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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crossover Comic Book Key Issues Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 to this crossover comic book key issues series. Once again, this series will deal mainly with guest appearances or team ups within the same publisher.

I've yet to get to important crossover events and major crossover events, but most of those will come quite later. Same with the more valuable intercompany crossover, and I can tell you now that I won't be listing every one of those. Just the landmark intercompany crossovers or firsts for a specific character or team.

If you missed Part 3, just click the link to go back. If not, enjoy Part 4.

First Fantastic Four crossover
Ties FF #12 as first Marvel crossover
1st on-going Spider-Man self-titled series

Here's where things get weird for a few different reasons. So, this is actually Marvel Comics first crossover under the Marvel brand and is considered such by industry.

I guess it's technically true since Marvel in it's early years was called Timely Comics and then Atlas Comics. If that's true and if some want to get all technical about it, then technically All-Star Comics #3 is not DC Comics first crossover either since the publisher wasn't called DC Comics at that time.

Pretty contradictory, so industry has this Marvel Comics first crossover that ties with Fantastic Four #12. I would say this is the first crossover under the Marvel brand, but not the first crossover comic from the company that became Marvel Comics.

Also, like I brought up previously, why isn't Namor's Golden Age crossover into the Silver Age considered a crossover, yet the Golden Age Flash is noted as such? Just some things to question there.

Anyways, this is the first Fantastic Four crossover in comics, and that's pretty significant in its own right, yeah? Amazing Spider-Man #1 was published March, 1963.

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ComicLink - Quite a few copies here and all are slabbed. Only a few high grade ones, but most are in the lower grade realm.

First Hulk classic crossover
Ties ASM #1 as first Marvel cross over
This comic has been on here plenty of times and pretty much for good reason. It's the first Hulk crossover and it ties as the first crossover comic under Marvel Comics name.
Definitely sought out now in the market and no cheapie either, but in terms of crossover key issues, it's a big one for Marvel and Hulk fans alike. Plus, it would set up the precedent of the Hulk vs. Thing battles that most fans seem to love.

Fantastic Four #12 and the first Hulk crossover comic was published March, 1963.

eBay - Mostly raw copies here with a few slabbed options. Highest appears to be a CGC 8.0 VF, and the 2nd highest a CGC 7.5. Saw a low grade PGX and CBCS copy as well at the time of this writing.

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Human Torch vs Submariner
4th S.A. appearance of Submariner
1st S.A. Submariner classic crossover
Rekindling classic battles, this time it's the Silver Age Human Torch Johnny Storm that squares off against Namor the Submariner in the story The Master of Flame Vs. The Monarch of the Sea. For some reason Johnny Storm's adventures became a feature in this title, and the strange thing is that most of them also had the other Fantastic Four members as well.

Strange Tales #107 is not just another Human Torch vs. Submariner battle, but it also happens to be the fourth Silver Age appearance of Submariner and the 1st S.A. Submariner classic crossover. This is, of course, his 1st classic crossover outside of the Fantastic Four title.

April, 1963 is the publishing date for Strange Tales #107.

eBay - There are copies of this one spotted on eBay at the moment but not many. As for raw copies, most seem to be in the mid to lower grade. A few slabbed options, and there are two CGC 9.0 VF/NMs that are the highest grades so far. 2nd highest is a CGC 6.0 FN Signature Series signed by none other than Stan Lee himself. More options available if you're on the hunt for this key crossover comic.

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1st JSA classic crossover into S.A.
1st appearance of JSA in S.A.
1st S.A. appearance Vandal Savage and Johnny Thunder
In terms of DC Silver Age crossovers, Flash #137 is to be a pretty important one. In this issue, we see the first Silver Age appearance of the Justice Society of America in which they are actually physically within the story.

Once again, Barry Allen transports himself from Earth One to Earth Two to discover that Vandal Savage has captured the member of the JSA except for the Golden Age Flash. Teaming up with Jay Garrick, the two speedsters save the JSA members.

At the end, the JSA members all decide to come out of retirement and reform the super team. Lots of key issue goodness in Flash #137, and it has the publishing date of June, 1963.

eBay - No problem finding this one on eBay, but they are mostly raw copies and in mid to low grade. High grade raw copies is vastly limited as most are for early Silver Age keys on eBay. On the CGC front, highest graded copy is a 9.4 NM and the 2nd highest is an 8.5 VF+. Saw a PGX 7.0 FN/VF and a 4.0 CGC as well.

