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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rai Key Issue Comics

Ok, this is going to be my feeble attempt at a Rai key issues list, because I know very little about the character to be honest. Least, I'm being honest about it.

So, I would take the accuracy here with a grain of salt. Any corrections to the accuracy here, feel free to shout them out in the comments so I can change them.

Most of the print run information is from, so don't bother thanking me for that. Give credit where credit is due. Alright, let's unleash this beast!

1st appearance of Rai
1st appearance of Grandmother
1st Takashi Nakadia
1st Rentaro & Tohru Nakadia
1st appearance Kazuyo Nakadai

Okay, I'm not exactly sure who is the acting Rai in these early appearances. Not quite sure, so if anyone really knows then be sure to set the record straight.

I do know that Rentaro is Tohru's father and the 41st Rai. Tohru Nakadai is his son and refuses to take up the mantle of Rai at first before becoming the 42nd Rai. Takashi Nakadai is Tohru's son and shown in this issue as a baby. Kazuyo Nakadai is Tohru's wife and becomes X-O Commando.

Magnus Robot Fighter #5 is known as the first appearance of Rai regardless, and apparently it's becoming a hard find online. This issue is a flip book so there's two covers. I think it came with cards too, but not sure.

Once again, attempting this keys list humbly. Estimated print run is 85,000, give or take a few. Magnus Robot Fighter #5 was published October, 1991.

2nd appearance of Rai

Here we have the 2nd appearance of Rai and the first Solar crossover. Like Magnus Robot Fighter #5, this comic also contains a coupon for Magnus Robot Fighter #0.

Magnus goes to Japan where he is asked to overthrow Grandmother, a machine that controls the country. Grandmother is the entity that has taken the Blood of Heroes to create the line of Rai as it's sole guardian.

Solar appears to warn Magnus of an impending Spider Alien attack. He also warns him not to carry out his orders in destroying Grandmother. 

This issue has an estimated print run of 75,000 and has the flip book deal. Actually issues #5 through #8 are flipbooks, so I don't have to keep repeating that. 

The 2nd image is not a variant cover. It's the flipbook cover to these issues. This issue was published November, 1991. Be sure to check for the coupon still in tact if you stumble across this one.

3rd appearance of Rai
1st appearance of Grand One
1st appearance of X-O armor

Well, at least they made it easy to find the 3rd appearance of a character in terms of Rai. This one is it.

Grandmother looks like she got messed up from some alien virus and Rai is out for Magnus in this issue. Magnus shows Rai that it was the alien's weapon that did the dirty.

When A-1 arrives, Magnus implants A-1's core inside her in an attempt to revive her. This creates Grand One and this issue is the machine's first appearance. A-1 is an old time character of Magnus back in the Silver Age Dell era. His first appearance is in Magnus Robot Fighter #1.

Other notable appearances is the first appearance of the X-O Armor. 80,000 estimated copies were printed for this one, and Magnus Robot Fighter #7 was published December, 1991.

4th appearance of Rai

Looks like Magnus and Rai have to team up in this issue to kick some alien butt and Rai's wife Kazuyo dons the X-O Armor as well. This is the 4rth appearance of Rai, and the last of the flipbooks to feature Rai before he get's his own titled comic series, I think.

This issue, like the previous ones listed here also contains a coupon for Magnus Robot Fighter #0. This is another issue with an estimated 80,000 copies printed. Could be less actually in the market, but not exactly sure nor can validate that.

Magnus Robot Fighter #8 was published January, 1992, and #3, #11, #12, #13, and #14 have the lowest print runs out of the early Magnus Robot Fighter issues from Valiant Comics. #13 has the lowest of these early issues with the exception of issue #0.

But this isn't a Magnus Robot Fighter key issues list, so I have no idea why I'm noting that. Anyways, onto the next issue in this Rai key issues list.

RAI #1

1st appearance of Makiko Minashi
1st appearance of Isao Seko 
1st issue to self-titled series

Finally, we have Rai's first issue to his own on-going comic series. Rai #1 sees the first appearance of Makiko Minashi, leader of the Healers Restoration Underground. 

After the invasion of the aliens depicted in Rai's early stories in Magnus Robot Fighter #5 through #8, Grandmother leaves the nation of Japan. Makiko Minashi and a group of others blame Rai and believe he allowed her to leave and help put the Humanists in power.

Humanists were a group once known as the Anti-Grannies, an organization who felt oppressed by their lack of control over their lives and believe that Japan's fate belongs to its people. Makiko would be an enemy of Kayuzo, who is a commander for the Humanists.

Isao Seko is another villain who is driven to gain power and even aids the Healers. First appearance of both characters are supposedly in this issue. Estimated 55,000 copies printed if that's a big deal to you.

Rai #1 was published March, 1992.

