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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spawn Key Comic Book Issues Part 7

Switch hitting back and forth with this Spawn key comic book issues series. This is Part 7 and yes it is quite a bit long. I do admit that, but I did mention earlier it was requested and isn't geared towards the comic investing aspect in Part 1.

It's for fans of the series and the art of Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, and Angel Medina. No big deal, so I'll be finishing this series up and posting other things at the same time for those who could care less about Spawn or these God-foresaken 90s and modern comics.

I do have to point out that during this particular run in the series and later on, print runs do become smaller.

So for those who are interested, this continues the series, and can click this Part 6 link if you missed it. We are way beyond the ridiculous zone, so if you're not interested, there is the "Recent Posts" widget at the left hand side of this site where you can find the other stuff I'm posting at the same time. It's all good either way.

First appearance of Ab and Zab

Pretty minor key with this one, but it's still a Spawn key. The brothers Ab and Zab and minor gate openers who serve the Lord of Hell. They can't get enough of Earth though and love their booze, cigarettes, guns, babes, and all the vices this world has to offer.

They are the characters responsible for unleashing Urizen and for opening a rift between Hell and Earth to allow Sin Eater demons to come and feed on humanity. May, 2000 is the publishing date for Spawn #95.

eBay - Wow, I didn't see that many copies of this one on eBay currently. No CGC, and I actually only saw three of these on the first page. Pretty strange.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in actual stock.

NewKadia - NM+ copy in stock and the only one left.

First appearance of Domina

You may remember her from the toy line. I do, and that's when I was first introduced to the character.

Spawn #96 sees the first appearance of Domina. She is the leader of a group of Heaven's angels who have been preparing to wage war on Earth against the super Hell demon Urizen.

Despite an order from Heaven, Domina and her troops ignore the command and commit heresy by crossing the threshold onto Earth's plane. There they are met by Angela and in this storyline (not exactly this issue), the act of warring on Earth could very well trigger Armageddon.

Spawn #96 was published July, 2000.

eBay - Did not see any individual issues of this comic on eBay. There may be one in a comic lot but not sure.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in actual stock.

1st appearance of the Heavenly Hosts

In the world of Spawn, the Heavenly Hosts are three beings that speak directly with God. Thinking and speaking in unison, which would be highly annoying, they travel throughout the aether, a silver of space and time, to relay messages on behalf of God.

The Heavenly Hosts are the ones who deliver the message to Domina and her troops to stand down before they transcend the aether onto Earth and wage war against Urizen. Much later and not in this issue, the Heavenly Hosts are also responsible for releasing Zera, who destroys the Forgotten Ones when they decided to make an assault on Heaven.

Not exactly a major key issue or first appearance. Spawn #99 was published September, 2000.

eBay - Not that many options for this one on eBay either. All raw copies and only saw maybe more than a handful on there currently.

mycomicshop - VF+ in stock, a VF on consignment, and a VF minus in actual stock. All are raw copies.

SPAWN #100
1st Angel Medina Spawn artwork
Death of Malebolgia
Death of Angela

Angel Medina is another awesome artist that worked on the Spawn series. I met this guy at a Wondercon, and he was more than gracious and happy to answer a lot of my stupid questions. I did have quite a few.

Spawn #100 storyline is a fan-favorite and the comic is a Giant-Sized Anniversary issue. The regular cover by Todd McFarlane is friggin' awesome, and there are about five other variants. This comic is a lower print run.

In this issue Angela dies supposedly and Spawn slays Malebolgia. However, in doing so, he is told by Mammon that he is now the ruler of the Eighth Sphere of Hell. Of course, our boy Al Simmons declines.

Spawn #100 and the death of Angela and Malebolgia was published November, 2000, and this issue is seeing demand for it in the market.

eBay - Quite a bit of the variants done by Capullo and Alex Ross but only spotted a few by Todd McFarlane. No CGC but there are a few for the Alex Ross variant covers.

mycomicshop - VF and VF minus copy here. Both are in stock currently.

NewKadia - One NM+ copy in stock at NewKadia.

SPAWN #101
1st appearance of Katie Fitzgerald
1st appearance of Jake Fitzgerald

Not quite sure why another source has Spawn #100 listed as the first appearance of Katie Fitzgerald and Jake Fitzgerald. Wanda is delivering in that issue, but in the end, it just cuts to Wanda standing over Al's grave and announcing that she had twins who were a boy and a girl.

It wasn't until this issue do we actually see Katie and Jake Fitzgerald as babies in a few panels on one page. Still, I'm noting this as the 1st appearance of Katie Fitzgerald and Jake Fitzgerald. The twins do show up later in the series, and it's quite a doozy who they reveal themselves to truly be.

We shall learn about that later for those who don't already know. It might just be me, but Spawn in this cover reminds me of Eddie from Iron Maiden. Hmmmm? Spawn #101 was published December, 2000.

eBay - A little more than two handfuls of this issue on eBay, and although most are raw, there is a CGC 9.8 on there. Wow, wasn't expecting that.

