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Thursday, February 5, 2015

2nd Appearance Comics To Invest In Part 12

We are back here with some key issue comics to invest in, or possible comic investments to consider concerning 2nd appearances. As usual, these will be a mix of some keys that aren't that known in the market yet or are pretty well-known. 

If you missed Part 11, just click the link to read up on that. Otherwise, let's get back to some key comic goodness.

2nd appearance of Brainiac

Despite all the speculation and rumors that Brainiac will be in Batman v Superman or Justice League 1 or 2, the villain is a popular one in the DC Comics Universe for sure. The first appearance of Brainiac is already up there in value and price.

The 2nd appearance of Brainiac in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #17 has not yet reached ludicrous prices yet, although I'm sure high grades will cost some dollars and especially for slabbers. That's if you can find them.

May, 1960 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Pretty limited selection even for raw copies, which they all are here for now. Mostly lower grade and some mid-grade also.

mycomicshop - Only one raw GD copy here for now.

ComicConnect - Four raw copies here at the moment. Highest is a VF and lowest is a FR/GD.

2nd appearance of Jubilee

Although Uncanny X-Men #247 has the exact same publishing date, Uncanny X-Men Annual #13 precedes #247 in actual reading order or continuity. So, it's this comic that  should officially mark the 2nd appearance of Jubilee.

Not that well-known at all in the market, but Jubilee is a fan favorite member of the X-Men. Another X-Men character created by Chris Claremont, artist Marc Silvestri is the co-creator of this character, and Jubilee's 2nd appearance in comics was published August, 1989.

eBay - Still a pretty cheap buy on the mighty eBay. Tons of raw copies and no CGC copies at the moment, which shouldn't be surprising.

mycomicshop - VF and a FN here, and both are raw and in stock.

2nd appearance of Cheetah (Deborah Domaine)

The 2nd Cheetah and arch enemy of Wonder Woman is Deborah Domaine, the niece of Priscilla Rich. In speculation terms, a lot are assuming that Cheetah will be a villain for the Wonder Woman movie coming out, but nobody is really sure which version it will be.

It could be Priscilla Rich or Deborah Domaine or even the later Barbara Minerva, or not at all. Right now the movieverse of DC Comics is up in the air and there has not been that many details surrounding what's going on.

Anyway, the 2nd appearance of Deborah Domaine is in Wonder Woman #275 in case you're interested, and it was published December, 1980.

eBay - Extremely limited amount of copies at the moment. Only a a few raw copies, but there is surprisingly a slabbed CGC copy. It's a 9.6 NM+.

mycomicshop - One raw VG/FN copy in stock here. Only one available at the moment.

2nd appearance of Kitty Pryde
First appearance of Dazzler

Double whammy key issue with a 2nd appearance of a beloved X-Men character and 1st appearance of another as was well. Uncanny X-Men sees the first appearance of Dazzler and hold the 2nd appearance of Kitty Pryde, also known as Sprite and Shadowcat.

This X-Men key comic has already seen a nice push in demand for sure, but it is a good one from the late Bronze Age. Since FOX is planning an X-Men TV series, it would be great to see Dazzler finally get some live action on the small screen. I think she'd be a perfect character for that show if it happens.

Uncanny X-Men #130 was published February, 1980.

eBay - Decent selection on eBay and not that surprised. Slabbed copies located and 9.8s were spotted with other graded options also.

mycomicshop - Plenty of copies here with three 9.8s and four 9.6 NM+s. There are also two 9.4 NMs and one 9.0 VF/NM. Other copies are all raw and the highest is a VF.

ComicLink - Five CGC copies here only. Highest are three 9.6 NM+s. One is a raw copy. Last two options are a 9.4 NM and a 7.5 VF minus.

2nd appearance of Cheetah (Priscilla Rich)

We are getting into some 2nd appearance Wonder Woman keys as it's highly speculated that Wonder Woman's main nemesis the Cheetah just may a villain in the announced Wonder Woman solo flick. Not too sure which version will be the Cheetah for the movie, so I figured I may as well list the original and Golden Age Cheetah, Priscilla Rich here.

This is a Golden Age comic investment and won't be that easy of a find online or offline. Expect it to be expensive as well, but definitely a solid comic to invest in. Sensation Comics #22 and the 2nd appearance of Cheetah, the original Priscilla Rich, was published October, 1943.

eBay - Will be a hunt for this one for sure. No copies of this Golden Age key at the moment on eBay, but it could spring up there in the near future. Might be an expensive buy though.

ComicLink - One raw 3.0 GD/VG copy located here.

2nd appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator

Here we are again with the 2nd appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator. Actually the 2nd full appearance of the mercenary and assassin that has become one of the most popular villains for the Teen Titans. Overstreet notes this as his 2nd appearance but CGC just notes it as a Deathstroke appearance.

This comic is still under-valued and some CGC 9.8s are still under the $100 mark. Unslabbed copies, of course, are even more affordable. 

Not that well-known just yet, but I'm sure it will be more recognized in the near future. This comics was published August, 1981.

eBay - Seems to be quite a few copies here for this key...not that sure though. Did spot some slabbers. One's a 9.8 and the other is a double cover 9.4 NM. Surprised CGC isn't labeling this one as Deathstroke's 2nd appearance yet.

mycomicshop - Only one FN copy, but it is in stock.

ComicConnect - Only two raw copies here. 9.2 NM minus and a VF minus available at the time of this writing.

Got a Golden Age goodie in there that will probably be a hunt for and one Silver Age and Copper Age. So far mostly Bronze Age key issues in this list, but we are definitely not here with this series. The PREVIOUS link below will send you back if you missed the prior part.

Otherwise, click the PART 13 link below to continue with this 2nd appearance comics to invest in.


  1. Hello Mayhem,

    Your thoughts on key 9.6's for Copper Age..are they investment (long term) worthy? I don't see myself spending the extra $$$ folks want for their 9.8's. For example, the Teen Titans #2 & #44.


    1. Some Copper Age yes...there are fan favorites first appearances that came about during this era just as any era. For example, Gambit and Venom have been popular characters for quite awhile and Deadpool also. Cable has been a noteworthy Copper Age character, Archangel, and so on.

      Deathstroke is a popular villain from the Bronze Age, and Nightwing has become a popular DC character as well. It all depends on what you're willing to pay for, but as the popularity increases for these characters, I think they will be good long-term potentials.

  2. Thanks Mayhem...and I finally signed up for Ebay bucks. Hopefully those bucks will come in handy when I purchase (high grade) that FF #48 or GS Xmen#1.

    Appreciate your opinions and hard work!

    1. Awesome, and I hope it helps you to save some dollars. Thanks, good feedback is much appreciated. Helps to let me know this site is good for something.

  3. Hi Mayhem, could you give me your opinion on Dr. Strange 169? Do you see it as a key issue, or would you recommend hunting down earlier appearances in Strange Tales?

    1. I got it in December last year at a Christmas sale at my local, so I do recommend it. As a key issue, it's the first that marks Dr. Strange in his own self-titled comic. Earlier appearances are great as well.

  4. Good call on the Jubilee and Dazzler books. Those are both books you can get pretty reasonably in high grades and I think we'll see more of those characters soon. Big rumor that Dazzler will be in The Next X-Men film Apocalypse. Makes sense since it takes place during the 80's and Dazzler just oozes that 80's vibe.

    1. I hope they do have Jubilee in the TV series and cast her as different race just to see how many fans get pissed off about that. HA! HA! I also hope Dazzler finally hits the big or small screen as well. I grew up on the character, and while not my favorite, she was a great part of the ensemble during that time in the X-Men comics.