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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spawn Comic Book Key Issues Part 6

Moving right along with more Spawn key issues in this key comics series. Wow, we are at Part 6 and haven't even gotten to the bazillion and one variants. When it comes to Todd McFarlane's art, I may make an exception though. Well, if the price is right of course.

We got quite a few more first appearances and some out of the regular Spawn series. Anyways, I like the stuff going on with these issues and they are fun to talk about.

Trust me, it gets even weirder for the world of Spawn during the issues after #100. We aren't there yet, but just a heads up. 

No doubt that this series is a good read. Some may not like the later issues or only the first couple of issues, but I'm starting to get intrigued by them.

Alright, enough rambling. If you missed Part 5, just click that link to read up on the Spawn comic book key issue goodness in that one. If you're ready to proceed, I hope you enjoy and thanks for all comments.

1st Medieval Spawn crossover series
1st appearance of Lord Cardinale
1st appearance of Royale

Because Medieval Spawn was a pretty popular character, it's not surprising they would team him up with the Medieval Witchbade, also known as Katarina Godlife. After all, Medieval Spawn only made three appearances in the Spawn comic series prior, so this was a perfect way to further his adventures.

Since I didn't talk about Medieval Spawn under his first appearance in Spawn #9 or his other appearances in Spawn #14 and #15, Medieval Spawn was Sir John of York, and he was a knight during the medieval era who was killed and made a deal with Malebolgia.

This 3 issue limited series sees the first appearance of Lord Cardinale, the current holder of the Darkness. This source of power in the Image or Top Cow world allows the wielder the ability to conjure or generate whatever they desire. It is the same Darkness that was used in the highly popular comic series known as The Darkness.

Also, the magician Royale also has his first appearance in Spawn-Witchblade #1 and the comic was published May, 1996.

eBay - Seems to be plenty of the regular cover to this comic. There are variants such as a Platinum foil cover. Three CGC copies with two of them being 9.8s. One of the 9.8s is a Gold foil cover and the other is a regular cover. Last option is a Cgc 9.6 NM+ Signature Series signed by Garth Enis.

mycomicshop - Only one copy of the 1A version and it is in actual stock.

NewKadia - Three NM copies here and they are a NM+, a NM, and a NM minus.

1st appearance of Mercy

Returning back to the Spawn Fan Edition series, this comic sees the first appearance of Mercy. This Angel enforces God's will and destroys Hellspawns also. Of course, while Nordik and McFallon duke it out, Mercy shows up when Nordik gets the upper hand.

I believe this is the first and only appearance of Mercy, but not too sure about that as of yet. Spawn Fan Edition #3 was published October, 1996. 

eBay - Pretty limited selection for this one on the might eBay currently. Some variant covers located in eBay's search results, but there are more of the regular covers. No slabbed copies just yet.

mycomicshop - The 3A cover is in stock and it's a VF raw. There is the 3B variant cover as well and it's also a VF raw and in actual stock.

NewKadia - Only one NM minus copy here at the time of this writing.

1st appearance of Nyx

Nyx does become an important character in the Spawn universe, and for a while she is Al Simmons sidekick. Nyx eventually even becomes Spawn's lover for a time.

Nyx is a Wiccan with magical powers of course and was created by Brian Holguin. Her real name is Carrie Ann and she also becomes a She-Spawn later in the series. Her first appearance in comics is in Curse of the Spawn #20, but she later appears in the regular Spawn titled series as well.

She is a well-known and popular character that plays a major supporting role throughout the comic series. Curse of the Spawn #20 was published May, 1998.

eBay - A few copies here and all of them are raw. Didn't see any kind of variants like Gold or Platinum foil covers, but did spot two newsstand editions.

NewKadia - NM+, NM, and a NM minus currently in stock at NewKadia for the moment.

1st appearance of the Heap

This is Image's version of the classic monster the Heap. Actually Todd McFarlane revamped the character from the classic Golden Age comics. The character's first appearance was in Air Fighters Comics #3 published by Hillman Periodicals.

The character ended up being bought by Image Comics from Eclipse Comics when the latter went bankrupt. The Heap moved around to several publications prior to Eclipse. McFarlane would reinvent the character as an Earth-bound servant of hell. Eddie Beckett, a former bum, would become Image's version of the Heap.

This is the first appearance of the Heap in Image Comics, although he does appear briefly in Spawn #72. However, McFarlane notes this is his first full appearance. June, 1998 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Two newsstand editions located on eBay, but most are the regular covers. No CGC just yet for this issue.

mycomicshop - Only one raw VF copy in actual stock for now.