SPAWN #116
1st appearance of Eddie Frank as new Redeemer

Okay, I missed some earlier key issues I think. Eddie Frank's first appearance is in Spawn #29. He and his brother Andy are sons to an abusive father. They do show up from time to time in earlier issues and Eddie Frank plays an important role in the later issues, namely this one.

Of course Eddie Frank becomes an important character. The guy becomes the third incarnation of the Redeemer. This Heaven-Spawn has a personal vendetta against Spawn.

It's widely assumed that he was manipulated by Mammon into believing that the dark force who made him kill his father was Spawn himself. Spawn #116 sees Eddie Frank transform into Redeemer III.

The next issue, issue #117, may be the first full appearance of Eddie Frank as the Redeemer, or it may be the 2nd appearance of Redeemer III. Not quite so sure as of now.

Spawn #116 was published January, 2002.

eBay - Only two copies here and one is raw and the other is slabbed. Slabber is a CGC 9.8 and the raw isn't advertised as any grade.

mycomicshop - Listing here doesn't even have an image, but there's a NM, VF, and FN in actual stock.

I did download issue #100 and that story and artwork is impressive. I can see why hardcore Spawn fans like it.

Anyways, I'll be switching back and forth from this series to other short and sweet key issues lists while finishing this up. Recent one besides this one is a Red Sonja key issues list.

It shouldn't be a big deal since you can always hit the On the Hunt tab at the top of this site and pretty much look up any key issues list on here with a single click.

Or, there are two sidebar widgets where you can see recent posts. One is the Recent Posts widget at the left hand sidebar and then there's the Archives widget at the very bottom right hand sidebar.

Alright, Part 8 is ready, so just click the appropriate link below to continue into the ludicrous zone. Part 6, PREVIOUS link, click it if you missed it.


  1. Got to give it to you Mayhem - this time you kept me entertained! Could feel your little needle stitches all over my body. Allright, you made me a believer. Keep the Spawn Series coming. I' m talking Dallas here!
    The one who started it all...

    1. Thanks, man, and believe me, I didn't think the comment was offensive in the least. In fact, I agreed with you on a pretty good level. Every key issues list I do, there's the last few parts where I always go, "Man, how many more friggin' more key issues are there in this bastid? Are you kidding? I'm gonna be on 12 parts to this thing?"

      So I completely understand where you're coming from when it comes to that. Trust me, I say that to myself quite often, but I'd like to be as thorough as possible. You never know what odd ball third tier character they'll use for a movie or TV show.

      So all is good, Sir. Actually, it's a good thing. I get to do other posts and give myself and you guys a break from this beast while finishing it up. It's almost done also. Three more parts left and that's a promise.

  2. The ludicrious zone!!! HAHAHA - you really handed it out to him!!! But still, you see: talking comics is so much fun. I would rather have some rambling now and then, instead of just talking numbers. It keeps our community alive :-)
    Speculation Jones

    1. Nah, I didn't take a offense to that particular comment at all. It wasn't really offensive to begin and end with. As for ludicrous, for some reason the word ridiculous reminds me of Ludicrous, obviously from Spaceballs.

      I was actually making fun of myself for being a such a geek to have that word remind me of Ludicrous speed in Spaceballs. It's good to be able to poke fun at myself at times. I just do it quite often. Helps to keep whatever sanity I have left.

      I agree...and we're all passionate about comics...sure we do have different opinions, and it sure makes it a lot more interesting.

  3. I almost forgot Angel Medina....What a Kick Ass artist! Well, if no one has any suggestions on future Key Issues, I for one, would love to see Key Issues of The Big 3 That started it all at Marvel, or should I say Atlas....nope going all the way back to Timely. The Big 3 are of course Cap, Sub-Mariner and The Human Torch. Being that Mayhem has already covered Cap Completely, how about Subby and Hot Head. This way, you are covering Great Underrated Heroes, as well as Huge Key I always love to see those Golden Age Covers from Timely/Atlas! Stan Lee has slipped up saying that eventually Marvel/Disney will make movies of ALL of the Major Heroes and The Sub-Mariner will surely be included! LK

    1. Freaking good call LK, as always Sir! Been itching to do a Subby key issues list from the Golden Age on up, much like with Cap. The crossover keys list gave me the inspiration to do that. Besides, a lot of Golden Age are being over-looked in the current market. Wasn't quite like that a few years ago before the Silver Age boom that caught on a few years back.

      Angel Medina...will always be a fan of his work...meeting him and him being so down to earth just made me even more of a fan. He didn't even charge for sketches at the Wondercon he was at. Ron Lim is the same when it's a kid that comes up and asks for a sketch and that's cool to me. He does charge for regular sketch drawings (Ron Lim), but they are no quick sketches. They are full blown pieces of comic art and detailed as hell.

      I will surely be putting those Golden Age goodies together quite soon. I do have other requests to fill but they are shorter key lists so no problem. Always good to hear from ya LK. Keep on ROCKING and ZEN KURA ROCKS!