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Sunday, February 8, 2015

2nd Appearance Key Comic Issues Part 15

Chuggin' along here with Part 15 to this 2nd appearance key comic issues list, which will be an on-going series whipped up here and there. In this part, we definitely have some Copper Age sleepers that may get a nice bump. So if you got 'em wait 'till they hit a peak and sell. If not, most are still pretty cheap.

Don't worry, there will be some more vintage 2nd appearances as well. Click this Part 14 link if you missed it. Otherwise, enjoy Part 15.

2nd appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing

Since a live action Teen Titans TV series is a coming and will be centered around Dick Grayson as Nightwing, I suppose it won't hurt to mention this key issue again. This is the 2nd appearance of Nightwing and is Part 4 of the Judas Contract storyline.

Part 3 to this storyline is of course Tales of The Teen Titans #44, and holds Dick Grayson's first Nightwing appearance. Apparently the Teen Titans lineup has already been announced and it will be Raven, Nightwing, Hawk and Dove, Star Fire and Barbara Gordon as Oracle but not named as such.

Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3 was published July, 1984.

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2nd appearance of Hawk and Dove

After first appearing in a one-shot Showcase #75, the original team of Hawk and Dove were soon placed in their own short-lived series that lasted six issues. Soon after they were cancelled, the two became regular members of the original Teen Titans starting with issue #25.

The original Hawk and Dove were teenage brothers Donald and Hank Hall and the duo were created by legendary Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates. The characters were a play on the conservative and liberal tensions of the 60s, while Hank who became Hawk was hot headed and reactionary while Donald was the more thoughtful and reasoned out of the two. 

Not clear whether the original Hawk and Dove will be used in the Titans show or if the modern pairing will be used. Hawk and Dove #1 has the 2nd appearance of the two characters and was published September, 1968.

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2nd appearance of Dawn Granger as new Dove

Since there's a good chance they may use the female incarnation of Dove, here is the 2nd appearance of Dawn Granger as the new Dove. After Donald Hall died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series, Hawk carried on as a solo act.

Often times his brother Dove would be seen sporadically in flashback until comic writers Karl Kesel and then wife Barbara Kesel planned to revive the team. The new Dove would be a female and basically have the same powers as Hank's brother Donald.

Like the original Dove, Dawn Granger has a danger sense transformation, which in the presence of danger, she can call out the word "Dove" and transform into her superhero identity. While in superhero form, she has aviation powers and is a minor force of Order.

In the original origin of the Hall brothers, the two learned that their father, a judge, had many enemies and was in danger. Wanting to save their father, they were visited by a Lord of Chaos named T'Charr and a Lord of Order named Terataya, whom were eternal enemies but fell in love.

While in Dove form her ability to judge people and read people and objects are enhanced, as well as predicting how they will behave. Furthermore, she also has enhanced agility, is quite durable and can heal quickly.

As for Hawk, he has the same danger sense transformation thingie which turns him into Hawk, possessing super strength, unlimited stamina, enhanced speed and agility, and enhanced durability. Hawk is often violent, and without Dove to counter act his violent nature, his rage becomes boundless to the point that other superheroes considered him as much trouble as the super villains.

The 2nd appearance of Dawn Granger as Dove in Hawk & Dove #2 from the 2nd series was published November, 1988. Her first appearance is, of course, Hawk & Dove #1 from the 2nd series.

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2nd appearance of KISS in comics

Bringin' some Rock N' Roll to this series here. If Howard the Duck #12 has the first cameo appearance of KISS and Howard the Duck #13 has the first full appearance of KISS, then this Marvel Comics Super Special #1 featuring the band has to be their 2nd appearance in comics.

It's fitting since Gene Simmons has been a well-noted comic book fanatic that the group would eventually take their act to the sequential arts of comics. Notoriously known as the blood issue as each member donated blood that was actually mixed into the printing ink, this is the perfect collectible for any KISS fan and is already a pretty valuable investment comic for sure in the higher grades.

This key issue 2nd appearance in Marvel Comics Super Special #1 was published June, 1977.

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2nd appearance of Jonah Hex
1st Jonah Hex cover

For those Western comic fans and Jonah Hex comic fans, All-Star Western #11 is a double whammy key that not only has the 2nd appearance of Jonah Hex but also the 1st time the character is on the cover.

Though the movie has already hit theaters and was considered a disappointment, Jonah Hex is still a pretty popular DC Comics bounty hunter. The character was created by John Albano and Tony DeZuniga, and his first appearance is in All-Star Western #10.

The 2nd appearance of Jonah Hex in All-Star Western #11 volume 2 was published May, 1972.

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2nd appearance of Nebula
Origin of Nebula

We all know that Nebula will be back in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or at least another Marvel flick since she didn't die in the first Guardians movie, and while I did mention her first appearance before, I never mentioned Nebula's 2nd appearance.

Avengers #260 holds the 2nd appearance of Nebula along with her origin, so a double whammy key issue comic here. Copper Age key, and although known by most sellers, this one is still quite over-looked in the market currently and both high grade slabs and raw copies are still cheap. Perhaps, it will remain so, but if you didn't know about it before, you do now.

Avengers #260 was published October, 1985.

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Definitely some sleepers and speculation comics in this part of the series. Of course, there are a few good comics to invest in longer as well. 

Teen Titans TV series is in the works and I've featured and mentioned some of the members 1st and 2nd appearances that will be in the show in this post. These might get a boost when more catch on to the news, but I highly doubt they'll be great long-term comic investments.

2nd appearance and origin of Nebula is under the radar as well. Surprised that hasn't yet hit a peak, but Nebula wasn't really all that great or featured much in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Who knows if James Gunn will expand on her role or not.

So that concludes part 15 to this series, and we have more coming up concerning this 2nd appearance key comic issues list. If you missed Part 14, just click that PREVIOUS link below. Part 16 is ready so just click that link below to continue with this series.


  1. KISS were always ahead of the curve when it came to innovative ideas.
    I actually have a copy of the original doctor release with each of their
    4 signatures on it. DNA in the comic ink?! Who does that??!!!
    Like them or hate them, they are unique.
    WOW! 15 pages of key 2nd appearances! That's a lotta' research! Many I had no idea about.
    And since I am yet again "snowed in" it gave me a nice bit of comic geek escapery.
    Thanks Mayhem! lk

    1. KISS and Gene Simmons knew the power and profit of licensing, which they did constantly. If you could think of it, there was almost everything that was KISS...even coffins. lol. They were innovative for sure, and nobody thinks to mix their own blood in the inks for a comic book. That's just pretty awesome.

      Glad I could help with the comic geek escapery and great to hear from ya LK!

  2. Batman 536 - 2nd appearance of Ogre. I am not sure if its this one. 535 is sure the first appearance. Considering he is going to play the recurring character on Gotham. I know they have confirmed Milo Ventimiglia to play this role. So maybe the book heats up soon.

    1. Good call Sid! Is Milo not returning to Heroes?

    2. Not too sure. havent heard anything yet.

  3. Hi there Mayhem. Thanks again for your stellar work on putting these lists together. There has been something bugging me for a time now. I grew up believing that the word Whammy was a bad event or a negative thing. So when I read that you say a good thing like some characters 2nd appearance and also 2nd cover is a double whammy it baffles me. Lol just a note of course. Thanks