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Friday, February 27, 2015

Crossover Comic Key Issues Part 10

Alright, here we are with Part 10 to this crossover comic key issues list, and many of these will be minor ones. Finally, we are heading into some of the Marvel/DC intercompany crossovers.

If you missed Part 9, just click the link to go back. Other than that and if you're good to go, here is the next batch of crossover key issues.

2nd Teen Titans classic crossover

A Batman tale that eventually sees a team up with the Teen Titans, Brave and the Bold #83 is the 2nd classic crossover for the Teen Titans. The group is featured in the story a lot more than their first crossover in Doom Patrol #104.

Batman and the Teen Titans investigate millions of gallons of oil being stolen from the Zenith oil company in this story, and it was published May, 1969.

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Formation of the Defenders story crossover
Final issue to 1st series
The story presented here is a crossover that would span Submariner #22 and Incredible Hulk #126, and it would lead up to the eventual Defenders formation starting in Marvel Feature #1. This issue is also the final one to the 1st Dr. Strange series and was probably canceled due to low sales.

Putting this character in the Defenders was most likely a move to bolster interest in Dr. Strange, and Strange would get a 2nd series in 1974. Other than that, Dr. Strange #183 begins the storyline that leads up to the formation of the Defenders, and begins the story crossover that was published November, 1969.

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Begins Kree-Skrull War story crossover

The nine part epic Kree-Skrull War is a definite fan-favorite and begins in Avengers #89. Captain Marvel guest stars in this issue, and the story lasts from Avengers #89 through 97 to Amazing Adventures #5 through issue #8.

Because the Kree and Skrulls are at war, earth and it's heroes are caught up in the chaos. The Inhumans, Avengers, Captain Marvel, and Fantastic Four all crossover throughout the story that spans two titles. This comic was published June, 1971.

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1st DC & Marvel intercompany crossover
1st Spiderman intercompany crossover
1st meeting of Superman and Spider-Man
When it comes to the two biggest comic book publishers crossing over their two biggest characters, this is the first. DC Comics already had major intercompany crossovers during the Golden Age with the Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics, but the original Flash and Green Lantern were later absorbed into DC Comics from All-American Publications in 1944.

Kinda amazing that it took so long to have characters from these two giant comic publishers finally meet. Although I'm not really big on intercompany crossovers between Marvel and DC Comics, this is a historical key issue for fans of both characters. January, 1976 is the publishing date.

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1st Nightcrawler classic crossover

Nightcrawler is the main focus in this story, although Wolverine and Colossus do appear very briefly in this comic. Spidey and Nightcrawler also have a very short battle until the Punisher interupts, and this is the first crossover for Nightcrawler outside of the X-Men.

Pretty minor classic crossover, but it does start the story that would eventually introduce Jigsaw in the next issue. Amazing Spider-Man #161 was published October, 1976.

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1st Scott Lang as Ant-Man crossover
3rd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man
4th appearance of Scott Lang
This was featured in a High Grade Alert, and although I did note it as the 3rd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man and the 4rth appearance of Scott Lang, I didn't note it as the 1st Scott Lang as Ant-Man crossover.

Movie is coming out and the last time I talked about this one it was under the radar and not well-known. Maybe it still is. We'll have to see below. August, 1979 was when this comic issue was published.

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As stated in Part 9, it's time to take a breather from this beast. I will be getting back to it in the near future, but it's time to whip up some other comic goodness.

When I do get back to this series, it will be more of a clean up job. There are some I did miss or are out of publishing date order, so if you see these again in a future post, it's because I added more issues in the previous parts and had to push that specific issue into the post after it.

So don't be alarmed if you see that. Anyways, if you missed Part 9, the PREVIOUS link below can take you back. Part 11 is coming up in the near future.



  1. awesome job on the key crossovers JW

    1. Thanks JW, it was a doozy of a list for sure. Hopefully, there are some that others didn't know about. Sure was a learning experience for me for some of them.

  2. Hey Mayhem, just bought the first appearance of Jim Rhodes. Seems to have cooled of a bit after the iron man movies. Do you see Rhodes and War Machine play a role in the future Avengers movies? That would keep the interest up a bit...
    Speculation Jones

    1. Rhodie will be in Avengers Age of Ultron...not so sure about any of the future ones, but I wouldn't doubt if he's in the Infinity Wars. He'll also be in Cap Civil War movie as well.

  3. Great job on an epic list! However, I think you should include Marvel Team-Up Annual # 1. I believe it was published in 1972 & inlcudes imho, some nice little historical crossover nuggets. This was the first time the "all new, all different" X-Men appeared outside their own title & the first time Spidey met Wolverine ( My personal top 2 favorite Marvel characters!), I would count this issue as a severely overlooked & undervalued. Keep up the great work, I really dig old school lists like this that deal with the history of the medium & really refreshing to read opposed to the standard hot movie/tv show influenced lists. I mean,I like those too but variety is a good thing!

    1. Whoops! I meant published in 1976, my bad!

    2. That, sir, is some pretty interesting knowledge there about Marvel Team Up Annual #1. Awesome, thanks for dropping the 411 on that.

  4. I also think The Avengers/Defenders War from the early 70's should also get a little Mayhem love, as well as the original Thanos War that ran through Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, the Avengers & Marvel Feature. I'm talkin' some vintage bronze crossover goodness up in there!

    1. Wow, I haven't looked at this cross over thingie in a while. I'll have to find a place to slip those in somewheres. Thanks for the comment Kevin. Good stuff!

    2. Anytime TCM, keep up the great work!