1st appearance of Iain Covenant
1st appearance of Darkage Spawn
1st appearance of Baron Rivalen

Darkage Spawn often gets mixed up with Medieval Spawn. They are two different Spawns with two different stories. Spawn the Dark Ages deals with Iain Covenant.

Well, actually Lord Covenant as he was the ruler of a city named Rhyll during the time of the crusades. Yes, Lord Covenant did join the crusades but not for glory. It was to repent for having an affair with his sister's handmaiden.

Of course, during the crusades he was killed and thought he would he would go to heaven. He was wrong and made a deal with none other than Malebolgia.

Needless to say he returned to Earth as a Hellspawn. Spawn the Dark Ages #1 sees the first appearance of Lord Iain Covenant as Spawn. Covenant returns back to Rhyll in this issue to find that an evil Baron Rivalen has ruled taken over after his departure and ruled the city to starvation.

Once highly respected and well-liked by the citizens of Rhyll, Lord Covenant as a Hellspawn would no doubt not put up with this from Baron Rivalen. Thus, the adventure begins for this 29 issue comic series. Spawn Dark Ages #1 was published March, 1999.

eBay - All raw copies and there are newsstand editions for this issue it appears. There are also variant covers it seems also. No CGC or slabbed copies currently though.

mycomicshop - Two raw VF copies for the 1A and 1B covers. Both are in actual stock.

NewKadia - Only two copies here currently and they are a NM+ and a NM.

1st appearance of Mammon

Mammon is an integral villain in the later Spawn series, replacing the role of Violator. He was once Spawn's ally, but it was later revealed that Mammon was the puppet master behind many of Spawn's predicaments.

Not much is none about Mammon's past, but it was revealed that he is one of The Forgotten, a group of angels who were loyal to God bu refused to fight against their fellow archangels during the War in Heaven. Because of this, they were banished from Heaven.

Mammon, unlike the other of The Forgotten, was banished into Hell and became a high ranking Lord of Hell. He is the ruler of the 9th Sphere of Hell.

Mammon  seeks the Throne of Creation and wishes to use it to recreate the universe as he sees fit. Mammon is definitely a character worth knowing the Spawn universe and his first appearance is in Spawn #85. This comic has the publishing date of September, 1999.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for this comic on eBay at the moment. Only raw copies and I did see a newsstand edition, but only one. Might change by the time you look there though. No CGC yet and not surprised.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here at the moment and it's a raw VF.

Some pretty cool stuff in this part, and I've even downloaded some of the digital comics just to read. Artwork is still amazing and impressive and the stories are still pretty intriguing. 

A lot better than a lot of stuff being put out currently. Well, at least, in my opinion. 

You can probably find some cheap deals at your local. I doubt that many in the market have caught on to a lot of these issues and if you find one that has newsstand editions and don't know, you may just get a really good deal on them.

Then again, there could be some sellers out there in eBay land who don't know what they have with newsstand editions or just don't care, and you may be able to snag those online for cheap as well.

As always, you can click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed the previous part to this Spawn key issues series. Otherwise, Part 7 to this Spawn series is ready with more comic book key issues for our favorite Hellspawn. Just click the blue link below.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Jeff for all the shares. Really appreciate it, bro!


  1. Mayhem, this is getting ridiculous. Get yourself some R & R, leave the bargain bins and concentrate on some important publications. I' m not talking Spawn here...

    1. What are some important publications are you talking about?

  2. The day these comics fetch any serious money, I hang up my collecting coat for good... Come on, bring us the big guns -
    you know what I mean. 7 parts on Spawn key issues is just to much. 3 would have
    done the trick. No offense pal, just my opinion, and I' m a straight forward guy like

    1. No offense taken, but LK is right. Usually when I do a key issues list I get overzealous and include major and minor keys from that title or mythos of a character.

      I understand that it's frustrating. Believe me it is. I'm the one looking up the info to whatever key issue or character I have no idea about.

      However, I can do a split where I am finishing up the Spawn keys while posting another keys list simultaneously. You can use the widget at the left hand side that says "Recent Posts" to choose which one you want to read.