RAI #2
1st appearance of Icespike

Okay, okay, I know. Icespike doesn't seem to be a major villain or anything but it is still a Rai key issue. Like I said, I wouldn't really know if he was a major villain or not in Rai's world, because I know very little about the character.

It's not a burn against the character or anything. I've never claimed to know everything. All I know is that it seems Icespike is an assassin out to kill Rai, and he is working for Isao Seko.

Also, which seems Valiant fans want me to acknowledge, is that this has an estimated 40,000 print run. Rai #2 was published April, 1992.

RAI #5
1st appearance of Rokland Tate

Pretty important supporting character for both Rai and Magnus Robot Fighter, and the first appearance of Rokland Tate may be in this issue. Not entirely sure just how long he's in the story though so could be a cameo.

Rokland Tate is a Geomancer. This issue leads up to the Unity crossover event, and that event will be important for Rai. Rai #5 was published July, 1992 and has an estimated print run of 40,000.

RAI #7
Unity crossover event
Death of Rai

Part of the Unity crossover event, it seems that Erica Pierce, known as Mothergod, has destroyed Japan and sent it crashing from Earth's orbit somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Yes, I forgot to mention that Japan is or was in Earth's orbit during the early stories of Rai since it does take place in the future.

Rai and a band of Valiant heroes raid Mothergod's citadel to free the captive Sonar. Rai and Mothergod face off while the others search for Sonar. In the end, Tohru Nakadai, the 42nd Rai, sacrifices his life so Sonar could be free and the Unity War won.

The new Rai to take Tohru's place would be revealed after issue #8. September, 1992 was when this issue was published.

RAI #0
1st full appearance of Bloodshot
1st appearance of Rai II
Partial origin

This is the big one here. Bloodshot makes his first appearance in Rai #0. For those who don't know, Rai is actually Valiant's 1st original character.

Rai #0 is the first appearance of the 2nd Rai to appear in Valiant comics. Not saying he's the 2nd Rai in the lineage.

The new Rai, Tokoa Konishi, is the next who takes up the mantle of Rai. He is not Tohru's son and is out of the actual lineage. Tokoa Konishi is known as the last Rai.

He has the same blood as Bloodshot's coursing through his veins...literally. There are several different characters who take up the mantle of Rai, which I'll explain when I get around to doing a Rai key issues list.

This comic explains the Blood of Heroes concept. The blood that courses through Bloodshot's vein is the same blood that is passed down from Rai to Rai. 

November, 1992 was when this comic was published, and it's not exactly rare. Print run is estimated at 150,000.

RAI #9
1st appearance of Future Force
2nd appearance of Tokoa Konishi

When it comes to Rai printings starting from issue #9, they are printed in pretty high numbers. This one has an estimated print run of around 800,000.

The runs get lower by the last few issues, or at least, that's the news going around nowadays. This is a key issue and sees the first appearance of the Future Force. It is also the 2nd appearance of Tokoa Konishi, the new Rai, or last Rai. Whatever.

The Gold edition has an estimated print run of 5,000 copies according to Although still a  key issue, probably better to gun after the Gold copy if you're concerned about the rarity factor.

Most of the Future Force were already introduced prior and in another title. Some are even old Dell characters introduced in the first Magnus Robot Fighter comic series. Spylocke is a character that makes his first appearance in this issue.

Hell, I might as well throw this one in here now. Rai #9 also came with a Valiant Validated Signature Series. It's estimated print run is about 5,500. 

This issue were signed by color artist Kathryn Bollinger and comic artist Sean Chen. They do come with a COA, but it looks like CGC puts these under the Qualified label and not the Universal. That's not cool. I definitely think the V.V.S.S. books should at least be under the Universal Label.

Rai #9 was published May, 1993.

RAI #10
1st appearance Mother Nike

I don't know much about Mother Nike, but I think she's a mentor of sorts to Rai and may be the other heroes in the 90s Valiant world. Mother Nike's first appearance is in this issue and Rai seeks her council about whether or not he should join Magnus in North Am to fight to Emperor Malev.

This issue was published June, 1993.

RAI #20
Death of Tekla

I suppose this is a minor key issue and has the death of Tekla, who is a Future Force member. She was a former food service robot that gained free will and she modeled herself after Leeja Clane.

I think she is more a supporting character for Magnus Robot Fighter in the beginning. Issue #20 has an estimated 95,000 print run and published April 1994.

RAI #21
1st appearance of Psi Lords
1st appearance of Obidiah Konishi

Obidiah Konishi is the son of Rai and Leeja Clane, the two having a love affair during the Malev War. Obidiah would become the 44th Rai.

Psi Lords also make their first appearance. Their ship is first seen in Magnus Robot Fighter #36. This 21st issue of Rai was published May, 1994.

