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Friday, March 20, 2015

Bloodshot Key Issues Part 2

Okay, I decided to put some other keys before hitting volume 2 and volume 3 of Bloodshot key issues. Don't worry, the last part to this Bloodshot key comics series won't be that long. If you missed Part 1, just click the link.

Last issue to first series

Okay, technically this is a key issue since it's the last issue of the series. I don't always list last issues, but I'll make an exception for those who are looking for rarer comics. This one, including issues #49 and #50 have an estimated 9,000 copies according to

Whether those estimates are accurate, I've no real idea since I know little about that site or where the numbers come from. What is true is that this one is valuable and some folks are apparently plopping down some dollars for it.

August, 1996 was when this comic was published.

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1st full appearance of Bruno Mortalli
Low print run

Brought to my attention by Mr. Ace, I decided to slip this one in here. Not because it's scarce, which doesn't constitute it being a key issue, but because it might be a key issue for another reason, I'll throw it on here.

Okay, I'm not quite so sure about this being the first full appearance of Bruno Mortalli since he does show up in a flashback in Bloodshot #42. However, I don't know how much he's actually in that flashback or not, so it could just be cameo.

Since industry is spearheading all this first full appearance jargon in the current market and flashbacks are still considered 1st appearances for the meantime, I'm gonna note this as Bruno Mortalli's first full appearance since he is actually in the story physically and a pretty big part of it as well.

In this story, everyone from the mob, to the NYPD, and Bloodshot are gunning to find out what really happened to Bruno Mortalli, who is Bloodshot's father and a former mafioso as well. So, I just found out that there's an estimated 12,000 copies in existence for this one.

Still I cannot confirm if this actually the character's first full appearance or not, so I'm just taking a stab at it. If you do know if it is or isn't, comment below to let me and others know the deal. Would be appreciated. This comic came out in 1996.

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1st appearance of Simon Oreck

I debated about putting this one in here. This is the series by Acclaim, and entire 16 issue series has a lower print run.

This series is a revamped version, and does kinda play into the new Valiant reboot series, or Valiant used elements of this version of Bloodshot in their own revamp. In this series, he believes he is Raymond Garrison but not sure.

In fact, he was working for the D.O.A. as an undercover agent that infiltrates the Cianelli crime family as Angelo Mortalli. I'm putting this issue in here because it does have the first appearance of Simon Oreck, who is the lead in the experiments done by Project Lazarus. This project has more to do with reanimating the dead and connects this version of Bloodshot to the Deadside (Shadowman).

The character of Simon Oreck is also used in the new reboot series or 3rd Bloodshot series, and he may have a good chance of being in the possible movie. He does appear differently in the new series from this series, but he is still a Bloodshot antagonist.

As for the series it self, the only other key issue may be issue #3, which may have the first appearance of the Chainsaw group. I'm not too sure if that's their first or not.

Chainsaw is a group used in the 3rd comic series as well. In the series, Ray does find out that he is actually Raymond Garrison and Angelo Mortalli is his undercover name. This comic was published November, 1997, and the entire series has a very low print run if interested in low prints. This one also has an estimated 9,000 copies printed.

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1st issue rebooted series
1st appearance of Dr. Kuretich
1st appearance of Hutch

This series kind of takes from both the 1st and 2nd series. Bloodshot has confusion as to who he is of course. That is one of the elements that makes Bloodshot an intriguing character, and the whole identity crisis element is what initially drew me in back in the day. Well, okay, the excessive of gore and violence had a part in it as well.

So in this issue, Raymond finds out that his whole life has been a lie when Dr. Kuretich steals some data from Bloodshot's nanite memory. Bloodshot finds out that he's indeed lived many lives, and false memory implants were given to him to aid him in completing several different missions.

The first appearance of Hutch is in this issue and is the acting commanding military commander of one of Bloodshot's missions. In truth, he is the chief security officer of Project Rising Spirit and replaced Dr. Kuritech when Kuritech found out discovered the agency's true motives.

Dr. Kuritech is the only man with the answers that Bloodshot needs in order to find out who he is, so he is an important player as well.

Bloodshot #1 was published July, 2012.

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1st appearance of Mr. Dodge
1st appearance of Kara Murphy
1st appearance of Pulse

One thing is apparent is that the new Bloodshot comic series definitely introduces a lot of new characters in the Valiant Universe and has a stronger supporting cast than the first two series for sure. However, there are characters that do come and go as well.

