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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crossover Comic Key Issues Part 3

Alright, we here with Part 3 to this crossover key issues series, and there's already been some pretty good ones discussed in the previous parts. Once again, the crossover comic books in this series will mainly deal with the more commonly known guest appearances or team ups.

I won't be listing every crossover here, just the important ones. Hopefully, there will be some ones you didn't know about before and some sleepers as well.

Click this Part 2 link if you missed it. If not, let's continue with the comic book goodness!

1st JLA classic crossover

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #29 is the first Justice League of America classic crossover. However, it's not the full team and only Batman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman are representing the team in this issue. It is the first time members of the team are seen crossing over into another character's title and story.

Of course, this doesn't really establish a shared universe, but furthers it. This also may be the 1st classic crossover for Aquaman and the 2nd classic crossover for Green Arrow if this issue does not count as a Justice League of America appearance.

I don't see why it wouldn't, but who knows? November, 1961 was when this Silver Age crossover was published.

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1st G.A. Marvel character crossover into S.A.
1st Silver Age appearance of Namor

Okay, if industry recognizes the Golden Age Flash appearing in the Silver Age Flash comic is a crossover, then I think this bad boy should count as well. Yes, this is the first appearance of Namor in the Silver Age, but he's also the first Golden Age Marvel superhero to crossover into the Silver Age.

He is also the first of the Golden Age Marvel characters to establish that he is part of the same universe within the Silver Age Marvel revival of superhero comics. I'm not quite sure why ASM #1 and FF #12 are recognized as the first Marvel crossovers in the market. Did they overlook this one, or is there some other reason why they decided this issue doesn't count?

Unlike DC Comics, which would later establish two separate universes for their Golden Age and Silver Age characters, Marvel just expanded on their one continuity and wrote Namor in there without any weird parallel universe and such.

Captain America would be another Golden Age hero that was written in the same Marvel universe. This may be why the back issue market gives less importance on Marvel's Golden Age characters being revived and crossing over into the Silver Age of comics.

Fantastic Four #4 was published May, 1962, almost a year ahead of those two books, and it does establish that Namor is part of the Marvel Comics universe that the Fantastic Four inhabits. Something to ponder about.

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2nd JLA classic crossover (minus Superman)

Mystery in Space #75 is the 2nd time the Justice League of America crosses over into another title and story. This time it's the Adam Strange story, The Planet That Came to a Standstill.

Superman is absent from this classic crossover and is only seen in flashback. However, the other members are fully present within the story. This comic is not really known for it's crossover key status, and probably very much still a Silver Age sleeper.

Chronologically, this story is a sequel to Justice League of America #3 (1961), but this issue was published a year later in May, 1962. By publishing date and not by chronological continuity, this is the 2nd JLA classic crossover.

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1st S.A. Flash (Barry Allen) classic crossover
Flash and Green Lantern reveal identities
In the market, this is seen more commonly as Barry Allen's first classic crossover, in which he crosses over from his titled comic into another character's titled comic as a guest star or team up. It is not the first time the two Earth One characters are seen meeting, unless you want to discount Brave and the Bold #28 or Justice League of America #9.

Since DC Comics is a bit more convoluted and confusing, industry just notes this key issue as a Flash crossover and not a first anything. Marvel titles are easier to pin down first crossovers

However, should Brave and the Bold #28, first appearance of Justice League of America, be considered the first Silver Age Flash classic crossover? After all, he is seen with these other heroes, is plucked from one title to another title's story, and teams up with Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc?

Nope, it shouldn't. The thing that bars Brave and the Bold #28 as the Flash's first classic crossover is that it is a Justice League of America story, and the Flash is part of that team and introduced as a member right off the bat. 

Anyway, the first Flash classic crossover in Green Lantern #13 was published June, 1962. 

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FLASH #129
2nd G.A. Flash crossover
1st S.A. appearance of G.A. Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Atom
1st S.A. appearance of G.A. Black Canary and Dr. Mid-Night
1st S.A. appearance of G.A. Wonder Woman
Once again, Jay Garrick is the Flash of Earth Two and makes his 2nd crossover appearance in the Silver Age of DC Comics. Further expanding on the multiverse concept during the time, this is another important key issue crossover from the era.

Flash #129 also has the first appearance of the Justice Society of America seen in flashback, and the Golden Age or Earth Two Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Night, and the iconic Wonder Woman are first seen in this issue. This is being disputed as the first appearance of the JSA in the Silver Age for the characters are not physically in the story and only shown in flashback.

Technically, these Golden Age characters do not crossover into the story. Only Jay Garrick as the original Flash does. Flash #129 was published June, 1962.

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1st Green Lantern classic crossover

According to industry, this key issue comic is just considered only as an early Green Lantern classic crossover. I'm noting it as the 1st Hal Jordan Green Lantern classic crossover.

For one, this issue is the first crossover for Hal Jordan as Green Lantern outside of the Justice League of America, and the character does actually crossover solo into another character's title. Two, since the Justice League of America's stories constitutes a team, any crossover appearances with Green Lantern in it such as Mystery in Space #75 should just count as a JLA crossover.

I'm not entirely sure but this could be the 2nd team up for the Flash and Green Lantern also. Great crossover for any Flash or Green Lantern fan for sure. I'm considering The Flash #131 as the 1st classic crossover for Green Lantern. If you wanna get technical, it's his first solo crossover.

Flash #131 was published September, 1962.

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Looks like I was wrong. I though we'd be getting into more Marvel crossover comic key issues, but it looks like they will be saved for the next part to this series. Two comics here I've yet to talk about at Total Comic Mayhem, and you've probably already knew about the rest in Part 3.

More crossover key comics are surely ready for viewing, so click the PART 4 link to continue with this bad boy . If you missed Part 2, just click the PREVIOUS link below to head back.

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