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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Harbinger Key Issues

Gonna have to break up this Harbinger key issues into different parts. The most maybe three, because there are quite a few major and minor key issues in the first series alone.

Harbinger is a fan-favorite and one of the more longer running series for Valiant. Even the 2012 relaunch has quite a few issues already published.

1st appearance of Toyo Harada
1st appearance of Harbinger Foundation

I might as well throw this one here now since the Harbinger Foundation and Toyo Harada are the main villains for this title. Solar Man of the Atom #3 has the first appearance of Toyo Harada, the most powerful and first known Harbinger.

Harada is an Omega Harbinger and commands the full spectrum of psionic abilities including including telepathy, telekinesis, mind-control, as well as others. He can activate the powers of others as well.

Harada created the Harbinger Foundation to actively search for other Harbingers. He is ruthless and believes that humanity will eventually destroy it itself unless he controls the world in order to preserve it. He has tremendous political and financial power and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Pretty important comic not just for Solar or Harbinger, but for most of the Valiant Universe. Solar Man of the Atom #3 was published November, 1991 and has an estimated 65,000 print run.

1st appearance of the Renegades
1st Peter Stancheck
1st appearance of Eggbreakers

The Renegades are the Harbinger Resistance, a group of young psiots that oppose Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. The Renegade team is led by Peter Stanchek who is also the main character of the titled comic series.

Harbinger #1 has a lot of first appearances. The Renegades in issue #1 that are introduced are Peter Stanchek, Zephyr, Flamingo and Torque. Pete's girlfriend, Kris Hathaway, also makes her first appearance in this issue and she is part of the Renegades despite not having powers.

It's later learned that Pete was unknowingly controlling her mind so she would go out with him. Wow, that's a deal breaker.

As for the Eggbreakers, they are the Harbinger Foundations super powered enforcers. Some introduced in this issue are Eel, Thumper, and Weasel, but not entirely sure.

Harbinger #1 was January, 1992 and had an estimated print run of 48,000. It also contains a coupon for Harbinger #0 Pink send away.

1st appearance of Rock
1st appearance of Swallow
1st appearance of Sparrow

I think all three of these first appearances are for Eggbreakers.  In this issue, the Renegades invade Harada's headquarters and go up against the Eggbreakers stationed there. The Renegades are successful and are able to jack stolen Harbinger Foundation funds.

This issue, like the first 6 issues of Harbinger, also contains the coupon for Harbinger #0 Pink send away. It has an estimated 40,000 print run and was published February, 1992.

1st appearance of Ax
1st Rexo

I spoke a little about the character of Ax in the Bloodshot key issues list. The character makes his first humble beginnings in Harbinger #3. Ax is a computer hacker, but when Pete probes his mind, he finds that he is a Harbinger with the psionic power to control computers.

Looking to find out what was on the stolen disks from the previous issues raid on the Harbinger Foundation, the Renegades meet the obnoxious Ax and discover that the disks reveal several Spider Alien bases.

With the information, the hit up a base and steal an alien spacecraft to fly to one of the alien moon bases where they are captured by Rexo. Rexo was a quadriplegic Vietnam War veteran who became an outcast and bitter.

The Spider Aliens offered to graft living alien armor onto his body to give him full mobility in exchange for becoming one of their operatives. He became a guard on the moon base where he runs into the Renages, and he loves torturing the human captives there.

He's not really a major supporting character, but Ax is a character that frequently appears in the comic title and a few outside of it. Harbinger #3 also has an estimated 40,000 print run and was published March, 1992.

1st appearance of Spikeman
1st appearance of Fort
1st appearance of Boozaka

Finding out that Ax sold them out to Rexo, the group ditch the traitor and part ways when they return back to Earth. Ax gathers his own team of Harbingers and goes after Torque.

As far as I know, Spikeman, Fort, and Boozaka are all Eggbreakers for the Harbinger Foundation. Fort makes the most appearances in the comic series and outside of it out of these first appearances, but the others are pretty much minor characters.

Harbinger #4 was published in April, 1992, and also has an estimated print run of 40,000.

1st appearance of Puff

Harbinger #5 sees the first appearance of Puff, and this guy is an Eggbreaker for the Harbinger Foundation. When the team goes down to the Big Easy, the encounter one of Harada's Eggbreakers lose control of his matter-disintegration power.

Enter Puff, and after Pete and Solar help him to regain control of his powers, the rest of the Eggbreakers arrive for a showdown. Puff is a minor character in the 90s Valiant world.

