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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Archer & Armstrong Key Issues

Archer & Armstrong is another Valiant comic title that is getting heat in the market for some key issues because of movie hype. Most that are seeing heat for the 90s Valiants are the ones with the yellow or Gold logo boxes.

This series in the 90s didn't last very long, and since there's really no telling what characters they'll use, I'll be listing some minor ones as well just in case.

The first in this key issues list is on the hot burner right now, especially for the Gold logo box variant. If you got it and don't really want them, a nice peak is happening currently for you to dump that issue.

1st appearance of Archer & Armstrong
Origin of Archer and Armstrong
1st appearance of Mahmud

The first appearance of Archer & Armstrong has heated up greatly in the current market. The movie hype has given it a great push in demand, but the 2012 Valiant come back also had a large hand in kick starting interest in this issue.

Even the regular cover with the white box Valiant logo are being bought up at boosted prices despite being over-printed during the 90s. I say it's time to cash out, but if you feel otherwise, I will not try to convince you either way.

So look in your junk boxes to see if you got this one in them, and check for the Valiant logo box to see if it's filled with gold color. Those are going for ridiculous prices right now on eBay. I mean ridiculous prices in terms of a 90s Valiant comic.

This issue also has the origin of the buddy team up and the first appearance of Mahmud. That character isn't really all that important during the 90s series or even in the new rebooted series.

Although Mahmud may not be that important of a character, he is part of the Sect, which is an important organization in the mythos of Archer & Armstrong. The first appearance of the Sect is in this issue as well although it's not noted by industry or the market currently.

Archer & Armstrong #0 was published July, 1992, and it is one of the Valiant key issues getting a big increase in demand.

1st appearance of Prelate Rejj
1st appearance of Bionisaur
2nd appearance of Archer & Armstrong
Unity crossover storyline

The first appearances in this issue are pretty minor characters. Prelate Rejj only shows up in this issue, but Bionisaur is the Unity crossover storyline's main villain. He does appear in other Valiant character's books.

Other than that, this is the 2nd appearance of Archer and Armstrong. This issue isn't really seeing any enormous increase in demand and value. Then again, if you got it in a comic lot for 13 cents, I suppose even a dollar or two is a pretty decent increase nonetheless.

I'm unsure whether this one has the gold logo box variant or not. I haven't seen any. This comic was published August, 1992.

2nd appearance of Turok

Turok the Dinosaur Hunter makes his 2nd appearance in the Valiant universe. This character was a Golden Age character that made his very first appearance in Four Color Comics #596 and was published by Western Publishing.

In the Valiant Universe where he was revamped, his first appearance would be Magnus Robot Fighter #12, whom is another Dell comic character that Valiant acquired during the 90s.

So, a 2nd appearance comic in the Valiant Universe for Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. He was originally known as Turok Son of Stone.

Archer & Armstrong #2 was published September, 1992, and this is currently very under the radar at the moment. If you got this one, you may want to watch the market in case this strangely blows up.

1st appearance of Constantino
1st appearance of Sisters of Doom

Constantino appears here and there in the Archer & Armstrong series. The Sisters of Doom also make their first appearance in this issue, but they aren't that prominent of characters either. They are Uzi packing nuns that cause some slight trouble for the heroes of Archer and Armstrong.

Whether they are used in a possible movie is up in the air. Archer & Armstrong #3 was published October, 1992.

1st appearance of Flo
1st appearance of Adolf
1st appearance of Andromeda

In the 90s series Andromeda is Armstrong's wife and yes she is a goddess. Don't think she really plays that vital of a role in the first series. Adolf is another minor character and has a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler though he isn't.

His only villainy in the series is capturing Flo, which is Armstrong's dinosaur. Flo's first appearance is in this issue as well, and it seems to be an issue full of minor first appearances.

December, 1992 was when Archer & Armstrong #5 was published.

1st appearance of Medoc

This character only has one appearance in the 90s Valiant series that I know of, and this issue may be his first and only appearance. Only reason I am putting it on here is because he is a member of the Sect, which the organization does carry over into the new and revamped Valiant series.

