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Friday, March 27, 2015

Showcase Key Comic Issues Part 2

Part 2 to this Showcase key comic issues list and there is one major key issue in this part. Most are for characters that were but aren't that popular anymore. Still, don't let that fool you.

Some of the keys are still pretty up there in price at high grades. Silver Age DC Comics did not take very long in this market to heat up. They did so quite fast.

Anyways, if you missed Part 1, click the link to go back. Enjoy Part 2 and more Showcase key issues.

4th appearance of S.A. Flash
1st appearance of Dr. Alchemy

Despite being a 4th appearance of the Silver Age Flash, this is by no means a cheap buy anymore. As stated before, the Flash is the first character responsible for the superhero revival.

With the TV show and announced movie appearances, this character is riding pretty high. Then again, he's always been a DC fan favorite, so really no surprise there. This comic also sees the first appearance of Dr. Alchemy, who later becomes Mister Element in the DCU.

Dr. Alchemy does become a member of the Rogues, pretty popular group of villains that Barry Allen as the Flash has had to deal with on a number of occasions.

June, 1958 was when this comic was published, and this is one of the more solid DC Comics Silver Age key issues.

eBay - I counted 14 copies on eBay at the moment. 10 of them are slabbed. Highest two are CGC 6.0 FNs. Next highest is a 5.0 VG/FN. There are two PGX copies and the highest PGX is a 4.0 VG. Raw copies available but not a lot.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies here and one CGC. Slabbed copy is a VG minus and the highest is a raw VG+.

ComicLink - Three CGC copies and the highest is a FN. Other two CGC copies are a VG+ and a VG minus. Two raw copies and the highest is a FN minus and the other is so low it's not really worth mentioning.

1st Space Ranger
1st appearance Myra Mason
1st appearance of Cryll

Space Ranger was actually popular back in the day, and Showcase #15 was his tryout series like many of DC Characters were during the superhero revival of the Silver Age. Space Ranger is Rick Starr, a once executive at Allied Solar Enterprises who becomes a futuristic space adventuring hero.

This guy is like the Batman of DC's Science Fiction world. So, he doesn't really have any superpowers or anything, but he sure has a bunch of neat gadgets. Not sure if this guy was ever popular enough to get his own comic series though.

Showcase #15 also sees the first appearance of Myra Mason, Starr's girlfriend or love interest. Cryll is Space Ranger's little, pink, alien sidekick. 

As for those who are scratching their heads about why I bothered putting this one on here, think Guardians of the Galaxy. Who ever thought Marvel would want to make a feature film about those cats.

This comic was published August, 1958.

eBay - Not that many copies. Only three are slabbed. Highest is a CGC 4.5 in terms of slabs. Raw copies for this one are close to their CGC or PGX counterparts in price. Don't think that's quite right, but then again, not my comics I'm trying to sell either.

ComicConnect - All raw copies here and there's three of them Highest raw copy is a FN+ followed by a VG+.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies with the highest being a 7.0 FN/VF. Other slabbed CGC copy is a 3.0 GD/VG. Some raw VG copies here and raw copies lower than that.

2nd Space Ranger
2nd appearance Myra Mason
2nd appearance Cyrll
1st appearance Thadeus Starr

Here's the 2nd appearance of Space Ranger, his girlfriend Myra Mason, and sidekick Cyrll. Showcase #16 sees the first appearance of Thadeus Starr who is Rick Starr's father and a pretty big honcho in the Space Ranger mythos. Thadeus Starr is an important supporting character for Space Ranger.

Despite being from the future, Space Ranger does travel to the 20th Century to aid such superheroes such as Batman and Green Lantern from time to time.

September, 1958 was when Showcase #16 and the 2nd appearance of Space Ranger was published.

eBay - Limited selection for this one also. Only one slabbed CBCS copy at a 4.5 VG+. Raw copies also there as well.

mycomicshop - CBCS 4.5 VG+ located here. Probably the same one on eBay and probably cheaper her at mycomicshop even with the buyer's premium charge, because the sucker is on consignment.