  3. I' m down with this gentleman. No one cares if a cyborg-monkey appeared in Spawn 317...
    Max Rebo

    OK, Seriously though, I see where you guys are coming from, but if there's one thing
    I've come to expect from Mayhem is that He does a very thorough job with
    covering every single nook and cranny of whatever project He works on.
    It's not always about the money, but What If? Spawn by some chance gets
    his due, via a Mcfarlane directed Movie...keep in mind that many of the BIG GUNS
    were on sale for over a decade because of the market crash...I mean how many
    friends and family members have each one of us told us "c'mon comics are not worth
    anything anymore.....they're like beanie babies, pogs or Baseball Cards!" to which I would
    smile slighly and just nod my head. There's no need for them to know I just picked up
    Strange Tales 126 a year ago for $10 and sold it for $385 last week, or the 7 copies of Ms. Marvel
    that I paid 50 cents a piece for and have each sold for $100. SO what happens if Spawn becomes
    big news again? Sure maybe there are a bazillion copies of Spawn #1 out there, but let's keep in mind how many copies of New Mutants 98 are out there. A buddy of mine went around town and hit every dollar bin and purchased 50 copies, while everyone looked at him like he was nuts! All
    of the store owners were saying the same things you are saying "look at that fool with his New Mutants 98...the day that comic is worth something....." Well there are a lot of Store Owners who now have bought back copies from him for over $600 each! (and that's a discount!!!) I have myself picked of tons of copies of New Mutants #100 and X-Force #2 for 10cents to 50cents each and have a few dozen of each....Fool? or Pro. The market will decide. Anyways, make sure that when you are telling Mayhem enough of something, you also tell him what you want to see, as He does his best to keep us all informed....ROCK ON MAYHEM!!! LK

  5. Right on brother! Don' t mess with Mr. Mayhem, or you will hear from me.
    Mr. T

    1. Actually, I pity the fool who messes with you, Mr. T! Sorry, had to do it. It was too tempting not too.

  6. cyborg-monkey still sucks...
    Max Rebo

  7. I don't care about the collectability or investment potential of the books. LK is right, It's not always about the money. I like this list. I'm still a collector as well as an investor. There are a lot of cool characters and amazing artwork from the Spawn series. If I see a cool cover and want to read it, I'll buy it. I am a comic geek from the 80's and 90's after all.

    ~Gerry D

    1. Exactly What Gerry Said....When the New 52 came out and I saw all of the AWESOME Batman Artwork, I got hooked for a while just because of the AMAZING Artwork! (and i'm only a casual Batman Fan) Certain Artists have the gift of capturing the Heroes in a way that makes us all go HOLY S#!T This guy RULES!! Kirby, Brett Booth, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, David Finch And....Our Beloved Todd Mcfarlane who redefined how a modern Hero should look, like Eddie Van Halen redefined how the guitar sounded in the 70's & 80's. New Tougher Looking Heroes and his thinking outside the box when the powers that be told him the individual was not important, just do as your told...Todd Mcfarlane brought us all a very new and exciting Style of Art and told the industry how important the artists and story tellers really guys like Jack Kirby who could never get his own art back from marvel and Shuester and Siegel (creators of Superman) will receive proper credit and not be dirt poor, while companies are making BILLIONS off their's all about paying respect to the Heroes/Artists/Creators who DESERVE Credit and our respect as the people who brought our dreams to life. Many will never know the stand guys like Todd Mcfarlane took against Marvel & DC. He took a stand and told them all that he was leaving their company and with several friends started their own company out of Todd's garage.....He is the Steve Jobs of the Comic Industry. Some day we will all see his story on the big screen, and for a while, like Steve Jobs, it was one hell of a ride for all of them! lk

    2. I think Gerry and LK said all there is to say about the matter on my end. I did not know they started Image comics in Todd McFarlane's garage though. That's a cool thing to know. As for a movie about the founding of Image, I think it should be done.

      Not to stroke Stan Lee's ego, but a movie about the founding of Marvel or transition from Atlas to Marvel and how it became a powerhouse company would be awesome! I would pay to see that.

  8. mayhem could do a list on my little pony and I could care less because he does a great job JW

    1. Whoa! Thanks JW, that's surely a high compliment. As for My Little Pony, definitely pretty sure it won't come to that. Then again, I did see this little girl at Free Comic Book day with a My Little Pony comic and she was so thrilled.

      I don't mean thrilled as in wide eyed and smiling. She was bug eyed, grinning from ear to ear, shrieking and jumping up and down. I could've done without the shrieking, but damn she was so excited she couldn't help it.

      It was a cool site. Wish I could pull that off without every adult looking at me like I was looney.