They are the main villains in the series as they are hunting Obediah Archer and Armstrong, known to them as Aram Anni-Padda. Their purpose is the kill them. The Sect is divided into several factions in the new rebooted series.

The first appearance of Medoc was published January, 1993.

1st appearance of Ivar

Ivar is not a minor character in this comic series. He is known as Timewalker and part of the Immortal Brothers that includes Armstrong and Gilad. Gilad is known as the Eternal Warrior.

Ivar can jump time as his name implies, but his time jumps aren't motivated by a sense of adventure. He must be careful not to do anything that could change history. His main hope is to jump time and find the time arc that will reunite him with his long, lost love.

Armstrong & Archer #8 sees the first appearance of Timewalker or Ivar and was published March, 1993. This comic was a flipbook with Eternal Warrior #8.

1st appearance of Mademoiselle Noir

So Mademoiselle Noir is basically a lackey for Master Darque. I believe she only appears once in this title, but if she does appear more than that, it isn't many.

This character has also appeared briefly in other comic titles such as Eternal Warrior, Ninjak and Chaos Effect. Anyway, she is pretty much a minor character and her power is to irresistible to all men. Alrighty then.

Archer & Armstrong #9 was published April, 1993.

2nd appearance of Ivar

This is the 2nd appearance of Ivar also known as Timewalker. As mentioned earlier, he is connected to the characters Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior, in which the latter also had his own comic series during the 90s.

Timewalker also had his own comic series during the 90s that ran for 15 issues. He has been revamped in the new Valiant comic universe, so a good possibility he just might be seen in a future Valiant movie or TV series if those indeed ever happen.

I was thinking this guy would be a better character for a TV show, but then it could be too much like Quantum Leap. Anyways, his 2nd appearance is in this issue and it's one of the few 2nd appearances that Overstreet Guide actually notes.

May, 1993 is the publishing date for the 10th issue of this comic book key issue.

Eternal Warrior #26 flipbook
Final issue
The Chaos Effect Gamma

As mentioned earlier, this comic series didn't last very long, and issue #26 is the final issue for the first comic series in the 90s. It is a flipbook with Eternal Warrior #26, and I believe the Eternal Warrior story is part of the crossover event The Chaos Effect.

Anywho, not much else to say about this issue other than that. It was published October, 1994.

1st appearance of Keepers of the Timeless Word
1st appearance of the Anni-Paddas

Hmmm...since there is a huge possibility that any movie or TV show that comes out from the Valiant world will be more based upon their most recent reboot, it may be wise to spotlight some of the newer comics. They do revamp the Archer and Armstrong comic mythos quite a bit after all.

So this is the first appearance of the Anni-Paddas, which is basically Timewalker, Armstrong (Aram), and Eternal Warrior in the new Valiant universe. They are immortals, same as the old Valiant mythos, and were born in the ancient city of Ur.

The Keepers of the Timeless Word are seven sages who guard the Boon in the Far Faraway. Not exactly important supporting characters in this series so far, but the Anni-Paddas of course are.

Archer & Armstrong #0 was published May, 2013, and there are variants of this issue out there. The 2nd image is of the Pullbox Exclusive variant cover for this issue. 

I have no idea if that variant cover is seeing demand or not currently. Not even entirely sure if this issue in general is seeing bumps in value or not either.

1st appearance of the One Percent
1st appearance of Mary-Maria
1st appearance of Thelma Archer

Of course, the first issue of the new rebooted series can be a safe bet in this speculator market if a planned movie starts blossoming more and more. It also has some first appearances as well.

The One Percent pretty much means the economical and political term used for it. They are a ruthless organization of businessmen that plan to use the Sect to achieve as much financial gain as possible.

Mary-Maria is a major supporting character in this new series and is the best-friend of Obediah Archer. She was adopted by the Archer family.

The Sect also makes their appearance in this new rebooted series as should be expected. They will remain the main villainous entity in the series.

This issue was published August, 2012. 

1st appearance of the Green Dragon Lamas

Speaking of the various factions within the Sect, the Green Dragon Lamas are just one of them. They make their first appearance in this issue. They only have a small number of appearances in the series until they are destroyed.

