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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2nd Appearance Key Issue Comics Part 17

Back briefly to this 2nd appearance key issue comics list. We took a break after Part 16, and this is Part 17. Wow, but then again, it is an on-going series. Trust me, we haven't even gone through a quarter of all the 2nd appearances in comics.

Definitely some new ones here and some characters I've yet to talk about at all or much on here. Quite a few Bronze Age comics and some Silver Age. Some may be under the radar, and some probably not. We shall have to see.

If you're new to this series, I suggest you start off with Part 1. You can also click this Part 16 link if you missed the previous post before this one. Alright, onward with more 2nd appearance key comics.

2nd appearance of Werewolf by Night

When it comes to the first appearance of Werewolf by Night in Marvel Spotlight #2, it brings back some banging my head against the wall moments. Two actually.

I've always wanted the first appearance of Werewolf by Night. I have no idea why I'm a werewolf fan. I read Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf as a kid and enjoyed the movie Silver Bullet and the Howling and geeked out over Lon Channey's make up as the Wolfman.

Still no clue why I think werewolves are visually cool. Then again, I can't explain in any decent words why I was so fascinated with the Hulk as a kid either.

I do like vampires, but I have to admit during the Underworld movie series, I rooted for the Lycans. Then again, during the Lost Boys, I actually rooted for the vampires.

So anyways, I had a chance to get Marvel Spotlight #2 CGC 9.4 when it was still cheaper then but lost out on it by a bid of $10 bucks. Head thumpin'  against the wall on that one. 2nd time around it was a CGC 9.2 and lost out on that one by $40 bucks. Gah! Then the prices just went boom for some reason for that key.

Well, anyways, Marvel Spotlight #3 is the 2nd appearance of Werewolf by Night, and I think it's still pretty under the radar. May, 1972 is the publishing date for this beast!

eBay - A few copies here and most are raw as usual, but they aren't exactly cheap but not overly ridiculous expensive either. Some good deals can still be found for this one currently. If you're more into slabbers, there's three on eBay currently or at the time of this writing. They are two 9.4 NMs and one of them is decently priced. Then there's a 9.2 NM minus.

mycomicshop - Only one raw VG minus copy in actual stock here at the moment.

NewKadia - Highest grade here for this one is a VF. Rest are all lower grades and the highest of the lower grades is a VG+.

ComicConnect - Five copies here and two are CGC, in which the highest is a 9.4 NM. There's also a NM raw copy that's only $40 cheaper, which submitted it to CGC would probably cost more. That's if you care to get it CGC'd or not. Also FN and below raw copies as well.

X-MEN #94
2nd appearance new X-Men team
2nd appearance of Storm
2nd appearance of Nightcrawler
2nd appearance of Colossus
2nd appearance of Thunderbird

Well, it seems that the younger versions of Storm and Nightcrawler were cast in the Bryan Singer X-Men Apocalypse movie. That's good stuff as I do like Nightcrawler and Storm.

So X-Men #94 is the 2nd appearance of not only the new X-Men, it's their first appearance in the title as well and the 2nd appearances of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird. Even though Thunderbird only appears in 3 X-Men comics, I do like the character for some odd reason.

This one's a huge X-Men key issue, and I'd say it's one of the Top 3 solid X-Men keys. I can talk about it all day, but I've already mentioned it on here quite a few times. It was published August, 1975.

eBay - Definitely quite a lot of options here and plenty of raw copies and slabbed copies a like. For slabs, there are various grades on eBay and a bit more a selection to sift through if you're interested in this key. Anything in the NM range from 9.0 and up are already quite pricey as this key is expected to be.

mycomicshop - As expected, quite a few copies of this one at mycomicshop. Unfortunately, there are all on consignment. Quite a few slabbed copies though. Two PGXs and they are an 8.0 VF and a 7.0 FN/VF. Five CGC copies with the highest a 9.2 NM minus. 2nd highest is an 8.5 VF+ Signature Series. Raw copies are also present but the highest is a low grade VG/FN.

