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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Showcase Key Issues Part 5

Welcome to Part 5, and not surprisingly we have more Showcase key issues to feature here. We're moving a long fast and nearing the end. Still in the good ole Silver Age, and we'll see the first Silver Age appearance of yet another Golden Age character here.

We got two more parts left, so if you missed Part 4, you know what that link does if you click it. Otherwise, here's more key issues from the Showcase comic title.

4th appearance of Metal Men
2nd appearance of Chemo

Showcase #40 has the 4rth appearance of the Metal Men and Dr. William Magnus. This key issue also holds the 2nd appearance of Chemo.

Surprisingly, the character of Chemo has appeared in the in "Journey to the Center of the Bat", an episode of the animated television series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Chemo is also a character in the multiplayer online role-playing game DC Universe Online. Will he make a movie or television live action appearance? Who knows?

September, 1962 is the publishing date for Showcase #40.

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Origin of Tommy Tomorrow

Tommy Tomorrow's first appearance is in the Golden Age issue of Real Fact Comics #6, published January, 1947. The character of Tommy Tomorrow evolved from the everyday future man to a futuristic police officer.

Showcase #41 was the revamped version of Tommy Tomorrow and the origin story is in two parts that extends to Showcase #42. It details his time at the West Point of Space just like the cover notes.

Showcase #41 was published November, 1962.

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mycomicshop - Two raw copies here and the highest is a VG minus.

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1st solo Golden Age Green Lantern in Silver Age
1st Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy

First solo Golden Age Green Lantern in the Silver Age? Well, since the revival of many of DC's Golden Age characters during the Silver Age, Alan Scott was mainly seen with the Justice Society of America as a group.

However, in Showcase #55, Alan Scott is in a comic without his superhero team mates. This issue also sees the first Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy, Green Lantern's old Golden Age foe.

Quite an over-looked Silver Age Green Lantern key issue currently and worth owning just for the first Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy alone.

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3rd appearance of the Teen Titans
2nd appearance of Wonder Girl
The young superhero group makes their way to the pages of Showcase, the legendary title that saw the first appearances of the Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern.

Showcase #59 marks the Teen Titans 3rd full appearance in comic books, as well as the 2nd appearance of Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. This issue isn't yet noted as Wonder Girl's 2nd appearance on Overstreet nor CGC, but it is. December, 1965 is when this issue was published.

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1st appearance S.A. Spectre
1st appearance of Azmodus
The Golden Age Spectre is revived in the Silver Age of comics in this issue.I believe this is still Jim Corrigan and his character would be further expanded on during this era. He is a popular DC Comics character, and this issue marks the first Silver Age appearance of the Spectre.

Azmodus is one of the more notorious villains for the Spectre and makes his first appearance in this issue here as well. Double whammy first appearance key issue. Showcase #60 was published February, 1966.

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1st appearance of Inferior Five
Origin of Inferior Five
Okay, not an extremely major key, but this is a parody team that pokes fun at the DC Comic characters as well as parodies some Marvel characters as well. It's all in good fun and a bit humorous.

So the Inferior Five is actually the sons and daughters of a team called the Freedom Brigade, which was a parody of the Justice League of America. The stories take place on Earth 12.

The team consists of Merryman, the leader with a brilliant mind but a weakling's body. Blimp can fly only when propelled by tailwind, meaning he can only fly extra slow. Awkwardman has mad abilities in water but extremely clumsy on land.

Then there's Dumb Bunny, who is super strong but dumb. The character just happens to be a blonde female as well. Hmmmm?

Then there's White Feather, an extremely good archer if he were not overly cowardly and afraid of most everything. This group later got their own short-lived series in which Marvel parodies such as the Kookie Four (Fantastic Four) and Cobweb Kid (Spider-Man) made guest appearances.

June, 1966 was when the Inferior Five made their debut and Showcase #62 was published.

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Some good ones here and some questionable ones. Actually, I think an Inferior Five movie would be cool. It'd be a good way for everyone to laugh at superhero movies for a bit, kinda like how the Scary Movie franchise did with horror flicks.

An intentional comedic film about a group of dysfunctional superheroes might ease the tension to a lot of the backlash concerning the superhero take over in the movie biz, which we are starting to see signs of annoyance from the general population outside of the comic fanatics.

Click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 4 to this series. Click the PART 6 link to continue.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    totally agree on your last statement. Would be great to see more disfunctional heroes.
    Like, for instance, remember the Mystery Men film? It had these characters from the Flaming Carrot comic and I thought it was cool.


    1. Kinda made me think of Kick Ass, which I thought the first one (movie) was hilarious. I remember Flaming Carrot. Never saw the Mystery Men film. When did that happen?

    2. Hey Mayhem,

      it was 1999. The film even got some credits. It had a great superhero-casting episode and Ben Stiller in it. O.K., having Ben Stiller in it doesn' t automatically make it a good movie ;-) But anyway, go on, rent it! Would like to hear your opinion...


    3. Okay, I remember the movie...was pretty funny! I think I'll Netflix it again just to watch it again...don't really remember what went down in that movie.

  2. Hi Mayhem,
    hi Ace,

    remember that one from 99. The Shoveller - hilarious! You could also think about Doompatrol, with great characters like Flex Mentallo and Danny the street! It falls in the same mold. If you take the run from Grant Morrison, that would make for an awesome movie! His stories are so out of here, that could really become something new. Well, sorry, Mayhem, but as a long time fan of that series I had to ask for this: DOOM PATROL KEY ISSUE SPECIAL!

    Triple A

    1. Doompatrol in the pipeline Triple A.

    2. Mayhem my man,

      I' m thrilled! I' m pumped! Can' t wait to see this one. That really means a lot to me. But be warned: should be some work involved here. Sure will be worth all your sweat, if someone else will read it and hop onto the crazy wagon that Doom Patrol is.

      Triple A

  3. A Flaming Carrot Movie would be so cool!! He would kick that raccoons ass any time.
    And don' t get me started on them cyborg monkeys again. Can' t put in here what he would do do them...

    Max Rebo

    1. Not a big Rocket Raccoon fan, but I do like me some cyborg monkeys.