Their 2nd appearance is in issue #4. October, 2012 was when this comic was published.

1st appearance Geomancer Kay McHenry

The new Geomancer is Kay McHenry in the new Valiant Universe. Her first appearance is in this issue and it is a notable one.

She does appear in other issues of the series as well as few guest appearances in other comic titles as well. I think she may become a major female character for Valiant if she is not already.

Kay McHenry is tied to the One Percent and was a spokes woman for Zorn Capital. This enterprise was run by Elliot Zorn, who is in league with the One Percent.

When she caught overhearing things discussed by Zorn and the One Percent, she was captured, stuck in a sea container, and dumped in water to drown. Mother Nature visits her and makes her the next Geomancer. She able to save herself after that.

I discussed Geomancers a bit in The Shadowman key issues list. Eternal Warrior is the guardian of those Geomancers who have been chosen by Mother Earth herself to protect it.

You all will have to bear with me here. I'm moving in two speeds: Slow and stop! Since there aren't any specific key issues list tailored to particular Valiant titles, I will take up the challenge and do so gladly.

But I'm doing my best in this condition and trying to give out this information as fast as I possibly can, so give me a break here. Not all of these key issues here are seeing increases in value or demand just yet.

Whether that happens or not is still up in the air since there hasn't been much news about Valiant movies or TV shows other than an organization in China dumping some large funds to see Valiant compete with DC and Marvel in the movie and TV realm.

So, no casting of anything just yet. However, when and if that starts rolling out, expect to see some more peaks happen, and they just may happen for some of these minor key issues.

I will not give my opinion about any of these being solid comic investments or not, so don't bother asking. Many already know my answer to that.

I do think that if you have some of these that are being sought out currently, it is a good time to sell. Just a fact I'm talking bout here.

For other keys not hitting demand in this series, you know the drill. Watch out for more movie news concerning certain characters and casting and check eBay to see if they're on the move.

And, hey, if you're just a fan of these comics, then even better. I really do hope you enjoyed this. If you have any key Archer & Armstrong key issues that you think should be on this, just rattle them off below in the comments section. 


  1. I think A&A are hilarious and a well written comic - in both iterations! My other fav Valiants are XO and Bloodshot. We'll see if they grow in popularity/value as the shows or movies get made. But, until then these are books worth reading!

    1. Bloodshot is my guy in the Valiant Universe, but have to admit the who vampire storyline was just like why? I hope these movies are a hit, and I'm looking forward to a Bloodshot flick and Shadowman. I hope they stick with the first incarnation of Shadowman as a Jazz musician though for the movie. Think it makes him a bit more interesting as a musician.

  2. I think these books, especially the original A&A #0, the 1st appearance of the 1% and the 1st appearance of Mary Maria, have big potential to gain value. I thank you for building these lists as I find them very helpful but I find it strange that you feel the need to editorialize so negatively. You've fallen into the same trap so many people do with the 90s. You don't understand how many people love these books and these characters so you can't see them holding value. I hope we surprise you. I believe we will. And I believe you will miss the boat on making some money here.

    1. You're welcome, and as I pointed out at the beginning, I won't try to convince anyone either way of whether to invest in them or not...Most of those who have read this site for a while already know my answer to that, and I don't feel like repeating myself constantly.

      As for negativity, I find your comment strange about how I've supposedly fallen into the same trap so many people do with the 90s? Sir, you're doing exactly what was being done in the 90s. Most speculators today are.

      I collected during the 90s and was in the game then. I know exactly what happened and what the habits were. Don't presume to tell me we are not currently duplicating the same practices that speculators were doing then, and look how that turned out.

      So I should just hype up comics and not warn anyone about possible pitfalls? Perhaps I should be like every site out there and just say buy, buy, buy, buy without giving a shit if there's a possibility that a comic might not be a good long term investment! The fact of the matter is that Valiant owns a very small percentage of the actual comic market share now.

      Many of these copies I listed here during the 90s were over-printed and some weren't. Should I not inform about that or just keep it on the down low.

      This boom in Valiant Comics hinges on the same principle that it hinged on back in the 90s...speculator hype. Right now it's the hype of movies for Valiant characters that have pushed most of these comics in value by speculators.