Mr. Dodge is one of them and is killed off in issue #4. He works for Simon Oreck and was tasked in killing Bloodshot. He obviously failed.

Kara Murphy is one of the more important supporting characters in this Bloodshot series and appears frequently. She is a former Army medic and is helping Bloodshot to take down Project Rising Spirit.

Kara Murphy also helps in taking care of the young psiots they rescue from Project Rising Spirit. The first appearance of Kara Murphy is in this issue.

Pulse is a psiot that was forced to remain at Project Rising Spirit. She was put to sleep for 2 years and only re-awakened by Simon Oreck with the task to disable the nanites in Bloodshot's blood so they could kill him.

Kara Murphy, Bloodshot and Pulse escape after they convince her to help them exact revenge on the organization. Pulse is a powerful psionic with the ability to unleash electromagnetic blasts that disable any electronic devices, and she does die in the series.

August, 2012 was when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Command and Recon
1st appearance of Gunner and Gamma
1st appearance of Point and Cleaner
1st Chainsaw

Remember, how I mentioned Chainsaw in the volume 2 listing that kick started Part 2 of this Bloodshot key issues list? Chainsaw in the rebooted series is Project Rising Spirit's superhero team and enforcers. They are villains in this series.

Command is the leader of Chainsaw, and Gunner is the strongman of the group and heavy weapons expert. Cleaner is an expert in stealth and Recon is the hand-to-hand fighting expert. Point is the field commander of Chainsaw, and they are are all human/technology hybrids.

Gamma is the overseer of Project Rising Spirit's Nursery, the name of one of their facilities, and is highly abusive to her captives. She plays an important role concerning the fate of Pulse. Her character feeds off the fear of others and endows her with super human strength and amazing speed.

Lots of first appearances in this one for sure, and pretty important for this new series. November, 2012 when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Headspace
1st appearance of Cloud

Two more first appearances for the 3rd Bloodshot series and both have to do with rescued psiots from the Project Rising Spirit Nursery. Cloud is one of the rescued and becomes a prominent character in this new Valiant Universe.

Headspace also has a first appearance in here and is a rescued prisoner also. He makes a few appearances in Bloodshot and other comic titles as well. Bloodshot #9 was published January, 2013.

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1st appearance of Maggie and Serenade
1st appearance of Titan and Graham
1st appearance of Ramsey
1st appearance of Generation Zero

We got more escaped prisoners from the PRS facility that make their first appearances in this issue. Many of these characters also make appearances in other Valiant titles, namely Harbinger Wars.

Many of these escaped prisoners are also what's known as Generation Zero, and they become a highly trained strike team for P.R.S. The first appearance of these Generation Zero kids are in Bloodshot #9.

Back to Gamma. I didn't note Pulse's death for this key issue because it was getting too filled up there, but Pulse does die in this issue. As I already gave it away, she dies at the hands of Gamma.

So, not too shabby of a key issue this issue is. March, 2013 was when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Katherine Zygos

Another escapee first appearance in this issue. Bloodshot #10 sees the first appearance of Katherine Zygos. She holds a powerful telepathic link with her brother James Zygos. Her brother James makes his first appearance in Harbinger Wars #1 from the new Valiant reboot.

Like issue #9, this is Part One to the Harbinger Wars crossover event. Bloodshot #10 was published June, 2013.

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1st appearance of Granite
1st appearance of Disciple
For some odd reason, they decided to change the title to Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps, and that starts with issue #14. Of course, it's exactly what the title states and Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps team up to take on Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation.

Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps #1 sees the first appearances of Granite and Disciple. Granite is one of the first members to join the reformed  H.A.R.D. Corps. The acronym stands for Harbinger Active Resistance Division.

In keeping with H.A.R.D. Corps tradition and mythos, members are usually ones who are in desperate need of help, money, or just have nothing else left to lose. Usually, they are recruited with the promise of their families being taken care of. They are team funded by P.R.S.

September, 2013 was when this comic was published.

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1st appearance of Vagabond
1st appearance of Lysander
1st appearance of Genuis
As for H.A.R.D. Corps recruiting members with nothing to lose, Vagabond sure is one who fits that description. Vagabond was homeless man before being recruited. He would sell his blood for alcohol and is a drug user.

