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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Silk Key Comic Book Issues

Another quickie and pardon the expression, but since this character is very new but very hot right now, we'll be covering her very short list of Silk key issues. Okay, this one was a request as well, and it was requested a few weeks back.

So, apologies on getting to this one so late. As for actually recommending these as long-term comic investments, you all know what I think about 99.9% of modern comics. However, we are talking about an Amazing Spider-Man character and fans of this generation are taking to her quite nicely.

In short, she's a popular character and I do not think she'll be going away anytime soon. So here's another short and sweet key issues list.

1st cameo appearance as Cindy Moon
Origin of Silk

Amazing Spider-Man #1 from the 3rd series sees the first appearance of Cindy Moon. She actually seen in flashback and is unnamed.

Her face is not shown either, and since this flashback scene has to do with Peter's origin of being bit by the spider that turned him into Spider-Man, it was revealed that the same spider also bit a dark haired girl who remains nameless in this story.

Cindy's face is also not shown in this issue and would remain that way in her other initial appearance in issue #2 and #3. Cindy Moon or Silk was created by Dan Slott. Yes, the same Dan Slott who did the whole let's kill Peter Parker and have Doctor Octopus inhabit Peter's body in the Superior Spider-Man story.

Well, at least something good came out of it, I suppose. It seems like Cindy Moon is a popular character, but I'm wondering if she's actually popular among actual comic fans or more for comic speculators? Amazing Spider-Man #1 volume 3 was published June, 2014.

eBay - Saw a few copies of #1 from the 3rd series on eBay. Seems to be more variant covers than the regular cover. Only saw one CGC 9.8 for regular cover as well.

mycomicshop - A lot of copies here including raw and CGCs. NMs are the highest raw grades and there's two. Eight CGC 9.8 copies on consignment at the moment. Some are up or going up for auction.

NewKadia - Only one VF+ copy here at the moment.

Character's first name is revealed as Cindy

Cindy Moon is never fully shown in this issue as well, but her name is revealed to be Cindy. It's kind of like the whole Mary Jane Watson thing, where you don't actually see her in her first couple of appearances.

Don't really know if the first time her name is revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #3 is considered a big key issue or a big deal, but here it is anyway. Probably a minor key issue for Silk, but still a key nonetheless. Amazing Spider-Man #3 was published August, 2014.

eBay - Saw a few copies of this cover on eBay. Don't really feel like wading through the eBay search result mess as there's a lot of other issues related to this one. No CGC copies of yet for those who like their comics slabbed.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in stock at the moment. Ridiculous at all the cover variants for issue #1. You will have to scroll way down to the bottom to even get to issue #2.

1st appearance of Silk
1st full appearance of Cindy Moon

Apparently, here's the big one that the market is going coo coo over. This issue actually sees the first full appearance of Silk. Her face is actually shown, and I believe she even dons a costume in this issue also.

I've actually talked to some fans out there who think this character is cool, so there you go. So, apparently a few sources made a big deal about Cindy Moon or Silk being an Asian American female superhero.

Well, she isn't the first Asian female superhero in comics, but the hype is saying that she is the first Asian American female superhero to actually get her own solo and self-titled comic series. So, I suppose, that is pretty cool and could be considered a big deal. However, Jubilee from the X-Men did get her own short-lived self titled series in 2004 and 2005.

Anyways, this comic is hot even if the hype isn't correct. Luke Cage is the first African American superhero to get his own self-titled solo comic. The first non-superhero African American comic character to get his own short-lived comic series was Lobo from Dell Comics.

This comic was published less than a year ago in September, 2014.

eBay - As expected, a limited selection on eBay currently for the first appearance of Silk. Both the regular and Ramos variant located. No CGC yet, but I'm betting quite a few will pop up in the very near future.

mycomicshop - Out of stock here for now. May have more in the future. Plenty of the variant covers at mycomicshop though.

2nd appearance of Silk
1st appearance of Blackcat's gang
1st appearance of Goblin King

Since 2nd appearances of characters are garnering more attention in the market, this is the 2nd appearance of Silk. I'm not too familiar with this series, so I won't talk about it too much.

As for other key notations, this issues sees the first appearance of Blackcat's gang, whatever that's about. I think Electro is in it. Also the first appearance of Goblin King, also known as Phil Urich, makes his debut in this issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #5 volume 3 was published October, 2014.

eBay - Only a few copies of this one on eBay currently also. All raw copies and there is a variant cover for this issue on there for now. Only one though.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy in stock for cover #5A. There is a 5B and another variant cover as well.