      Who do you think is buying up multiple copies and hoarding them even now? Readers and fans of the comic? Lol, I love reading 20 different copies of the same issue.

      And if the movies are a big fail like the first Spawn movie and Valiant isn't successful in the movie or TV show realm, do you think the values are going to sustain? For a very small few of them, yes, I think they will. For most of them, they'll plummet.

      I can already tell you that most of the real fans already have many of these comics and hunted them down years back. As I've said, if you're just a fan of comics and want them, then cool. It's no big deal. I'm not gonna tell anyone what they should buy or shouldn't buy on a fan perspective.

      But if it's speculating, then yeah, I will hint at some things..and believe me, Sir, I toned it back drastcially on this Valiant key issues series.

      Who were the ones who dumped most of the Valiant Comics during the 90s crash...speculators. That means that more speculators were buying most of the market share for Valiant Comics then...the big numbers of copies sold weren't because of the actual fans.

      If they were, the speculators dumping their copies during that time wouldn't have affected most of these comics in a big bad way like it did then. In 2003 Bloodshot #0 was only worth $5 NM.

      So, yes it's true that if the Valiant movies and TV shows goes south and does not bring in more new fans for these characters, there's a good chance these comics won't retain value after the speculators are done with them.

      As for losing money on Valiant Comics? I already lost money on them during the 90s lol. How can I lose much more on them when I already got a few boxes of them for 13 cents a piece later on?

      Believe me, I ain't worried about that in the least, but hey, I truly hope I am wrong as I grew up reading some of these characters and enjoyed the stories, and I would love to see great movies of some of these characters done. And believe me, I understand the market we are in very well and what's going on because I've seen it and lived it before.

    2. I support you mayhem!!! Till the death……arrrrrgh!! lol, Hey man, I'm nat really a huge Valiant fan, but I do like some of there big titles, and I think it's cool that you are going through the major keys list and giving us some insight on what to look for while "on the hunt", for overlooked books.

      This past weekend I went to my local flea market found a Harbinger #1 for a buck! I knew it was a good buy, but when i looked up ebay value and book value on it, it blew my mind. Im thinking about dumping it and buying a silver age with the money.

      Anyways my questions for you is…… Is right now a high peak for that specific book? or should I wait just a bit longer to dump it?

      Thanx brotha!! keep up the great work! This site really means a lot to us readers!!

    3. Any fan bias aside concerning Harbinger, check to see if the Harbinger #1 still has the coupon in it. Quite a few of these issues had the coupon clipped. Without the coupon in tact, it's really not worth much.

    4. Yessir, it has both still intact! nice!

  3. Love me some Harbinger! If I would be you I would hold onto that gem! Been on the lookout for the rare numbers 2 - 4 but could never find them. Guess it' s to late now...

    Speculation Jones

  4. Thanx for the input, I'm debating real hard! Good luck finding those books!

    1. I would be ready to let it go but not quickly. I'd watch the market for about a month or two to see if collectors who have this comic start flooding the market with copies. The more available it becomes, the harder it is for a comic to sustain it's value unless it has a super fan base...example Deadpool or Venom...if you're really a fan of Harbinger, you may want to hold onto it.

      Hype is really just starting for these Valiant keys...some obviously don't know they have them...which is the main reason why I'm doing these lists. I'm looking at my own Junk boxes now to see what I've got. I'm sure quite a few others are doing so as well, and always expect there are those who are itching to get rid of them.

      That could be dangerous for sure.

      The many copies I obtained were not because I was actually seeking them out. I got them in comic lots on eBay when I was actively buying lots up. These comics always came in these lots as what's called throw aways. You know, have two or three Silver and Bronze age keys and then have a bunch of Image, Valiants, Malibus and whatnot in there.

      Then I answered a craigslist ad from an old dealer who owned a comic shop in Fremont that I use to go to sometimes. He sold me boxes of old stock, many with Valiants in them for 13 cents each.

      If the comic keeps rising, hold onto it. Back in the day, these copies at NM were selling for $100 for most of the #1 issues. Only because the were hard to find in the market then, because they were still in people's collections.