As for Lysander, he is a cyborg that aids Harada against Bloodshot and makes his first appearance in this issue also.

Genius is a new character, and he could be technically deemed retarded. Not kidding. It's actually the character. He suffered from bouts of rage and depression until the brain implants H.A.R.D. Corps gives him turns him into what his codename means.

November, 2013 is the publishing date for Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps #16.

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1st appearance of Big Boy and Chernobyl
1st appearance of Coldwar and Sharpshooter
Once again, Simon Oreck makes a new play in the new Valiant rebooted universe. In this bad boy, Oreck decides he wants to do away with H.A.R.D. Corps and replace the team with another one called The Specialists.

The Specialists are a group of psiots mercenaries and there are quite a few first appearances in this issue. All of them are of The Specialist team, in which Oreck thought it would be better to have a team of beings with actual superpowers than one with members who have to download them through implants.

If you're a fan, you'll know what I'm talking about. Any who, we got the first appearance of Big Boy, Chernobyl, Coldwar, and Sharpshooter in this issue.

January, 2014 is the publishing date for this comic.

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The title of Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps does change back to just Bloodshot with issue #24, and in that issue is Bear. Alright, this concludes this Bloodshot key issues list. Time for a breather from Valiant comics before I get started on Rai key issues.

As for the V.V.S.S. copies, I'll do a special section of those at a later time.

If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link. Rai keys are next so click the link to continue onward.


  1. Yay!!! V.V.S.S.! Thanks for getting into these - they were way more cool than the golden chrome cover variants.

    Triple A

  2. Hiya Mayhem,

    perhaps you can include the first appearance of Toyo Harada somewhere in there - he' s like the Lex Luthor guy of Valiant and should definitely play a part in an upcoming movie!


  3. Hello Mayhem,

    look what I just found - a Top Ten list
    from Wizard 21 (April 1993):

    1. Magnus Robot Fighter 12
    2. Rai 3
    3. Rai 4
    4. X-O Manowar 4
    5. Rai 0
    6. Solar 14
    7. Spawn 4
    8. Superman 66
    9. Shadowman 8
    10. Simpsons Comics and Stories 1

    Crazy! 7 out of 10 were Valiant Comics...

    Max Rebo

    1. Am I suppose to be impressed? 1993 Top Ten Wizard list! LOL! That list could also be titled the "Top Ten comics That Were Massively Dumped In 1994-95."

    2. Think we all know which side Mayhem is on

  4. Got another recommendation for all the Valiant fans: lists all the
    comics which have been keeping a steady value.

    Speculation Jones

    1. Long time reader of this site and first time comment but I think it's messed up you're using this site to link drop other sites. Shows a real lack of respect for TCM. Since no one else is saying it please get back to the key issues list that made me a long time reader of this site in the first place TCM!

    2. Agree with this comment. Enough with the Valiant crap. All the hyping them up is starting to get annoying.

    3. You' re free to read the other sections of this page. I guess that' s what TCM would say. Besides, that' s realy disrespectful towards a company which tried to bring more diversity to the market. Plus, you forget, that they revived classic characters from the Goldkey Line.

      Sy Snootles

    4. No more disrespectful than trying to get TCM to drop the spawn list or throwing out another link to a Valiant site during the middle of a Sub mariner list. What's the point for TCM to be rehashing what's already on those while people are throwing out links to these sites at the same time.

  5. Just got one thing to say to this:
    Knowledge is a treasure which doesn' t
    get smaller if you share it.

    Speculation Jones

  6. Long reader also and first time commentator also.

    The strong feelings Valiant elicits are so interesting. Good or bad everyone seems to have an opinion.

    Personally, I love them. They are making the best comics today and the originals were some of the best in their day. Very much enjoying your keys list.

  7. Awww, c' mon, you can say about Valiant what you like, but I prefer one of their characters to squirrel girl any time of the day. Besides, it' just the talk of the day, with all the movie deals on the horizon. Personally, I think, next to DC, Marvel and Image they were the only company which managed to build a complete universe of unique heroes. Gotta give props to my man Jim Shooter here.

  8. Usually, I'm suppose to stop this, but since a few cats were vocal during the Spawn series and there were some good points about all the pom pom shaking, I'm just gonna let this one ride out.

  9. Guys probably think Jim Shooter is some kind of booze... Sheesh! Why is everybody down on us these days? If you don' t like it,
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