3rd appearance of Silk
1st appearance of Beetle

I'm disregarding all the stupid Previews magazine or Marvel Preview claims about appearances for characters. It's just wicked lame to me. Amazing Spider-Man #6 volume 3 is an actual comic book, intended to be a comic book with a story about a character or characters to be read. Not a magazine that showcases upcoming comics and little preview summaries about what happens in the actual comic.

Pinups, ads, and posters and previews are just promotional items to get you to buy the actual comic. Damn, have a picture of a character on a comic con flyer that precedes the actual 1st, 2nd or 3rd appearance of the character in a comic issue, and somebody is gonna try to tote that flyer as the 1st or 2nd or 3rd appearance.

So, issue #6 is the 3rd appearance of Silk in an actual comic book story. She's seen in more than just a panel or two, and her and Spidey go up against Blackcat's gang of her and Electro.

Also, Beetle makes his first appearance as one of Hobgoblin's minions in this issue also. This comic was published November, 2014.

eBay - Only saw two of the regular cover on eBay at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Raw NM and FN copies for the regular #6A cover here in stock.

1st Silk classic crossover
1st Silk team up

First time Silk crossover into another title other than Amazing Spider-Man. Of course, when I note this as the first Silk team up, I mean it's the first outside of Amazing Spider-Man as well. Silk teams up with Spidey in plenty of issues before this one.

This issue is another one linked to the whole Spider-Verse concept that Dan Slott created. Not a big fan of the writer or the series, but anyways.

This is an early key issue for Silk, so it's on here. Whether it should be seen as a big deal or not, I leave up to you or actual fans of the newer stuff. Spider-Woman #1 volume 5 was published January, 2015.

eBay - Raw copies available on eBay. There's also the variant cover that was controversial for being too sexy or sexist or whatever. That variant is going for some ridiculous prices. I did see a CGC 9.8 of the regular cover on there. Not sure how many slabbers there are as eBay's search is a mess for this issue.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here for the regular cover and it's a NM that's in stock. There's also a few copies for the overtly sexy and sexist variant cover available as well.

NewKadia - Only one NM+ copy in stock.

1st issue to self titled series

As usual, it always seems to be the first issue to the first self-titled series of a popular character that gets a decent nod in demand. So this issue is being made a big deal because it's the first time an Asian American female superhero gets her very own self-titled comic series.

As I mentioned before, I suppose it is a big deal since it's never been done before. We call it comic history!

Not to disregard the fact that Silk does have fans out there. She may become the next Gambit or Deadpool of this generation in terms of popularity. Remember, those two came out during the Copper Age.

I cannot say either way, but I've always tried to mention here and there on this site that there are more female comic fans out there now and growing! And, yes, I think it's cool that there are.

Silk #1 was published April, 2015.

eBay - As usual, a ba-zillion gimmick variant covers for this issue. I did see a few of the regular covers. No CGC for the regular cover but there's one for one of variant covers if you're into slabs and variants.

mycomicshop - Only one NM copy here in stock at the moment.

So, Silk was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos and she is a character that's about a year old. This key issues list was done out of a request.

I seriously have no opinion either way about whether these are good solid comic investments or not. Dan Slott is the super genius who came up with the whole Superior Spider-Man concept, and I did read those issues leading up to #1 and #1. I didn't care much for all.

However, honestly, I have no idea about Silk as I didn't care to read the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man series, also spear-headed by Dan Slott. So I have no idea about Silk or whether she's a cool character or not.

Therefore, it would not be fair to give an opinion about the character. I leave it up to you and the fans of this character to decide, but seriously when it comes to asking me if these are comics you should snag up, you're asking the wrong guy.

I have no opinion or even a sliver of interest in thinking about that question when it comes to this character. Once again, I leave it up to you.


  1. Hey Mayhem, I don't know if it's been requested or not but can you do a showcase key issue list with all the movies coming out and everything I would appreciate that

    1. Not following mean showcase the comic title?

    2. yes because you make lists with the here and there but a complete list would be awesome :)

    3. i think he means showcase as in movies and not showcase the comic title. am i correct?

    4. no I mean showcase as in the comics titled showcase with a lot of characters first appearances there

    5. Gotcha Gabriel, it's in the pipeline bro!

    6. sorry thats my bad. read it wrong. it would be cool to have a movie thread though.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks I think it's more important than ever because of all the movies coming out

  3. Hiya Mayhem, to be honest, I absolutely don' t know if or when you ever sleep!? Absolutely great dedication to our love. In my opinion you deserve an eisner! Anyway, back to my question. I' m not sure if you are a fan of investing in variant covers, but I would like to hand you the task of naming some which are indeed potential moneymakers. I bet you could make a list in your sleep :-) :-)

    Your devoted follower
    Uncle Ben

    1. Thanks UB...even when I don't post anything, I'm still working behind the scenes. Not a fan of investing in variant covers, but I will try to tackle one in the near future as I'm intrigued by the challenge of it alone. It won't really do much with the investing side of it, so if there are not any that I feature, it is by no means anything personal.

