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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crossover Comic Book Key Issues Part 7

Alrighty, pushing through to Part 7 of this crossover key issue comic book series, and there's a quite a few crossovers I've yet to feature here at Total Comic Mayhem. Should be some good stuff in this one so let's just get to it.

If you got these, great! May want to think twice about dumping some of them. If not, there could be some good ones to add to your want list.

As always, you can click this Part 6 link in case you missed it. Other than that, enjoy Part 7 and the key issue goodness presented here.

2nd Dr. Strange classic crossover

The Sorcerer Supreme is plopped into a Thor story of all characters. Seems an odd issue and character to have a 2nd classic crossover with, but it is true.

Dr. Strange summons the help of Thor, and Thor as Donald Blake performs surgery on Dr. Strange after finding that he was severely wounded in a battle with Baron Mordo. The rest of the story is purely Thor, and Thor once again finds his step brother Loki is up to no good.

Journey Into Mystery #108 and the 2nd Dr. Strange classic crossover was published September, 1964.

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1st DC crossover story event
First appearance of Zatanna

When it comes to a story arc that spans multiple titles in comics, Hawkman #4 and the first appearance of Zatanna has to be the first crossover story event to do so. Today, this story arc is better known as Zatanna's Search and is collected as such in reprints.

Hawkman #4 begins the first chapter to this story, and it runs through Detective Comics #336The Atom #19, Green Lantern #42, Detective Comics #355, and ends with Justice League of America #51. However, this is not a major crossover event, but it would set the precedent for those to happen later.

This story dealt with Zatanna trying to reconnect with her father Zatara, and while searching for him, she happens to run into and garner the help of Hawkman, the Atom, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, and the Elongated Man. DC legend Gardner Fox wrote the story and that's no big surprise.

The legendary comic genius is also responsible for creating the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Hawkman #4 was published November, 1964.

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2nd Spider-Man x-over in Avengers comic

Already featured this bad boy in a Key Issue Alert, and this is the 2nd time Spider-Man crosses over into the Avengers titled series. Should be a key issue heating up as Spidey will join the Avengers soon on the big screen.

Spidey does meet the members of the Avengers separately in other titles before this one, but he is not shown in any panel interacting with any members of the Avengers in this issue.

Yes, the title and cover of the issue is misleading, and it is actually a robot Spider-Man that meets and battles the Avengers. This issue does have the 2nd appearance of Kang the Conqueror.

Avengers #11 was published December, 1964, and 'Nuff said!

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1st Zatanna classic crossover
2nd appearance of Zatanna as the Witch

Detective Comics #336 doesn't really show the character of Zatanna. She is disguise as the Witch. However, if Ultron has a 1st appearance in disguise as the Crimson Cowl in Avengers #54, I suppose this counts as well.

Of course, this wouldn't be the 2nd full classic crossover or appearance...whatever that truly means. I'm just stating what industry might most likely later note this issue if they ever catch on or care. Anyway, this issue is part of the Zatanna's Search storyline, and that storyline is considered the first DC crossover story event that spans multiple titles.

Detective Comics #336 was published February, 1965.

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1st full Zatanna classic crossover
2nd full appearance of Zatanna

Okay, here's where things get tricky. So this is the 2nd full appearance of Zatanna. I say full appearance because Zatanna does make an earlier appearance as the Witch in the Detective Comics issue #336. However, she is not revealed to be the Witch in that storyline which is part of the Zatanna's Search story.

Zatanna does not reveal that she was the Witch in disguise until Justice League of America #51, and that she was in disguise to see if The Outsiders knew the location of her father. Uhh, errr, okay.

Well, because she was in disguise, Batman has no recollection of ever meeting Zatanna in Justice League of America #51. So since, she was in disguise, Atom #19 is the first full Zatanna classic crossover as well the 2nd full appearance of Zatanna.

Atom #19 was published June, 1965.

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1st Medusa classic crossover
1st Frightful Four classic crossover

Getting into some Inhumans stuff concerning crossovers. Just like Medusa was the first of the Inhumans to make an appearance before the other members of her royal family, she is also the first to make a crossover into another character's title and story.

This time it's once again Thor, but she is obviously not alone. She accompanied by her Frightful Four members, and this is the 1st Frightful Four classic crossover as well. May, 1965 is the publishing date for Journey Into Mystery #116.

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Part 7 is concluded, and we are still on the Silver Age concerning these crossover key comic book issues. That pretty much means we got quite a few more to go through, so it looks like a Part 8 is in the future here. 

Definitely some more DC Comics in this one though. Not easy to dig up those crossovers.

Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 7. The next part to this crossover comic key issues is just a click away, so click the PART 8 link below to continue onward.


  1. Mayhem,

    Are ASM 252 (9.8) & 300 (9.6) still worth investing in even at current prices?


    1. ASM #252 isn't that bad. The last 9.8 CGC was bought at $169 or around there. If I could get a 9.8 CGC for under $200, I'd be all over it. As for ASM #300, I'm still view the recent peak with suspicion. I personally wouldn't by that comic now, but that's just me.

  2. Mayhem man, big up and respect for your work. I' m diggin it! Mr. T.

  3. Hey Mayhem,
    got one for you: Giant Size Creatures Nr. 1 - first appearance of Tigra. Could play a role in future Avengers movies. Also keep an eye one Avengers 83: Valkyrie and her Lady Liberators - what a beauty! If Marvel has some brains, they give em an ongoing series! So long, Ace.

    1. Thanks, Ace....I'll surely look out for those.

  4. I've been trying to get Hawkman 4 for a long time. That one really heated up! Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the whole Zatanna as the Witch thing. And I think Atom 19 is also the first time you see Zatanna on a cover...unless you count Detective 336 instead, with her on the cover as the Witch. And, with that, my head hurts...


    1. Hawkman #4 heated up fast. Before I knew it, ka-blam, it was up there. I was a bit surprised, but not so much anymore. Yeah, I'm a bit skeptical about the whole Witch part. Doesn't really make sense to me why do that with Batman but not the others she crossed over into. Then again, if Ultron has a first appearance in disguise, then why wouldn't Zatanna?

      To tell you the truth, it's all pretty lame. Don't think disguises should really count in my honest opinion but oh well. You're right, it does hurt the head. I was debating and mulling over whether to include Detective 336 or not, but since it is included in the crossover story...there it is.

      Thanks for commenting Jeff and good to hear from you. Good luck with Hawkman #4 hunt.