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Monday, February 9, 2015

2nd Appearance Key Comic Issues Part 16

Welcome back and to Part 16 of this 2nd appearance key comic issues series. This one definitely has some more well-known key issues comics and some big boys. 

However, most of the ones here should definitely be 2nd appearances worth mentioning. Nothing really all too surprising in this one, but their time on this list was long overdue.

Only one pure speculation 2nd appearance in Part 16. So, if you missed Part 15, just click that link to go back, or continue on and enjoy these next six 2nd appearance comics.

2nd appearance of Two-Face
1st Two-Face cover

Golden Age 2nd appearance that probably should've been listed here a while ago. No doubt that Two-Face is one of the most iconic Batman villains and a force to be reckon with. His character of Harvey Dent has already been in three Batman movies to date.

The character's name originally appeared in comics as Harvey Kent, but was later changed to Dent to avoid confusion with Clark Kent. In a 1968 World's Finest Comics #173, Batman would declare Two-Face the villain he fears most.

The character, ironically, would not come to be a great Batman villain until Dennis O'Neil revived him during the early 70s. Since then, Two-Face has been prominent member of Batman's rogue gallery.

Detective comics #68 is the 2nd appearance of Two-Face and a highly valuable comic as most Batman Golden Age key issues are. No easy find and definitely not light on the bank account but definitely is a solid comic investment even in lower grades. This comic was published October, 1942.

eBay - Only one copy spotted and it's a CBCS 4.0 VG and has a Best Offer option. No raw copies spotted yet.

ComicLink - Only one copy and it's a raw GD+ with no picture.

2nd appearance of Iron Man
1st gold armor
Since this a 2nd appearances key issues list, it would be highly wrong to neglect the 2nd appearance of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #40. Definitely a sought out key 2nd appearance and has been for a while now.

I would say that this is solid comic investment for sure. Iron Man has definitely moved in the spotlight due to the movies and the great portrayal of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr.

Definitely not a cheap 2nd appearance in high grades for ole Shell-Head as well, but still a lot more affordable in slabbed lower to mid-grades than Iron Man's first appearance. Tales of Suspense #40 was published April, 1963.

eBay - More copies than I thought there would be. A few raw but most seemed to be slabbed. Highest slabbed copy is a CGC 8.0, but there are a few mid-grade and quite a few lower grade options if you're more on a budget.

ComicConnect - One CGC 6.0 FN and three raw copies with the highest unslabber also a FN. Last two raw copies are a VG/FN and a VG minus.

ComicLink - Three CGC copies with the highest being a whopping 9.6 NM+. 2nd highest is a CGC 5.0 VG/FN and the lowest is a 2.0 GD.

2nd appearance of Fantastic Four
1st appearance of the Skrulls
Once again, going back to a classic 2nd appearance for a classic Marvel superhero team. Everybody knows about this 2nd appearance of the Fantastic Four, but not mentioning it in this series would be nothing short of a crime.

Not only do we see the 2nd appearance of the Fantastic Four team of Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, Fantastic Four #2 also has the first appearance of the Skrulls. No doubt that Skrulls have been major villains in the Marvel Comics Universe throughout the years.

A solid comic investment? Remember, the superhero team of Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, Human Torch, and The Thing revived and kicked off Marvel's return to superhero comics during the beginning of the Silver Age revival.

Yes, this is definitely a solid investment comic, and the value of it is well-warranted. January, 1962 was when this 2nd appearance key issue was published.

eBay - Shouldn't be a hard copy to find on eBay, but a copy to afford is a different story. Even low grades are up there, especially for slabbed and low grade raw copies will cost some clams as well.

ComicConnect - Two low grade raw copies here and one CGC FN minus that goes up for auction next month. Raw copies are available currently.

ComicLink - Only two CGC copies here and they are a 6.5 FN+ and a 6.0 FN.

2nd appearance of New Masters of Evil
1st full appearance of Ultron
Hmmm...we got Klaw confirmed for Avengers Age of Ultron and obviously Ultron as well. Who else in the New Masters of Evil are we missing? Black Knight, Whirlwind, Melter and Radioactive Man.

Whether this Ultron version of the Masters of Evil ever makes it to the big screen is pretty unlikely, but who knows? Aside from speculation, Avengers #55 is already hot due to it being the 1st full appearance of Ultron, but it's also the 2nd appearance of the New Masters of Evil.

This super villain team's first appearance was in Avengers #54 along with Ultron's first appearance as well. Avengers #55 was published August, 1968.

eBay - Definitely no problem finding a copy of this one on eBay whether you like raw or slabbed better. Plenty of high grade CGC going for some moolah already. Some 8.0s have Best Offers and can be haggled down for decent prices as this grade is pretty over-looked in the market now.

mycomicshop - Eight copies here with half of them slabbed. Highest is a CGC 9.6 NM+ and 2nd highest is a 9.0 VF/NM. Highest raw copy is a FN+.