RAI #22
Death of Takao Konishi
Death of Malev Emperor 

When Rai becomes a pawn for Emperor Malev, Magnus must face off with him. Only one can survive the encounter, and it was not Rai. This issue sees the death of both Tokoa Konishi and Emperor Malev.

Estimated print run is around 90,000. Rai #22 was published June, 1994.

RAI #24
1st appearance of Suki Seko

An expert in forbidden technologies, Suki Seko is an ally of Takashi Nakadai who aims to restore Japan and regain his natural birthright as the next Rai. Her father was Isao Seko.

This issue details that Obediah and Takashi grew up together as rivals, both seeking the legacy of Rai, and this issue holds the first appearance of Suki Seko. Rai #24 was published September, 1994.

RAI #26
Death of Kazuyo Nakadai

X-O Commander or Kazuyo Nakadai bites the dust in this issue. Her son, however, is determined to reclaim the Rai bloodline.

Obediah is being trained by Spylocke in order to become the new Rai. November, 1994 is the publishing date for this minor key issue. 75,000 copies are estimated to have been printed.

RAI #27
Obediah becomes new Rai

Behold the new Rai. Obediah claims his father's legacy and becomes the new Rai or 44th Rai. At the same time, Takashi Nakadai has taken Japan hostage with his mother's stolen X-O Commando Armor. Takashi does become the villain in the last stories of the 90s Rai.

An estimated 60,000 copies were printed for Rai #27, and this comic was published December, 1994.

RAI #30
1st appearance of Kara Cortada

Kara Cortada befriends Obediah without knowing he is the new Rai. Trouble is her mission is to actually kill the new Rai.

Kara Cortada and Obediah form a romance when she later learns that Rai was not behind her brother's death. Not a major key or anything, but this does have an estimated low print of about 45,000 copies.

Rai #30 was published March, 1995.

RAI #33
Final issue

Final issue here, but the story is carried over into Magnus Robot Fighter comic series. Estimated 35,000 print run. Not much really much else to say about this issue in terms of key issue status other than it being the final issue.

Rai #33 was published June, 1995.

1st appearance of Lula Lee
1st appearance of Raddies

New rebooted Rai series sees a re-visioning of Valiant's first original character. Year is still 4001 A.D. and the country of New Japan is in geosynchronous orbit.

Father is the artificial intelligence that rules over Japan, and one spirit guardian of Japan enforces the law. Enter Rai.

This issue sees the first appearance of Lula Lee, a major supporting character for Rai in the new series, and the Raddies. The Raddies are basically a terrorist organization that opposes Father and desires to destroy all A.I.

April, 2014 is the publishing date for Rai #1.

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Alright, there's my humble attempt at a Rai key issue. As for the funkiness in Part 2 of the Bloodshot key issues. Not really appreciated. It wasn't appreciated during the Spawn key issues list, and even though I can see the point of why those comments were slung out there in the Bloodshot key issues, it really doesn't help me get anything done faster.

Speculation Jones has already slung out two links for Valiant fans - and There's a lot of information for fans of the comics. does have a price guide that lists print runs for a lot of the issues, which I've given credit already at the top of this post.

As I've stated from the beginning of this series, I don't want to be addressed about whether or not to invest in these comics. If you're fans of these comics to begin with, snag them up. If you have a disdain for them, don't read these lists. If you want to speculate in them, speculate in them.

Blatant or subtle pressure to convince me to join the Valiant campaign just isn't going to happen. I've no problem with fans commenting about your love and passion for Valiant characters or comics, but I request to be left out of the conversation. I should've said that at the beginning of this Valiant key issues series, so my bad.

If you want to recommend an issue or correct me on a mistake, feel free. I've always said I don't presume to know everything and my opinion is only my opinion. As for recommending a key issue, state why it's a key and why it belongs on there. Low print run or variant does not qualify as a key.

Requesting a key issues list while dissing another requested key issues list will only get your request shoved to the back of the line. No exceptions, and no big dramatic announcement either. Just poof! There it goes.

We all love different comics and characters for various reasons. I don't care if it's a Malibu key issues list or if some little kid or a parent of a kid asks me to do a My Little Pony key issues list, show some class. When a comic and character you're a fan of is discussed, you'll probably see the same backlash you dished out earlier, and you most likely won't like it either.

Once again, pressuring me either way - to get a key issues list done or to drop a key issues list - will get the exact opposite response intended. There is a difference between recommending and overly campaigning.

In respect to that, any personal attacks or insults made towards any reader in the comment section will simply be deleted. That means it's not cool, and it's been an old rule since the beginning.

Other than that, good luck in your hunt or selling. Harbinger key issues is coming up soon.



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      As for Marvel and DC, I don't bother with print run information...not into Moderns, variants, or error comics all that much so I really don't go searching for it. has estimated print runs for rare comics as well. As for that, that's pretty much the only sites I know about with print runs. I'm sure someone knows and will throw out a link who is interested in low print run comics.