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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Green Lantern #9 CGC 7.5

Holy moly is this one a story in itself. So, in the 2nd to most recent Vault post I talked about how I snagged a Green Lantern #59, first appearance of Guy Gardner, off eBay for an amazing deal and then had the seller tell me someone snagged it off their site minutes prior. So, I ended up getting a Showcase #23, 2nd appearance of Silver Age Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, at a 4.5 instead, and though the seller said they'd refund me $10 bucks to my Pay Pal account, I got a $10 off coupon instead.

I was on the hunt for Green Lantern #9, and it's been on my want list for quite some time. Not only is Sinestro Hal Jordan's main baddie, I knew that Green Lantern #9 was the 2nd appearance of Sinestro. For some reason, it's never noted as such. Instead, it seems that this comic having the first Sinestro cover and the first appearance of the Jordan brothers are more important key issue statuses to note. Oh, well.

I also knew that it was an over-looked Silver Age key issue, as most Green Lantern key issues are in the current market, and I pretty much just wanted it to have it. Since I did get that Showcase #23 considerably lower than guide from that seller, I figured I'd give them a 2nd chance and use that $10 off coupon.

I went to their site and saw that they had a Green Lantern #9 CGC 7.5 VF minus in stock and was listed on their site for $236. I went around the web, starting with eBay, to see if there were any lower priced options. I didn't find any.

I then went to the CGC Census to give this key issue comic a looksie and try to gauge the rarity of it. Wow, only 11 7.5s currently.

Despite that it is an early Silver Age Green Lantern key issue, that number didn't sit right with me. Also the total submitted for this book was only 106. Not too many for a Silver Age key issue.

So I checked to see the total submitted of Green Lantern #1 and the total in the CGC Census is 637. Talk about an over-looked key then. Using common sense, I doubt Green Lantern #9 is more rare than a Green Lantern #1, so I figured that not too many people who own raw copies of this comic deem it worthy of sending in for some reason.

To further my assumption, Fantastic Four #1 pretty much has the same publishing date as this comic and there's 1539 copies of those in the CGC Census. So, needless to say, I didn't get all excited or disillusioned with Green Lantern #9 being one of the ultra rare Silver Age key issue comics.

Still, I wanted the comic and figured a not that well-known 2nd appearance would do nicely in my Vault. So I snagged it and used the $10 coupon and it came out to $226.

Wait, let me rewind here. Before I checked the CGC Census, I did go on GoCollect to see what it's been selling for.

Last one sold for $270 and I'd be getting it for $226. Not too bad. Although I knew I was getting it slightly over guide, the last one in 2 years sold for $44 bucks more, so I think I was getting an okay deal.

Here's where the story gets all messed up. Like before, they sent me an email telling me my purchase was shipped with a tracking number. Shipping was free if UPS 3 Day Select was chosen, and being the cheap bastard that I am, I chose 3 Day Select.

Oh yeah, and during checkout, these guys offered a free gift, mostly Baseball related collectibles which I know very little about. I chose the 3 packs of 2013 MLB Chipz  just for the hell of it.

So here's where things get hairy again. On the third day, I didn't receive my item, so I checked UPS tracking. To make things short, it bounced back and forth from South San Francisco and Concord 4 times, even went back to Oakland twice, and even ended up in San Pablo once.

For two weeks, it kept updating estimated delivery as the next day, and the next day it wouldn't show up. I had to call UPS costumer service three times and got the same answer, "Oh, we have it in our records that it will be delivered to you by tomorrow."

Finally, one person called the San Ramon facility to find out what was up. They forwarded my number and the guy at that facility called me. He too thought it was weird that the package kept bouncing around and told me that if I didn't receive by the next day that I should file a claim.

Next day it did not show up, so I called UPS after discovering from their website that I could not file a claim since the package was in their system. The person gave me the same shpeel that it was in their system as being delivered tomorrow.

I told the lady at costumer service that the system had been doing that for the last week and a half and I never get my package by the next day as promised. She kept insisting that I would, and I had to keep telling her that the last package scan was in South San Francisco, no where near the UPS facility that would deliver it to me.

Fed up, I asked to speak to the supervisor. Not to bitch or complain. I wanted to make it clear that my package was bouncing around from facility to facility and wanted to know what they were going to do in order to locate the package so they could send it to the right facility.

The supervisor told me I should contact the seller and have them file a lost package claim and that he would contact the facilities it kept bouncing back and forth too - South San Francisco and Concord. So, I contacted the seller and the next day the seller responded quite quickly that they filed a claim.

Green Lantern #9 finally reached me yesterday, 4 phone calls, one email, one claim filed, and two weeks later after it was initially shipped. Now, I know I shouldn't blame the seller for a UPS screw up, but this is two bad experiences back to back.

The comic does look great though, and even though it was in transit for a quite a while and the box looked a bit beat up as I suspected it would be, the slab inside was just fine. Thank, God!

So when I got the book yesterday, you can bet I looked at for quite a while. I sighed to myself and thought, Finally a decent Sinestro key in my Vault.

In the Vault it went after inspecting it and just enjoying it for about 35 minutes. Honestly, I'm surprised the book isn't a 8.0 VF. Maybe there's a small booger on one of the pages or something.

So, first Sinestro on a cover, 1st appearance of the Jordan brothers, and 2nd appearance of Sinestro. A triple whammy key issue for under $250. If it weren't for the trouble put into getting this Silver Age key issue comic finally delivered, I might be more happy with the purchase.

I'm sure it will wear off, and I'll be able to appreciate my snag after it does. Another adventure on the hunt, though the actual hunt wasn't nearly as much as an adventure as having it delivered.


  1. I would have lost my s***. JW

    1. I kept my cool while talking with the customer service people. Pissing them off probably wouldn't have accomplished much. I did have to get more forceful when I requested to speak to a supervisor, but I admit, I was fuming underneath. Oh well, stuff happens. I'm just glad I finally got it.

  2. I'm glad you finally got it. What a pain in the ass. East Bay Comic Con this Sunday!!!

    ~Gerry D

    1. Me too bro...EAST BAY COMIC CON!!!! COMICS!!! BEER and JUNK FOOD! Should be fun. You got your list ready?

    2. My list is ready, and long. Gonna bring my price guide too for all those books I forgot to put on there.

      ~Gerry D

  3. JEEEZ! Sounds like someone is testing your patience. The "GREEN LANTERN CURSE!!" strikes again! You might want to consider ONLY buying GL Books in person and then be very careful driving home after. : ) lk

    1. I like that "GREEN LANTERN CURSE" haha! Starting to feel that way, but the Showcase #24 did arrive with absolutely no problems. Wow, you just scared me into never driving with a GL comic in my car LK haha!