      I would always be ready to sell just in case since you're not really a fan of them and since you only got the book for a dollar.

      Right now, only CGC 9.6 and 9.8s are past that mark. Raw NM copies aren't just yet.

    2. Lol not 13 cents each box, 13 cents per comic. Apparently typing isn't going so well for me today.

  5. Hey Mayhem,

    can put my name under that, but I have to comment on your fear that the market will be "flooded" with Harbinger 1 comics. I can absolutely not see that happen, since Harbinger was one of the first and also rarest Valiant comics. The same goes for the early Rai issues. Your fear might be reasonable, when later publications are concerned, such as Bloodshot, Ninjak etc. Valiant realy shot the printing numbers up there. My personal recommendation would be the first appearance of Turok in Magnus Robotfighter. This book once had a 200 $ price tag and I am sure it will soon reach that height again.

    Speculation Jones

    1. I hear what you're saying Speculation Jones, but to say that something won't ever happen again that already happened in the past is disregarding the fact that it did happen. The fact that Wayne was able to get a Harbinger #1 for a buck with the coupons still in tact is testament to that.

      So when we are talking about smaller print runs what are the numbers? Less than Marvel or DC was producing at the time? I've heard that it's around 40,000 copies but okay. 40,000 copies and let's say that half of that was dumped back into the market during the 90s. The comic went from $100 dollars and plummeted drastically. it doesn't matter why or how. All that matters is that it happened, and even with a smaller print run compared to whatever DC and Marvel was printing at the time.

      Hardly anyone in the market is taking into account actual fan base and actual speculators who could care less about a comic and willing to flip it quick. This site has always questioned Low print run and sold out numbers for a reason. If the actual fan base is not growing, meaning the character is not reaching new fans and becoming an icon in the pop culture sense, there's a big possibility the character or characters have a good chance of not sustaining in the long run.

      Right now we are in a speculator market just like the 90s...same habits and mentality...just in reverse. Back then popularity took over too much precedent in the market which is why they over-printed the market. Now, it's low print numbers and sold out stats and completely disregarding actual fan base (popularity) for these characters and lumping these sales stats with speculator demand buying up multiple copies.

      Nobody is addressing this concern concerning speculation comic sites...and it's creating false demand and false fan base. To say that's not something to be concerned about when it was obviously something that should of been taken into account during the 90s is a mistake.

      I can bring up any of these characters to the average joe in the real world outside of comic fans, and they'll have no clue who I am talking about if they were never into comics. If I bring up Wolverine or Hulk or Spidey or Batman or Superman, even non-comic fans know who those characters are.

      This is all being hinged on by movie news, but movie news does not guarantee that they will be successful or that it will reach a whole new entire audience and make fans of them enough to actually gain interest in comics.

      The problem with Valiant Comics is that they are more geared towards teen and adult collectors. You can't make an animated cartoon of Bloodshot. It would be extremely gory and violent for kids to be able to watch.

      Many of us were brought up on TV shows of comic characters or cartoons long before we actually started collecting comics. It's a big factor of why we know who is who and our growing fandom that got us into comics in the first place.

      Of course, this is a debate where one side doesn't agree with the other, like most things in the comic community. For a dollar, Wayne hasn't much to lose. He will make a profit off that book regardless.

      I'm a lot more cautious because I've speculated in 90s comics during the time and saw it all crash to where dealers were struggling to get rid of even early Valiant comics. The fact that we are once again in a speculator market, should make more comic investors cautious about what they are actually investing in the long-term.

      If you trust this market and actually think another comic crash won't happen again, then cool. I personally think history repeats itself and when it does, i think Valiants will take even longer to rebound again.

  6. Whoa! Got him mad again! Seriously though, who knew anything about a
    Rocket Racoon two years ago? Now its common knowledge so, no fair comparing Hulk and Spidey with Bloodshot and Rai. Perhaps you were talking about long term investments but for the next 5 years, in my opinion, the future looks golden.

    Speculation Jones

  7. Naw, seriously, I'm too sick right now to get mad and there would definitely be cussing involved if I was pissed off. It's just a debate. My opinion was asked by Wayne, so I gave it.

