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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spawn Key Issue Comics Part 8

We are coming close to the end of this Spawn key issue comic series. There will be only two more parts, and I'll be cutting it off once Al Simmons is no longer the main character.

Yes, there is another who takes up the mantle of Spawn, and for me that's like a why bother with that? The last part will deal with some variant covers worth noting. There's one that I would even make an exception of and recommend when it comes to variants. I did already mention it before so most know which I'm talking about.

Still in the ludicrous zone and at ludicrous speed. I love me some Spaceballs references. Some of these are in the lower print run range since they were published during the comic recovery and publishers thought it smart not to over-print the actual market.

Doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of high grade copies still out there. Just means what it means.

If you missed Part 7, that blue funky link can bring you back. Otherwise, here's Part 8 and another keys list of something entirely different was posted a few hours earlier if you missed that as well.

SPAWN #117
1st full or 2nd appearance of Redeemer III?

This seems to be an in-demand issue as far as Spawn comics go. Not sure if this is the full first appearance of Eddie Frank as Redeemer III or not. The two do have an epic battle in this issue though, so that may be why it's on the radar for quite a few in the market now. Not in a heavy ridiculous way though.

Or, maybe it's a lower print run. There's only about 50k that were printed. Not super low, but definitely lower than most of the earlier Spawn issues.

Spawn #117 was published May, 2002.

eBay - Only saw two copies here and both of them are raw. Not cheap either for either one.

mycomicshop - Only one VF copy that is in actual stock at the time of this writing.

SPAWN #119
1st cameo of Gunslinger Spawn

I met Angel Medina at one of the Wondercons back in 2005 or 2006 when the huge comic con was still in the Bay Area. Yes, I am still bitter about them packing up the show and moving to Anaheim. Mother $#@#%#!

Anyways, I have to say Angel Medina was a class act - totally friendly, totally approachable, and just an all-around cool guy. At least he was when I met him.

Being a fan of the McFarlane action figures, the Gunslinger Spawn figure and his artwork, I asked him about it. He said he just drew in the Gunslinger Spawn in a panel of Spawn #119 and fans just took to it. He didn't even think about it at the time.

Many are citing Spawn #119 as the first appearance of Gunslinger Spawn, but I'm noting it as the first cameo of the character. It wouldn't be until quite a few issues when this character makes a full appearance in the series, and I think it's really cool how they wrote the character into the Spawn mythos.

August, 2002 was when Spawn #119 was published and this one is a fan-favorite. In short, it's on the radar of most fans.

eBay - Once again, not an easy find on eBay. I only saw two raw copies there at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - No copies here of this one, but there appears to be a newsstand edition for this issue. It's not in stock at the moment though.

SPAWN #139
1st She-Spawn in title
1st Nyx as She-Spawn

Here she is. The first She-Spawn in title. I believe there was a manga version of the character, but I chose not to address that particular one. Well, it seems that this one is another fan-favorite.

In this issue Nyx has to borrow Spawn's symbiote costume...well, hell-born essence to save her friend Thea in the darkest depths of Hell.

Cover by Greg Capullo and pencils by Angel Medina, Spawn #139 was published October, 2004.

eBay - Limited selection and but more than the previous issues before this listing at the moment. Still not that many and all are raw copies.

mycomicshop - No copies here for the meantime. Could change in the near or later future though depending on when you read this.

SPAWN #150
1st appearance Man of Miracles
1st appearance of the Disciple
1st appearance of Thamuz

Important key issue right here as it has the first appearance of the Man of Miracles. He is also known as Mother (M.O.M.) and in the comics he has no gender. Mother is the creator of all creations, and in the Spawn universe, he is also the mother of God and Satan.

We won't find out about that until later issues though. Spawn #150 also sees the first appearance of the Disciple and Thamuz. The Disciple is known as Heaven's first and finest. With a title like that you know Spawn is in for a whoopin'. He is just one of the Disciples, and the Disciples were created from the souls of the 12 Disciples of Christ.

Thamuz is the demon famous for being the Master of Torture. October, 2005 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Lots of variants for this one and they are not cheap. Only saw three of the regular Capullo cover and they're not cheap either.

mycomicshop - None of the #150A covers, but there are some the variants here if you're into those.

SPAWN #154
1st appearance of Zera

God has an abandoned creature, one so powerful and mighty that releasing this creature is a last ditch effort for the forces of Heaven to secure their domain when the armies of Hell threaten to breach their walls. She is Zera, the queen of the Seraphim.

Seraphs are high ranking angels, and Zera is obviously the highest ranking one of all of them. She was imprisoned by God himself because she was utterly coo coo and had a bloodlust unknown to any.

Desperate to protect the Throne of Creation, Zera is unleashed upon the warriors of Hell and she single-handedly annihilates the armies of the Forgotten Ones. The next she will do battle with is Spawn himself.