ComicConnect - Two raw copies in the lower grade here. Highest is a GD/VG.

ComicLink - Only one CGC copy and it's a Restored 4.0 VG. All the rest are raw and the highest is a VG.

1st appearance of Adam Strange
Origin of Adam Strange

Still not that quite sure about superhero comics, it looks like DC Comics still wanted to kick out more Science Fiction heroes in their world of comics. Enter the first appearance of Adam Strange in Showcase #17.

Working in the country of Caramanga in South America as an archeologist, a tribe of hostile Incan villagers suddenly begin chasing Adam. Just after he manages to lose them, his body is struck by a strange beam of energy.

The energy ray is known as a Zeta-Beam, and it teleports Adam Strange twenty-five trillion miles through space to the planet of Rann. Therefore, the Rannians make their first appearance in this issue.

Other important supporting characters that make their first appearance in this story are Alanna and Sardath. Alanna is now known as Alanna Strange, and Sardath is Alanna's father. He just happens to be the greatest scientific mind on Rann.

Showcase #17 was published December, 1958. Adam Strange's 2nd appearance is in the next issue #18.

eBay - Only four copies here at the moment. Only one CGC and the rest are raw copies. CGC is a 4.5 VG+.

ComicConnect - Only one FN minus raw copy here for the moment.

1st appearance of Rip Hunter
Origin of Rip Hunter
1st appearance of Time Masters

Still more Science Fiction themed comics from DC during this time. Showcase #20 sees the first appearance of Rip Hunter and the Time Masters.

Rip Hunter is a mad genius who builds a Time Sphere, which is basically a time machine contraption. Thus, this team's adventures begin.

The Time Masters are Rip Hunter's group of time travelers. Among the members are Bonnie Baxter, her young brother Corky, and Jeff Smith. They all make their first appearances here.

Showcase #20 was published June, 1959.

eBay - Five copies only on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Only slabbed copy is a CGC 6.0 FN Universal Label. Rest are raw copies.

2nd appearance of Rip Hunter
2nd appearance of Time Masters

In the second story to Rip Hunter and his Time Masters, they team up with Alexander the Great while looking for the lost city of Atlantis. They do meet some other characters in their adventure here, but they are mainly single appearances.

No first appearances worth noting in this issue. The 2nd appearance of Rip Hunter and the Time Masters in Showcase #21 was published July, 1959.

eBay - Spotted about 10 copies so far. No slabbed copies though at the time of this writing. May change in the near future though.

mycomicshop - Only one GD+ raw copy on consignment at the moment.

ComicConnect - Only one GD raw copy here.

More Showcase key issues are in Part 3 to this series so just click the link below. Quite a few of these are already up there in the market for some pretty minor DC Comics characters. 

They are early Silver Age key issues, however. Anyways, click the PREVIOUS link below to go back to Part 1.


  1. Great Series Mayhem! I love these books! I have #13 (3rd flash) and I got it for either $40 or $50 cgc 2.5, and now it seems like it has gotten pricey. (tv show, JLA movie) I can't wait to see your take on some of the upcoming #'s. ROCK ON!! lk

    1. Thanks LK, great, great vision in snagging that 3rd Flash. I'm quite amazed at how fast DC Comics Silver Age just blew up. One second over-looked and then Whoosh! Took off like a rocket. Well, despite all the movie hype, it is a solid key and should be recognized. Flash did kick start the Silver Age revival of superheroes, so I respect that. Rock On, LK!

  2. hey mayhem watch out with the 4rth someone may get onto you again I read it and all I can see is the word earth. LOL JW

    1. by the way after reading what your said about x-men 1 deal I felt the same way thanks for your input. I see you already changed 4rth lol JW

    2. Haha! Yeah, I just copied and pasted that listing from the Green Lantern key issues and didn't spot that...thanks for catching that JW. Hahaha, man, gotta admit that was classic.

      Just my take on biggie...was a hard thought process...kinda jumped the gun at first when I first answered but then took longer to think about it. Have 'em kick in a Star Wars #1 35 cent variant CGC 9.8 and it's a DEAL! lol just kidding....sorta!