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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shadowman Key Comic Book Issues

Due to requests, I'm gonna try to tackle some Valiant key issues since there is hype about movies and TV shows that are in the works for some of these characters. Shadowman is just one of the characters currently in the works.

I make no claim to whether these are good comic investments. Most of the older readers of this site know my answer to that, so I won't beat the same dead horse.

No rest for the wicked here. Like all the key issues lists on this site, they aren't just for buyers. They can also be used as a resource check list to see if you have them in your collection and want to sell.

Here's some keys concerning Valiant's Shadowman. Invest in them at your own risk.

1st Jack Boniface cameo appearance

This is simply known as the first appearance of Jack Boniface, the man who would become Shadowman. Yes, it's true the character does show up in a cameo in X-O Manowar.

Jack Boniface is a jazz saxophone player in New Orleans before he becomes one of Valiant's more well-known of characters. It's been reported that Ice T is a fan of Shadowman and one time even approached Acclaim Entertainment about spearheading a motion picture during the very late 90s. The offer was declined and not surprised.
X-O Manowar #4 was published May, 1992.

1st full appearance of Shadowman
Partial Origin of Shadowman
1st appearance of Netti
1st appearance of Samedi

In this very first self-titled on-going series, we see the first full appearance and partial origin of Shadowman. Jack Boniface is attacked one night and barely survives.

A mysterious organization known as The Coven empowers Jack with the Darque power, giving him super strength, fearlessness, and an over whelming drive to hunt down evil.

At night, he puts on a mask and becomes the vigilante known as Shadowman. Netti is Jack's housekeeper and is a recurring supporting character throughout the series. She is the one who senses a loa, or spirit named Bosou Koblamin within Jack.

Apparently, this spirit or loa is very much like a spirit of vengeance, a rage against evil. Bosou is the one who stands for Jack. He does not possess him but helps him, according to Nettie. Nettie is a voodoo practitioner. 

Shadowman #1 was published back in May, 1992.

1st appearance of Sousa the Soul Eater

Sosa or Sousa the Soul Eater makes his first appearance in comics in Shadowman #3. He is a crime lord and life sucking villain that is mainly a foe of Shadowman. Not one of the Shadowman keys that is seeing much demand currently but it is a Shadowman key issue.

July, 1992 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Elya
1st appearance of Mr. N' Dour

Elya is a bionisaur pilot in the Lost Land, where the Unity crossover takes place for Valiant Comics. Shadowman #4 is part of this crossover and sees the first appearance of Elya.

This issue also sees the first appearance Mr. N' Dour, who is a would-be Geomancer. A lineage of men and women since 3500 BC, Geomancers have been chosen by the Earth itself to protect it.

Geomancers can communicate with the Earth, read minds, control the natural energy sources of Earth, have healing powers and can make objects bend to their will. They are Valiant's version of the Jedi.

Might be a key worth keeping an eye on since it's part of the Unity crossover, which was immensely popular among fans. Shadowman #5 is also a Unity crossover comic. This comic was published August, 1992.

1st appearance of Clemenceau
1st appearance of Marty
Cameo Master Darque

Marty is Jack Boniface's friend but doesn't really last very long in the series. He dies a few issues later and ends up betraying Jack to Master Darque.

Clemenceau or Mr. Clemenceau is a drug lord that Shadowman goes up against in this issue. He is a pretty minor character and appears here and there in the series. He is employed by Master Darque so this issue might be a key worth watching out in terms of selling.

Also Master Darque makes a cameo of sorts. He is not seen in the issue, but he does speak in it. Not entirely sure if that counts or not, but worth mentioning.

Shadownman #7 was published November, 1992.

1st appearance of Master Darque

This is a big one as Master Darque is a recurring and staple villain for Shadowman and Doctor Mirage as well. Master Darque is a sorcerer of Black Arts magic and has battled with many of Valiant's superheroes.

He makes his first appearance here in Shadowman #8, and this issue is simmering up as a Shadowman movie project has been proposed. This once bargain bin is hitting a small peak at the moment, and the comic was published December, 1992.

