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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bloodshot Key Comic Books List

Bloodshot key comic books here. This is Part 1 and there will be a Part 2 to this series. 

Bloodshot was one of the more longer running series during the 90s Valiant era, and he is one of the more popular Valiant characters. I admit that I liked the first couple of issues to this series.

I won't be detailing every single first appearance since Bloodshot really didn't have that strong of a supporting cast or a singular villain he goes toe to toe with on a recurring basis. Then again, being one of the more violent characters in the Valiant stable of heroes, that's no surprise since he offed a many of villains he encountered.

Alright, lets do it to it!

1st brief appearance of Bloodshot

I believe that Bloodshot makes a cameo in the issue of Eternal Warrior #4, but it's currently being toted as the 1st brief appearance of Bloodshot. The main premise or story for a Bloodshot movie is plausible of being a hit.

Pun intended on that one since Bloodshot is Angelo Mortelli, a former mobster who was framed by the Carboni crime family and forced to turn into a rat for the state. While under protection, he was sold out to Iwatsu as a test subject for a program called, Project Rising Spirit.

Homeboy's memories were erased and nanites, basically the same concept as nanomites or nanorobotics, were placed in his bloodstream. He is enhanced and can heal quickly.

Sony Pictures and Neal Moritz's Original Film have acquired the rights to a Bloodshot film based on the purchase of a spec script by Jeff Wadlow

November, 1992 was when Eternal Warrior #4 was published.

RAI #0
1st full appearance of Bloodshot
1st appearance of Rai II
Partial origin

This is the big one here. Bloodshot makes his first full appearance in Rai #0. For those who don't know, Rai is actually Valiant's 1st original character.

In this issue, it's Geoff McHenry, a Geomancer, who helps Bloodshot escape the Project Rising Spirit facility he was being held at.

Rai #0 is the first appearance of the 2nd Rai to appear in Valiant comics. Not saying he's the 2nd Rai in the lineage.

He has the same blood as Bloodshot's coursing through his veins...literally. There are several different characters who take up the mantle of Rai, which I'll explain when I get around to doing a Rai key issues list.

This comic explains the Blood of Heroes concept. The blood that courses through Bloodshot's vein is the same blood that is passed down from Rai to Rai. November, 1992 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Malcom
1st appearance of Sinclaire
1st appearance Iwatsu
1st chromium cover in comics

One of the only semi-important character that makes his debut in issue #1 is Sinclaire, who is an MI-5 agent. He later becomes Para Man II in the team Secret Weapons.

Malcolm's first appearance is in Bloodshot #1, and the character is a sleazy tabloid photographer in the Valiant Universe. He is drunk a lot and likes to gamble. He is also a friend of Bloodshot and like a sidekick to the character. Malcom shows up frequently in the series, but is an important supporting character in this 90s Bloodshot series.

Iwatsu is the Japanese scientist that created the Bloodshot procedure. Highly dangerous and immoral, he is an important character since he is linked to creating Bloodshot. Project Rising Spirit is also introduced in this first issue and is a prominent organization in the Valiant Universe as well as the Bloodshot comic series.

Another note of importance is that this cover was the first chromium cover in the comics industry and actually won awards. At the time, this was seen as a true innovation, and this issue sold about a million copies.

Regardless of the amount of copies sold, it's a neat little tid-bit to know and one of the more historical Valiant key issues. Well, it's historical in the comic book industry as well.

February, 1993 was when Bloodshot and the first chromium comic cover was published.

1st appearance of Ninjak
1st appearance of Colin King

Here we have the 1st appearance of another Valiant superhero. Bloodshot #6 sees the 1st appearance of Ninjak on the last page.

This appearance is actually of the character Colin King, and he does not appear in costume in this issue. It would be less confusing to just say this the first appearance of Colin King instead of the 1st appearance of Ninjak. Bloodshot #6 was published July, 1993.

1st appearance of Ninjak in costume

Like I said, it would just be easier to say this is the first appearance of Ninjak instead of 1st Ninjak in costume, but this is what industry and the market is noting it. So, I'll play along with that.

