southeast High Grade Collectors growth plans for 2015, from education on comic pressing and restoration to clinics in comic grading to new models for group comic and art investing.

Please RSVP on, and hope to join you online for this one-of-a-kind webcast.


Meetup (dot) com
Group name: Southeast-High-Grade-Comic-Collectors

Don't miss this must-attend gathering for the high grade collector!


  1. Hey Mayhem,
    Incredible Hulk 102 has been on my mind for quite some time. What do you think about this one? Key investment? Hot or not? Thumbs up or down? Would be great to hear from you.
    Triple A

  2. Hello Mayhem,

    here' s my great character find for 2015. Anyone remember the Controller? Just
    found out this guys first appearance was
    in iron man 12. That pesky critter has the ability to control people with little disks. You all know the deal. What strikes me are the nearly unlimited possibilities to use him in future movie plots - just think Mystique.
    Speculation Jones

    1. Heya Speculation Jones, sounds like an interesting theory. Who knows, maybe Marvel will use him in a future movie or for Agents of SHIELD? Thanks for bringing that up.

  3. Hey S.J., Overstreet has listed Iron Man 13 as first appearance of the Controller. Don' t go wrong here my friend...
    Triple A

    1. I think Overstreet got this one wrong. The Controller does appear in Iron Man #12 and is in the story enough for it to count as a first appearance and origin. CGC is noting #12 as the first appearance of the character. I think Overstreet had a typo on the listing, which happens. They are human after all lol

  4. Hi TCM,

    looking for your opinion. I'm looking at a CGC 9.8 Thor #337 Signature series signed by Walter Simonson For $260. I don't usually get signature series but I thought this would be one to get since he created Beta Ray Bill, Wrote and illustrated the story. Plus it's a big key and Game changer issue. If Bill pops up in a film...and I think he will (Thor: Ragnarok) this should go sky high! Even if he doesn't he's a pretty key character.

    Good investment in your opinion? Thanks TCM!
    Jeff K

    1. The first appearance of Beta Ray Bill has always been a fan-favorite, so even if the character doesn't make an appearance in Ragnarok, it's still a pretty good key issue to get. As for Signature Series and Walter Simonson signature, I'm not really big on Signature Series, and always maintain that if you're a big fan of a comic creator or artist or writer, etc, then get an SS and don't worry about the investment factor. Since he is the creator of Beta Ray Bill, I would highly consider it if I were a huge fan of the character.

  5. TCM,

    Thanks for your thoughts my friend, I appreciate it! I think I'm gonna pull the trigger today since I'd get x5 ebay bucks on the purchase! I'm a huge fan of Bill and Simonson so if there's one Signature series I'd get it'll be this one. Thanks again!