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Saturday, February 7, 2015

2nd Appearance Comics To Invest In Part 13

Welcome to Part 13 of this 2nd appearances series. Some of these here may be long-term or short-term comics to invest in, and in this series, there will be quite a few sleepers or over-looked keys. There will also be some key issues that are well-known and highly well-known in the back issues market.

So there could be some good stuff and some that are just meh! I really should change the title of this series to plain ole 2nd Appearance key issues. If you missed Part 12, click the link. Otherwise, enjoy Part 13.

2nd appearance of Lex Luthor

Unless I read it wrong, but Guide lists this issue has both the 2nd and 3rd appearance of Lex Luthor and done so for awhile. CGC for some reason just notes it as a Lex Luthor appearance.

Strange as to why it's not made a big deal by them since it is an early Superman key and the 2nd appearance of an iconic Superman nemesis. Actually an iconic comic book villain if we want to get super technical.  He still does have his red hair in this issue.

No sleeper and definitely not cheap by any standards. A solid key issue for sure. This Golden Age 2nd appearance was published March, 1940 and won't be an easy one to hunt down.

eBay - Wow, I'm actually surprised at the amount of copies on eBay for this Golden Age key issue. Thought it would be a harder hunt for sure, but it seems there are quite a few copies to sift through. A few raw copies and a few slabbers as well. Most slabbers of course are in the low grades but there are mostly Universal copies at the moment.

ComicConnect - Next month there will be auction for a CGC VG/FN copy that is a Universal label. Also a raw VG minus auction starting next month also. Actual comics in stock are two raw copies. One is extremely low and the other is a 5.5 FN minus Top has been trimmed on the 5.5 FN minus though and that counts as restoration.

2nd cameo appearance of Mystique

Although, industry at the moment just recognizes this as a Mystique cameo, I suppose those who want to add more umphff to the value of this comic note it as the 2nd cameo appearance of Mystique. She does take the guise of Nick Fury in this issue and is not fully revealed until issue #18 of the volume one Ms. Marvel comic series.

Issue #16 is regarded at the first cameo appearance of Mystique, but of course some fans are disputing that and noting this issue on eBay as her 1st cameo appearance. Not really sure what the basis of that debate is or what the solid points to that argument is about.

Not exactly a sleeper anymore and quite known. Then again, Ms. Marvel #17 isn't exactly in high demand either and it was published May, 1978.

eBay - No scarcity of copies here for this one. Plenty of raw copies and a few slabbed copies spotted. Three CGC 9.8s spotted and a bit over-priced. One has a Best Offer option. PGX copies and some CBCS as well.

mycomicshop - No shortage of copies here. Two are slabbed and are a CGC 9.8 and CBCS 9.4 NM. Rest are all raw starting from a VF+ and working their way down. All are on consignment as well.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 copy here and only copy available so far at the time of this writing.

2nd appearance of Sabretooth

Definitely a comic I've mentioned here before on the Iron Fist key issues list. Powerman and Iron Fist#66  holds the 2nd appearance of Sabretooth, who we all know became a huge nemesis of Wolverine and a highly popular X-Men foe.

Surprisingly still an over-looked comic on the market considering the popularity of the Sabretooth character, whom has already been in two X-Men films and played by two different actors. With Hugh Jackman already hinting at bowing out from the role, a Wolverine reboot could be coming pretty soon in the near future.

Reboot or not, no doubt we'll be seeing Sabretooth on the big or small screen again. Powerman & Iron Fist #66 was published December, 1980.

eBay - Not that many copies here at the moment. Some raw and only one CGC 9.8.

NewKadia - Two raw copies found here, and they are a VF+ and VF minus.

2nd appearance of Rhino
3rd appearance of Mary Jane

While there's a lot of news and rumors going around about the uncertainty of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 flick, it appears that Sony is still pushing through with a Sinister Six movie.

A few days ago, Sony teased a Sinister Six movie so things still look good for that film. However, with all the recent rumors and no actual confirmed news about Sony and Marvel pushing a deal through to share cinematic rights of the character, this is bringing up all sorts of wild speculation.

The earlier reported casting call for Amazing Spider-Man 3 was revealed to be a hoax or a scam. Right now, and others are making a big deal about Amy Pascal, who co-lead the studio's film and television branches, exiting her position at the studio recently.

