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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crossover Key Comic Book Issues Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of this crossover key issues series. No doubt that there are quite of over-looked key comic book issues in this one, and many aren't known all that well for their significance just yet. 

Not to say that some aren't already expensive in super high grades, but quite a few have not reached overly ridiculous prices in the market just yet. If you missed Part 7, just click the link to go back and read that.

Let's get Part 8 rollin' and reveal some more of these crossover key comic book issues!

1st meeting Spider-Man & Dr. Strange
3rd Dr. Strange classic crossover

Now, I know there will be some who will pop up in the comments and debate about this being the 1st meeting between Dr. Strange and Spider-Man. What I mean by 1st meeting is 1st published meeting between the two characters. It's the first time we see these characters interact in a comic or story.

Of course, there is a modern 1st meeting in which Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern wrote a meeting between Spidey and Dr. Strange that precedes all their meetings before it in Untold Tales of Spider-Man Strange Encounter #1. That's a retconned first meeting published in 1998, and although it does chronologically precede Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, I don't care much for retconned first anythings that happened in the Modern Age of comics.

So this is the first published meeting of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 happens to be the 3rd Dr. Strange classic crossover. This comic was published October, 1965.

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ComicConnect - Two CGC copies and one is a 9.6 NM+ that's pretty up there in price. There's also a CGC 7.5 VF minus and a few raw copies as well.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies here and the highest is a 7.0 FN/VF.  Other slab is a 5.0 VG/FN and it's a PGX. Two VG raw copies are the only unslabbers here for now.

1st Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD crossover
2nd Nick Fury classic crossover
1st Huge Marvel crossover

This issue is the first time that almost every Marvel character is packed into one issue. It's a mega issue for sure and deals with Sue Storm and Reed Richard's wedding. Of course, mostly every single superhero would be present, and of course, almost every villain would want to crash it.

As featured in the SHIELD key issues recently published, Fantastic Four Annual #3 also has the 1st Nick Fury as an agent of SHIELD classic crossover. The SHIELD agents are doing security for the wedding and obviously didn't do a very good job. As a character, this is the 2nd Nick Fury crossover, and the 1st SHIELD crossover just to give it a little more umphff.

Fantastic Four Annual #3 was published October, 1965.

eBay - Selection appears to be pretty limited for this monster crossover Fantastic Four key. A few low grade raw copies and only two CGC slabs. Highest CGC is an 8.0 and under the $200 mark at the time of this writing. It's followed by a 7.5 VF minus, and the 8.0 VF has a way better price.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 6.5 FN+ and a raw FN/VF at the moment.

3rd Zatanna classic crossover
3rd appearance of Zatanna
1st meeting of Zatanna and Green Lantern

No mistake that this is the 3rd full appearance of Zatanna, and she is fully part of this story that takes place in Green Lantern #42. Yes, this issue also sees the first meeting between Zatanna and Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

I'm noting this as Zatanna's 3rd classic crossover. She is as herself throughout the issue, and it's a bit fishy why she would need to disguise herself in Detective Comics #336 when she meets all the other DC heroes in this storyline perfectly fine as herself? Kinda lame, and I'm debating about taking Detective Comics #336 off this list all together.

I think I'll leave it on. Maybe industry will recognize it the way I'm calling it sometime in the future. Green Lantern #42 was published January, 1966.

eBay - Pretty limited amount of copies on eBay for this one, and it's another over-looked key issue as well.  Mostly all raw, but there is one CGC 9.4 NM. Price is a bit too high for what I'd pay for this issue though.

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1st Teen Titans classic crossover?
Wedding issue

I'm pretty sure if the Teen Titans live action TV series becomes an on-going series, there will be a lot DC characters that will crossover in the show just like Arrow and the Flash. This is not a very well-known and nobody is noting this issue as the first Teen Titans crossover.

This issue sees the marriage of Elasti-Girl and Mento, and the orignal Teen Titans along with the Justice League of America are seen in attendance at their wedding. They have a cameo appearance within the story, and this may not count as a full crossover.

However, I don't see why it wouldn't since many cameos seem to make the cut concerning crossovers. Tales of Suspense #49 and the 1st Avengers crossover being a good example. Doom Patrol #104 was published June, 1966.

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4th Zatanna classic crossover
4th appearance of Zatanna

Alrighty, Zatanna furthers her crossover career in this issue, but not in the Batman story. She actually meets the Elongated Man in a back up feature in this issue, and this story continues the first crossover story event in DC Comics.

The story is The Tantalizing Troubles of the Tripod Thieves, and I'm pretty sure this is the first meeting between the Elongated Man and Zatanna as well. Detective Comics #355 was published September, 1966.

eBay - Appears to be quite a few raw copies, but only one CGC 8.5 VF+. Can probably snag that for under the $100 mark. Pretty over-looked Silver Age key Detective Comics key currently.

mycomicshop - Only one VG minus raw copy here.

First Marvel title crossover story

DC was nearly completing Zatanna's Search story event, and it seems Marvel would also have it's first title crossover story as well. However, it was to a much lesser degree that DC Comics.

Weakened from a battle with Krang, Iron Man suddenly finds himself desperately trying to fix and recharge his armor. Before he can do, he is attacked by Submariner.

Apparently, ole Shellhead interfered in Namor's quest to get revenge on Krang for convincing Lady Dorma to run off and marry him. An epic battle ensues that is continued in the pages of Tales To Astonish #82.

Tales to Astonish #82 is the 2nd half of this story, and it is the first time a Marvel story starts off in one title and concludes in a different title. August, 1966 is the publishing date for Tales of Suspense #80.

eBay - Raw copies available and a few slabs. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ with the 2nd highest a 9.4 NM. There's a 9.0 VF/NM at the $200 mark. Last high grade is an 8.0 VF Signature Series. There's only one low grade slabber present at the time of this writing.

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Alrighty, there's six more crossover key issues. Some are over-looked at certain high grades while their super high grades are already up there. We are still in the Silver Age, and to be honest, this era is the best time for most of these classic crossovers as Marvel and DC were still building upon their Silver Age universes.

Still got quite a few to go. If you missed Part 7, you can click the PREVIOUS link to go back. However, Part 9 is ready so just click the PART 9 link below to continue on!

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