ComicConnect - Four auctions going up here later in this month of March, and two of them CGC 9.0 VF/NMs. There's also an 8.5 VF+, an 8.0 VF, and a 7.0 FN/VF being auctioned off as well. All the ones going up for auction are CGCs. Also a CGC 9.0 available for immediate sale and quite a few other slabbers also. Only two or three raw copies there at present.

ComicLink - Highest CGC copy is a 9.6 NM+. There's quite a few CGCs here and only one raw FN/VF copy at the time of this writing.

2nd appearance of Man-Thing
1st appearance as Dr. Barbara Morse

The 2nd appearance of the Man-Thing is in this Ka-Zar adventure in Astonishing Tales #12. The character was created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway and artist Gray Morrow, and the character was influential on Neil Gaiman.

Man-Thing is Dr. Theodore Sallis, who was working on a team called Project Gladiator. This team of scientists were trying to recreate the Super Soldier serum. Barbara Morse, also known as Mocking Bird, is on this team as well.

Well, in pure comic book fashion, all hell breaks loose when he learns that AIM is working in the area. He breaches security and destroys all his notes on the formula since he had them memorized. Ambushed and betrayed by his girlfriend, Sallis flees with the only formula sample which he injects himself in hopes of saving his life.

Instead, he crashes his car in a swamp and the formula and magic (later revealed) turns him into a plant-like creature with dimmed memories.

That doesn't happen in this issue though, but Ka-Zar and Barbara Morse are in indeed in this issue and it's the 1st appearance of the character as Dr. Barbara Morse as well as the 3rd over-all appearance of the character. 

She wasn't named in her first appearance in Astonishing Tales #6 and was given the name Barbara but no last name in Astonishing Tales #8. In this issue, the creators finally flesh out the character of Barbara Morse.

June, 1972 is the publishing date for Astonishing Tales #12.

eBay - Surprisingly not that many copies. May have to do with Mockingbird being in the Agents of Shield TV series, but this key hasn't really sky rocketed yet. It is worth more than the dollar bin it use to be in though. All raw copies so far on the mighty eBay.

NewKadia - Only one VG+ copy here at the moment.

ComicConnect - Only one FN/VF raw copy here for now.

2nd appearance of Alec Holland as Swamp-Thing
3rd appearance of Swamp-Thing character
1st Anton Arcane and Patchwork Man

So the original and first Swamp-Thing was Alex Olsen, and it's his version that appears in House of Secrets #92. Allec Holland was an updated version, and surprisingly he is the next to appear as the Swamp-Thing immediately in terms of publishing dates.

So Swamp Thing #1 sees the first appearance of Alec Holland as the Swamp-Thing, and is the 2nd appearance of the actual Swamp-Thing comic character. Thus, Swamp-Thing #2 is the 2nd appearance of Alec Holland as Swamp-Thing and the 3rd appearance of the creature ever.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Anton Arcane and his brother Patchwork Man.

Swamp-Thing #2 from the first series was published January, 1973.

eBay - As I thought, this one is pretty much under the radar. Saw some CGC slabs but not many. Probably three or four at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.2 Restored copy here. It's the same one on eBay and only copy at mycomicshop.

ComicConnect - Only two copies here and one is a CGC and the other raw. The raw copy is a NM minus and the CGC is a 9.4 NM. 

2nd appearance of the Leader

The Leader was on my Hulk lunch pail as a kid, though I had no idea who he was because I didn't see him in the Incredible Hulk TV series. I would find out much later what the ginormous head was all about.

Samuel Sterns is another victim of gamma radiation, and like banner was mutated. However, his appearance was permanent and included a towering head to house a super-sized brain.

The enlarging of his brain also made him a super genius. Of course, christening himself as the Leader, the name was pretty obvious of what his ambitions grew to be. He wanted to rule the world.