Ninjak is a pretty prominent superhero in the Valiant Universe and even received his own titled series. As mentioned before, Valiant and Sony do have some sort of deal for a Bloodshot movie. I wonder if Ninjak is in that deal or not.

I think this one is being over-looked right now, or at least the last I checked. August, 1993 is when this comic was published.

1st appearance of Dr. Silk

Dr. Silk is a pretty important villain in the Valiant Universe, mainly a notable antagonist for Ninjak. Dr. Silk is a crippled, disfigured recluse who runs the international terrorist organization WEBNET.

The villainous Dr. Silk would eventually wipe out the Weaponeer organization. Ninjak was an operative of the Weaponeer organization.

Might be an important key issue if the Valiant movie verse is expanded to include Ninjak. As for a Bloodshot villain, Dr. Silk isn't a major heavy in the first series. Bloodshot #9 was published October, 1993.

Origin of Bloodshot

This issue reveals Bloodshot origin and sheds light on who Angelo Mortalli is and how he came into the grips of Iwatsu Industries and Project Rising Spirit. No doubt that this is a pretty important key issue to have concerning Bloodshot key issues.

Bloodshot #0 came out with quite a few variant covers which is no surprise at all. There are some important ones that are pretty rare and sought out by collectors. Let the variant cover mayhem begin, and I will detail a few of them in this listing right here.

The first of these sought out variant covers for Bloodshot #0 is the Gold logo variant of course. Also the title of the comic is in gold foil as well. These are gaining a lot of heat in the current market right now, but they have been talked about amongst Valiant fans for quite a while now.

Probably best to check your collection if you still have Valiants, you may get lucky on this one in the current market now. Not really sure how limited these are exactly.

Although the Gold foil variant cover is sought out and deemed rare in the market, it's not the rarest of these variant covers for this issue. There is also the Platinum error edition, in which the gold ink wasn't properly applied to some of the gold copies during production.

This variant error has an estimated of 25 copies, but those who witnessed the production process have come out and said there were about 300 that ended up being produced. Still, this one is pretty rare if that impresses you.

The next variant cover is also an error printing and is believed to be another error of the gold variant issue. It's easy to spot as the logo box is pink and the title is in gold ink. The error printing is more known as the Pink variant in the comic market though.

This one does have the price on it, and it's assumed that this error variant is an early pre-press proof for the Gold edition. This one has an estimation of 25 copies in existence and is extremely scarce.

Bloodshot #0 was published March, 1994.

1st appearance of Uzzi

Strange villain for Bloodshot, but this comic key issue sees the first appearance of Uzzi. This villain doesn't really show up that much at all in the first Bloodshot comic series, and yes, he does dress up like some kind of clown. Well, at least his mask is clownish.

The great problem about the first Bloodshot series was that the character really didn't have any strong singular villains. Uzzi would just be one of the many who would show up for a few issues and then disappear.

Bloodshot #19 was published September, 1994, and it's still pretty much a bargain bin buy.

1st appearance of Lady Diana
1st appearance of Tex
1st appearance of Laws
1st appearance of Oyama

In this issue, we see the return of Ax, and the character hates Bloodshot with a passion. His first appearance is not in this issue and Ax is a Harbinger. He seeks Bloodshot's blood.

In terms of first appearances, there are quite a few in this issue. Most are minor characters. All characters noted here in this issue only make a few appearances in the comic series. As far as I know, they don't show up anywhere else in the Valiant Universe pertaining to the 90s.

Bloodshot #21 was published November, 1994.

1st appearance of Proteus

Proteus is supposedly a powerful internet virus from the future and he doesn't last very long in the series also. Pretty minor key issue, but still a Bloodshot key issue.

I highly debated about leaving this one on here, but here it is. Doubtful that they use this in a movie, but who knows for sure? Bloodshot #30 was published July, 1995.