However, issue #5 has the lowest print run out of the early Harbinger issues with an estimated 35,000 copies printed. It's the 4th lowest print run within the first series, and tied with issue #39.

Harbinger #5 was published May, 1992.

Death of Torque
1st appearance of Flashbulb
1st appearance of Tse Tse
1st appearance of Ghost

With the arrival of the Eggbreakers, it looks like some first appearances are introduced as well. Enter Tse Tse, Ghost and Flashbulb, and they are all on Harada's side.

Of course, you can't have Eggbreakers and not break any eggs. This issue sees the death of Torque and makes the Renegades realize that their war against Harada is very real indeed.

This issue also has an estimated print run of 40,000 and June, 1992 was when Harbinger #6 was published.

Prequel to series

Harbinger #0 originally came with the Pink cover, which the coupons in the first 6 issues was for. The story is an origin of Pete Stanchek and how he comes to wage his war against Harada and his Harbinger Foundation.

Enamored by his new abilities, Pete Stanchek discovers the Harbinger Foundation and decides to join it in order to learn more about his powers. When his best friend questions him and the foundation, Harada has his best friend Joseph Irons killed.

It's that act that turns Pete against Harada and his Harbingers. The order of Pete's death by Harada would forever set in motion a long war between him and Harada. This story is the prequel to #0 was published January, 1992.

This is the Pink cover 1st printing. There was a 2nd printing published in 1993 that has a blue cover. The 1st printing Pink cover has an estimated print run of 6,500. The Blue 2nd print has an estimated print run of around 135,000 copies.

Kris Hathaway reveals baby is Torque's
Unity crossover event

Oh, wow, we got some cheating going on here. Seems like Kris reveals to Flamingo that the baby she is carrying inside her isn't Pete's but Torque's. On top of that, the Geomancer enlists the Renegades to help fight to save the world in the Unity conflict.

Seems like a smart move since Pete finds out Kris isn't carrying his child and unleashes all his rage and fury on Mothergod. Harbinger #8 was published August, 1992 and has an estimated print run of about 120,000.

Birth of Magnus Robot Fighter

In the Valiant Universe, they expanded on the origin of Magnus Robot Fighter. He is the son of Kris Hathaway and Torque, and it's revealed in this issue of the baby's destiny.

Harbinger #9 is part of the Unity crossover event and Mothergod is itching to kill the future Robot Fighter. Despite the tension in between Pete and Kris, she asks him to save her baby.

Pete agrees to do so, and the Renegades storm Mothergod's citadel. Kris gives up her baby to Geoff the Geomancer so that her child can one day fulfill his destiny.

September, 1992 is the publishing date for Harbinger #9, and it has the same estimated print run as Harbinger #8.

1st appearance of Shatiqua
1st appearance of H.A.R.D. Corps

First appearance of Shatiqua in this issue, and she would join the Renegades until her demise. Harbinger #10 also sees the first appearance of the H.A.R.D. Corps and members Gunslinger, Maniac, and Shakespeare.

Of course, with the new Valiant Universe, there are two versions of the character Shakespeare. This Aaron Brillstein version is a balding middle aged white male. The new version is re-imagined as a Black male in his thirties. 

Gunslinger is the leader of the 90s version of H.A.R.D. Corps. His real name is Charles Palmer.

Maniac is also another original member of H.A.R.D. Corps that makes his first appearance in Harbinger #10, and apparently he is as coo coo as his name suggests. He doesn't last very long in the 90s Valiant world.

October, 1992 is the publishing date of this comic and it has an estimated print run of 125,000 copies.

1st appearance of Hammerhead
1st appearance of Superstar

Two more members of the 90s H.A.R.D. Corps team make their first appearances in this issue. Enter Superstar and Hammerhead. I'm not entirely sure if they do or don't make a first appearance in issue #10, so an expert may know and clarify that.

Hammerhead is an original member and the character is one of the few original members who was brought back in the new Valiant relaunch.

There are two versions of Superstar. The original Valiant character was Ricky Silver, a former movie star. The Valiant re-imaging of the character is Victor Salas. 

1st appearance of Warp
1st appearance of Blast

Charlene Dupre, also known as Flamingo and the southern belle hot-head of the Renegades, has constant nightmares about the death of Torque. Finally, the group comes up with the idea of easing her pain by hunting down the Eggbreakers responsible.

Harada learns of their plan and sends an Eggbreaker assault on the Renegades. Harbinger #12 may see the first appearance of Warp and Blast. I think they are Eggbreakers, but not sure.