      Actually, my knowledge of variants is quite limited. I'd have to have both eyes open and toothpicks to prop them open to keep me from falling asleep.

  4. Uncle Ben, hu? Isn' t he kinda... dead?

    Aunt May

  5. Great idea Ben!
    That reminds me of that Wizard list (Who wants to be a millionaire) that named comics for potential big paydays later. Can you believe it had Siege 3 (Deadpool Variant) and Buffy Nr. 1 (Photo Cover Variant) in it? I would agree more on the other listings (Iron Man 55, Tomb of Dracula 1, Bone 1, Daredevil Vol. 2, 26, Ultimate Spiderman 1, 52 Nr. 11, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E 0, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose 1).

    Speculation Jones

  6. What if Venom posessed Deadpool seems to be going through the roof on ebay. Does anyone know why? Wish I bought this one a few month before.

    Triple A

    1. Well, we got Venom and then Deadpool. Two hot and very popular characters. It's actually an interesting concept. I wonder why they never did it the What If stories!

  7. I' m intrigued by that variant cover theme...
    I was wondering, what was the first variant cover in comics anyway? That one should definitely be on the list!

    Max Rebo

    1. You mean variant cover artwork? I know this, and it's not as impressive as you may

    2. It just may have to do with Cyber-Monkies! BWAHAHAHA!

  8. Hey folks,

    I think Mayhem is not very fond of that variant cover theme, so don' t expect him to dish anything out in the near future... to some level I agree with him, I mean, what do most of those mags have going for them besides being scarce? Publishers pull that card for comics that have nothing to offer (like new storyline, new character et.) or to boost sales (like with the Nr. 1 of a comic). Such a list would only make sense for key issues, like for example, that one comic who had the marriage of a gay couple for the first time...


    1. Heya, Ace, you are right on the money there. Although I hold very little inny teency wincy love for variants, I will whip up a series for the pure challenge of it, but it won't be a one geared towards investment side per say. It will be one more about the historical aspect of variant covers, with a little bit of the investment jargon thrown in, and some personal ones that I just think are cool aside from the monetary value.

      It will be done in the near future. Thanks for relaying my opinion about variants though, it saved me a lot of typing, and good to hear from you, man! Kudos and thanks a million!

  9. Yo Mayhem,
    just got me my Deadpool 1 from the ongoing series. Totally pumped!

    1. I do have a Deadpool key issues list from long ago. It only details New Mutants #98, The first Deadpool comic series and another one. I forgot. I do need to expand on it. Here's the link

  10. Hi Mayhem,

    no time to sleep! Get to work on that Valiant special! That dude from allready had a feature today. Listen, there are rumors concerning major movie & tv deals with the Valiant line. So excited about that one!!! Now' s the time to invest. We need your help...


    1. If the guy from already did a feature on Valiant keys to snag up, why would "we" need my help on the Valiant line?

  11. The monster is growing. People aren't interested in the stories and characters anymore. Its all about the chromium covers and die-cut covers. Oops, I meam, variant covers. It's happening all over again!!!

    1. No, pure speculators who have no real love for the characters or comics and are in the market purely to drive up prices on junk comics and purely interested in hype and the money are reverting the industry back into the 90s speculation market, and like with the 90s, the sucker will crash because of them.

    2. History repeats itself...sad but true...only I don't want any part of it...learned my lesson from the 90s. Give me solid comic investments with substance, historical value, or characters that have proven to last with a solid and still growing fanbase any day over gimmick covers or way overprinted 90s comics.

  12. Hey Mayhem,

    seems like I opened up another classic: that variant cover thing. It' s been splitting fanboys for years... We all know the downsides - but I think the upside is, it brings new collectors into our hobby. I mean, if you start, you can ' t afford that Incredible Hulk 181 or who knows what is going for thousands of dollars. You will be happy to own that piece which comes at a 1 in 100 ratio. So don' t be so hard on them collecting fellas...

    Yours, Uncle Ben

  13. Here are 2 books of silk.
    Silk # 1 comic per cover there only 200 copies made its very rare.

    And the amazing Spider Man volume 3#4
    The black cat white cover, the back ground all black.