1st appearance of Sandria Darque
Death of Marty

Master Darque has a sister and her name is Sandria Darque. Apparently evil and creepiness runs in the family.

Whatever happens to Darque apparently happens to Sandria as well. If there is ever a movie or TV series about Shadowman, there's a more than good chance that Sandria Darque will be in it.

Last I heard, Shadowman is in the works for a movie. Shadowman #10 was published February, 1993.

1st appearance of Doctor Mirage

First appearance of another major player in the Valiant Universe. The original Dr. Mirage makes his debut in a Shadowman comic and he is actually one of the few Asian male superheroes to ever headline his own comic series.

Doctor Mirage is tied to the Darque Power and becomes a positively charged necromantic being. He also has run-ins with Master Darque.

In the newest version Doctor Mirage is a female and Hwen is the husband. The original wife, Carmen, isn't in the rebooted Doctor Mirage comic series I think.

Shadowman #16 sees the first appearance of Doctor Mirage.

1st appearance of Anton Quigley
Origin of Maxim St. James
Origin of Shadowmen

Anton Quigley is the guy who taught Master Darque the Black Arts concerning magic. Maxim St. James is the first Shadowman from around 1895.

Yes, Master Darque was even around at the time. What makes this issue important is that it explains the origin of the Shadowmen, or those who become the Shadowman and what they're all about. At least, important for the 90s version of this character.

April, 1994 was when this comic was published and there are tons of copies of them out there.


Let the ridiculousness begin. During the 90s, one of the tactics that publishers did and still do to get fans and a ton of speculators to buy the same issue multiple times was to release several variant covers. Foil covers were pretty standard and later became known as gimmick covers.

This one here is known as the Gold cover. Obviously, because of the logo box. I do believe it was a foil cover as well.

The gold logo box variants for all the Valiant comics back in the 90s are sought out by fans. The gold logo box books were incentive comics given to those who promoted or supported Valiant back in the day.

Gold logo variants are sought out and pretty scarce in the market. Watch out. There are sellers who don't know any better and are listing the regular chromium covers with the white logo box as the gold variants. 

Gold variants are the ones with the gold or yellow Valiant logo box for these earlier Valiants.


Of course, there were the chromium covers as well. These are worth shit and there's an over abundance of these chromium covers, and like most everything that came out of the 90s, they were grossly over printed.

The only way these comics can be deemed or become rare is if a bunch of collectors who have them just up and decided to burn their copies one magical day. Actually, that pretty much goes for the regular printings of 99.9% of Valiant comics printed back in the 90s.

If you're just a fan of them because you like shiny, sparkly covers, knock yourself out. Shouldn't be hard to find in the least.

1st appearance of Zero
Deadside/Liveside concept
1st full Jaunty

This is the 2nd Shadowman series and writer Garth Ennis puts a bit of a different spin on the character. I believe the first four issues of the 2nd series comes up with the concept of the Deadside.

Apparently Shadowman can walk between the Deadside and Liveside worlds. Only reason I'm putting this issue on here is because the Deadside and Liveside concepts carried over into the Valiant 2002 reboot series and started with this issue.

The 2nd series also brought voodoo more into the stories as well. Jack Boniface was not the Shadowman of the 2nd series. Instead, it was a hitman named Zero

Jaunty is Shadowman's mole in the Deadside. He is the Deadside assistance to Nettie and does appear as a supporting character in the rebooted Shadowman series. March, 1997 was when this comic was published.

First issue to rebooted series
1st appearance of Mr. Twist
1st appearance of Dave Burke
1st appearance of Alyssa and Dox

The character of Jack Boniface is definitely revamped in this series, and if movies are to be made for Shadowman, they will most likely use the more recent version to garner more sales for their current on-going series. Not guaranteed but most likely. It does make sense, but that doesn't mean they won't borrow from the first series either.

In this reboot, Jack Boniface is part of a Shadowman legacy. Apparently his father was the character also and gave his wife an amulet to give to young Jack before facing off with Master Darque.

