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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jubilee and Angel In X-Men Apocalypse

Recent X-Men Apocalypse movie news has exploded on the internet, and it appears that casting for a certain fan-favorite character is confirmed and that another is sorta confirmed. Well, let the craziness begin.

With all the hoopla about Silk being the first Asian American female superhero to headline her own comic title, some cranking the hype machine were wrong about that, and an Asian American female superhero to get her own comic series before Silk was just recently cast in the upcoming X-Men movie.

Yep, it's Jubilee, and her self titled comic came out in 2004. Oh, snap! Well, now this favorite X-Men who started off as a Robin-type sidekick to Wolverine will be part of the X-Men Apocalypse cast in hopefully a bigger role than her previous X-Men movie cameos.

If you didn't know, Jubilee has made cameos in the X-Men movie-verse since the very first one. Katrina Florece first played the role. Jubilee also showed up in X-2 and played by another actress by the name of Kea Wong.

Now it seems the character has been recast again, and Lana Condor will be the actress to step into the role of this pyrotechnic mutie. However, how big a role Jubilee will be getting in this film is questionable.

After all, Bishop, Warpath, and Sunspot in Days of Future Past were pretty much just filler and quite insignificant in the film. I wonder if Jubilee will just be used as another cardboard cut-out character in X-Men Apocalypse as well.

The other big news is that concept art that Bryan Singer tweeted on Twitter recently and shows Angel in a scene. You can clearly see him in the artwork.

Recently Ben Hardy was cast in an unspecified but significant role, and many were speculating that he may play a young Angel. While this hasn't been confirmed as of yet, we do know now that Angel will be in the film.

Everyone has been on pins and needles to know whether Angel will become Archangel since the character is deeply tied to Apocalypse in the comics. The release of this concept art just may bring further confirmation that Archangel will be one of the Four Horsemen.

Time to watch X-Factor #24 and see if the hype is affecting Archangel's first appearance again or not. I'm pretty sure Jubilee's first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #244 is gaining heat.


  1. Heya Mayhem,

    not sure about this, but doesn' t count Karma as first asian american superhero? She made her debut somewhere in the 80' s with the aid of Frank Miller. Own ongoing or not, I think that' s not so important.


    1. Not really sure who the first Asian American female superhero to get her own self titled comic series, but I know it's not Silk. Just wanted to correct my earlier post about the Silk key issues.

  2. So glad I picked up First appearances of Apocalypse, Jubilee and archangel all in very high NM for about $20 a piece a few years ago! I knew it would pay off.

  3. I have a lot of problems with the Fox X-Men universe, but I am hoping for the best with this one. I love of my favorite villains.

    1. I'm sure they'll screw up a few things. I'm just looking to be entertained and hope the movie doesn't irk my fandom too much. I thought Days of Future Past was pretty damn good if I didn't take an exact literal interpretation of the X-Men comics.

  4. Has there been any speculation of Mr. Sinister in X-men: Apocalypse?

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