1st appearance of Rampage

Although Rampage was hinted at during the first Rampage story line back in Bloodshot #28, I'm noting this as his first appearance. Rampage actually takes form in this issue when the program finds a host and becomes the negative of Bloodshot.

Much like the whole Venom concept for Amazing Spider-Man, this negative version of Bloodshot becomes a villain for the character. However, unlike Venom, Rampage doesn't last very long in the series and only makes a few more appearances to give our hero grief.

September, 1995 is the publishing date for this comic.

1st appearance of Bear

Bear is an enemy of Bloodshot for a brief time during the first series. He is a Speedshot, those who have been given similar copies of the nanites that Bloodshot has in his body.

In the Valiant Universe, these Speedshots usually die shortly after infusion. Bloodshot is an exception only because of his Harbinger ability to control electronics.

Bear is an operative of Yoshi Iwatsu and Project Rising Spirit. The first appearance of Bear in Bloodshot #47 was published May, 1996, and the character is active in the new rebooted series.

There will be a part 2 and that will deal more with the new Bloodshot reboot. It's coming soon with more Valiant key issues and Bloodshot key comic books. It will be a shorter one for those who just can't wait for me to finish this.


  1. Dear ladies and gentleman,

    concerning Valiant, there' s something
    I' d like to adress. While most issues
    didn' t see any changes in value for the past years, the last numbers of almost every series went up. That' s how Valiant came into my collecting focus again. People were willing to pay more and more for the small print runs which came after the market crash. Mayhem, Sir, I would recommend a special here! It should contain the last numbers of Bloodshot, Magnus, Solar, Eternal Warrior, Rai and Turok. Had to put some money on the table to get those. If you can still find em in bargain bins - don' t think, make em yours!

    Max Rebo

  2. I often wonder if most just read the key issue lists and completely disregard the comic investing tips section. I'm now convinced it's just the key issues lists.

    1. Does sound interesting Mr. Rebo Sir. I'll have to do it after I complete these keys. The V.V.S.S. will be all contained in one post as well. How's that sound?

    2. Tried posting this earlier....not sure why it didn't post...

      But I printed all of your investment tip articles and put them in a binder to read. Thank you for all the great info!

    3. This system gets weird sometimes. Sometimes posts go the spam section when it's not even spam. I have to check that area just in case someone's comment goes there by accident. Usually it's been pretty good, but sometimes posting gets glitched. Sorry bout that Ty.

    4. Oh no big deal, I just figured you'd want to know on your end, just in case.

  3. I remember seeing that Bloodshot #1 in a local pawn shop bin as I was looking for some old Darkhawk comics...$2 I think they wanted. Can't remember the condition it was in, but I thought it was cool looking, but wasn't familiar with the character himself. Almost positive it's still there.

    1. Heya Ty, sorry for not replying on here, but I did get your email and responded. Hope that helps and doesn't piss your sister off having to buy silver age bags and boards. Well, Bloodshot #1 has a very high print run. It sold about a million copies so it's probably around 800,000 estimated copies out there.

      It's still a key and one worth mentioning since it was the first comic to have all that chromium cover thingie on it.

    2. I did receive your email, and replied as well. Thank you very much for such a quick response! I sent some cash to my sister so she was cool with it.

      Went back to that pawn shop the Bloodshot was still there, $2 so why not.

  4. Don' t want to make Mayhem angry by commenting this, but Bloodshot The Last Stand is a special that had pretty low print numbers. It was published after the crash, when no one realy cared about the Valiant line anymore. When I remember right, there was even something important going on in that issue...

    Sorry Mayhem!


    1. My eyes are turning green...oh, now you done it! Just kidding. I'll put that in the special list that Rebo recommended. Is that the first full appearance of Bruno Mortalli? I know he appears in flashback in Bloodshot #42. Know if Bruno (father of Angelo) appears in any other issues after #42 and before Last Stand?

    2. Hi Mayhem,

      just a blank space in my mind about this one. However, I do know that the story from Last Stand was continued somewhere - either in a Bloodshot or a Rai book...