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2nd JSA crossover into S.A.
1st full appearance of JSA in S.A.
1st S.A. appearance of Hourman & Dr. Fate
1st team up of JLA and JSA
Guide notes Flash #137 and the 1st appearance of the JSA as a cameo. Yes, that baffles me somewhat as most cameos aren't seen as first appearances, 2nd appearances or even 3rd appearances according to industry. They're just marked cameos.

So I don't know why the exception for Flash #137, but if that issue is considered a cameo or brief appearance of the JSA, I'm noting this issue as the first full appearance of the JSA in the Silver Age. I'm sure some will see it as the 2nd appearance of the JSA in the Silver Age of comics.

However, Justice League of America #21 definitely does not have just a cameo appearance of the Justice Society of America. They are fully part of this story and actually team up with the Justice League of America for the first time.

This issue also sees the first Silver Age appearances of Hourman and Dr. Fate as well and expands on the Earth One and Earth Two concepts. Of course, I've mentioned this comic several times already and it's importance. August, 1963 is the publishing date for this comic.

eBay - Plenty of raw copies here and only one slabbed option at the moment. The slabber is a PGX 8.5 VF+.

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1st Spider-Man classic crossover

Talk about a great key issue for Spider-Man fans! Strange Tales Annual #2 is the first time Spider-Maan crosses over from his title in another comic title as a guest star. Of course, Spidey meets up with the Human Torch again just as the cover suggests.

During the time, the Human Torch shared a feature in Strange Tales and Strange Tales Annual #2 would be Spider-Man's 1st classic crossover. This Spidey key issue was published October, 1963.

eBay - Selection is pretty limited with only a few slabs and mostly raw. Highest slab is a CGC 8.0, and the 2nd highest is PGX 7.5 VF minus. There's also a 7.0 CGC and lower grade slab and raw options as well.

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ComicLink - Four copies and only one of them is a raw copy. The highest CGC graded copies are both Pedigrees from the Pacific Coast collection and the Massachusetts collection. Only raw copy is a 3.5 GD/VG.

Most of these, if not all, have been mentioned on this site before. They're probably in a key issues list somewhere around here. The only exceptions I can think of is Strange Tales Annual #2 and Strange Tales #107.

Regardless, they are important crossover comics in terms of a superhero guest starring in another character's story or title to establish or further a shared universe concept within a particular publisher. Of course, there are more key crossover comic book issues to come.

If you missed Part 3 to this series, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to go back and read that. Part 5 is ready so just click the PART 5 link to continue on.


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    sure, it' s not a secret anymore, but I was wondering if you could recommend house of secrets 92 in not so good shape. Lots of copies seem to have white borders on the cover. What does this do to the grade?

    1. Okay, not sure what you're talking about white border. Is it a white border around the entire sides of the cover, or only a white border by the spine of the comic? If it's a white border along the spine it's a printing defect and most likely miscut. Not entirely sure what you mean.

      If it is a printing defect, CGC does grade it down.

  2. Sorry for not being to specific here. What I mean is a white border by the spine. Must be what you call a miscut...

    1. It's a classic printing defect where it's printed off so more of the back page ends up on the front cover and then stapled. I don't really consider it that big of deal. I do know that it's considered a defect and the highest a comic like that is suppose to go is about a 9.4 NM. Are you looking to buy a House of Secrets 92 in rough shape?

  3. Thanks for the list! I've got a couple of these on the good ol' want list (FF 12, JLA 21, Strange Tales Annual 2). Hoping to snag at least one of these soon. And thanks, as always, for the info!


    1. Heya Jeff, long time bud. Hope all is well, and glad you like the list. JLA #21...I've been kicking myself for not getting that one two years ago. They were pretty over-looked then and going for decent prices. Now, boom! They are up there in high grades. Good luck in your hunt, man.

  4. Hey Mayhem, yes that HoS 92 in rough shape is on my list. You just gotta love that cover! Not sure about the signifance, I mean, if DC will make something big out of the Swamp Thing character. Hope you will keep us all informed on this one ��

    1. First appearance of Swamp Thing is not a bad investment buy despite whether there's a movie or TV series coming out. If you like the character and that key, snag it. I would.