Of course, those see it as a sign that Sony and Marvel quietly did push a deal through, but nothing is confirmed. However, Rhino still seems to be a character that's slated for the Sinister Six film slated for next year and Amazing Spider-Man #42 holds the villain's 2nd appearance and the 3rd appearance of Mary Jane Watson. This comic was published November, 1966.

eBay - Definitely not scarce on eBay. Plenty of raw copies and more than two hand fulls of slabbed copies. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ and there are other slabbed options as well.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.4 Signature Series and three raw copies. Highest raw is a VG. All are on consignment at the time of this writing.

NewKadia - One FN minus raw copy here.

ComicConnect - Two slabbed CGC copies are going up for auction. One is running now and is an 8.0 VF. The other is starting next month and is a 9.4 NM. There is a 9.4 NM available as well and is also CGC. Quite a few raw copies in stock with the highest a VF. One unslabber is in a comic lot of 13 also.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies and one raw copy here at the moment. CGC copies are a 9.4 NM and a 2.0 GD. Raw copy is a VG/FN.

X-MEN #2
2nd appearance of X-Men
1st appearance of the Vanisher
I'm not entirely sure if I listed this one in this 2nd appearances key issues list or not. Well, if I did, I think it deserves to be mentioned again.

This is the 2nd appearance of the X-Men, and although this team started off pretty rocky with readers during the Silver Age, they became one of the most popular and beloved superhero teams in Marvel's arsenal.

This issue also has the first appearance of the Vanisher, but the character never really became a huge nemesis for the team or the Marvel Comics Universe in general. Still, this is a 2nd appearance key issue worth having. X-Men #2 was published November, 1963.

eBay - Appears to be quite a few few copies, but I spotted more slabs than raw. Definitely some high grade copies that are up there. Highest spotted is a 9.4 NM, but there are  mid and lower grade copies as well.

mycomicshop - Two raw copies here at the moment with the highest a VG and is up for auction as I type this. Other copy is a GD+.

ComicConnect - Four copies with one being a CGC 9.2 NM minus. Only CGC copy there. Rest are raw and in the lower grades. Highest is a FN minus.

ComicLink - Quite a few copies with both being raw and slabbed. Highest slab is a 9.4 NM and the highest raw are two VGs.

2nd appearance of the Defenders

Still a bit over-looked but gaining recognition, Marvel Feature #2 holds the 2nd appearance of the Defenders. As crazy and funny as this market is, this comic got a huge boost in demand since Netflix and Marvel announced the upcoming TV series of the group, although the membership of the TV series concerning this team has no original member in it whatsoever.

Though, Dr. Strange is hitting the big screen quite soon, and Hulk already has a strong big screen movie presence. Early Bronze Age goodness for sure.

You can probably still find good deals for raw copies and maybe even high grade CGC copies if a bidding auction pops up. Marvel Feature #2 and the 2nd appearance of the Defenders was published
March, 1972.

eBay - Doesn't appear to be any shortage of copies here. Plenty of raw copies but not so sure about high grades, and it seems some prices are already over-bloated even for unslabbers. CGC's spotted and the highest are two 9.2s, in which both have Best Offers.

mycomicshop - All raw copies and two are on consignment and two are in actual stock. Highest is a FN minus and that's on consignment. Highest raw copy is a VG+.

NewKadia - Two raw copies here. Highest is a FN minus and lowest is a VG+.

ComicConnect - Three copies and two of them are raw. Only one CGC and it's a 9.6 NM+. Highest raw copy is a 9.2 low NM.

ComicLink - CGC 9.0 VF/NM and an 8.0 VF here for now.

Alright, there's another six to either consider snagging up or to check up on and see if you got 'em in your collection. Definitely some big boys in this one and some that are known but not insanely known or hot in demand.

I will be continuing this 2nd appearance comics to invest in shortly but re-titling it as the title is getting a bit redundant and this series will probably be quite a long one. When it starts getting stale again, I'll post some other stuff and get back to this one at a later date.

As for now, I still got some steam left, so if you missed Part 12, just click that PREVIOUS link below. If not, Part 14 is just a click away at the bottom there. 

Hope this helps your hunt or finding some keys you didn't know about already marinating in your collection.

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