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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crossover Comic Book Key Issues Part 9

Zipping along and we've finally made our way to Part 9. Once again, this is the crossover key issues series and deals with mainly guest starring appearances and other important crossovers.

We will mostly cover the major important ones, but that doesn't mean I'll slip in a few that aren't major ones as well. So, let's stop beating around the bush and get to the good stuff.

If you missed Part 8, click the link to head on back. If you're ready for Part 9, carry on and hope you enjoy.

5th Zatanna classic crossover
5th appearance of Zatanna
Ends Zatanna's Search story event

Here we are with the last chapter to the crossover story event concerning Zatanna's search for her father Zatara. Of course, she states that she found him, and Batman doesn't recall ever meeting Zatanna.

So not sure whether to note this as the first meeting between Zatanna and Batman or Detective Comics #336. I suppose this is the first real meeting between Batman and Zatanna.

Other than that, this is the 5th Zatanna crossover and her 5th appearance in comics, and no she is not a member of the Justice League of America just yet. February, 1967 was when this comic was published.

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1st Inhumans classic crossover

Although the Inhumans did have their own back up stories in Thor's Tales of Asgard, they never really crossed over into another story outside of the Fantastic Four and Thor. Well, not until they landed into Submariner #2.

The Inhumans are featured in this story, but the main confrontation happens between Namor and Triton. On the heels of Destiny (not the X-Men character), Namor runs into the Plant Man and soon finds himself a pawn against Triton.

Submariner #2 and the first Inhumans classic crossover was published June, 1968.

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2nd Medusa classic crossover

Looks like Medusa gets quite a bit of play outside of the Inhumans team, and in Amazing Spider-Man #62, the wife of Black Bolt gets her 2nd classic crossover in comics. She is the only Inhuman to show up in the main story, and her and the Webslinger do go toe to toe in an epic battle.

Unfortunately, Spidey is made a fool by Montgomery G. Bliss and tricked into fighting Medusa, who was on a good will mission on behalf of the Inhuman nation. Not all that well-known in the market just yet, but this is a classic cover by John Romita Sr.

Amazing Spider-Man #62 and the 2nd Medusa crossover was published July, 1968.

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2nd Inhumans classic crossover
First appearance of Evil Inhumans
Remember this one featured in the Inhumans key issues list? Well, here it is again, and although I did talk about this one before, I did not note it as the 2nd Inhumans classic crossover that it is.

My bad. Since announcement of the Inhumans movie, this issue heated up in demand, and it was more because it held the first appearance of the Evil Inhumans. Not any surprise that speculation has the Evil Inhumans making an on screen appearance in the near future.

As far as crossover key issues go though, this is the 2nd Inhumans classic crossover as a team, and they do go at it with the Hulk. October, 1968was when King Size Special Hulk #1 was published.

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1st Black Panther classic crossover
1st appearance of Whiplash
Here we go: First Black Panther classic crossover and guess what? He crosses over into a Captain America story in Tales of Suspense #97.

This is the first time the Black Panther is brought into another character's story outside of a Fantastic Four comics and sets up his very first meeting with Captain America. In the Iron Man feature, Tales of Suspense #97 also has the first appearance of Whiplash. So more than meets the eye with this key issue comic for sure.

Tales of Suspense #97 was published January, 1968.

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ComicLink - Four CGC copies here also. Highest are a 9.6 NM+ and 9.4 NM. Other two copies are a 7.0 FN/VF and a CGC 6.0 FN Signature series that's probably the same one at ComicConnect. 

2nd Black Panther classic crossover
1st meeting between Black Panther and Captain America
Definitely fitting to have Black Panther first appear on screen in Captain America Civil War, and yep it is the first time Black Panther and Captain America meet. They go at for it a bit as well, so Tales of Suspense #98 is the first Black Panther and Captain America battle also.

Since Black Panther will make his onscreen debut in the next Captain America movie, this comic should've heated up. However, it's still under the radar and quite over-looked Black Panther key issue.

Historical significance in comic terms? Captain America is the first of the Avengers that Black Panther meets from the superhero team, and it would take Black Panther's 2nd classic crossover for this meeting to happen. Tales of Suspense #98 was published February, 1968.

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Yep, we got some over-looked ones here at certain NM grades. I'm sure you'll be able to spot them, but that pretty much depends on what you think is expensive or not. 

We shall be carrying this to a Part 10 it looks like, but I think I'll be taking a breather from this for a bit after the next part. I think you all are probably getting bored of this series also, but I shall be returning to it.

So if you missed Part 8, the PREVIOUS link below is there for clicking if need be. To continue, just click the PART 10 link below.

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