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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spawn Comic Book Key Issues Part 3

This is Part 3 to this Spawn key issues list series, and once again, we've got some great cover art. Enter Greg Capullo's work on Spawn, and it's pretty friggin' awesome as well.

As stated earlier in this series, I will bring up newsstand editions as opposed to direct editions, and I'll simply be calling them newsstand editions instead of variants. So, this keys list is mainly for fans and fun. Don't care about the speculation side or comic investing side when it comes to this character or this series.

Other than that, click this Part 2 link if you happened to miss it, or continue on with the Spawn comic book key issues.

1st Greg Capullo cover in series
1st Greg Capullo art in series
1st appearance of Anti-Spawn

I loved the artwork Todd McFarlane did on Spawn, but the art that Greg Capullo did for the series was full blown amazing! The covers were just insane. Made me a total fan of Capullo.

Spawn #16 is the first artwork done on Spawn by Greg Capullo. He pencils and does the cover art for this issue. Grant Morrison scripts this issue as well, and it holds the first appearance of the Anti-Spawn, who later becomes known as The Redeemer. Of course, Jason Wynn is the culprit who becomes the first Redeemer.

eBay - Plenty of raw copies and spotted two newsstand editions. Four CGC copies and all are Signature Series. I think they are signed by Greg Capullo and highest is a 9.6 NM+.

mycomicshop - Both direct editions and newsstand editions are found here. NM and VF are the only copies for the direct edition and both are raw and in stock. As for the newsstand edition, there's four copies, and they are a VF, FN, VG, and a GD.

NewKadia - NM+, NM and NM minus copies here for the moment.

2nd Greg Capullo cover in series
2nd Greg Capullo artwork in series

Greg Capullo and his 2nd cover art is Spawn #17. He also does the pencils for this issue as well and would become a fan-favorite for his continued work and contributions on the comic series.

The Spawn comics are quite well-known for the amazing cover art and they would truly only get better as Capullo and Todd McFarlane begin to collaborate on various covers later in the series. Spawn fans know what I'm talking about concerning that.

Spawn #17 sees Spawn battle the Anti-Spawn and was published January, 1994.

eBay - Saw a few newsstand editions for this issue on eBay. A few sellers know what they've got and have them at higher prices but there are sure to be some who don't know and have them at cheap prices. So quite a bit of raw copies and only one PGX 9.8 signed by Greg Capullo.

mycomicshop - Only direct editions and there are two raw copies in stock - a VF and a FN.

NewKadia - NM and NM minus copies here but that's all.

3rd Greg Capullo cover for Spawn
3rd Greg Capullo artwork for Spawn
Low distribution

According the Overstreet Guide, Spawn #18 has low distribution. How low do they mean? I have no idea and couldn't find any information on it.

If they mean lower than 1.7 million copies, then I'm afraid to even know what low distribution means. I'm just being a smart ass.

This is the 3rd Greg Capullo cover and pencils for the Spawn series, so that's pretty awesome in it's own right. Spawn #18 was published February, 1994.

eBay - Holy Moly, there actually is a newsstand edition for this issue. Wow, I wonder how rare that is if this issue as a whole has low distribution. Anyways, despite low distribution notations in Overstreet, I still see quite a few copies on the mighty eBay for this one. Two slabbed copies and both are 9.8s but one is a PGX.

mycomicshop - Four raw copies in stock here at the moment, and they are a VF and two FNs.

NewKadia - Only copies left are a NM and NM minus currently. Will have to scroll after clicking the blue NewKadia link.

1st Houdini in Spawn

Yep, that's Harold Houdini, the famous magician. In the Spawn universe though, Houdini is not dead. He is in fact alive and well and transported himself to the Overlap, a nexus point in the Image universe where demons, aliens and other creatures plot various schemes.

It was in the Overlap where Houdini learns true magic. Houdini teaches Spawn how to use his living symbiote costume, known as K7 Leetha, more effectively. However, his real motive was to deceive Spawn and lure him into an atomic blast. Demons in the Overlap wanted to see if an atomic explosion could kill a Hellspawn.

Pretty minor key issue unless you want to make a big deal of Greg Capullo's 4rth Spawn cover and pencils on the series. October, 1994 is the published date for Spawn #19, and I should note that McFarlane did publish certain issues out of order.

eBay - Wow, first listing in eBay's search results is a newsstand edition, but there aren't many. There are of course the regular direct editions also, and only one CGC 9.8 concerning slabbed copies.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 copy and two raw copies here at the moment. Raw copies are in stock and they're a VF and FN.