The first appearance of Zera in Spawn #154 was published March, 2006.

eBay - Not too many copies of this one but not that in-demand either. All are raw of course.

mycomicshop - Only two VF and FN raw copies in actual stock at the time of this writing.

SPAWN #158
1st appearance of Satan
Revealed that Jake is God
Revealed that Katie is Satan

Oh, and here is where we find out the real identities of Katie and Jake Fitzgerald. Remember the Man of Miracles or otherwise known as Mother?

We'll apparently Mother reincarnated God and Satan into the living embodiments of Jake and Katie Fitzgerald. So Katie is the reincarnation of Satan, and Jake is the reincarnation of God.

Now, in the world of Spawn, these two are seen as no different. God is very much an antagonist of Spawn as well.

As mentioned earlier, the Man of Miracles is the most powerful being in the universe, who created the twins God and Satan. Unfortunately, the twins despise each other. God is seen as an ego manic in the Spawn comics who created humanity in his image only to have them be servants.

Satan, also an ego maniac, is the one who gives humanity the gift of free will, and this enrages God. The two are bent on destroying each other but don't really have the power to do so. Only Mother does.

For humanity's sake M.O.M. (Man of Miracles) imprisons the two after God and Satan wage their destructive war that endangers humanity.

M.O.M or Mother did not want to imprison the two forever and gave them new life as human beings. She hoped that living as one of them would change their ways and open their eyes to the destruction they were causing. In this issue, it's all revealed when Zera allows God to remember who he is while in the form of Jake.

As a  result, Satan's memory reawakens as well. The two resume their bickering and M.O.M further sees the two as disappointments. Satan's true form shows up in a panel behind Katie Fitzgerald after she is conscious of exactly who she is.

Oh, yes, and Katie is the name of Todd McFarlane's wife. "Uhmmm, hey, honey, I'm going to name you after a character in my comic."

"Oh, really, which one?"


July, 2006 was when this awfully strange but pretty cool key issue was published.

eBay - Not exactly plentiful or that much in demand for this one. All raw copies and no slabbed.

Wow, when it came to these issues NewKadia was all out of them and mycomicshop didn't have a few them either. Definitely surprised about that.

So, onward to Part 9, 2nd to last of this series. I know there are other volumes of Spawn, but I did not plan to get into those, so they won't be dealt with. At least, for the meantime.

Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed the...well, previous part. If not, Spawn Part 9 is ready so just click the blue link to the right to continue.


  1. Hey Mayhem, no question about it, we all love McFarlane. But do you know who I miss? Remember that Stephen Platt guy? How everyone was talking about him having the same style as Todd? Last thing I saw from him was in the pages of Prophet. The same goes for Travis Charest. Just loved his pencils on Wildcats...

    1. Stephen Platt...I do remember him from the Image days during the 90s. I think he's still around or is making a return. I think he's been story boards for Hollywood or something. He did them for Iron Man I think. Not too familiar with Travis Charest's work too much, but I remember Wildcats.

  2. Spawn Key Issues Part 8? I CLAMOR FOR MORE!!!

    1. Unfortunately, I decided to end it with Part 9 and the new Jim Downing Spawn. In terms of Spawn, Al Simmons will always be the character. Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Bruce Banner is Hulk, Bruce Wayne is Batman, and Al Simmons is the main Spawn.

      Don't have much interest when they try to shake things up like that.

  3. Mayhem Sir, I would like to have your opinion on this one. In the last pages of Wizard Magazin (god bless it), there were some recommendations for future investments. One of them listed Man of Steel 1 (1986 by John Byrne) as very important. Reason was, it was the first time the origin of an important superhero was retold for the present. As these kind of revamps are getting more and more common, I was wondering, if you share that view. Right now, you can snag that issue up for almost nothing...
    Thanks & so long, your humble friend

    1. In my humble opinion, I do think those comics are important that established different origins after Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was a reboot and did away with the multiverse, so Man of Steel #1 is the origin of Superman on New Earth during that time.

      It's the same for Green Lantern Emerald Dawn...that's the origin for Green Lantern Hal Jordan after Crisis. However and I suppose, not too many think they are important just yet, but in terms of DC Comics continuity, they are historical. Flash #1 that starred Wally West as the character was the beginning of post Crisis for the Flash.

      Then, of course, the New 52 came along and rebooted the whole DCU. I do have Man of Steel #1 in the Superman keys issues list I did a while back.

  4. Mayhem, see what you did: can' t get that spaceball theme out of my mind... How was that guy called, who was a mixture between human and dog? Hog?

    Captain Helmet

    1. "I'm a Mog, half man, half dog. I'm my own best-friend." R.I.P. John Candy.