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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spawn Comic Book Key Issues Part 5

Part 5 and a whole lot of hellfire in this one. We got quite a few first appearances in Part 5 of the Spawn comic book key issues list and series.

Might bring backsome memories, and many of you just might have these Spawn key issues. Might create some new memories as well. Either way, it's all good and this one is purely for fun and to geek out on all the great Spawn art.

Let's get this underway. This Part 4 link will bring you back if you missed it. All you gotta do is click it, but if you're ready to go with Part 5, I hope you enjoy!

1st appearance of the Freak

Also known as Mr. Kulbiczi, the Freak is of course insane and was committed to an asylum before escaping and building himself a mansion in the sewers. The Freak is directly linked to the origin of Image's version of the Heap in later issues.

Relatively a minor character in the Spawn universe, the Freak does appear sporadically here and there. Spawn #34 has the first appearance of the Freak. It may not be a full appearance as I'm not too sure about that. This comic was published July, 1995 and has another classic showdown between Spawn and Violator.

eBay - No CGC yet but there are quite a few raw copies and quite a few in comic lots as well. I'm pretty sure most on eBay for this issue are high grade.

NewKadia - Only one NM copy here in stock.

mycomicshop - Only one FN copy in stock at the moment.

1st appearance of Cy-Gor

A friend of Al Simmons, Michael Konieczni tried to tell people the truth after Simmons was murdered but was captured and experimented on instead. He was the first subject to have his mind transferred into gorilla with mechanical parts. 

I remember the action figure of this guy way back when, but didn't really follow him in the comics. Not exactly a top-ranking villain or character for Spawn, but I do think he would be interesting to see in the Spawn reboot movie if they ever finally make one.

First appearance of Cy-Gor in Spawn #38 was published December, 1995.

eBay - I did see a newsstand edition for this issue on eBay currently. Quite a few raw copies, but no CGC as of yet.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies here at the moment. They are a VF and two FNs and all of them are in stock.

1st appearance of Tiffany

Much like Angela in Spawn lore, Tiffany is another angel who is a Hellspawn hunter. Any current Hellspawn is her primary target, and since Al Simmons is such, he is the lucky prize. Awe, so nice to have the ladies chasing after him.

Although she is a foe of Spawn, she is also Angela's direct competition also. Tiffany's desire is to be the top Hellspawn slayer in Heaven's army. I believe she only appears in two issues - this one and issue #45.

Would love to see her character in the Spawn reboot, and actually the whole Angels vs. Demon thing in Spawn would play out much better on the big screen than Spawn being more of a horror pic. Then again, what do I know? I didn't create Spawn.

I did love the first Prophecy movie and thought the concept worked brilliantly. If they could incorporate that theme but have it in a Spawn-based world, I think the reboot would be awesome as hell! Pun intended on that one also.

Spawn #44 was published March, 1996.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for this one on eBay. No CGC at the moment of course and not surprising at all.

mycomicshop - One NM copy, two VFs and one FN. All are in stock and only direct editions. No newsstand editions here yet.

1st appearance of Nordik

Wow, I didn't even know they had a Spawn Fan Edition limited series. I think there's only three issues to this series, but it does introduce the first appearance of Nordik. Of course, as the name hints at, this is the Norse Hellspawn.

Malebolgia praised this Hellspawn highly. Nordik is the elite of all Hellspawns in the mind of Malebolgia. This whole story in Spawn Fan Edition #1 was told in flashback by Malebolgia to Vandalizer. Cover is wicked, and surely does make Nordik to look like the baddest Hellspawn of them all.

Spawn Fan Edition #1 was published August, 1996 and it appears to be a fan-favorite spin-off limited series.

eBay - All raw copies here and a bit of a limited selection compared to other Spawn comics on the mighty eBay. There are different variants and saw a few of the Gold Foil variants. I will cover variants at the very end of this Spawn key issues series for those that are interested.

mycomicshop - Only one FN copy here. There seems to be a variant cover for this issue, but it's not in stock at the time of this writing.

NewKadia - Four copies here with the highest being a NM+. There's also a NM, a VF, and a FN copy in stock for now.

1st appearance of McFallon

More tales concerning Nordik, the Norse Hellspawn. Hey, if you can have Pirate Spawn, you gotta have Viking Spawn too.

And, of course, you need to have a slayer of dragons thrown in the mix to complete the medieval awesomeness! Actually, McFallon is the good guy, which means he's the bad buy to a Hellspawn.

The Protector of the Defenseless, this Irishman will go toe to toe with Nordik, but who will get the best of who? Actually just writing about this makes me want to go read the comic.

The first appearance of McFallon in Spawn Fan Edition #2 and it was published September, 1996.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for this one as well on eBay currently. Quite a few of the regular covers and a few variants also. No CGC for the regular covers.

mycomicshop - One raw VF copy for the regular 2A version. There is also a VF copy for the 2B variant, but both are raw and in actual stock.

NewKadia - Only one NM+ copy in stock at the moment.

1st appearance of Daniel Llanso (Spawn)
1st appearance of Anti-Pope
1st issue to series

Another Spawn spin-off title? Really?

Yep, really. It seems Hellspawns came from just about everywhere, and if they were present in the past, the future is definitely not excluded either.

The Curse of the Spawn series takes place in the future and deals with Daniel Llanso. Of course, the future is an apocalyptic world where evil rules supreme. Much like his predecessor, Al Simmons, Daniel is reborn a Hellspawn and the forces of evil try to enlist him as the new general of Hell's army. Daniel resists them at every chance.

Curse of the Spawn #1 sees the first appearance of Daniel Llanso and the Anti-Pope. I'm sure you can guess that the Anti-Pope is a villain. September, 1996 was when this comic was published.

eBay - There are actually newsstand editions for this issue and I spotted one on eBay currently. Plenty of raw copies and one CGC 9.8 for the regular cover.

mycomicshop - None of the regular cover issue, but there is a raw copy of the Black and White variant cover. It's a VF+ and on consignment.

NewKadia - Two NM copies and they are a NM+ and a regular NM.

Definitely covered some Spawn spin-off titles and introduced some new Hellspawns from Spawn lore in case you didn't know. There will be plenty of other Spawn versions this series will cover in the near future.

Starting to think I should've talked a bit more about the Spawn action figures that depict some of the Spawn covers. They are friggin' pretty awesome - the action figures and the covers!

Anyways, I'm getting off topic...sort of. If you missed Part 4, the PREVIOUS link below can always bamf you back like Nightcrawler. Part 6 and more awesome Spawn comic book key issues are ready so just click the appropriate link below to continue.

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