1st Spawn intercompany crossover

Okay, I admit I'm not entirely sure which crossover Batman Spawn intercompany crossover story came out first. I do know that Spawn crosses over into the DC world of Gotham in Batman-Spawn War Devil and that should count as Spawn's first intercompany crossover.

Batman-Spawn War Devil came out the same year as the Spawn-Batman crossover and the latter simply says 1994. Both stories show Spawn and Batman meeting for the first time, and no story is part of actual continuity for either Image or DC Comics. Thus, it's hard to say which one is their actual first meeting. March, 1994 is the publishing date for this comic.

eBay - Definitely no hard find at all for this comic on eBay. Plenty of raw copies to choose from and I don't think you have to worry about getting a restored copy concerning this issue. As for CGCs there are three. Highest is a 9.8 Universal and there are two Signature Series at lower NM grades.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in stock currently.

2nd Batman-Spawn crossover?

Batman actually crosses over into the world of Spawn in this issue, so it's not Spawn crossing over. Regardless of the confusion, this is perhaps my favorite intercompany crossover ever! Freaking Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane? Absolutely awesome!

Amazing artwork and the story was gritty and dirty. The Spawn and Batman fights were awesome with Batman trash talking the whole way. I still have this comic and read it from time to time. The story still gets me and for some reason I just love the way Todd McFarlane draws Batman. 1994 is when this comic was published, but CGC says May, 1994, so I'm leaving that notation with a question mark in terms of Batman and Spawn's 2nd crossover or meeting.

eBay - Not a rare comic either and there's plenty of raw copies up on eBay currently. There are four slabbed copies and three of them are 9.8s. One of the 9.8s is a PGX and signed by Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane. Last option is a CGC 9.6 NM+.

mycomicshop - Four copies here with the highest being a CGC 9.8 and is on consignment. 2nd highest is a raw VF and the last two options are FNs.

NewKadia - Only one NM+ copy here in stock.

Part 3 is finished but this series will continue onward. We are reaching some murky waters here in terms of Spawn key issues and there's not that much information out there aside from the first 20 issues of the series. That means a lot more digging for me, but, hey, if you know of some, feel free to comment on them. Would be highly appreciated for sure.

Anyways, it's been a lot of fun trying to do this from memory alone. It definitely brought back quite a few good memories.

Part 4 is ready so just click that PART 4 link to continue with this Spawn key issues list, and if you missed Part 3 you can click on the PREVIOUS link below to go back. See you soon and thanks for the comments and for reading.


  1. do you buy a comic based on UPC or direct version because honestly ive never put much thought into it JW

    1. Not really, JW. I just want to bring up that newsstand editions are starting to be recognized as more rare in the market than direct least for Spawn and among collectors. Of course, Overstreet doesn't make a big deal out of newsstand or direct yet.

      I also wanted to make the option there as I'm sure the question of newsstand or direct would be brought up by someone sooner or later. To be honest, I don't put much thought into it either.

    2. me either JW

  2. Sweet memories... remember these old image days as well. In the back of the counter of the comic book guy you could find Spawn, Pitt, Gen13 or Savage Dragon for quite some money. I like to pick up one of those now for almost nothing. It' s plain old fun!

    1. Since we are all in retro mode here, I would definitely long for a Valiant special... Think about it, Mayhem!
      Triple A

    2. All right, but please spare me a malibu comics special...
      Speculation Jones

    3. No Malibu key issues list. I'm contemplating super hard on a Valiant key issues list, but just out of curiosity, which character would you guys recommend first?

    4. Ace, I agree...though the comics were pretty bad investments...I did enjoy some of the stories, and you reminded me of Pitt, dude! I really liked that character. I think I still have a few copies of issue #1 (gotten from comic lots) and #2 and #3, which I bought as a teen cause I liked the stories. Oh, yeah and The Maxx too. Some really great reads I thought back in the day.

    5. Hey Mayhem,
      Harbinger, Rai and Magnus would come out on top of my list.
      Triple A

    6. Will put those ideas in the pipeline Triple A

  3. Mayhem, you make Mr. T happy again. Keep bringin' it on! Mr. T

    1. Will do Mr. T and glad you liked it, man!