    This site has mainly been geared towards solid long-term investments from the get go. But I do raise the question of what some may be short-term buys. The last thing I want to do is recommend a comic that sees great hype and have people buy it during a peak and then the hype fizzles shortly after and values drop and then they are stuck with a comic they over paid for.

    It's been happening way too much in this market, and the majority of fails to address it which is a huge mistake. You get too many of those incidents and you'll spawn another "Comics are lousy investments" campaigner in the future, and when that happens, you'll see people pull out of the market just like in the 90s.

    You're right, who knew about Rocket Raccoon two years ago? A comic character that's rode high on GOTG movie hype, but now that the movie is a huge success, the character is out there.

    I'm not saying that the popularity may last or not, but thinking about that question in comic investing definitely doesn't hurt. It's just a different view alternative to the crazy market where it seems that any and everything is being pimped out and hyped up so people just buy, buy, buy without thinking or questioning short-term buy or long-term buy.

    Seriously, squirrel girl getting a boost in value or demand? C'mon now, a character like that seeing a big boost in demand is something to scratch your head about and question the market.

    If we are indeed investing in comics, comparing Wolverine and Batman's popularity to Bloodshot isn't fair but is useful in determining the $100 I'd rather put into when it comes to purchasing a comic as an investment.

    In the long-term a character's staying power in the market determines demand. Without demand, rarity in all truth means zip. I wrote and drew a comic in the fifth grade for an English assignment. It's rare and the only copy that exists, but did anyone want to pay for it? Not really. But it was rare.

    I'm not saying Bloodshot won't ever be hugely popular or any of these Valiant characters won't be, so don't get me wrong there, but I raise a different opinion or raise questions for those who read this site as opposed to the current mainstream back issues market that seems to just gun for and recommend, as investment comics, everything under the sun...including X-Force #1 and X-Men #1 from the 90s.

    I think some appreciate that I actually do that, and I'll continue to do that. As I've said from the beginning of this series, if you're a straight up fan who loves these characters, buy them up. If not, give it some thought but weigh in every factor possible in terms of short and long term.

    1. Thanx Mayhem, I didn't mean to spark a debate. I'm a daily reader on this site and I take long term investments way more serious than short term. I've actually funded about a quarter of my silver age collection by buying short term books, dumping them, then using that extra money to fund the long term books. (That's the only way my wife will let me spend a little more money on the long term books, lol.) So that being said, thank you very much for your opinion on my question, just a little more knowledge up the ole comic investing sleeve.

      Keep up the great work homie!

    2. No worries, didn't know you gotta do that in order to invest in your preferred eras. Kudos. Debates are likely to happen...especially with comic collectors. As long as insults aren't thrown, snide remarks, or cussing is absent, I consider it just banter.

  8. Hello Mr. Brown,

    that is so funny, because it' s the same way I do it - drop many modern age titles and invest in silver/ bronce age keys like, for example, Avengers 55. Positive sidenote, you keep your collection from expanding and your wife from getting angry - know that problem all to well, believe me ;-) Never met a woman who likes shortboxes in her living room - anyway, my fear is that we lie to ourselves, as far as the grade of these old books is concerned. You know the problem: Harbinger 1 (9,6) vs Avengers 55 (8,0) - Don' t know which one I would choose in the end investment wise...

    So long, happy hunting

    Speculation Jones

    1. Thanx Mr. Jones! yea regardless it was a (once in a blue moon find), but I just love the early artwork in the silver age! Still racking my brain on it, lol. and yea, you are right about the women, but I must comply! Like they say, "happy wife, happy life." lol

      Good luck to ya! And thanx!

  9. Dear Mr. Mayhem,

    I' m on the lookout for rare comics to invest in. That comic from 5th grade - I would take a shot. I mean, maybe in 10 years, who knows, Marvel getting the rights, they make a movie out of it and BAM - you got yourself a winner!

    Max Rebo

    1. If that ever happened Max Rebo, I'd probably get sued since most of the characters looked like Ralph Snart from Now Comics. Haha! I threw it away a long time though so it's probably been recycled.