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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spawn Comic Book Key Issues Part 2

Alrighty, we're here with Spawn comic book key issues Part 2, and like I mentioned in Part 1 to this Spawn key issues series, this list is done more for fans of the character than the nonsense of speculation.

I won't dive heavily into variants until the end of this series, so hold on when it comes to those. They will pop up and I won't ignore them. 

For now, I will mention direct editions and newsstand editions quite heavily. So, whether you're just getting into Spawn comics or have been a fan of the series for a long time, this Spawn key issues list should be a bit of fun. Also, the covers are pretty amazing to gawk at as well.

Click the Part 1 link if you happened to miss it, but if not, enjoy Part 2!

Spawen #7 comic cover
2nd appearance of Overt-kill
Destruction of Overt-kill
1st published Randy Queen art

Notice I didn't say death of, and that's because this character keeps getting destroyed and dismantled when it comes to the Image Universe. He was first dismantled in this issue by Spawn, who relies on his special forces training and brings out some heavy weapons for the rematch with Overt-kill.

Definitely my favorite cover out of the early Spawn issues. Probably because it brings some Punisher flavor to it.

Randy Queen is the comic artist who created Darkchylde, and CGC is noting this issue as Randy Queen's first published art. The newsstand edition does not have the pull out poster of the Spawn Mobile but the direct edition does.

The 2nd appearance of Overt-kill in Spawn #7 was published January, 1993.

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Spawn #9 comic book cover image
Neil Gaiman scripts
1st appearance of Angela
1st appearance of Cogliostro

The famous writer and creator of the Sandman comic series, Neil Gaiman, scripts Spawn #9 and sees the first appearance of Angela, whom has become an extremely popular fan favorite character within the Spawn comic series. This enemy of Spawn is an Angel and bounty hunter, tasked by Heaven to oppose Spawn.

Well, at least, that's how Angela started in the Image Comics. She did transition from Image over to Marvel recently. She first appeared in Age of Ultron #10, and Marvel revamped her to be the long lost sister of Thor and Loki.

Purty lame but it is what it is. Well, Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane created Angela, and there was a lawsuit that happened over the character. Apparently Todd had agreed that Gaiman retain creator rights to the character, but as the character was furthered used post Gaiman's work on Spawn, McFarlane skipped out on paying Gaiman.

The claim was that Gaiman was under work for hire and that all his co-creations were owned by McFarlane. Also there was no legal contract stating otherwise. Gaiman filed a lawsuit against McFarlane and Image Comics. Finally in 2012, the dispute was settled and Gaiman won full ownership of Angela.

So, guess who sold or licensed the character to Marvel? There are two editions of this comic. There is the direct edition, known as Spawn #9D, and the newsstand edition, Spawn #9N. The newsstand edition has the UPC bar code and the direct edition does not. Newsstand variants are harder to find in the market currently.

Spawn #9 also sees the first appearance of Cogliostro, the alley bum that's also revealed to be a Hellspawn. Medieval Spawn also makes his first appearance in this issue as well. This comic was published March, 1993. 

eBay - No problem finding a raw copy on eBay and there are some newsstand editions as well. The newsstand editions located are asking for some pretty hefty prices. One is a CGC 9.0 Spawn #7N (Newsstand). Quite a few CGC 9.8s currently and one is even a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. Stan Lee? Guess it's true that he will sign anything.

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Spawn #10 image cover
Cerebus appearance
Superman cameo

Written by Dave Sim with art by Todd McFarlane, this is probably one of the wackiest issues in the series. Cerebus crosses over and this issue details a surreal journey Spawn takes about the politics of the comics industry and rights of creators.

Spawn #10 gives many references or guest appearances by Superman and other major characters in comics. Arms of certain notable characters reaching through prison bars is seen in this comic. Cerebus is shown in full however.

I find this issue ironic since later McFarlane would be sued by Neil Gaiman in a creator rights lawsuit. This issue was published May, 1993 and there is a direct edition and a newsstand edition for this issue also.

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Spawn #12 comic cover
1st full appearance of Jason Wynn
1st appearance of Grandma Blake

When it comes to Spawn villains, Jason Wynn is definitely a major or important one. After all, he is responsible for the assassination of Al Simmons, and the villainous character also transforms into a super-powered adversary for Spawn just a few issues later.

Jason Wynn is a CIA director for the United States Security Group. In the Image world of comics, Jason Wynn is perhaps the most powerful man in the world. Nobody had more politicians in his pocket book than Wynn. He also has alliances with underworld mob organizations as well to complete his badassness.

Jason Wynn did appear in issue #1 but as a cameo and in flash back. Spawn #12 also sees the first appearance of Grandma Blake, Wanda's grandmother. She is blind and highly religious and thinks Spawn is the angel of Al Simmons.

Big 1st appearance considering Spawn and Image comics key issues. Spawn #12 was published July, 1993.

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Spawn #13 image
Chapel classic crossover

Like other publishing companies, the top super star artists of the 90s wanted to establish a shared continuity as well. Concerning Spawn, Rob Liefeld's Youngblood character Chapel would be woven into the origin and mythos of Al Simmons.

In Spawn #13, Spawn remembers the identity of his killer, and it so happens to be another government assassin who goes by the name Chapel. Bruce Stinson was an associate and friend of Al Simmons, and they often worked together. When Jason Wynn lied and convinced Stinson that Simmons was a traitor and needed to be taken out, Bruce fulfilled the request.

In this issue, Spawn confronts Chapel and the two battle each other. Spawn clearly gets the upper hand and disfigures his one time associate's face. This disfigurement is the iconic look that Chapel brandishes throughout his comic career.

Pretty cool origin story for both characters and a way to link these two together. Chapel would appear in more Spawn issues later as well. August, 1993 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Spotted one newsstand edition currently. There are of course plenty of direct editions. As for slabbed copies of this key issue, there are zero so far.

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Spawn #14 cover
2nd appearance of Medieval Spawn

Medieval Spawn gets his 2nd appearance in Spawn #14. In his first appearance, Angela reveals that she killed Medieval Spawn and is set out to destroy the modern version.

However, in this tale that ends in issue #15, Violator recounts his battle with Medieval Spawn. Spawn #14 was published September, 1993.

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Some pretty interesting keys in Part 2 of this key comic book issues series dedicated to Spawn. What I'm loving is looking at all these covers again. It's fun to talk about the issues as well, especially the ones I remember reading.

Have to say that Spawn #16 is favorite cover out of the Part 2 issues featured, but back in the day Iost my mind when I first saw the cover to Spawn #7. Good memories for sure.

Believe it or not, this exactly won't be a short series. The Spawn universe is actually bigger than most think. How could it not when you're dealing with concepts like Heaven, Hell, Demons and Angels?

So, if you missed Part 1, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to go back and check that out. Otherwise, Part 3 and more Spawn comic book key issues are ready so just click the PART 3 link below to continue reading. Thanks for reading!


  1. The Angela character is really awesome! Been on the hunt for Spawn #9 for quite a while, I found a super high grade copy of it at my local shop just yesterday for a buck! Super pumped!

    1. Awesome Wayne and congrats! I have to agree that Angela is one of the coolest Spawn characters from that series.

  2. Mayhem my man,
    don' t know if they belong into your list, but I remember there always was some buzz about Spawn 19 and 21 being somewhat scarce.

    1. Spawn #18 and 21 surely do belong in this series, and they are low distribution issues. I already have them plugged into Part 3 of the series.

    2. I believe I remember reading somewhere that newsstand versions were 1 : 100 JW

    3. Awesome JW and thanks for bringing that up. Was curious about it.