Tales to Astonish #62 is the first appearance of the Leader and kicks off his origin story. This origin tale is continued in this issue. Tales to Astonish #63 is the 1st full appearance of the Leader and ends his origin story. That makes Tales to Astonish #64 the Leader's 2nd appearance and it was published January, 1965.

eBay - Quite a few copies of this one on eBay. No problem finding a raw copy for sure. Less than two handfuls of slabbed copies. Highest so far are two 9.4 NMs. One is decently priced and has a Best Offer option. Saw two 9.2 low NM CGC copies as well.

mycomicshop - Eight copies and most are low grade. Only one that isn't is a mid grade FN+ that's on consignment. 2nd highest is are two VG+s. One is on consignment and the other is in actual stock. One in stock is cheaper. Rest are lower than those mentioned for now.

ComicConnect - One CGC copy and three raw copies here for now. CGC is a 9.0 VF/NM and the highest raw copy is a VF minus.

2nd appearance of Vampirella
1st appearance of Draculina

Can't believe I haven't yet mentioned Vampirella on here. After all, I always see her comic magazines in one of my locals, and the character is pretty iconic among horror comic fans.

Still have yet to see this character cosplayed at the comic cons in my area though. Boy, that would definitely be a challenge not to do the creepy stare. Published by Warren Publishing, the same publishers who died Creepy and Eerie, Vampirella was created by Trina Robbins and Forest J Ackerman.

Cover by Bill Hughes, Vampirella #2 also introduces her little sister Draculina. Definitely a cult classic, the 2nd appearance of Vampirella in Vampirella #2 was published November, 1969.

eBay - Didn't think there would be many copies of this one on eBay. Selection is limited but there are CGCs. One is a 9.2 NM minus that's priced okay. Other 9.2 is more expensive but has a Best Offer. Even the raw copies for this one isn't cheap.

mycomicshop - Only one copy and it's a CGC 9.2 NM minus. It is a Universal label this time.

ComicConnect - Three raw copies here. Highest is a VF/NM and lowest is a VG/FN.

Part 7 to this 2nd appearances key comics list is concluded, but there's a ba-zillion more to go. This is an on-going series that I will be picking at here and there from time to time. Some in the comic collecting sphere still sneer at 2nd appearances, but there are some that are also quite a bit of snagging 2nd appearances while some of them are still cheap.

A lot of 1st appearances are getting out there crazy price land and trickling down grades is always an option but quite a many of 2nd appearances can still be snagged in the NM range for much cheaper. I understand the trend of why 2nd appearances are becoming more appealing to collectors.

Any who, I will be getting back to this series pretty soon, but not in a huge heavy way as when I first started it. Oh, if you guys have 2nd appearance suggestions that haven't already been listed in the series, feel free to sound them off in the comments section. It definitely helps make it easier on me.

If you missed Part 16, the PREVIOUS link below will get you there. For a bit, however, Part 18 will be coming in the near future.



  1. Great article (as usual)! Question for you—using X-Men #94 as an example. What is meant by "investment grade"? Like would CGC 7.0 be "investment grade"? I am always confused by this, as it just seems like the price goes up as the rating goes up. I guess on super keys like this, any grade is going to be at least some money? Is an "investment grade" really more applicable only to a modern book (like a 9.8 or 9.6 could be worth some money, and a 7.0 would be essentially worthless)? Good stuff!!

    1. Investment Grade is just a term used in the industry to add to rarity factor and to categorize which comics rise in value faster and more. While it is true that higher grades do see a bigger gap in value compared to lower grades and do rise faster, this rule is becoming more and more over-looked in the current market.

      Those who cannot afford the higher grades deemed "Investment Grade", are looking at lower than NM grades for mega keys...example is Hulk #181. An investment is an investment to me, and Modern and most Copper Age still adhere to the highest grade possible rule unless it is an error copy or very low print key issue like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1.

      Speaking of Modern age keys that don't have anything special to them (low print run, mega key 1st appearance in extremely high demand, etc), I wouldn't bother with a 7.0 for most of them.