ComicConnect - Six copies and all are slabbed CGCs. One 9.8 and three 9.6 NM+s. Last high grade option is a 9.4 NM and the lowest is a FN+.

ComicLink - Nine copies here and all are CGC. Plenty of high grades and the lowest is a 5.5 FN minus.

2nd appearance of Thundra

Everyone's wondering what other female superheroes Marvel and Disney might introduce in the near or later future, and strangely Thundra has been mentioned a few times. Definitely a powerhouse character of strength and Marvel's version of Wonder Woman, there's always a possibility.

Why did I compare her to Wonder Woman? Well, she comes from a future world where it is ruled by woman, like the Amazons except for the future part, and their main enemy Kinda the same premise, and also both characters are super strong and durable.

I think the 2nd appearance of Thundra is still an over-looked key issue. Not sure though. Anyway, Fantastic Four #130 holds the 2nd appearance of this speculated character, and it was published
January, 1973.

eBay - Selection on the mighty eBay is a bit more limited for this 2nd appearance as expected.  Quite a few raw options for sure, but on the CGC front, there's only three copies with the highest being two 9.6 NM+s. Lowest is an 8.5 VF+.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies here and the highest is a VF. Other two copies are in the VG range and both are in stock.

ComicConnect - Three CGC copies and they are a 9.8, 9.6 NM+, and a 9.4 NM. Last two options are a raw FN+ and a FN.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.8 copy here and for some reason it's highly over-bloated.

2nd appearance of Ultron
1st appearance of Vision
Okay, this comic is usually sought after because it's the first appearance of the Vision. It's pretty much the only thing that industry really notes Avengers #57 for. However, Avengers #57 also happens to be the 2nd appearance of Ultron.

Avengers #55 is considered the first full appearance of Ultron, and Ultron doesn't appear again until issue #57. So, this issue technically makes this the 2nd appearance of Ultron, right? Sure, it does. Definitely more umphff for this already big key issue comic.

The 2nd appearance of Ultron and first appearance of the Vision was published October, 1968, and both are set to appear in Avengers Age of Ultron coming to theaters quite soon.

eBay - Since both these characters are gonna hit the big screen soon, it's no surprise that it's not hard to find copies of this one on the mighty eBay. Plenty of raw and quite a few slabbed options as well. All high grade slabbers are up there in price right now.

mycomicshop - Eight copies here and half are slabbed as well. Highest CGC is a 9.4 NM+, and there are two Signature Series copies at a 9.0 VF/NM and an 8.5 VF+. Highest raw are two VG+s. All are on consignment here.

ComicConnect - Six copies here and all are slabbed. Highest are a 9.8, 9.6, and 8.5 VF+. One CBCS 5.0 VG/FN going up for auction next month and a VG CGC copy to round off the low graders.

ComicLink - Quite a few copies here and all are slabbed and all are high grade. Lowest grade is a VF at the moment.

As promised, some key players listed here for sure. One is a golden oldie and a definite comic to be proud of if you own it.

Actually, mostly everyone one on this list is a proud key issue to own, so if you got 'em, it's nothing but good stuff. Some of the hot ones in the market now are double whammy key issues that should be noted for their other key status even if it is pushed in the back ground.

So, we're gonna take another little break from this series and venture off into something else before you and I get bored of this. If you missed Part 15, just hit that PREVIOUS link below. Otherwise, Part 17 will be coming in the very near future. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your hunt.



  1. Have the 55 8.0 but I feel right now not worth the money for 57. 900 bucks for a VF in a local store. I am sorry but I cannot take a risk for $900 for an ungraded copy haha.

    1. Wow $900 for a raw VF? Bit over-priced. Well, just wanted to let you all know that Avengers 57 does have the 2nd appearance of Ultron and that's all. Snagging it or selling it off is purely up to those who have it or don't have it.

  2. I would reccomend fantastic four 53 2nd black panther, you can get a CGC 6.5 for under $300 and even with the movie hype for a silver age 2nd appearance of a major superhero i feel like its undervalued. ~ EC

  3. I really don't get spending good money for low grade copies of any title. I would much rather spend my hard earned dollar on a high grade key copy of a proven character. I just can't stand having a comic with creases or tears or noticible flaws. Even if it's a early spider-man. I would much rather have say....a 9.6 copy of MARVEL premiere #15 as opposed to a vg 6.5 copy of an equal value spider-man. Just my opinion of course.

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