After his father disappears or is sucked into a portal while battling Master Darque, Jack's mom gives him the amulet and disappears herself. Raised in foster care, Jack Boniface is not a Jazz musician like in the original version.

Instead he works odd jobs around New Orleans. An investigator named Dave Burke comes to tell him that his parents were criminals on the run and his father was charged with homicide. The charge could not be proven in court but his parents were nowhere to be found.

Upset over the news about his parents, Jack throws the amulet into the river, unknowingly tossing away the protection that kept him from being located by evil forces. So, the rebooted story of Shadowman begins.

Alyssa and Dox are allies of the new Shadowman. Mr. Twist is, of course, a villain for the character. He's actually the very first villain for the new Shadowman and is a demon.

November, 2012 was when Shadowman #1 was published.


Okay, these Pullbox thing-a-ma-jiggies are variants that fans have to pre-order with their dealers. Also, I'm not sure what the print run is but Valiant says on their site that they make damn sure they do not over-print these.

I wonder why that is? Ha, ha! Anyways, hence the whole "pullbox" in the title. These are toted as exclusive but I really have no idea how limited they are.

1st appearance of Lionel Devereaux
2nd appearance of Mr. Twist
2nd appearance of Alyssa and Dox

Shadowman has Jaunty as a liaison or ally in the Deadside. Well, so does Master Darque, and his name is Lionel Devereaux. Lionel is a Brethren member and the Liveside liaison to Master Darque.

Shadowman #2 from the rebooted new Valiant series sees the first appearance of Lionel Devereaux. Of course, this issue also has the 2nd appearance of Alyssa and Dox, as well as the villainous Mr. Twist.

Shadowman #2 was published December, 2012.

This is all so far concerning Shadowman. When more movie news hits, such as casting, I may return to this for those of you who are dead set in speculating in these comics now like so many of us did during the 90s.

For those who have been stuck with them forever, this market may be the best time to finally get rid of your ka-zillion copies you got for 13 cents. The issues seeing any kind boost in value is X-O Manowar #4, Shadowman #1, and Shadowman #8 so far.

Other keys are still cheap as cheap should be. Good luck in selling and your hunt!


  1. Great article! Couple of questions:

    - I've heard that Shadowman #7 actually features a cameo of Master Darque. Is that true?
    - Weren't the gold books given away for free? You say they were used to get people to buy multiple copies in the way variants are used today.

    1. No, not all gold logo variants were given away for free. Some were that did not have a price on them. Shadowman #0 gold variant has no price on it but Archer and Armstrong #0 gold did have a price on it.

      The statement of getting collectors to buy multiple copies of the same issue concerning variants had more to do with the foil covers...gimmick covers like the chromium ones. It was a blanket statement addressing variant covers then and now.

      Yes there is a cameo of Master Darque in Shadowman #7, but is not seen. He does speak though. Thanks for reminding me about that. I'll have to fix that.

  2. Hello TMC; its been while I'm glad you are doing a check list of valiant comics. most of my valiant that I had I sold at garage sale know I'm looking for the books that sold. I bought X-O Man o war 1 first X-o man o war , Magnus 5 first Rai, Rai 0 first bloodshot, archer & Armstrong 8 first Ivar the time walker, Bloodshot 6 @ 7 first Ninjak ,shadowman 1 first jack Boniface, X-O Man o war 4 cameo Boniface. Also bought three books but are not comic related fantastic universe science fiction Jan 1956 first minority report two copies, fairy tale parade 9 first snow queen 9 base on frozen movie ) my second copy. looking forward to more valiant listings.

  3. Ola Mayhem,

    I remember some of the Shadowman
    issues from the second or third volume
    being quite scarce. Perhaps you can
    feature them as well. Plus: a great thing
    for collectors were the limited signed editions of certain comics (limited to 3.000 copies) I hunted a few down.

    Max Rebo

  4. Replies
    1. In what way is #6 of the 1999 Acclaim series a key?