  5. nothing to do with this key issue list but comic show tomorrow in Greenville sc cant wait. JW

    1. Thank, God, bro! Good luck on your hunt, man! What you gunning for JW? Let me know how the snags go.

    2. didnt go to spend a bunch of money since saving for some bigger keys in june but did pick up copy of 1st app reverse flash mid grade for 200 and a cap America signed shield by stan the man. great show so many more people than last year. forever gods 1 I think it was that issue was prob one of the most pop there. also saw a lot of hulk 181JW

    3. sorry forever people 1 jw

    4. Hey JW I went to the SC con last year, it was awesome! Had to skip it this year, b/c I'm saving up for the Heroes con this year in Charlotte! Those are some nice finds! Good luck!

    5. hey wayne the show this year was like a mini charlotte twice as big as last year is was awesome. I too am saving for Heros con this june. best show we have for comics in the SE. JW

    6. Dang… Thats saying a lot man, my wife and I went to the charlotte mini con this year…….. Insane is the only word to describe it. Soooooo many ppl. and way too small of a venue. CPCC campus? really? lol! they need to do it in the charlotte convention center like Heroes. I can't wait for Heroes man!! Art Adams will be there, so bring your X-Men annual 14 to get signed! Starlin was there last year! Awesome stuff!!

    7. More interested in this convo going on. Awesome snag JW! Art Adams is making it all the way out there? Cool! Get those X-Men comics for him to sign. He's a pretty cool guy. Glad you had fun at the con.

      Damn, Jim Starlin! Would love to meet him. Who else is gonna be there?

    8. dude there are to many to list but if you go to heros aren't hard to find comic store there will be a link there. picked up a cap 186 yest on ebay was only 29.99 cgc 9.0. been wanting that one for a while since I read it on your key issue list. not a very high grade but for the price and already graded I figured what the hell. JW
      hey wayne you live near Hendersonville nc its cool to hear someone who goes to the same shows as me and the wife do

    9. Yea a lot of top artist will be there Mayhem! Like JW said, you might wanna check it out one day, it's the best in the south east. I think I'm gonna bring my Longshot #1 to get inked too! I wanna check out some cons on the west coast, one day…..

      JW, I live in Aiken SC, but I have family up in Charlotte, so I'm up there once a month, and def. hit heroes on the way in almost every time, lol. Plus i grew up in Char. Love that town. I second that too man, Its def. cool.

    10. Aiken def horse country wife loves it down there and does a lot of shows. I second and third that about mayhem needs to make that show once in his lifetime and west coast shows a on my want list to do one day. JW

  6. thanks for the heads up will def bring x-men annual 14. I think they could do the show in the old bi-lo center or whatever they call it now. cant wait till charlotte. good ol mayhem needs to make a trip out there sometime. def worth the trip. JW

  7. That could be plausible heading down there sometime in the future. Will have to plan something. Ooooo Mike Zeck will be there! Awesome! Punisher time!

    1. Nice!! good call Mayhem!!! Im definitely gonna get my secret wars 8 signed!!!!

    2. And my logans run 6!!!, (its a lower grade but i don't care!!)

    3. Lol, I forgot all about those two - Secret Wars #8 and Logan's Run #6. Good calls on both.

  8. plausible hell mayhem you need to make it happen sometime you wont regret the show.JW

    1. It is definitely in my plans JW. I'll be tucking away some monies for that to happen, Sir.

    2. LOL!! I LOVE IT!! Think I'm gonna get skottie young to sign my copy of, death of wolverine #1 variant, as a gift to my son to be! That cover is hilarious!

      Who else do you see for good potentials on there mayhem? Maybe some key copper or bronze age.

    3. Bernie Wrightson...if you're a horror comic fan...guy also co-created Swamp Thing. House of Secrets #92 would be a good one to get signed.

    4. Klaus Janson, inker for The Dark Knight Returns limited series by Frank Miller. He also inked Jungle Action #6 (Black Panther)...might be a good one to hit up at the con.

  9. Eternal Warrior #5 is the second full appearance of Bloodshot.