Another rowdy hah (Gangs of New York) between the Renegades and the Eggbreakers, Harbinger #12 has a print run of 90,000 and was published December, 1992.

1st Zephyr solo story

Had to put this one in here, because of the cover homage to The Dark Knight Returns. It is a key issue also and stars the very popular Zephyr in her own solo adventure. Faith Hebert, called Zepplin by her friends in the Renegades, is an avid comic fan.

In this issue, a group of punks unleashes her fury. Known as the moral compass of the Renegades, she has had enough and hunts them down after a relentless beating they afflicted on her and a homeless man earlier in the story.

Zephyr has the power of flight and is a fan-favorite character. January, 1993 is the publishing date and has an estimated print run of 100,000. Not small, but not huge either compared to 800,000.

1st appearance of Stronghold
1st appearance of Livewire

Edward Sedgewick or Stronghold makes his first appearance in Harbinger #14. This guy use to be a baddie and a senior attendant to Harada.

He has the power to absorb mass and use it to increase his own strength and size. Once part of the Eggbreakers, he later realizes that the Harbinger Foundation is not for him and is recruited by Geomancer to fight Doctor Eclipse, a pawn of Master Darque.

Stronghold is a prominent character and was carried over into the new Valiant relaunch. Another prominent character makes her first appearance and that is of Amanda Mckee, also known as Livewire.

In these early stories she is an Eggbreaker and one of Toyo Harada's most trusted ally's. After she discovers Harada's plans of world domination much later, she flees with Stronghold. In the new Valiant relaunch she is a member of Unity.

Harbinger #14 was published February, 1993. It has an estimated print run of about 115,000 copies.

1st appearance of Scout
1st appearance of Roxy
1st appearance of Twenty-Twenty

This issue pretty much holds the first appearances of minor characters. I'm not sure whether they're part of the Harbinger Foundation or what. So far, I don't think any of them are carried over into the new Valiant relaunch.

This issue sees Ax rejoin his Harbinger henchmen after losing his arm in a battle with Bloodshot. Ax and Livewire are dispatched with the rest of the Eggbreakers to do a serious beat down on Ax and his crew.

First appearances of Scout, Roxy, and Twenty-Twenty. March, 1993 was when this comic was published and the estimated print run is around 165,000.

1st appearance of Screen

Screen was one of Harada's top Eggbreakers before he went rogue and waged a one-man war against the Harbinger Foundation. This would be years before Stanchek and the Harbinger Resistance would take up the fight against Harada.

He would aid Pete, also known as Sting and the Renegades several times. Harbinger #16 was published April, 1993 and sees an estimated print run of around 200,000.

Looks like there will only be two parts to this Harbinger key issues series. There's a lot of minor characters that make very few appearances in this first series, so I'll be omitting some of them especially if they don't crossover into the new Valiant relaunch.

Part 2 and more Harbinger key comics are ready so just click the link below to carry onward.


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    1. He already did in the Arrow TV series, that airs on the CW

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    4. There are MAJOR Rumors of Deathstroke being cast as the Big Bad Guy in the upcoming
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    5. Hey Mayhem, is night wing on that list?

    6. Not sure if he is going to show up in the movie verse yet. I'm pretty sure Night Wing will be in the Teen Titans show...maybe not at first, but there will be a time when the character dons the costume in the TV show if it sticks around. As for the movies, not sure if he's slated to be in the Suicide Squad movie or not, but it would be cool if he shows up in a movie...even for just a small part.

  2. hey mayhem nice articles just don't know jack about these lol JW

    1. Hiya JW, I hear ya. I knew next to nothing about Harbinger, so I really had to dig around. Probably not the best information for Valiant fans but I did give it my best go.

    2. Hi Mayhem,

      don' t make yourself small. You did a terrific job. And that remark comes from someone who reads his Overstreet Guide from A to Z. No lie!

      Speculation Jones

    3. Thanks SJ, and thanks for the links. They did help quite a bit. Just being honest is all about my knowledge. Interesting things to find out I didn't know they had newsstand and direct edition for some of the last issues for Valiant 90s titles. I'm kinda wondering about those now...if newsstand were even printed in lower numbers tham the direct editions in terms of tthe last issues as Max Rebo pointed out. Or, if they were printed equally and doesn't really matter.

      You know anything about that? I wonder if Rebo knows.

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    1. I'll put it in the pipe line, but it will be a wait as there's quite a bit of requests beforehand. I'll try my best to get it out though.

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