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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crossover Comic Book Key Issues Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 to this crossover comic book key issues list. As mentioned before in Part 1, this series goes a bit wider than today's more traditional definition of the crossover, which is a story that spans more than one title (crossover event).

This series will mainly cover classic crossovers, and they are more commonly known as guest appearances or team ups and even first meetings. It will also deal with crossover events and intercompany crossovers - characters from two different publishers and separate universes crossover to meet - but many of those will come later.

If you missed Part 1, just click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's Part 2 to this crossover series.

1st Captain America classic crossover
1st Android Human Torch classic crossover

Here's a biggie, and in case you were wondering what Captain America's first crossover comic is, it's this issue right here. Yes, Cap and Human Torch make a guest appearance in Young Allies #1 and actually cross over into another title from their respective titles of Marvel Mystery Comics, Human Torch Comics, and Captain America Comics.

The same for Bucky and Torro, but these two characters were part of the actual Young Allies team and that may not count in technical crossover terms.

However, this issue did establish that Bucky and Torro were from a shared universe. Captain America and Android Human Torch weren't part of this team though, so it is a classic crossover first for Steve Rogers.

Pretty significant key issue crossover and not that well-known by most comic fans. I highly doubt that it will be cheap since it is an early appearance of Captain America and a Golden Age key issue. Young Allies #1 was published June, 1941.

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2nd Human Torch & Submariner battle

Back by popular demand, Human Torch Comics #5 (fall issue) sees the Submariner and Human Torch go at it again in another epic Golden Age crossover for the two Timely Comics' heroes.

Purely capitalizing on the success of their first battle and rightly so! Actually, it wouldn't have been too long for Namor to be at odds with the Torch again. No surprise there since Namor is usually at odds with everyone.

Human Torch Comics #5 (Fall issue) was published September, 1941.

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1st Golden Age Superman crossover
1st Golden Age Batman crossover
Superman and Batman join JSA

Before this issue, Superman and Batman were usually regulated to their own titles and separate worlds. Neither character made a crossover into another character or group's story. In this issue Batman and Superman finally crossover and into this story of the Justice Society of America, establishing the two mighty superheroes are indeed part of the JSA's shared universe.

Supes and Bats do meet in this issue, however, and shown in a panel. They only become Honorary Members of the JSA though in this issue, and they did not start out as part of the group until this issue.

All-Star Comics at the time was a comic used to build up 2nd and 3rd tier characters. Once they became popular like Green Lantern and Flash, they usually left the group.

Superman and Batman were too big at the time, so they weren't really a big part of the Justice Society of America's adventures then. Needless to say, the story was called, $1,000,000 for War Orphans, and in the end, Johnny Thunder's magic thunder bolt has the Flash, Batman and Superman magically appear holding money bags to help with the JSA's fund raising.

I do believe this counts as a crossover, and I suppose it could be debated like everything is now in the back issues market. They could be just cameos since The Dark Knight and Man of Steel only show up at the end of the comic. This comic was published October, 1941.

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1st Earth One Batman crossover
1st Earth One meeting of Superman and Batman
1st Earth One Batman and Superman team up

Strange that a Golden Age comic would mark the first meeting of Earth One Batman and Earth One Superman, but it does. Earth One actually occurred (not established) during the Superboy stories. Later, it would be revealed that Earth Two Superman did not have any adventures as Superboy and only the Earth One Superman did.

Of course, this is all after the multiverse was created and established during the Silver Age. Superman #76 is not the first meeting of the actual characters of Superman and Batman. They did meet during the early Golden Age comics and on Earth Two prior. I mentioned and featured their first Earth Two meeting in Part 1 of this key issue crossover comic series.

Superman #76 had an extreme spike in demand with the announcement of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice flick. It can be said with authority that it's no longer a sleeper comic or cheap buy.

But it should be a valuable key issue to begin with. It's the first meeting between the Earth One versions, the first Earth One Batman crossover, and their first team up as well. June, 1952 was when Superman #76 was published.

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1st S.A. Green Arrow crossover story

A young Clark Kent as Superboy and a young Oliver Queen meet for the first time in this story, Superboy meets the Young Green Arrow, that deals with young Oliver Queen visiting Smallville.  Superboy is able to see the future with his time monitor and witnesses an event involving the future Green Arrow.

Superboy learns Green Arrow's secret identity is Oliver Queen, and it just so happens that a young Oliver is enrolled in Clark Kent's class the next day. Steering Oliver to become the crime fighting archer by wearing a Robin Hood costume at the Smallvile history pageant, the two soon find that a group of criminals are using the event to smuggle stolen gold out of Smallville.

Superboy quickly learns that Oliver Queen is terrible at archery. After Superboy foils the crime, young Oliver returns his Robin Hood costume, stating to Superboy that he'll never be a good archer.

Since Green Arrow also had a back up feature in Adventure Comics, this is technically not a classic crossover comic. This comic is a crossover story in which the Earth One Green Arrow is placed into a Superboy story. Adventure Comics #258 was published March, 1959.

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FLASH #123
1st G.A. crossover into S.A.
Re-Intro Golden Age Flash

DC Comics set the precedent during the Silver Age of bringing back their Golden Age characters and made it feasible for them to co-exist in a shared universe with their current Silver Age characters. Not only did this issue establish the concept of the multiverse for DC Comics, but this is the first time a Golden Age character was revived and crossed over into the Silver Age.

The Flash of Two Worlds is a groundbreaking and historic key issue on so many levels. It began the concepts of Earth One and Earth Two in the DCU. Even though Earth One and Earth Two were not identified in this issue, it was apparent to readers that the Golden Age DC characters were from a parallel universe.

Of course this is the first appearance of Jay Garrick in the Silver Age and industry does count this as a classic crossover. Flash #123 was published September, 1961.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for this Silver Age key issue crossover. Four CGC copies with the highest an 8.0 VF and the 2nd highest a 6.5 FN+. Raw copies are also available, and they look to be more in the low grade realm with a few mid-grade exceptions.

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We've heading out of the Golden Age and into the Silver Age in this 2nd part to this crossover comic key issues series. Quite a few comics in this series that I've yet to feature on Total Comic Mayhem in this series.

We shall continue with the Silver Age in Part 3, and the crossovers in the Marvel Universe are a lot easier to identify. This had to do with the fact that when superheroes faded out of popularity during the Golden Age, none of their superhero comics were still published.

Unlike DC Comics, which still had Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman comics published during the Golden Age fallout, Marvel had cancelled all their superhero titles. Thus, during the Silver Age, Marvel completely built a new continuity and revived their Golden Age characters into it.

DC Comics had to explain the continuity and confusion of having Golden Age characters like Superman and Batman coexisting alongside their Silver Age revamped characters like the Flash and Green Lantern. So, needless to say, it's a lot more murky on the DC side concerning crossovers.

Part 3 and more important crossover comics are ready for public viewing so just click the PART 4 link to continue. If you missed Part 1 just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back and read up on that.


  1. TCM; I'm really enjoying this new post with the crossover. How about a list of favorite cover artist. I see you have my holy grail flash 123 that sucker cost me all my milk money to buy. 200$ good grade raw. I'm going to send to CGC on the next SDCC.

    1. Heya Oraldo. That would be an interesting post for sure. Do you mean my favorite artists or most fan-favorite artists in general? Flash #123 is an important key issue for DC Comics. Great snag and hope it comes back from CGC a smudge higher.

  2. favorite cover artist; like (Alex ross, Adam Hughes).